September 14, 2020


September 14, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


About a week ago, I brought you THE most important pre-election story of them all, about Democrats readying for a possible “coup,” and linked to this piece by Michael Anton in AMERICAN MIND. Since we presented it as a must-read, I’ll link to it again here to make sure you don't miss it.

Since its publication, that piece has created quite a stir –- at least among conservatives –- and Mark Levin had Mr. Anton on his FOX News TV show on Sunday.

It’s true that the Democrat Party and the media (but I repeat myself) have no intention of allowing President Trump to be re-elected, no matter what. They will do anything within their power, legitimate or otherwise, to stop it from happening. The tradition of Election Day has been rendered almost moot as it is, with early voting starting this year even before any scheduled presidential debate (if they happen at all), along with the horror of widespread, essentially uncontrolled mail-in balloting.

As we discussed, they’ve twisted the whole plot to make it seems as though TRUMP is the one who will resist the will of the people, as though it’s TRUMP who will destroy the public’s faith in the system, when they are the ones openly doing those very things. They hide their activity in plain sight.

They're the ones who plan to count the ballots until they win. If Biden wins enough electoral votes after the first count, they will somehow head off any recounts. If Trump wins, they will count, and count, and...”find” more ballots...and count again until Biden miraculously has just enough electoral votes, and then the counting will be over. Recall the quote often attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may or may not have said it: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Anton, who was a member of the National Security Council under Trump and is now a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute (“Recovering the American Idea,” which is a good idea) and a research fellow at Hillsdale College, has a new book out that might be as much of a must-read as his “coup” commentary, called “THE STAKES: America at the Point of No Return.”

I don’t think I have to tell you that we’re very close to that no-return point on numerous fronts right now. Specifically, though, Anton is talking about the threat of one-party as opposed to two-party government, the looming prospect of locked-in blue-state rule, as in, say, Oregon, but coast to coast. Yikes.

Of what the left is already doing to advance the “coup,” he says, “There are ten or twelve data points one could point to. To me, the strongest is when Hillary Clinton herself, who lost to Donald Trump in 2016, said, ‘Joe Biden should not concede under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.’” Presumably, Hillary was talking even about a 50-state Trump landslide. She does not care what the voters want, only what “their” voters want.

Anton said that of all the times there have been recounts, he can think of only one in which the Republican ended up pulling ahead, and that was in 2000 for George W. Bush in Florida, when the Supreme Court finally had to step in and stop the process.

Biden himself has talked about getting the military involved to “drag” Trump out of the White House. Disgraceful. And we had the story last week about the two former Army officers who wrote an open letter to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, advising preparation to deploy an active-duty combat unit to remove Trump from office on January 20, 2021, should that be necessary. (Fortunately, Gen. Mark Milley responded that the military would play “no role” in any transfer of power.)

Anton had a message he hoped would get passed along to everyone in the military, so here’s where we can all do out part. He is hoping that every military officer, current or former, will get the word out to “friends who are loyal to the U.S. military, who are loyal to the Constitution,” to “knock off” this kind of talk. “And if someone tries to whisper in your ear that this is what you need to be doing in January of 2021," he said, "tell them to BUZZ OFF, and that you are loyal to the Constitution, you are loyal to your oath and you are loyal to the American military that was founded literally in the American Revolution and is one of our cornerstone institutions that defend our freedom.”

Amen. Got that? Please spread this message to everyone you know who's serving our country in the military.

Levin tied Democrats’ effort to use the armed forces this way to that thoroughly-debunked piece in THE ATLANTIC that said Trump had called them contemptible names. Anton, who worked around the President a great deal during the first 14 months of his administration (including visits to military bases and all foreign trips) and never saw anything from him but deep respect and admiration for our troops, agreed that this was part of the strategy. “It’s impossible for me to believe that he could have said something like that,” Anton said. “I think that story is completely made up.”

He explained that they’re able to get away with making it up because they just about control the media (FOX News and conservative sites like this one being the exception), including cable, broadcast, pop culture (Hollywood, music, etc.), and social media. He discusses this in his book, calling it “the megaphone.” The left hold the megaphone. These institutions push out the narrative, he said, which is that “Trump is illegitimate, Trump was elected by the Russians.” Those who find out the contradictions and try to enlighten others are de-platformed. Big Tech is heavily into muzzling anything pro-Trump this year.

