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May 7, 2021

I mentioned recently some of the personal experiences that my staffers and I have had concerning the difficulty of finding people to do work when they can make more money by staying on extended, enhanced unemployment payments. The Epoch Times has more on what is becoming a serious obstacle to the economy getting back up to speed.

With all that restaurant owners have to worry about these days, a survey last month surprisingly found that 57% of them ranked recruiting and retaining workers as their #1 challenge. Think about that: we’re hearing about the problem of Americans being unemployed, yet employers can’t find people to work because they’re making more money on unemployment. And some Democrats are pushing to make the expanded unemployment payments permanent. Meanwhile, one Florida McDonald’s is so desperate for workers, they offered $50 to people just to fill out an application.

Incidentally, if you think this doesn’t affect you, here are just a few ways that it does: Government paying people to stay on unemployment reduces productivity while running up debt. It’s making it harder for the economy to get back up to speed, which harms everyone (and not just because you can’t find a restaurant that has enough staff to open or to serve you efficiently.) And if you do find a restaurant, brace yourself for the higher prices. In fact, brace yourself for higher prices on everything.

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  • Dot Whitley

    05/08/2021 01:23 PM

    It's a known and proven fact that the restaurants in our small town can't get anybody to work ,yet the spoiled rotten people who imagines themselves to be upper class, pitches a fit if they have to wait a long time to get their order ,because there isn't enough workers to handle the crowd. When the workers get the next check from Biden the few who are working will quit .
    Thanks to sorry parents who neglected to train their children , this is the most ignorant and lazy generation we have ever known.
    Just about all of them are on drugs, and they are bringing illegitimate children in the world who are being supported by our stupid government. This is a lost nation.