October 11, 2018

Hurricane Michael Update

FEMA and local authorities are still assessing the destruction from Hurricane Michael to the Florida Panhandle and points north.  Some areas are devastated, and many of our neighbors need urgent help.  If you’d like to pitch in, donations of any size are greatly appreciated by those who are always first on the scene: Samaritan’s Purse ( ) and the Red Cross ( ).  Thank you for your support!

Mr. West goes to Washington

It takes a lot to upstage President Trump, but leave it to hip-hop star Kanye West to pull it off.

Naturally, Trump’s critics are attacking the West meeting as a new low for the dignity of the White House, conveniently forgetting that Clinton lowered its dignity so much that his intern had to get under the desk to accommodate it.  Also, they conveniently forget about this, from a Victor Davis Hanson column from 2016 (thanks to Instapundit for unearthing it):

“A few hours before delivering that State of the Union, President Obama met with rapper Kendrick Lamar. Obama announced that Lamar’s hit 'How Much a Dollar Cost' was his favorite song of 2015. The song comes from the album 'To Pimp a Butterfly;' the album cover shows a crowd of young African-American men massed in front of the White House. In celebratory fashion, all are gripping champagne bottles and hundred-dollar bills; in front of them lies the corpse of a white judge, with two Xs drawn over his closed eyes.”

Obama was applauded by the media for being “cool” and reaching out to leaders of African-American popular culture. Trump is being blasted, even though the rapper he met with is calling for independent thought, bringing jobs back to America, prison reform and giving the President a fair chance, not physically assaulting people you disagree with politically.  That seems to be the 2018 Democratic platform, most recently endorsed by our former Attorney General Eric Holder.

And here’s how the media and fellow celebrities are treating Kanye West (whom they once hailed as a visionary genius), which would be considered vile racism that would cost you your job if it were aimed at any black person who toes the Democratic Party line (ask Roseanne, who lost a TV series for less).  But in liberal media land, you get a pass for using disgusting racist stereotypes to attack people such as Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain and now, Kanye West:

PS to the Kanye West story: on the same day some musicians (or “music stars,” at least) were blasting West for praising President Trump, Trump was signing the Music Modernization Act, a landmark bill passed by the GOP Congress that will help songwriters and music creators collect royalties on old songs and digital streaming.  And they need the income, considering how many have driven away half their audiences by making annoying leftist political speeches at concerts and awards shows.


New law

Here’s something else you probably didn’t hear about from most media sources, but then, it couldn’t possibly affect your life that much: President Trump just signed a bill that’s designed to lower your prescription medicine costs.  This will even help his many critics in the media who are obviously off their meds.


Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

The past couple of days have been a wild ride for the stock market, with the Dow down about 1300 points over two days.  But a few reminders:

The Dow has set new records over and over for the past two years.  It was due for a correction, and those often happen in October.  A number of factors helped this one along, from worry over interest rates to tech company woes to Hurricane Michael.  But you only take a loss when you sell at the low point.  We’ve been here before many times, and the longterm trend is always up. The story at the link quotes experts as saying that they don’t believe this is another 2008 (and look at how far stocks have climbed since 2008.) 

The US economy has never been this good, and for anyone with a longterm strategy, this is known as a “buying opportunity.”  If you just can’t stand to watch your 401k on a roller coaster, then go watch streaming episodes of “Huckabee” at for a while until the roller coaster ride is over.

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 Bullies and bullying

First Lady Melania Trump is (as always) under fire from the media for giving an interview about her anti-cyber-bullying campaign in which she said, “You could say I’m the most bullied person in the world.”  The same mass media and social media mobs who bully her 24/7 immediately started attacking and ridiculing her for saying she was bullied.  Back where I come from, that’s called “proving her point.” 

Melania Trump is, by any standards, an outstanding First Lady.  She is beautiful, stylish, kind, classy, charitable, incredibly accomplished and successful in her own right, a fantastic mom, speaks at least five languages, and is an immigrant who loves and represents America to the world with great charm and grace.  If she were not married to Donald Trump, the same women's and “fashion” magazines that have shunned her for two years while putting people like Lena Dunham on their covers (does she even wear clothes?) would be falling at her feet and worshiping her.  Instead, they treat her like garbage, then when called out on it, get huffy and do more of the same. 

Melania recently took a trip to Africa, where she represented the US beautifully while meeting with local dignitaries, visiting orphaned children and discussing saving endangered species.  Did you even hear about that?  If so, it’s probably because you heard some nasty critic in the media sniping at her about a jacket she wore or what shoes she picked for some event. 

My message to the overage high school mean girls who are in a snit about Melania Trump calling them bullies is the same as what I tell media outlets that get on their high horse about being accused of dispensing “fake news”:

If you don’t like being called out on what you’re doing, then stop doing it.

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How desperate is the left to destroy its political opponents personally? So desperate, they’ve giving new life to the old concept of the “permanent record.”  You’d think the party that gave us Bill “Didn’t inhale” Clinton and Barack “Inhaled every day” Obama wouldn’t want to drag up people’s behavior as teenagers, but then came the Kavanaugh hearings (and no, I’m not downplaying the unproven allegation of sexual assault; I’m talking about the way they’re already trying to impeach him for perjury because they think he didn’t go far enough in admitting how much beer he drank in high school.) 

