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December 18, 2021

With Americans fighting galloping inflation and soured on any more inflationary government spending, hopes are high in some circles that President Biden’s massive “Build Back Better” bill is now a dead whale. And as more Americans find out what’s in it, the harder it will be to pass it.

For instance, the bill took another blow Thursday when the Senate parliamentarian ruled that it could not include the part that would have provided work and travel permits and a pathway to citizenship for 6.5 million illegal immigrants.

Senate Democrats protested that the ruling was unfair, illegitimate, etc. I think the word they were grasping for is “OBVIOUS!” It’s “obvious” why the parliamentarian said they can’t put massive, transformative immigration reform into a budget reconciliation bill that requires only a simple majority vote. Because it’s got nothing to do with the budget, other than busting it.

The BBB bill will also be damaged by a new study by the Penn-Wharton Budget Model which found that inflation is already so bad that it’s causing Americans’ standard of living to shrink noticeably. This should strengthen Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to it.

The report found that in 2021, due to the “hidden tax” of inflation, the average American family had to spend $3500 more just to buy the same goods and services as they did in 2020. That’s $3500 right out of your bank account, and it hurts low- and middle-income families the most. Even the New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman (the same genius who declared on the day of Trump’s election that markets would “never recover”) has actually admitted that he was wrong about inflation being transitory and not a serious problem, and that we may be facing something similar to the stagflation of the 1970s.

I’ve been saying that for months, and even accurately predicted for a year prior what would happen if Biden got elected. The Pulitzer Committee can send my prize to my TV studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

And how about a little religious discrimination with your socialism? One more thing that should make the BBB bill go belly up is that it’s finally being reported that its government-paid child care entitlement (we don’t know how to pay for Social Security and Medicare, but Democrats are creating new entitlements) specifically, and possibly illegally, excludes payments to child care facilities run by religious organizations.

You’d think all this would sink any bill, but the Democrats have 11 more months before they are hopefully washed out of power in a red wave. And as they’ve proven before with Obamacare, when they get the power to shove their agenda down the throats of an unwilling public, they will move Heaven and Earth to do it, no matter the consequences. In 2022, expect them to keep pushing this bill, even if it becomes the legislative version of Custer’s Last Stand.

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  • Ladonna Shultz

    12/19/2021 01:09 PM

    Senator Huckabee perhaps having guests on your show talking about all the "crap" things in the build back better bill would help open the eyes of those thinking it is so wonderful. Everyone talks about how bad it is but details are just skipped over. Blessed Be