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April 18, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Georgia Election Official Pleads With Biden Administration To Stop False Claims
  • Watch my interview with President Trump
  • Example of Bias: In An Effort To Take Down Trump, Media Spread False Russian Bounty Story
  • New Exhibit Upends Alamo "White Supremacy" Lie
  • Bill Maher Takes Blue States To The Woodshed Over COVID Response
  • The Babylon Bee Gets The News Right
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful

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Mike Huckabee



Georgia Election Official Pleads With Biden Administration To Stop False Claims

By Mike Huckabee

The COO and Chief Financial Officer in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office has written an op-ed in the Washington Post, pleading with President Biden to stop telling lies about Georgia’s election law. He warns that Biden’s false claims about the law, such as claiming that it reduces voting hours and criminalizes giving voters water or that it’s a return to Jim Crow laws, are the type of thing that inflame the passions of the misinformed and spark riots and death threats. He writes, “Someone is going to get hurt. Your words matter. The facts matter.”

I like his conclusion: “Let’s tell the truth. Let’s make elections boring again.”

Sadly, I think if Biden were concerned about his words and policies harming people, he would be paying a lot more attention to what he’s saying and doing about our Southern border, which has led to headlines like these:

Texas Border Patrol Agents Apprehend 3 Convicted Child Sex Offenders in 2 Days

Police Find Woman's Body in Trunk of Car, 4 Suspected MS-13 Gang Members Charged

AZ Cop Finds 17 Illegal Aliens in Car, Forced to Set Them Free When Border Patrol Refuses to Help

That last story caused Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to become so fed up, he issued a blistering statement about Biden’s border policies, accusing him of defying all logic and being asleep at the switch (I could believe that literally.) He declared that “the Biden/Harris administration needs to get its head out of the sand.”

I commend his admirable restraint in using the phrase “the sand.”

Watch my interview with President Trump

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s all I have to say to get you to watch tonight’s very special episode of “Huckabee” on TBN: my first guest will be former President Donald Trump! But there’s much more. Alveda C. King and Ginger Howard will tell us about their important new book on healing America’s racial divisions. Magician of the Year Greg Gleeson will come straight from Vegas to astound you. We’ll laugh at the week’s craziest news on “In Case You Missed It.” And to top it all off, music from one of the fastest-rising new country groups, the Hall Sisters. Set your DVRs because this is a show you’ll want to keep.

It all starts tonight at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Example of Bias:  In An Effort To Take Down Trump, Media Spread False Russian Bounty Story

By Mike Huckabee

During the 2020 campaign, the New York Times, quoting their famous unnamed sources, claimed that Russia was paying bounties on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Since President Trump had just announced plans to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) used this as a weapon to accuse Trump of being afraid of or in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, with some demanding military retaliation. This unsourced story was reason enough to them to replace our President and start a war with Russia.

This week, we learned that an investigation found no reliable evidence to back up that story, and that it was most likely made up by a detainee to win release. But at least partly because of that fake news, we replaced our President with one who appears poised to blunder into a war with Russia, or at least a new Cold War.

You would think that after running wild with the “Russian collusion” fake news for over two years, they have been more skeptical, but that would have required them to care more about the truth than about harming Trump. But with Trump now out, what is the current excuse for the media and the Democrats not caring at all about the truth?

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if Biden regretted attacking Trump on such a flimsy allegation. No, of course not, and she even implied that the discredited allegation might still be true.

Glenn Greenwald, who with Matt Taibbi is one of the dying breed of honest liberal journalists, has a deep dive into this story, reminding us of who flogged it endlessly and called reporters like Greenwald “conspiracy theorists” for questioning it, even though there were obvious hints from the start that it wasn’t reliable.

As Greenwald points out, these people never get tired of acting as conduits for unsourced shaky accusations. Even as they were being forced to admit they’d been had by an “intelligence source” on one fake Russia story, they were trumpeting a new one: a claim by the Biden Treasury Department that Russian-Ukrainian political consultant Konstantin Kilimnik “provided the Russia intelligence services with sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy” that he received from then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. As Greenwald points out, once again, “This is nothing more than a U.S. Government assertion that lacks any evidence.”

I hope you’ll read the entire thing, and to encourage you, let me just quote from Greenwald’s summation:

“Any journalist who treats unverified stories from the CIA or other government agencies as true, without needing any evidence or applying any skepticism, is worthless. Actually, they are worse than worthless: they are toxic influences who deserve pure contempt…

These are not journalists. They are obsequious spokespeople for the CIA and other official authorities. Even when they learn that they deceived millions of people by uncritically repeating a story that the CIA told them was true, they will — on the very same day that they learn they did this — do exactly the same thing…These are agents of disinformation: state media. And when they speak, you should listen to them with the knowledge of what they really are, and treat them accordingly.”

I’ll bet you want to read the entire thing now, don’t you?

New Exhibit Upends Alamo "White Supremacy" Lie

By Mike Huckabee

This is a must-read article for students of history – real history, not the anti-American woke propaganda that passes for history these days.

