October 8, 2020


During the debate, a fly landed on Mike Pence’s hair. Someone immediately registered a Twitter account for Pence’s Hairfly, and it was a big subject of mockery among the leftist late night “comedians.” I thought it was an amusing moment, but the fact that they talked so much about the fly should tell you how the debate went for their side. When it came to scoring substantive debate points, there were no flies on Mike Pence.

Also, there was a lot of screeching about what an aggressive sexist Pence was because he talked so much more and used up so much more time than Harris. CNN timed how long each candidate talked in total. Harris talked for 36:24 and Pence for 36:27. He robbed her of three seconds, the brute! Actually, if you wanted complete parity, he would have had to cede 1.5 seconds back to her. That’s barely enough time to smirk.


Last night was the one and only Vice Presidential debate, and I think it’s safe to say that Mike Pence did to Kamala Harris what Tulsi Gabbard did to her in the primary debates. But before I get into any details, here’s a link to watch the whole debate.

Here’s a write-up of the highpoints.

And for background, fact-checking and just fun, here are the live blogs of the debate from PJ Media, Townhall and Redstate, all worth scrolling through.

There was plenty of post-debate commentary, but rather than point you to partisan analyses, here’s one that hits on what I thought was the major takeaway of the night: the vitally important questions that Kamala Harris simply refused to answer.

Like her silence on whether they would try to pack the Supreme Court and her denial that Biden will ban fracking (see them both promise to do that very thing at this link)…

…Or her denial that Biden will raise people’s taxes “on day one” (he claims he won’t raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000, but he’s also vowed to reverse the Trump tax cuts, which he misrepresents as a “tax cut for the rich” – which Democrats call all tax cuts – when most of the benefits actually went to the middle class.)

At least somebody finally asked the Democrat these long-overdue questions, even though it often fell to Pence to ask them, since the moderator certainly wasn’t going to do it.

Both sides are claiming that their candidate obviously won, but flash polls showed viewers thought Pence was the winner by as much as 2-1. It was pretty clear to the undecided voters in Frank Luntz’s focus group that Pence won decisively. And these were actual undecided voters, not the kind in NBC’s recent Joe Biden townhall who were only undecided about whether to get their “Biden 2020” tattoos on their arms or their faces.

Those viewers appreciated that the debate was more cordial than the last one (a low bar indeed!), but didn’t like when questions were dodged. Their impression of Pence was that he seemed tired but presidential, while Harris seemed abrasive and condescending. That’s probably because of the smirking, eye-rolling and inappropriate laughter during Pence’s comments. I know some are claiming that’s sexist, and that women are held to impossible standards of presentation, but I refer you to the Bush-Gore debate where Gore rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically and everyone agreed that he came across as an arrogant jackass.

The best thing about this debate for me was that Pence got a chance to calmly explain what the Trump Administration has really accomplished on a variety of fronts, cut through the Democrat/media narrative that they’ve botched or failed at everything, and compare it to Biden’s dismal record, from the coronavirus to the economy to trade deals to China and the Middle East.

For instance, he finally got to remind viewers that while it’s tragic that over 200,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus, the world was blindsided with a new and deadly disease from CHINA (really glad to hear someone say that), and there was a tremendous public-private effort to study the disease while ensuring there were adequate supplies of ventilators, masks, hospital beds, etc., so that the predicted shortages and 2.2 million deaths never occurred. And he destroyed Biden’s claim that he would handle pandemics better by pointing out that Biden’s own health advisor admitted that if H1N1 (swine flu) had been as lethal as COVID-19, millions of Americans would have died under Obama/Biden’s feckless response.

As for Harris’ claim that Biden “has a plan” (they “have a plan” for everything, but don’t seem to want to share some of them), Pence noted that his plan is all things that the Trump Administration is already doing (I loved the dig about Joe's familiarity with plagiarism.) This is what I meant after the last debate when I said that Trump missed opportunities to correct a lot of false narratives. Pence grabbed those opportunities over and over and gutted the falsehoods like a trout.

