May 14, 2019

If you missed Saturday’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN, you missed what might be the best show we’ve ever aired, and you must go to to watch the interviews.  Even if you did see it, you should still go watch them again because they are extended interviews with exclusive material we didn’t have time for on TV.  It includes extra time with National Security Adviser John Bolton, sensible environmentalist Dr. Patrick Moore, and our special guest, comic icon Roseanne Barr (her exclusive extras include her reasons for why she ran for President in 2012, and they might sound surprisingly familiar to those of you who backed me in 2008 and 2016.)   

I was happy to be able to give Roseanne a welcoming forum (and the studio audience loved her) because of the raw deal she got from ABC.  Yes, she sent out a late-night tweet that offended people.  But she explained that she was on Ambien at the time, she didn’t mean it to be taken as a racial slur, and she apologized profusely.  It was obviously a mistake, but one that should have been dealt with, maybe through a suspension and a press tour to explain and show contrition; then allowing her some redemption and mercy and offering her forgiveness and a second chance.  How many "second" chances has Alec Baldwin been given for far worse behavior? 

Instead, she was fired from her own show (the highest-rated series of 2018 that was making a mint for ABC), and the cast who owe their careers to her broke her heart by turning their backs on her (the cast of “Empire” even stood behind Jussie Smollett, although it doesn’t seem to have done their show any good.)

The howling Twitter mobs even demanded that Roseanne’s classic series from the ‘80s be yanked from syndication, as if a 2019 tweet forever ruined shows people have been watching and laughing at for 30 years.  And to their shame, the syndicators did yank it – even though it’s now back, airing up to three hours (six straight episodes) a day on cable, and again drawing big audiences.  I haven't noticed that’s harmed race relations in any appreciable way.   

When I asked Roseanne why Hollywood showed mercy and forgiveness to other stars who slipped but tried to destroy her, she was typically blunt: she said it was because she supported Trump. 

I’m sure that’s true.  Supporting Trump seems to be the one unforgivable sin in Sin City West.  Out there, Harvey Weinstein will be forgiven before Roseanne is. You can do anything you want with your body, or other people’s, but your mind had better stay in lockstep with the left. 

Roseanne is now out on her “Alive and Kicking” stand-up tour (you can find dates at ), and discovering, as she did at our show, that there are huge audiences who love her comedy and will turn out to support her, something you’d never imagine if you listened to the entertainment media.  I checked out a review, and the critic started out by talking about whether she’d changed her material to appeal to Trump voters, and focused on anything she said that sounded patriotic as if it were unacceptable pandering to those horrible deplorables.  But Roseanne has always been a champion of Middle American blue collar workers.  If Trump voters relate to that, why aren’t they allowed to have even ONE comedian who speaks to their point of view?

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The Democrats and their enablers in Hollywood and the news media have built their entire world on delusions: Trump isn’t a “legitimate” President (he’s native born, over 35 and won the Electoral College; that’s all it takes.)  He colluded with Russia to “steal” the election from Hillary (his worst enemies spent two years and $35 million and couldn’t come up with a scrap of proof, yet they still believe it.)  All of Trump’s voters are sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic morons -- all 65 million of them.  A child in the womb at 8-1/2 months isn’t a “baby.” But some hormone shots and surgery can turn a man into a 100% woman.  And if a 3-year-old boy is confused about his gender, s/he/xe knows best so "it's a girl!"

And the two big showbiz delusions: Only Trump-hating leftists are allowed to be entertainers, and comedians are only allowed to express leftwing views because only leftist comics are funny.  News flash: the #1 rated Trump-bashing “comedian,” Stephen Colbert, pulls 3 million viewers on a good night.  Roseanne’s debut pulled 28 million, no doubt many of them Trump voters eager to see anyone represent them as something other than dumb, racist punching bags. 

I’d encourage comedians who are scared to death of saying what they really think to stand up to the leftist Twitter censorship mobs. If you’re a comedian, then stand up for free speech.  Lenny Bruce and George Carlin were considered comedy heroes for doing that back in the days when it just meant being profane.  Now, it means not knuckling under to leftist delusions.  It might get you blackballed from Stephen Colbert’s 3 million viewers, but I’ll bet you could make a pretty decent living performing for Donald Trump’s 63 million supporters.  After nearly three years of one-sided PC lectures disguised as "comedy" I bet they’re pretty desperate to hear some genuinely funny jokes. 

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  • Dusty

    07/07/2019 04:30 PM

    Sorry I missed this show with Roseanne. I no longer watch the show without her on this not the same yet many of the cast were super. She was not being racist she had no idea the woman was black . If you asked a group of people to look at her they would not even know. The PC they try to use is beyond being fair at all. See now you Gov are being attacked for some recent statement you made. I tried to write to Roseanne to tell her she had to let this go and she has a wonderful life in Hawaii with all of her family and her friends there. Sorry that Sarah on the show was not fair. I like her The Talk show but guess she was having to give into the whole now very liberal community that she lives in and her life style. Now she can see that even VP Biden is being attacked for things that occurred back years ago and how much of society was ran. Tried to work together and I am old enough to remember many were not happy with busing both sides white and black not happy. Today we still have the divide in many places. Amazing you might look in the South pretty much mixed today unless private. That today ones race is the only thing to go by an d say you have to accept or not? So that I guess even being white you at times have white bosses you cannot stand and you have no control so what is one to do. Seen recently at some jobs shooting those who upset you? So time to say is this race or just people in general you have to get along with? Now the latest is how unfair an d to make it fair you have to go along and accept . So if one has a business and you have another race and I assume now if brown try to throw in Asian not sure why then no way to not hire and no way to fire in the future using race n ot that they do not do their job? Wrong. Sad that even Biden had to apologize really. God help us.

  • Nancy L Sprague

    06/23/2019 10:33 PM

    You couldn't have spoken it better Gov!! Personally I never liked Roseanne's comedy but NOW I LOVE her because she deserves it. (not the comedy but her as a person.) This country is going so PC it's despicable.
    I just want to say that I appreciate you so much~for being such a loveable person even to those who you disagree with. Such quality of character is rare and well needed on tv and anywhere! You are a great man Gov Huckabee!