It’s about a new exhibit in Texas honoring one of the heroes of the Alamo. In fact, he may have been the last man standing in the battle against overwhelming Mexican forces. His name was Jose Toribio Losoya. He was one of the Tejano defenders of the Alamo, and his story and that of fellow Tejano Texas Revolutionaries upends the slanderous “fighting-words-in-Texas” claim that the Alamo and the fight against Santa Anna were about “white supremacy.”

Learn more about RevenueStripe...

Bill Maher Takes Blue States To The Woodshed Over COVID Response

By Mike Huckabee

How badly have blue state leaders and the media botched their response to COVID-19? So badly that even Bill Maher took them to the woodshed over it.

You know the Democrats have done a spectacularly rotten job when Bill Maher is praising Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and blasting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But as he put it to his shocked liberal viewers, "Those are just facts. I know it's irresponsible of me to say them."

OUR MOST READ STORY YESTERDAYDemocrats have gone full-on dictator mode

Must-read article

By Mike Huckabee

This is a must-read article for students of history – real history, not the anti-American woke propaganda that passes for history these days.

It’s about a new exhibit in Texas honoring one of the heroes of the Alamo. In fact, he may have been the last man standing in the battle against overwhelming Mexican forces. His name was Jose Toribio Losoya. He was one of the Tejano defenders of the Alamo, and his story and that of fellow Tejano Texas Revolutionaries upends the slanderous “fighting-words-in-Texas” claim that the Alamo and the fight against Santa Anna were about “white supremacy.”

The Babylon Bee Gets The News Right

By Mike Huckabee

It’s the weekend, and after a week as nerve-wracking as this one, why not relax by catching up with the Babylon Bee’s hilarious take on recent news?

Here are just a few of my favorite headlines:

“Losing Baseball Team Suggests New Rules Allowing Them to Add Four Players to the Field”

“Minneapolis Target Holds Semi-Annual ‘Everything Is Free’ Sale”

“‘We’re Not Tearing Up The Constitution, We’re Untearing It,’ Say Dems While Ripping The Constitution Apart”

“’It’s Still Not Safe to Go Outside,’ Says Fauci’s Head In A Jar in Year 2739”

“BLM Founder Calls for Abolishing Police in All the Areas Where She Doesn’t Live”

“Man Can’t Wait To Get Vaccine So He Can Go Back To Isolating While Wearing A Mask But Now Doing So While Vaccinated”

…Those are just a few favorites. But to save the Facebook and Twitter “fact-checkers” the trouble, I must point out that these are satire. They are NOT actual news stories! Are we all clear on that?

However, they are much more accurate than most actual news stories these days.

Also, check out my favorite comic strip of the past week: “Pearls Before Swine” presents “Imagine There’s No Twitter…”

A Reader Writes Back... 

Love to hear your comments and ideas. I wish everyone thought the way you do. Our world would be a better place to live.

America The Beautiful (Repeat)

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Saguaro National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-17 of 17

  • Lois L Robeson

    04/19/2021 09:59 AM

    Mike, this morning I heard, on radio, a letter written by the father of a daughter who goes to Brierly School (Carolyn Kennedy went there). In it he points out the evils of the racist agenda they are teaching the students. It is amazing, and I was wondering if you could find it and put in on your newsletter so we could find it and read it. Thank you.

  • Diana M. Brown

    04/19/2021 09:33 AM

    Personally speaking, I enjoy reading your newsletters every morning and every evening. I like to hear the truth and I still do not understand why there are people who do not believe that the 2020 election was full of fraud!!! There are bundles of proof and yet people do not want to accept the facts. As a senior citizen of our dear country, I am worried about the state of our Republic. Do we have any hope to restore our Republic?

  • William Fuhrer

    04/19/2021 08:00 AM

    In college is there still a large group of Christian athletes? Couldn't Tim Tebow rally them around ALL LIVES MATTER or JESUS LOVES EVERY ONE

  • Jerry

    04/19/2021 07:49 AM

    Does anyone understand the attack on America by the (Democratic) Party the members of Congress on the Dem. side are calling for more terror the media ,CNN is calling for children to be killed by police, the war on women is to escalated by allowing rapists, child molesters, murderers, out of the prisons to commit more terror. And one expects American citizens to respect the office of Congress when mutations of America are elected by mutants, Look at our Southern border and the horror brought to us by Biden and Harris the people from around the world without ID are here and more are on the way this is what the Oath of office is. Protect the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and to protect the Citizens are the basic laws of the Oval Office this is not being done its time to get this Administration under arrest. This is not a phone call this is an attack on America by the President of the America.

  • Renee Kendrick

    04/19/2021 02:40 AM

    DIMS with their lies and redefining of words, I am unsure whether to tag them as foolish idiots or idiotic fools. Oh well, six or one-half dozen of the other...

