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September 9, 2022

I don’t know what was going through West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s mind when he broke his vow to his constituents and signed on to the trillion-dollar “Inflation Reduction Act,” a bill so comically misnamed that even the Democrats’ lapdog media outlets couldn’t bring themselves to mouth it. It may have included a $350 billion or so slush fund to enrich the Dems’ “green” cronies, but it’s already creating CO2 by burning Manchin’s political career to the ground.

Manchin isn’t up for reelection until 2024, but a new Triton poll matched him up against three possible Republican challengers. The one Democrat who used to seem unbeatable in West Virginia is now losing to all three of them. Current Governor Jim Justice would beat Manchin by 15 points (47-32%); Patrick Morrisey, who lost to Manchin by 3 points the last time around, now leads him by 14 (50-36%); and even the lesser-known Alex Mooney leads Manchin 45-38%

I hope that whatever Manchin got for selling out his principles and his constituents, it was worth it to him. Maybe he thinks his new friends in the Democrat Party will express their gratitude by offering him a cushy post-Congress job. I have a feeling both he and Liz Cheney will soon discover that the Democratic leadership doesn’t waste payoffs on people who have outlived their usefulness.

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  • Bai Ding

    09/12/2022 08:58 AM

    Although I don't live in West VA, I am glad he sinks.

  • Luci Powell

    09/11/2022 10:43 PM

    Just goes to show we can’t trust a Politician with our future. They all have a price tag, some are higher than others, but all will sell us out sooner or later. We have to be ever diligent with our Freedom. Get involved with our leaders, from the PTAs, to the local School Boards to the local County Commissions and all the way to the Office of the President of the United States of America. We have to hold their feet to the fire, and make sure our elected officials are just that “elected by the people, for the people.

  • James Johnson

    09/11/2022 04:58 PM


    Today’s political landscape resembles the politics of the late fifties and early sixties. Cutthroat, sell-your-soul, where’s the money kind of politics. I remember when Ronald Regan was governor of California, and everything in California turned on a dime to become sane again. I lived there as a boy, but I saw the difference. Maybe because I was not tainted by political influence.

    Today, it is not rancor that differs from those times. It is an underlying evil intent. The side that has always espoused the peaceful resolution, the Democrats of old, are revolting in the streets whenever they don’t get everything they want. No middle ground. No, give. And when they get what they want, they suddenly want more. No rational, no negotiations, no hope of compromise.
    They have been raised by “us,” yet they don’t reflect what “we” taught them. That which is needed in this nation still goes unrecognized. The educational system must be abolished and started anew. I’m not speaking of just the lower levels of learning, like grades 1 through 12. Colleges must be denied government financial assistance unless they abandon the “TOTAL” left presentation of reality. The real world is nothing like what they teach.