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October 11, 2022



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Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

Jeremiah 29:12

PayPal backtracks

UPDATE: Just to clarify, PayPal backtracked on fining users $2500 for spreading “disinformation,” but they are still planning to fine them $2500 for promoting “hate” or “intolerance.” And as we all know, that can mean someone who doesn’t like you can make a groundless charge that something you said hurt their feelings, and goodbye 2500 bucks.

So the real news part of this story is “Conservatives need to take their business to a politically neutral financial services company.” There appear to be a lot of people looking for a new financial service company.

So who will be the first to cash in by prioritizing making billions of dollars over nagging, meddling and virtue-signalling? Looks as if the free speech social network Gab is already in the race.

"Secret flights" continue

Democrats love to attack red state Governors for sending just a few of the illegal aliens swarming across Biden’s open border to blue states. But they continue to turn a blind eye to the Biden Administration doing the exact same thing. Those “secret flights” of illegal immigrants to places like Orange County, New York, haven’t stopped. And you’ll never guess which federal department is sending them there.

Democrats behind closed doors

I linked to this story yesterday without going into detail, just as one example of how Democrats always accuse Republicans of things they’re really doing – in this case, of being racist. But there’s been a new development:

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez (a Democrat, of course), apologized and resigned after sparking public outrage when leaked audio of a conversation with other Council members (all Democrats, of course) revealed her making racist comments about another Council member’s young son and saying of District Attorney George Gascon, “F--- that guy, he’s with the Blacks.”

The President of the L.A. County Federation of Labor has also resigned over that leaked audio.

Makes you wonder how Democrat office holders talk about minorities in meetings where the audio isn’t leaked. Or if it doesn’t, then it should.

Welcome to New Orleans

New Orleans Saints fans were overjoyed when their team beat Seattle 39-32 in a home game. Until they left the stadium and discovered that about two dozen fans had had their windshields smashed and their cars robbed in the parking lot.

If only there were some way to stop this epidemic of brazen criminality; some way that could be easily implemented by, I don’t know…maybe voting differently. 

In an extremely related story, New Orleans’ last Republican mayor left office in 1872, and it’s been nothing but Democrats ever since.


The Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room that we’re not supposed to notice is starting to trumpet through its trunk and smash the furniture: a new Issues & Insights/TIPP poll found that 64% of Americans are now concerned about President Biden’s mental health. That’s up from 59% in August, before he called on a Congress member whom he knew had died in a car crash a month prior.

Those expressing concern include 86% of Republicans, 59% of Independents, and for the first time, a majority of Democrats (52%.) In fact, most of the rise in concern came among Democrats. The only group for which a majority are not worried about Biden’s mental health are liberals (45%), but then, they’ve never placed much importance on maintaining a grip on reality.

The question is, what will be done about it? Biden is still talking about running for reelection while refusing to take a cognitive test. Will the Party pressure him to resign? Their problem is that that would leave them with a President Kamala Harris, and here are the kinds of reviews she’s been getting.

Did Biden personally pick her for VP? Because if so, we could consider that as failing the cognitive test.


Excellent article

Dr. Joel Zinberg writes about the new California law that threatens doctors with the loss of their medical licenses if they give patients any professional advice (or as the state calls that, “disinformation”) about COVID or the vaccines that doesn’t jibe with official government policy. You know, like all the CDC guidances on things like masking and viral spread among the vaccinated that we were told were true and unquestionable up until new information proved them wrong and they were changed, which has happened repeatedly. Because that’s how medical science works.

I can think of few things more unconstitutional than the government banning doctors from giving their honest, informed opinions on medical issues to their patients. The ink was barely dry on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature before the first lawsuit challenging the law was filed. Good luck to the doctors who filed it, and let’s hope the Supreme Court takes it up quickly and overturns this hot mess immediately.


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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • stephen russell

    10/12/2022 10:24 AM

    Have seen online that China has hidden police stations worldwide.

  • Robin Rebhan

    10/12/2022 09:59 AM

    RE: "The Elephant in the room" I'm most worried about the mental state of those in the democratic party who had Biden run for office. My gut feeling is Biden was their man who they could control and manipulate. " Do what we say or we expose the dirt on you and your family! And you and your whole family will be facing Federal Charges and prison time!".

  • Jerry

    10/12/2022 09:38 AM

    This country and countries around the world seeks to find ways to save human life with medical explorations. This Oval Office and its party seek to abort life and another astonishing fact the mutated operations to destroy human reproduction in young children is a terrifying option that normal people have to reject

  • Jerry

    10/12/2022 09:13 AM

    Biden is using the petroleum industry to punish. Americans other oil producers with the energy sectors around the world in order to help Iran and Russia all of this wrapped into a bundle that the democrats want a possible world war

  • Anne Turner

    10/11/2022 08:57 PM

    My internist who just retired and had a large practice gave hydrochloriquin to his Covid patients. He believed it helped. Covid generated an inflammatory response and this drug is an anti-inflammatory. He lost one patient to Covid. You remember when Trump was pilloried for just mentioning that there was some thought that this could be effective. It would have been better if experts” had just said, folks this is something new. We are working as hard as possible to study it and try to find effective prevention and treatment and we will share anything we find with you. Right now it would seem best to keep your distance from others, at least six feet, avoid crowds, delay your parties, wash you hands frequently, avoid things like handshaking, and wear masks. It may be that where feasible companies might let those who can do so work remotely from their homes. It would be best for businesses who serve the public to limit the number of people inside at any one time and to sanitize surfaces frequently. But no, they had to come out with rules, like they knew what they were doing.

  • Errol Collins

    10/11/2022 08:01 PM

    I would like to hear what 2 million illegals cost each citizen of this country. I think the citizens of this country have a right to know before the election.

  • ken moore

    10/11/2022 07:50 PM

    illegal immigrants do not use busses use freight train box cars they are law breakers send all of them to delaware give thewm a address and map to ole joe's place

  • James Drury Jr.

    10/11/2022 07:32 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Paul Kern

    10/11/2022 06:40 PM

    Since Gascom has so much money to give away it will be nice for a change to see him and his soyboys embroiled in lawsuits for years. Maybe then the people will wake up and send him and the like on a showboat to China! Need to put the state in it's proper place. It is not the US of California!