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September 11, 2022


Sunday Standard

Here are the top stories from this week that I think you will want to read:

  • Cry me a Rio Grande River

  • Queen Elizabeth II dies

  • Energy fight

  • Hillary's right: there IS a different standard of 'justice' for her

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America: The Best Place On God's Green Earth

This weekend marks 21 years since Islamic radical terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and would have flown a 4th plane into the Capitol or White House except that passengers on that plane wrestled the controls away from the hijackers and the plane went down in Shanksville, PA. 3000 innocent people were murdered in the space of a few minutes in a cowardly attack that shook the nation more powerfully than anything since Pearl Harbor. One of the reasons the events of that day are seared into the deepest recesses of our souls is that we saw it play out on live television. Some of the images, especially of desperate people jumping from the Towers to escape the fireball of the airliners exploding or the soot-covered people in business attire stumbling away from the collapsing buildings are images we can’t unsee.

We all remember exactly where we were that day and what we were doing when we saw the planes hit. Like the JFK assassination for those of us old enough to remember it, or the Challenger explosion, there are moments in our lives where an event so stunned us that time seemed to stand still and we had to catch our breath from the sheer shock of what our eyes had told us.

In the hours, days, and weeks following 9-11, America was united like I had never witnessed. Flags flew everywhere—on office buildings, residences, and cars. And no one took a knee. Members of Congress from both parties stood together on the Capitol steps and sang a hymn. Churches were filled with people praying. Young men and women put aside their studies or their lives to enlist in the military. America was at war. And we were united.

Here’s what didn’t happen. People didn’t divide among lines of race, gender, political party, or sexual identity. No sane person blamed America or systemic racism or white rage. If we really were a racist, imperialistic, evil country, surely we would have been told that by members of Congress. But we weren’t told that. Because we weren’t an evil country. And let me tell you, we aren’t an evil country now. Imperfect? Sure, but still the best place on God’s green earth.

We’ve allowed America-hating academics and outright Marxists to tell us we’re all racists. We’ve had frightened CEO’s down on their knees apologizing to total strangers for some symbolic repentance of sins they can’t even recall or name. And we’ve watched otherwise responsible corporate boards pretend to be “woke” and demand their employees get instruction in some nutty nonsense called Critical Race Theory that only serves to divide people when there is so much to unite us as people blessed by God to live in a nation where color isn’t what we’re about—character is. That’s the beautiful message from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and it’s never been more needed.

9-11 was a slap in our face and it was a rude awakening to the real evil in our world. An ideology that hates America, hates freedom, hates equality for women or people of color is the ideology that attacked us. It remains a threat to our freedom and our way of life. Ultimately, the battle we faced then and the one we still face now is a spiritual battle. Will the Judeo-Christian framework we were built upon remain our foundation, or will we surrender to a fanatic world-view that believes women are property who don’t deserve an education or identity and that killing innocent people for a political cause is okay? Instead of apologizing for America, we ought to unapologetically affirm our love for America. And no better day to do that than a day which reminds us who we really are.

Cry me a Rio Grande River

Well, so much for all that “sanctuary city” codswallop! For years, liberal mayors have declared their cities to be “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants, secure in the knowledge that cities in border states like Texas and Arizona would mostly have to deal with the consequences of their policies of opening the borders and ignoring immigration laws. But then, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hit on the brilliant strategy of busing just a tiny fraction of the millions of illegal migrants that Biden has allowed to enter the US to northern, liberal “sanctuary cities” like New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago; and suddenly, the mayors were wailing about how unfair it was that they should have to deal with this insurmountable problem. Cry me a Rio Grande River.

One DC council woman who spearheaded the whole “sanctuary city” push is now accusing the Governors of Texas and Arizona of turning DC into a “border town.” I guess she had assumed that only actual border towns would have to suffer the problems created by her pro-illegal immigration policies, and now she’s shocked – shocked!! – that the chickens she let loose have come home to roost at her house. Naturally, she blames this problem on those Governors, not her own President who actually created it.

