August 5, 2018

From the “The Jokes Write Themselves” Desk:  President Trump’s longtime nemesis Rosie O’Donnell plans to lead a protest Monday by gathering a group of Broadway actors in Washington to belt out show tunes toward the White House.  Naturally, the program will include selections from “Les Miserables,” because what could make for a better analogy to the free, peaceful, booming American economy under Trump than the oppression and starvation of French peasants in the 1700s?  I have a feeling that passerby will mistake it for a free show rather than a protest, although if Rosie does most of the singing, the Secret Service might treat it as an attempted assault on the President with a deadly weapon. 

Two questions immediately come to mind: 

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1.  What do Broadway actors have to protest about?  In the first year of Trump’s presidency, Broadway grosses shot to an all-time record of $1.637 billion, $270 million above the previous year.  Attendance also shattered the record, even though the average ticket price rose by $15 to $118 (greedy capitalists!)  As of this spring, box office receipts were up 20% from the previous year’s record. It appears that the longer Trump is in office, the better Broadway does, possibly because people finally have jobs and hence, money to buy tickets.  They should be standing outside the White House singing, “Thank You For Being A Friend.”   

2.  Isn’t “Les Miserables” the musical about an obsessed, out-of-control inspector who wastes years and who-knows-how-much money trying to hound a man into prison because he stole a loaf of bread two decades ago?  If I heard someone singing that in Washington, I’d assume they were protesting Robert Mueller.


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  • David Wilson

    08/05/2018 05:21 PM

    Thanks for doing your homework one more time Mike and it's good to see capitalism at work?! So the Baseline tickets went from $15 to a hundred eighteen they might also want to sing Hail Hail the gang's all here! I'm not sure why but that just popped into my head. Keep up the good work Mike it's a fight worth fighting!

  • Natalie Cline

    08/05/2018 12:10 PM

    I think Rosie O'Donnell is using President Trump as a sounding board to keep her name in the public light. She is a "has been" that needs some way to keep her in out there. But, who really cares? Not I, said the little Red Hen!

  • Marjorie Gill

    08/05/2018 11:58 AM

    I am so weary of the "entertainment" industry -- and my son is an actor/professor of theatre! Why in the world do they think they have the mind of the people? They are so far removed from reality that it is pathetic. They are just hurting themselves -- Rosie, Whoopie, DeNiro, etc. Will never watch them again!!

  • Susan Lienhop

    08/05/2018 11:26 AM

    You are amazing, Mike! That was a great commentary and right on the mark.