February 7, 2018


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Today's Commentary: FISA application violated important safeguards -- Good news about VA reform -- Holocaust-denier running for Congress -- Kimmel's selective editing -- Colts linebacker killed by illegal immigrant -- Democrat transparency -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Before the FBI can take information before the FISA court, it must make sure it has followed what are called the Woods Procedures, which haven’t received much attention yet but need to. These rules are named not for actor James Woods --- who would no doubt approve of them, though --- but by Michael Woods, who as head of the Office of General Counsel’s National Security Law Unit drafted them in April, 2001, after concerns that the FBI had presented inaccurate information to the court. These rules lay out all the levels of approval that must be received at the FBI and Justice Department to make sure “evidence” presented to the FISA court is indeed true.

The sequence of steps is extremely complicated, by design.

Sharyl Attkisson, one of the finest journalists on the planet --- note I don’t have to put quotation marks around the word “journalist” when describing her --- has a great piece explaining how these rules fit into how we should view Christopher Steele’s “dossier” and the fact that it ever got in front of the FISA judges to justify spying on an American citizen and, by expansion, the Trump campaign.


Mike Huckabee

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Good news about VA reform

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s some good news that ought to brighten every American’s day: the reform of the Veterans’ Administration is looking like a bipartisan success story. Thanks to the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act passed last June, it’s now easier to fire the kind of executives who put veterans on waiting lists until they died and tried to cover it up. Over 1500 underperforming VA employees have been given their walking papers, and over 70 whistleblowers have been protected from retaliation for speaking up to defend vets from a corrupt and failing system.

Judging from the news coverage, you’d think that the #1 priority of the federal government was to protect illegal immigrants. In fact, the #1 priority should be keeping our promise to America’s veterans that they will get the best of care in gratitude for the sacrifices they make to safeguard our freedom and security. It’s great to see that promise finally starting to be kept.


Holocaust-denier running for Congress

By Mike Huckabee

There is a Congressional district in Chicago where a reprehensible Holocaust-denier is set to be the Republican candidate, and some liberals are trying to use this to tar the entire Republican Party as sympathetic to Nazis and white supremacists. I shouldn’t even have to waste my pixels refuting this outrageous slander, but just to set the record straight: this person in no way represents the Republican Party or any legitimate member of it. He’s only set to be the GOP candidate there because that district is so lockstep Democratic that he’s the only one who bothered to register to run, just as he has half-a-dozen times in the past to no effect. He’s no more representative of Republicans than some fringe communist nut wasting his time running in a safe Republican district is of mainstream Democrats.

Blogger Ann Althouse had the best take on it: that if anyone would try to turn something as meaningless as this into ruthless party propaganda, “ironically, that would be Nazish.”


Kimmel's selective editing

By Mike Huckabee

Jimmy Kimmel thinks liberals dominate late night shows because the job takes intelligence. But according to some Trump supporters whom he tried to blindside for a pro-illegal immigrant piece, it apparently also takes dishonesty, arrogance, bullying, a hair-trigger temper, a massive ego, a dollop of racism and sexism, and plenty of selective editing. If he wants to prove them wrong, all he has to do is grant their demand to release the unedited footage of their appearance. Now, that would be something that might get me to watch late night TV again!


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Colts linebacker killed by illegal immigrant

By Mike Huckabee

The immigration issue just took a tragic twist with the news that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed by a suspected drunk driver believed to be an illegal immigrant who has already been deported twice. The man reportedly struck Jackson and his Uber driver with a pickup truck when they were stopped on the side of the highway.

President Trump took to Twitter this morning to offer condolences to Jackson’s family and call his death a “disgraceful” and preventable tragedy. He called on Democrats to get tough on border security and illegal immigration. And if John McCain’s proposal for a DACA bill without funding for a border wall weren’t already a nonstarter, it's clear that it is now.


Democrat transparency

By Mike Huckabee

Say, remember way back to three days ago, when Democrats were railing that House Republicans were trying to suppress information by not declassifying their response to Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ memo on FBI FISA Court abuse? Well, on Monday, the Committee voted unanimously to release the Democratic response. This was after those very same Committee Democrats had voted unanimously not to release the original memo.

I guess the Democrats’ idea of showing transparency is to always act in transparent self-interest.


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  • Dana Holzinger

    02/07/2018 04:43 PM

    Hi Mike, I really appreciate your views and commentaries . Thank you. I also want you to know that I pray almost daily for you, Sarah and all your households. This is a time of great spiritual warfare over America (and Israel) and I'm more aware than ever that we must plead the blood of Jesus over our President, his family, staff....and our own families. I'm honored to pray for you all. Great job raising Sarah,... she is a rock star!! Keep up the good work, really love your show and website. xoxo dana

  • John Clark

    02/07/2018 02:26 PM

    It is NOT okay to let just everyone into our country. A lot of our politicians just DO NOT GET IT, or don't want to. These "deplorable" people(thanks for the term you started, Hillary, which I am now using in a justifiable way) may have fences around their homes because they don't want just anyone coming in. Okay, ask them what would happen if there was not a wall or fence around the White House? (Heaven forbid, I don't want to give them any ideas!) Probably some of them would say, "Welcome, come on in. We are glad to have you" without any thought of the kind of person they might be. Or better yet, allow just anyone into the office of Pelosi, Schumer, or McCain, and others like them, and see how they would deal with them.