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July 15, 2022

The story of the 10-year-old rape victim who allegedly had to leave Ohio for Illinois to get an abortion has taken several twists since yesterday. It appeared to have been debunked when the Ohio Attorney General said there were no police records of any such crime. But yesterday, it turned out to be somewhat true when it was reported that a 27-year-old man in Columbus had confessed to serial rape of a 10-year-old girl and been charged.

The reaction to this in the liberal press has been both disgusting and chilling. Many seem to be gloating and celebrating that the story was true, and that conservative outlets that questioned it were wrong.

But the original story they all pushed still is not accurate. The whole reason they trumpeted that story was to claim that Ohio’s abortion law is so draconian that the girl had to go to Indiana to get an abortion, which is still not true. So if they’re celebrating this, then as Matt Vespa of points out at the link above, they’re celebrating that a 10-year-old girl actually was raped. That is beyond sick.

As Matt also points out, the reporters who questioned this story were doing what reporters are supposed to do, while mainstream media outlets credulously repeated an uncorroborated story from a single partisan source because it advanced their preferred political agenda.

He also notes that the confessed child rapist is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala with an ICE detainer who was nevertheless still in the US. That opens up a whole different political issue that’s not positive for the left, so you can expect this story to disappear from the news as quickly as it arose.

PJ Media, the site that originally questioned the story, also says this latest revelation raises even more uncomfortable questions that shouldn’t be allowed to get swept under the rug.


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  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/16/2022 09:55 AM

    Has anyone considered this child may be a trafficking victim?