This is why millions of Americans STILL think Trump “colluded” with Russia. If (when!) Trump wins, they’ll rehash the same “Russia Russia Russia!” routine. Who knows how many phony “dossiers” are being passed around right now?

Levin and Anton also discussed something quite interesting in Bob Woodward’s new book. Now, I wouldn't believe one thing Woodward said about Trump, but this is an anecdote about then-Secretary of Defense Jim Matttis. According to the book –- which I’ll remind you is anonymously sourced –- Mattis, along with former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates, discussed possibly “colluding” with some Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump. It might be that “7th floor” officials at the FBI weren’t the only ones contemplating an “insurance policy.” And here, it involved top-level military. This sort of thing used to be unimaginable.

It’s another reason why this message needs to get out to our military, now, at all levels: Do not allow yourselves or others within your ranks to be used in such a way to subvert the Constitution and the will of the voters. It will mark the end of our republic if you do.



I hope you’ll join me in saying a prayer for the safety of our fellow Americans in the path of Tropical Storm Sally. As Louisiana’s Governor said, it seems to have come out of nowhere. It’s expected to strengthen to a hurricane today and come ashore tomorrow, somewhere along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Mississippi, in areas that are still reeling from Hurricane Laura.

If you're in the storm’s path, please keep a close watch on local weather news and be prepared to take safety precautions or to evacuate. And remember that Samaritan’s Purse will be among the first on the scene to help with disaster aid, just as they are already helping the victims of Hurricane Laura and the California wildfires. They could use your support at


I hope you will also join me today in praying for the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies who are in critical condition and fighting for their lives after a man walked up to their parked police car and shot them at point blank range. The victims are a 24-year-old man and a 31-year-old mother of a 6-year-old child. Both have only been on the force for just over a year.

The shocking assault was captured on video, and at this writing, there’s a massive manhunt underway and a $100,000 reward.

But the story became even more shocking when the officers were rushed to the hospital and “protesters” tried to block the emergency entrance to keep them from being brought in for surgery. The “protesters” were yelling, “We hope they die!”

I have been sensing a shift in public opinion for weeks now, which was obvious when Joe Biden finally emerged from his basement long enough to actually condemn violence, after saying nothing about it during the entire Democratic Convention. The riots, looting, arson and attacks on police have eroded public support for the protests, which are no longer about police reform or racism, but are just militant leftist assaults on anything that represents America, law and order or basic human decency. I hope that this sickening and barbaric act, and the disgusting behavior of the gunman’s supporters will represent the final straw and set off massive public outrage and demand for the long-overdue arrest and jailing of these people and restoring public safety and the rule of law.

President Trump made it clear that he has had enough. While some Democrat-run cities and states have been pushing new laws to reduce the penalties for assaulting police officers, Trump tweeted that these are “animals” who need to be hit hard, and said that the only way to stop this is faster trials and the death penalty for cop killers. In a mushy contrast, Joe Biden tweeted, "This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice. Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished. Jill and I are keeping the deputies and their loved ones in our hearts and praying for a full recovery." And then, he went on to push for more gun control laws.


President Trump has received two nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize for his brokering of landmark peace deals between Israel and the UAE and between Kosovo and Serbia. You might expect that I’m going to report he’s scored a hat trick and been nominated a third time for the latest peace deal between Israel and Bahrain. But no, since this story comes from a writer for the Atlantic magazine (“Four anonymous sources, no waiting for verification!”), you can guess what it’s about. Yes, that's right: now that Trump is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s time to do away with the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is almost hilarious in its predictability. Nobody (well, other than me) suggested doing away with the Nobel Peace Prize when it was given to terrorists like Yassir Arafat, or to Al Gore for making a factually-challenged environmental horror movie, or to Barack Obama for…existing, apparently. So in a way, he’s right: the prize has become a meaningless trinket handed out for purely political purposes. Now, we have a President who’s crushed the militant murderers of ISIS, brought our troops home, ended endless wars and crafted three landmark peace deals so far, but he represents the “wrong” political viewpoint. So the very suggestion that a Republican who actually deserves a Nobel Peace Prize would even be nominated for one is at last reason enough to do away with the award.