As if to hammer home how empty that “sanctuary city” palaver was, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just foisted the latest busload of migrants off on the suburbs. Not only that, but to towns that aren’t even in the so-called “sanctuary county” of Clark County. One of them, Burr Ridge, has a Republican mayor who previously said he would work to secure the border and defund sanctuary cities.

So once again, a problem created by a Democrat gets blamed on a Republican by a Democrat who foists off dealing with it onto another Republican. The way I see it, there are two ways of solving this problem. Either the Democrats involved can start doing their jobs (like, Biden could secure the border), or the voters could remove the Democrats from the equation entirely. Sadly, I don’t see either one of those things happening, but maybe in November, we’ll at least make some serious progress toward the latter.


Queen Elizabeth II dies

As the whole world knows by now, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at 96. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days was the longest of any female head of state and the second longest of any monarch, after France’s King Louis XIV. For most people, she has been the Queen for their entire lives, and is so associated with the word that when a movie was released a few years ago that was titled simply “The Queen,” people instantly assumed it was about her...and it was.

Fox News has a continually updated page for the latest news on the passing of the Queen.

Here is former President Trump’s statement:

And President Biden’s:

As an American, I’m not a fan of the concept of royalty, but if you’re going to have a monarch, you couldn’t ask for a better one than Elizabeth II. Even as a young teenager, she was already helping to inspire the British people during the darkest days of World War II. At 21, she pledged, "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." Despite the greatly-reduced powers of the throne, she kept that promise, devoting her life to her country and always serving her people with the utmost grace and stoic dignity, no matter how tumultuous the times or how ugly and unfair the criticisms hurled at her. She was a product of a different age and stronger values, and we’re not likely to see someone like her ever again.

Some people seemed determined to provide the world with a stark example of the opposite of the kind of grace and dignity she exemplified, as they took to Twitter to say horrible things about her and show the world their complete lack of human decency. These people crave attention and want us to know their names, which is why I refuse to name them. But I am gratified to see that one of them was so vile that even the troll-infested swamp of Twitter denounced her and that the university that pays her to inflict her seething hatreds and resentments on students actually distanced itself from her disgusting words.


Energy fight

New figures from the Energy Information Administration show that from last July to this July, the price of natural gas is up 30% and electricity is up 15% (say, wasn’t July the month when Biden said there was “zero inflation”?) Consequently, one in six Americans are now behind on their utility bills and in danger of having their service cut off.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ solution to this is to continue to push the Green New Deal and tell people to buy electric cars. Oh, and that reminds me: here’s the latest story about an electric car:

And here’s the latest news from the state that’s leading other blue states over the cliff of mandating nothing but electric cars in the future. Hope you can charge one with static electricity by rubbing your feet on the carpet or balloons on your head.

Hillary's right: there IS a different standard of 'justice' for her

To get your weekend off to a great start, Jonathan Turley has written a magnificent analysis of “The Clinton Standard” of ‘justice,’ saying that, yes, one exists, but it’s the opposite of what Hillary has been going around lately saying it is. What it really means is that Hillary is indeed held to a different standard of law and ethics –- but it's the same standard she holds for herself, which is to say, no real standard at all.

Turley’s commentary in the NEW YORK POST actually makes a couple of major points: 1) what a spectacular liar Hillary is, and 2) how often she really has skated when others faced prosecution. Aah, that second point, especially, takes me back to our Arkansas days, with the stunningly odds-defying cattle futures profit that was not seriously examined and the Whitewater allegations --- with those long-”missing” Rose Law Firm billing records that turned up much later in the White House residence --- that were never prosecuted. Whitewater sent the Clintons’ colleagues to jail, or at least, for those older ones with health problems, house detention and probation.  That was the case for then-Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, a former Rose Law Firm colleague of Hillary’s whose conviction on conspiracy and mail fraud charges led yours-truly, the Lt. Governor at the time, to the Governor’s Mansion. Thanks to the graciousness of Arkansas voters, I remained as Governor for 10-1/2 years, until term limits forbade me from running again. But I digress.