Another highpoint came when Pence refuted the nonsensical rumors about Trump not accepting the results of the election by pointing out all the damage done by Democrats for 3-1/2 years because they still don’t accept the results of the 2016 election.

Harris followed Biden’s lead in repeating a number of debunked “fake news” stories and questionable partisan claims as if they were fact. To list just a few off the top of my head:

* That Trump called our soldiers “suckers” and “losers” (from an anonymously-sourced hit piece refuted by over 20 people who were actually there, including my daughter)…

* That Trump derided soldiers in Arlington Cemetery, saying, “’What’s in it for them?’ Because of course, he only thinks about what’s in it for him.” (Ripped wildly out of context; Trump was praising them for their selflessness and sacrifice.)

* That Trump “called Mexicans rapists and criminals” (he was specifically referring to MS-13 gang members, who are rapists and criminals.)

* That Trump refuses to denounce white supremacists (he’s done it over 20 times; here’s a video of 17 of them).

* That Trump said there were “fine people” among the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville (he said there were fine people on both sides of the debate about removing Confederate monuments but that the neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally.”) This has been debunked repeatedly, even by liberal outlets; and the only excuse for repeating it now is that you’re either an idiot, a cynical liar or senile. I don’t believe Biden and Harris are idiots or that Sen. Harris is senile.

It was like a greatest hits list of debunked anti-Trumper stories. Judging from those statements, Harris and Biden believe everything they read on Alyssa Milano’s Twitter feed, which isn’t comforting when you think of them having access to the nuclear button.

A real debate moderator would’ve thrown a red flag on statements that are not spin or opinion but verified lies and fake news. I’m thinking of forwarding this list to the next moderators so they have no excuse for not doing their jobs when they inevitably come up again.

Speaking of bald-faced lies, Harris tried to dodge the Court-packing question by claiming that Abraham Lincoln declined to nominate a Justice until after the election. She said, “Honest Abe said, ‘It’s not the right thing to do. The American people deserve to make the decision about who will be the next President of the United States and then that person can select who will serve for a lifetime on the highest court of our land.'”

That’s patently false. That Court opening occurred in October, 1864, while the Senate was out of session, and back then, it didn’t reconvene until after the election, on December 5. Lincoln nominated Salmon Chase and he was confirmed, all on day one of the next Senate term.

I don’t think anyone will be nicknaming her “Honest Kamala” anytime soon.

Finally, here are the questions I would have asked Sen. Harris: You recently traveled to Wisconsin to sit by the bedside of a man accused of sexual assault who was shot while resisting arrest and tell him you were proud of him. You’ve previously said that women who make rape accusations should be believed (you even said it of Biden’s accuser before becoming his running mate), so should we not believe his accuser? And secondly, when two police officers in your home state of California were shot at point-blank range by a cop-hating criminal, did you fly to their bedsides to tell them you were proud of them?


During the Vice Presidential debate, Chinese TV censored Mike Pence’s comments about China, but aired Kamala Harris’. That speaks volumes that they probably didn’t intend.


Good news from his doctors, who reported Wednesday that he is free of symptoms, he hasn’t had a fever in four days, his vital signs are all stable and normal, and he now has detectable levels of COVID-19 antibodies.


Linking to the Instapundit repost because I doubt Twitter will allow it to stay up and radiate truth for very long.


Law Enforcement Today, America’s largest police-owned media company, just announced which candidate they’re endorsing for President and why. You can probably guess, but you’ll still want to read this and share it.


I told you about the “HOLLYWOOD” style “TRUMP” sign that someone put up along the 405 freeway near Los Angeles. Well, that was quick: state authorities went onto the private property where the sign was standing and took it down, claiming that it was causing a “visual distraction” for drivers. Don't ALL highway signs do that?

This is in violation of several Constitutional rights, including the First Amendment right to free speech and the Sixth Amendment protection against the government coming onto your property and seizing your possessions. Critics pointed out that these state authorities didn’t think it was a distraction to drivers to let BLM protesters literally block traffic. And they wondered if they would have rushed out and taken down the sign if it had read “BIDEN.” I think we all know the answer to that.