  • Jerry

    04/18/2021 05:38 PM

    Police stops should be able to be more aggressive with the moronic behavior the country is experiencing policemen should treat stops with a professional focus however be ready for a law enforcer to harmed. Non compliance should be met with backup and disabling a vehicle until help is on the way prison sentence a must a few years to allow people that want to harm to be among its peers stable citizens don’t want to be with them we live in peace time to separate the two

  • George Trever

    04/18/2021 04:13 PM

    Heard that the House is proceeding with Reparations legislation. I wonder if they will create reparations for Asian-Americans for WWII treatment?
    Since the Democrats have been mostly responsible for the post Civil War segregation and defacto slavery, perhaps it should be all registered Democrats that should pay reparations and not use any Federal Funds. Sort of a Tax like Obama Care.

  • Robin Rebhan

    04/18/2021 04:04 PM

    I was skeptical right from the very start of the Russian Hoax Story. My first thought was. Why in the world would terrorists need bounty money to kill Americans when they are perfectly willing and happy to kill Americans for free? They volunteered to join a terrorist cell for the purpose of killing Americans free! And happy to do of charge!
    The danger from the deliberate release of this information is it could have been believed by enough people to the point of starting another " Cold War " and perhaps involving NATO. Many wars in history have started with misunderstandings or false beliefs. Another problem is that this whole scandal puts our intelligence agencies credibility at risk to the point other nations friend or foe will hesitate or refuse to give us intelligence information where confidentiality is critical.
    And if the Democrats really believed this, why was this issue not dealt with on day one by the Biden Administration confronting Putin? Why wasn't Biden standing up to Putin in Biden's campaign for presidency instead of just criticizing President Trump?
    The whole thing was vicious irresponsibility that slandered America. The republicans really need to ask a lot of questions...lots of hard questions! And any Democrats with integrity should do the same.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/18/2021 03:34 PM

    Thank you

  • Wendy Storm

    04/18/2021 03:04 PM

    I’m just going to say one thing...Georgia should DEMAND (instead of pleading with) Biden to stop false allegations against the new voter laws in their state! Conservatives need to be more proactive in their fights against Biden & his henchmen/henchwomen! This wait & see policy that is being pushed by the conservative leaders frustrates me to levels I can’t even put into words. GRRRRR

  • Paul Kern

    04/18/2021 02:37 PM

    I think the Babylon Bee satire is closer to the truth and a reason why fake news is trying to tear it down
    Things appear to be heating up per Marxist game plan.
    We see now that sleepy Joe is now a total puppet for Soros and the others.
    The governor's will have to man up and stop the invasion on their own dime. DC is now Red Square! The blue states are no longer safe. I live in one and God's people are in hiding

  • William Fuhrer

    04/18/2021 02:34 PM

    There are some Democrats I thought had some common sense, but seem to be joining President Joseph Biden in throwing kerosene on the fire

  • Laurie Keiski

    04/18/2021 01:31 PM

    Schumer and Nadler (or as I like to call them, Mutt and Jeff) were at it again on the SCOTUS steps. Is there nothing to low for those two.
    Drugs flowing into the country at at accelerated rate thanks to the immigration distraction. Why is it so hard for someone with the resources and contacts to start tracing the money?

  • Anne Turner

    04/18/2021 01:17 PM

    Many thanks to Glenn Greenwald for honest reporting. It must be very hard in today’s environment for a liberal to report as his has done. While .I may disagree with many liberal positions, I a always want to hear and read the other side of the question. There are a few issues in which I support the liberal viewpoint such as DACA. I suspect there are more liberal “journalists” that are becoming fed up with the excesses of today’s administration and loyal media, but it is extremely hard to buck your fellow journalists and risk your career. Today’s GOP is more in line with the Dems of the Roosevelt/Truman era.

    I never in my 80 years did I think my country would come to the point where beautiful major cities would encourage and allow wanton destruction. I feel so badly for those small businesses that have been so damaged as they represent the hard work of all races and are essential to city neighborhoods. How is it that liberal white people and black people really think this helps racial justice unity.

  • Jerry

    04/18/2021 12:00 PM

    Every Human Being should wonder why people should be employed, compensated, and rewarded because of an act of fornication that provides gender or color. All people that require a service should have confidence the service will be preformed by trained professionals. People on the operating table wants a trained professional not a quota member an airline passenger wants to get to point B without airplane pilot malfunction you get the drift you can not use quota type measuring tools to get the best person for a task. How will you field a team in sports? How will you chose a medical team how will you chose a IT members not all pools of Human beings have the skills to do all the different tasks. Select the best skilled for the task.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/18/2021 11:41 AM

    Honoring Prince Philip:

    HMS Lord Mountbatten built
    HIs Land Rover mass produced for public use
    His fav whiskies, gin, rums, bourbons made public, brands
    His fav foods made public
    Rename wings or suite for HRH
    Rename bldgs, other in Commonwealth for HRH

  • Stephen Russell

    04/18/2021 10:15 AM

    Mahers comments:
    Hooray & needed, good timing too
    any more like him care to comment on damn Virus & lockdown handling issues
    He Gets IT,
    Have him guest on your show?