Turley brings up other Hillary scandals as well, though, of course, the list is so exhausting that he understandably doesn’t catch all of them. Or maybe it was simply necessary to do some editing, because if he’d discussed them all, his piece would have been the length of WAR AND PEACE. Hillary walked away from every one of them. And now, that’s not enough for her --- she has to rewrite history. In other words, lie like a rug.

In light of the weaponization of the legal system as currently directed against President Trump, it’s especially instructive to look at the very different way Hillary’s email scandal was handled, as well as how she’s lying about it now. She actually has the nerve to say she had “zero” classified material on her easily hackable –-- and, according to the FBI, hacked –- private, non-secure, at-home email server. Turley’s piece serves as a refresher if you don’t know the real story about that, but...I’ll bet you know it. To jog your memory further, here’s the text of then-FBI Director James Comey on July 5, 2016, outlining in detail what she did --- before weirdly dispensing with it and clearing the way for her upcoming nomination by announcing that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case.

Comey said that Hillary had “dozens of conversations on email about secret topics” and, he thought, “about eight on top-secret topics.” Yet he ludicrously maintained that this was not criminal behavior. Imagine what the DOJ and the media would be doing to Trump if he’d done THIS. Who needs proof of intent when it comes to Donald J. Trump? You can bet there would be big-time criminal charges, prosecuted with wild delight.

Worse, Hillary absolutely did have intent to set up the private-server arrangement as a way to keep out of the watchful eye of the Freedom Of Information Act. Why else would she have gone to all that trouble? There’s no telling what was in the 33,000 emails about “yoga and Chelsea’s wedding” that she wiped clean with BleachBit, or, as she once joked, “a cloth.” (She obviously enjoys joking about this, when other people’s lives have been ruined by the weaponization of the DOJ over so much less, or even ginned-up charges.) Recall that her staffers even physically destroyed electronic devices with hammers, but were given immunity in exchange for, well, nothing. 

“Virtually everything” about Hillary’s claim now about her emails “is breathtakingly untrue,” Turley says.

He explains why it’s essential to keep official State Department emails on a SECURE GOVERNMENT SERVER: “There is no classification automatically stamped on text being typed out and sent within minutes. While attachments can have classification markings, the whole point of using secure servers is that emails are created in the moment with inevitable slips in referencing classified material.” And Hillary’s emails DID have top-secret information tied to Special Access Programs, which intel officials have described as the highest level of classification.

Turley also reminds us that even though Hillary’s lack of cooperation greatly delayed any investigation into her possession of classified material, no raid of her home took place, let alone any charges. And recall that Comey seemed so eager to exonerate her and wash his hands of the whole thing, he drafted his “no reasonable prosecutor” speech before he’d even been able to interview those recalcitrant key witnesses. Some former FBI agents were highly critical of Comey for doing this at the time, especially for the fact that he even prematurely circulated the draft among agency staff, setting the direction of the investigation before it was over.

Sister Toldjah at REDSTATE suggests we all say a little prayer for Jonathan Turley’s safety now that he's dared to correct Hillary’s revisionist ploy and expose her for the liar she is. Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Come to think of it, you might add one for us, too.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Sunday Standard.

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  • Jerry

    09/12/2022 09:27 AM

    Living in a Blue political State I have been unkind in my view the policies the Dems have. I have been unfiltered and received letters from Its and State Revenue offices not positives for me. However my state has choose not to tax my Social Security income this year and that is a good act. I have written the Governor about taking the tax off and I believe some GOP Legislators had pushed and shamed the gov to sign the bill. We have a 8 Billion dollar surplus and the thought was the State may have been taxing its citizens at bit much do ya think. I still think a billion here may have been used needlessly and probably unaccountable there I go unfiltered one other issue the Dem in my state has done was to enter a bill that Social Security Benefits go untaxed Federally the Seniors most certainly would love that, I do, watching how the President throws our tax money to all its friends my point is the Democratic party has done one thing for its citizens in my state although it was forced and not by choice, and now a bill admitted probably just for show to eliminate taxing SS it must be election time although I would like to see the SS tax eleminated I had been taxed once already to tax again I think is a form of theft. Yea Unfiltered I know. Is the glimmer of light seen thru a Dems eyes possible? Don't hold your breath.