All they are saying is “Don’t give peace a chance…if Donald Trump achieves it!”


Having recently given credulous airtime to the author of a book promoting looting (which includes a warning about how it’s illegal to violate the copyrights of the author), NPR next gave its handful of listeners an “All Things Considered” interview with a pompous twit who compared President Trump to Mussolini and his supporters to the KKK (FYI, an organization founded by Democrats.)

I ordinarily wouldn’t even bother linking to something so mindnumbingly stupid, but I’m doing it for two reasons: (1.) So you know what your tax dollars are supporting (which, if we really did have a fascist leader, would certainly not be happening), and (2.) as part of my ongoing series of quotes to illustrate George Orwell’s observation that some ideas are so absurd that only the “intelligentsia” could believe them, since “no ordinary man could be such a fool.”



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Comments 1-16 of 16

  • John Takeuchi

    09/15/2020 06:21 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Candidate Biden will likely skip any debates; he knows he cannot respond coherently and that President Trump will make him look demented.
    I think the debates should go on. If Mr. Biden does not appear, Mr. Trump can answer his questions. He can also direct questions to the empty Biden podium, like Clint Eastwood did at the 2016 Republican convention. That ought to be hilarious.
    Best to you.

  • Firewagon

    09/15/2020 06:05 PM

    The latest hogwash out of the NFL is an incident with One Steeler player covering the name of a 'Drive-By Shooting' criminal with the name of a military hero. That was frowned on by some WOKE sports reporter citing 'systemic racism' as the reason players were wearing the names of blacks killed by police. This was the same Steeler player, by the way, that stood in the tunnel, a year or so ago, while our Anthem was being played, while his team-mates were cowering in the locker room.

    Hey Mike, why has NOT any talking head pointed out that there is NO 'systemic racism' in America? There absolutely is 'systemic criminality' obvious in the black community. Blacks are less than 13% of America's population and 9% of that 13% are 'young, athletic, black males that are committing over 52% of ALL crimes! What that should tell anyone 'confused' about why blacks are "racially profiled" or "stereotyped" is that every young athletic-looking black male anyone, but especially the police, meets has a 50/50 potential of being a criminal and/or having criminal intent! That 'damning' information completely missing from the media reportage leaves far too many with the "perception" that some "systemic racism" is rampant in America!

  • Sandra K Burdick

    09/15/2020 09:39 AM

    The media is doing a tremendous snowball job. I'm outnumbered by my family. Short of being blackballed by everyone, I'm stuck with keeping my mouth shut.

  • Michelle Mitchell

    09/15/2020 09:02 AM


    Do you really think this is possible? I can’t believe with how our Government is set up, that this can happen. However, because there is already so much evil in White House, thanks to the last 8 years prior to Trump, and because we have godless news media and godless social media techs, with a nation so divided, it really is possible that this country will fall apart in my life time. That the church is not raptured out of here for awful beginnings of end time. It’s hard not to stay depressed anymore. I’m praying but is God listening to this prayer? A prayer to save this nation?

  • William S Anthony

    09/14/2020 11:52 PM

    Afghanistan could use some honest jobs and tax revenue. Afghanistan has significant mineral deposits. Russian and Chinese companies used to mine there. If the United States is significantly reducing its presence in Afghanistan than I think encouraging mining in Afghanistan might help the situation.

  • Carmine Fea

    09/14/2020 10:06 PM

    Governor Huckabee: Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are urging disregard of fairness, disregard of precedent, and an unlawful election process in the November election. The democrats are degrading America, telling the world America is no better than a third world country. Do we not have law and penalty for any state that does not quickly and efficiently count votes and provide an accurate count in a national election?

  • Linda Wolfe

    09/14/2020 06:51 PM

    To use Trump's word , all democrats are animals , who are showing their back-side ! If you don't know what I mean, well , just take a look at their emblem , an ass. No that is NOT a cuss word, It is an animal / dembo .AKA. democrat.
    Every animal who tried to block the ambulance, every dembo mayor, governor or who ever has been promoting riots should be locked up & the key thrown away. THEY ARE GUILTY OF HATE CRIMES and should be charged in Federal Court ! I hope they VERY SOON, REAP WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SOWING !!!!