I suggest the property owner replace it with a sign reading, “Welcome to Californistan.”


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  • Sue Burris

    10/10/2020 01:42 PM

    Trump has to be told that election is not about HIM.
    Every mayoral,congressional and every down ballot election people have to vote for the Republican candidate. If not.... the Dems will bring crime, defunding police, homelessness, tents in our cities and people living under our bridges. No one is stressing the down ballot election.
    All we hear about is Biden. Biden and all other dems are going to bring socialism to our U.S.A.
    Trump has to stress this and stay on message.

  • Terri Klose

    10/10/2020 09:18 AM

    Thank-you for pointing out the lies from Harris during the debate, especially the one from Honest Abe. Some I caught during the debate since you had addressed these in your newsletter. Would you please check out her comment about body cameras? It sounded as if Harris was bragging about her body camera law in CA, but I thought South Carolina was the first state to enact a body camera law.

  • John Bergman

    10/10/2020 07:52 AM

    After watching most of the Vice President debate, I only gained more understanding of why I will vote for Trump & Pence 2020.
    Harris / Biden Democraps will NOT even answer the most important questions.... the Supreme Court, Taxes, Americas well fare, Security etc.

    Now Nancy Pelosi wants to set up a commission to take over the President (if he is inable to perform his duties) 25th Amendment.

    My biggest FEAR about the 2020 Presidential election is: It could well be the LAST time American people get to actually VOTE for President. The Democraps if Biden is elected, WILL get rid of him, make Kamala Harris the President, change the Supreme Court, make changes to The Constitution that would give them the POWER to Appoint and Keep a " Leader" for as long as they would like, and then We The People would lose all of our rights.

    Socialized Country

  • Carol LeQuieu

    10/09/2020 11:33 PM

    We have not received ANY emails from Mike Huckabee today,
    Friday, October 9, 2020.

  • Jerry

    10/09/2020 04:40 PM

    Forgive me this comment will be a bit nasty my grandkids future will be impacted if Harris is elected president oh she will our 1st female president a couple of traits Harris has she was Willie browns call girl while he was married Willie gave Kamala positions in government that paid 70000 to 90000 in different positions all Kamala had to do was be willies sex slave and she did it another beauty she worked with Maxine waters in corruption Schemes and Kamala became good at fixing elections for Willie check the 3 of them out and I just can’t have Kamala anywhere my grandkids future let as many know what Kanye does best and the only redeeming trait she has a call girl or your readers can fill in another term to fit her real occupation

  • Helen Feldman

    10/09/2020 04:30 PM

    People seem to forget the huge flies that flew around and into Obama's face, and he didn't even shoo them away. Hardly any mention was made from either side.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    10/09/2020 04:27 PM

    ...with props to Jon Lovitz... I had studies done, yeah, that's the ticket, studies ! We found out that when you raise rich guys taxes - that's like raising their costs - they turn around and...raise prices. Yeah, that's right, they raise prices - your prices, my prices. What's guys...own stuff that we gotta buy. So, when politicians tell you they aren't raising taxes on the middle class, it's a lie - because as soon as they raise prices on rich guys, the rich guys raise our prices. Then, we're all paying the taxes. Genius ! ;-}

  • Floyd A Unger

    10/09/2020 02:26 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    10/09/2020 12:01 PM

    Does Americans remember that China killed over 200000 Americans in just 7 months and are killing more each day??? Harris and Biden are going to pack the Supreme Court that doesn’t concern the moms and dads choices on how the children are going to live it’s bad enough they let the schools teach the kids to disrespect the country now they are willing to let them live like a socialists bye bye America your kids of privilege will get what’s coming to them if u elect Harris and Biden they are out for revenge your kids will be paying the price

  • George Reynolds

    10/09/2020 10:45 AM

    Joe Biden has said that he will reveal his position on packing the Supreme Court AFTER the election. That sounds like a cop-out to me. A typical Democrat tactic is to not reveal what they are going to do if elected, because they don't want voters to know. Mark Kelly is doing the same thing in Arizona, running as a "moderate", although he is far left, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment.