  • Darrell Parks

    09/12/2022 09:06 AM

    Having read "The Harbinger", I cannot help but believe we have only seen the first shot on the Road to Revelation. America woke up briefly, but are now even further down the road of ignoring just and forgiving God. Just as Israel/Judah would turn back to God, everytime, they did, when they turned their back on God, they went even further into sin than the previous times.

  • Jerry

    09/12/2022 07:33 AM

    Biden concerns about foreign affairs that he destroys in those areas this destructive president has all the powers of the Oval Office continues to tragically messes up everything it gets involved with is operating at 100 percent. This president was educated to fail and it has been Accomplished the failures of this Oval Office occupant is truly amazing to approve of this occupant is a socialist or communist that resides in a constitutional country about 38 percent according to a poll this is bad

  • Anne Turner

    09/11/2022 09:05 PM

    Beautiful tributes to both 9-11 the Queen.

    Since we are so much into acronyms like CRT, AOC, LGBT, I have a new one DNHC, Democratic National Hypocrite Committee. These power hungry people see themselves as the privileged politburo of this country. It was all summed up when .John Kerry said that people like him needed private planes. I can assure you that if 9-11 happened today the headlines would say it was brought on by something Trump said or did. He really gets around and is tremendously powerful as he is responsible for every I’ll in the country. He would be investigated for ties with .Alcada and Osama. Millions would be spent trying to find that link.

  • Jerry

    09/11/2022 08:05 PM

    When one speaks of American today the call is clean up in every isle of the country. Biden without doubt is the most disliked. ignorant , corrupt, heartless, anti American person to occupy the White House. The miserable sight of him at a 9/11 site is a disgusting sight itself. To listen to this rabid howling animal is a disgrace in itself. I wonder if the Queen new at the time of her death she may have pleaded with God to keep this miserable person away from the UK. Biden is anti American as is Obama please people do not forget that; biden is also anti UK and Israel. So much to pray for, the victims families of 9/11 the victims families of the Withdrawal and the victims of the American families that loss children to Fentanyl the families that loss the life of murdered kids in criminal run cities that support biden and his lawless agenda so much to pray for that we should have prayer sessions everyday we used to say the rosary every Friday nite as a matter of fact it used to be on the radio. As we prayed as a family when I was a kid it was the best of times. I feared nothing but nuclear war with Russia at that time yellow signs that showed emergency places if an attack was imminent as a kid at the time was a reason to be fearful. Prayer is our option today until we can clean up the WH and its Administration and to rid the fatal cancer it is causing America today.

  • Paul Kern

    09/11/2022 07:51 PM

    Now the last grand dame of the 20th century has passed away. I remember the passing away of Katherine Kuhlman and Corrie "tante" Ten Boom and now Queen Elisabeth! Amazing how English royalty never got as evil as the descendants of European royalty who even now are a part of the European Deep State! A special place in hell for these monsters!

  • Peter Hadley

    09/11/2022 06:33 PM

    Try to catch the ad against Lee Zeldin running for the N.Y. Governor sponsored by the current Gov. K, Hochul, who is worse than A. Cuomo and just as evil - the ad says 5 police were killed as the result of Jan 5 ?attack? on the capitol. How bold & brash are the lying Democrats shows in this statement - a lie said enough becomes the truth?

  • Veronica Le Gare

    09/11/2022 04:56 PM

    Your first - 1st. Comment, was truth incarnate Mr. Huckabee! THANK YOU over & over!