  • Doug Morgan

    09/14/2020 03:24 PM

    Governor, once again, thank you for your true and informative analysis and reporting. You have one of a very few sources of truth in political reporting. BUT, as I read warning after warning of a democrat party strategy and plan for their socialist takeover of our country, I am so frustrated and confused about who is knowingly allowing this to happen!
    What is a law-abiding citizen to do when there is openly promoted fraud in our election process? When democrats can openly get mail-in ballots legalized as they take advantage of a manufactured COVID-19 panic, it is clear that they intend to use the fallacies of mailed in ballots to rig the election.
    It is obvious that they will not concede the election “under any circumstances” until they see how many ballots they need to overturn the election results, then they will miraculously find just enough of mail-in ballots to reach their goal.
    The only thing left is for every Christian in America to sincerely pray for God to deliver our country from its greatest enemy, i.e., the one from within called the Socialist Democrat Party Rule!

  • Firewagon

    09/14/2020 02:59 PM

    Mike, read somewhere (slept since then, so memory is fading) of a scenario where the Democrat plan is to prevent a final 'decision' being made for who is the next "Leader of the (not so) FREE world beyond 'inauguration day' to have "Speaker Pelosi" appointed president.

    I think that if Biden or anybody except President Trump is somehow 'deemed' the next POTUS that the admonition by President Jefferson will be instituted for the first time since 1865: "The Tree of Liberty...." Civil War would be the result!

  • M. Bennett

    09/14/2020 02:22 PM

    Because rely on you Mr. H.
    All to do with 2 officers ambushed and protests at hospital horrific. Don't think the protesters blocked the injured officers from getting into the hospital. Was other people needing urgent medical help blocked. The officers were already inside is how think it happened. Please know am huge fan of yours and trust you as vital source of truth on issues. Other media sources are telling out right lies and am grateful for the care you take to get facts.

  • J Harold Mohler

    09/14/2020 02:08 PM

    My wife and I hope and we pray daily that the election is both fair and the results so unmistakeable that no recount would be needed nor implied to be necessary!!

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/14/2020 01:28 PM

    Thank you

  • Paul Kern

    09/14/2020 01:24 PM

    I enjoy reading your articles and the links. I noticed some days you don't send the paper out.
    It is better than Christian tv now All it broadcasts are preachers who push support of BLM and their stories of being treated badly. The rest are prosperity gospel preachers. Nothing edifying and encouraging for us in Marxist lockdown states

  • Jerry Korba

    09/14/2020 12:21 PM

    Todays working population does not have time to observe all the deceit that the MSM pushes every minute today, the constant America is Racist, Evil, and is made only for the wealthy. The Family, working population has enough time to watch and listen for short time too how horrible America is and for that sector they go to sleep with a hood over their head not knowing the truth America is still good I still think people believe America is good and some think Trump is ruining the country when China has brought a war to America. Corporations are funding antifa and blm along with countries that hate America the MSM are hoping for the failure of America as the Constitution is written. Trump has all those weapons shooting at him and still holding them off. Trump has weapons in the US Citizen to help him defend our Country I hope the quiet ones will show up on Nov 3rd and bring the change in the House and strengthen the Senate keep the White House Conservative. MAGA dissolve the Radicals

  • Vernon Thompson

    09/14/2020 12:08 PM

    What follows is an excerpt from an email I received about a song by Diamond Rio Called "In God We Still Trust". I tried to send a copy to you but your platform would not accept the copy. Please get a copy and let all of your subscribers hear it!

    Subject: The song the radio stations won't play SOUND ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The song you are about to hear is from a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate resounding standing ovation and continue to do so every time they perform it.

    Sadly, major radio stations wouldn’t play it because it is considered “Politically Incorrect”. Consequently, the song has not been released to the public. We can all take care of that by sending it on.

    Although it is written for the United States, it also applies to Canada and all other free countries.

    Every person in the USA and the free world needs to hear this song, so please keep it going.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/14/2020 11:19 AM

    Peace Prize:
    Yes Take Prize
    cancel NPP for anyone even Dems cant WIN
    Rebrand Nobel Peace Prize