  • Jerry korba

    10/09/2020 09:47 AM

    China, Russia, are interfering with America's elections nothing new here the biggest concern of America is, it forgets these countries have weapons that can totally destroy the planet as effectively as an astroid. Harris and Biden will enhance the power of these countries by giving total access to to the United States assets as Obama and Biden and John Kerry did with Iran and are still trying. Biden is tied to China because of the great wealth his family received from China Russia Ukraine and other countries around the world. Biden is a superior Mob leader don't underestimate him, thru the protection of the US government he corrupted many countries including the United States. Everyone on the Left, it has control in almost every branch of this country, will benefit with the Harris Biden election the ONE man standing against it is Donald Trump, so many weapons are being used to stop him the Left DOES NOT want the American people to have any control of their own life. I home America does not wait for the mountain to fall on them before they figure this out.

  • Patrick Davis

    10/09/2020 09:47 AM

    Thanks for your observations of the Vice Presidential debate. You are right on as always.
    I also wanted to compliment you and the Mrs. for raising such an awesome daughter. I just finished reading Sarah's book. I new she was an amazing press secretary, and now I am convinced she is an awesome, and amazing lady.

  • Ann Wright

    10/09/2020 09:11 AM

    IDEA FOR TRUMPS NEXT RALLY: He should have a giant screen behind him in front of Air Force 1, showing Biden and Harris' flip flops on fracking and other crazy denials and promises, and calmly set the record straight!!!

  • Anna Sperber

    10/09/2020 05:04 AM

    Why has everyone failed to point out that both Biden and Harris have stood on the facts that they would close the country by mandating house arrest destroying what economy we have left furthering the destruction by raising taxes. They want to destroy America and rebuild it without our constitution giving them the ultimate power.

  • ruth egan

    10/09/2020 01:40 AM

    Mike Pence is a very good man to have around, as well as just a good man. I thank God for him.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/08/2020 11:50 PM

    So is voting for President Trump in this year's election a good example of being angry and sinning not?

  • William Fuhrer

    10/08/2020 11:27 PM


  • Vickie Fiorentino

    10/08/2020 10:28 PM

    Take down the HOLLYWOOD sign

  • Connie West

    10/08/2020 10:09 PM

    There's a couple of questions I'd like you to address:
    Why do you think the department of Justice is not indicting any of the criminals in Obamagate? Do you think they are being threatened, or is there corruption there?
    Do you think that Senate could bypass having a hearing for Amy Barrett, or at least put a stop to it when it starts getting nasty?

  • Rose DeField

    10/08/2020 10:08 PM

    You nailed it, as usual! Thanks???

  • Phyllis Hamre

    10/08/2020 09:59 PM

    I agree that there should be no virtual debate. Biden would have an earpiece and prompts. They really need a face to face debate, and Pres Trump needs to keep his mouth shut when Biden speaks. Biden will shoot himself in the foot.

  • Lynn Barr

    10/08/2020 09:58 PM

    Tell Sarah I LOVE her new hair style - I’m so jealous - AND I love her comments when she’s on FNC. She’s soooo smart. Speaking of hair - Kamala’s looked as if she had a BAD “weave” added to the top at her part and it just hung down on the left side. Sooo noticeable on TV but it went well with her STUPID facial expressions and her snarky “I’m speaking, let me finish”. ??

  • Cody U Watson

    10/08/2020 09:27 PM

    Just thank you for like Paul Harvey, sharing the other side of the story ie the Hollywood sign and about the comment on Abraham Lincoln and his supreme court justice appointment.

  • Gregory Weinman

    10/08/2020 09:06 PM

    I understand the Fly has his own ABC reality show narrated by Jeff Goldblum with that notorious introduction by Geena Davis "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"

  • LaVoe Potter

    10/08/2020 08:56 PM

    Thank you for the factual/honest reporting & commentary! My day is not complete w/o your morning & evening news. Keep up your good work! Prayers for good health & safety of you & your family.