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April 18, 2021

Several Congressional Democrats in the Hispanic Caucus are lobbying the FCC to block the sale of a Spanish-language radio station in Miami because they believe the new owner will switch it from a liberal to a conservative format.

They’re being quite open about this being ideological opposition, possibly because they’re terrified of the jump in Hispanic support for Trump in 2020. They seem to think they own the Hispanic vote, so they should also have a monopoly on what news and opinions Hispanics hear. Rep. Ruben Gallego lamented that the community’s source of news might get “corrupted.” Funny, that’s what a lot of us think happens when you get only the left's version of the news, and there’s hardly a shortage of that in any major market.

A co-founder of the company seeking to buy the station said, “America Teve is being accused of being conservative because it is anti-Castro. We will not apologize for promoting democracy and opposing the Castro regime because we represent a community who are victims of that regime.”

He makes a good point: the reason communists hate a free marketplace of ideas is because they know their ideas can’t stand up to free and open debate. Sound like anyone else you know?

Speaking of Florida Democrats who suffer from corrupted news sources, did you hear about the Florida state Representative who was aghast over the “stunning allegations” that socialism has killed people around the world?

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  • michael calkins

    04/20/2021 09:53 PM

    Sad to see our country has sunk to this level. The storm is coming, in what from I do not know. Political, War, or God's judgement. This country had better turn back to Jesus because He has had just about enough. God bless your daughter Sarah, Mike. She will make a terrific governor.

  • Gerald Long

    04/18/2021 08:25 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Please keep us updated on this story, would love to know the outcome. Thanks, God Bless You, Your Family,and the U.S.A.