But as bad as that was, try this: the Hollywood Reporter just ran a hit piece on White House policy advisor Stephen Miller written by his third grade teacher.  She claims that at age 8, his desk was messy, he was shy and a loner, and he “ate glue.”  Better than sniffing glue, which I suspect the editor of the Hollywood Reporter was doing when he greenlighted this ridiculous article.

If they really want to play this game, how about doing exposes on some Democratic Senators who, as I have it on good authority, were once seen babbling incoherently, crying, throwing around pablum, and messing their diapers? 

And I don’t mean 80 years ago when they were infants; I mean during the Kavanaugh hearings.


 New book

Radio host Michael Savage has a new book out called “Stop The Hysteria: America’s Insanity from the Salem Witch Trials to the Trump Witch Hunt.”  It traces the history of mass hysteria movements and how people gin up mob anger to achieve their goals.  It always ends badly, but as he points out, the genius of the American free marketplace of ideas and free speech is that eventually, cooler heads prevail and the hysteria ends.  But we are now in dangerous waters because between politicized media, social media bubbles and institutions from colleges to tech companies that allow only one viewpoint, the counter-forces of rationality are being silenced, leaving the mobs to rant on and grow ever larger and more violent. 

At the link is an article about the book, and if you find the topic disturbing and important, then you should know that Michael Savage will be talking about it more when he’s my guest on this weekend’s episode of “Huckabee,” Saturday and Sunday at 8 and 11 EST on TBN.


Your daily helping of Fake News, courtesy of CNN:

No, Clarence Thomas was never accused of sexual assault.


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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Carol Fraser

    10/13/2018 08:07 AM

    In addition to wanting to see Hilary Clinton brought to justice for her actions, I would delight in having the names published of those who used the rumored "slush fund" for defense of sexual charges. It would certainly give pause to any more discussion of Brett Kavanaugh's supposed misdeeds. Which I don't believe ever happened.

  • carole braden

    10/12/2018 11:54 AM

    whenever victor hanson speaks-I listen.. reading about that album cover Obama liked so well..i bet eric holder liked it too

  • Jerry korba

    10/12/2018 10:51 AM

    I hope all is well with house and property Michael was no wimp. In regards to guests that come to the oval office I would like to see the President invite Charles Payne talk to the black community to tell why it would be an advantage to have gop in their interest although Jim Brown didn't get a chance to help sell the Republican agenda he should have a platform to help in converting the black community. Do you think having blacks working with making America great again helpful for America. Blacks have so much to offer u can see what they can do negatively lets have them work in a Republican environment. Lets be the greatest America

  • Andrew Treacy

    10/12/2018 09:38 AM

    The president is great but what if we could help him be just a little bit better? There's always a "I like him but..." when I talk to folks about him. My thesis is that he is too "I" centered and it turns people off.

    Here's my idea: Wherever the president uses "I," change that pronoun to "we." Examples: "WE (not I) know something about the markets, WE (not I) need your help for the midterms, WE (not I) nominated Judge Kavanaugh because..."

    When I heard the snikering when the president said he didn't want to be "braggadocious," he seemed lost - he has rabbit ears but he didn't catch the significance of the snikers.

    I have mentioned this pronoun-change idea to others and I have seen faces light up - Americans don't like to hear bragging but they like the president so much that they give him a pass on this issue. Please try this suggestion out on friends and if you agree, pass it on to the Donald. I can't get through to him but you could and it's a darn good suggestion.

    And next we'll work on misuse of pronouns with Candace Owens - she is the greatest; let's make her even better.

    Andrew Treacy
    Stuart, Florida

    PS I am a retired English/Latin teacher

  • Stephen Russell

    10/12/2018 09:33 AM

    Rename Wash DC: Moscow On the Potomac as the way the Leftists want since they RUN DC.
    Told DC is a Liberal Leftist town anyway?

  • Craig Joy

    10/12/2018 09:22 AM

    Blessings to you and your family,
    How about having the First Lady on your show? It would be nice to see and hear what she has to say on the various topics of today and for her to be around Americans that love her. Just a thought.

    Craig Joy from Missouri

  • Don Chenault

    10/12/2018 06:00 AM

    One can view cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, etc as a major part of the dimm party. They will be critical of ANYTHING Pres Trump or Melania
    does or says.. They are out to destroy, not debate different ideas..I do not watch any of their "so called" news on their channels or clips from them shown by Fox programs.. Fox gives them more viewers than they have on their own channels. In watching Fox programs, i MUTE the sound for the fake news clips from cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc, nbc

  • Richard Lingenfelter

    10/12/2018 05:09 AM

    The Democratic party is the source for President Trump being a racist.
    Something has to be done to dispel this before the mid term elections.
    The have the blacks and all the newly registered young white (stupid) population believing it. He needs to do more to refute the false accusations. Thank you.

  • Elaine Orr

    10/12/2018 12:30 AM

    With all the stuff going on in our country, I always listen and read what you say as you are my voice of reason. You write so all of us can understand. I know you are coming from a believer's heart and that makes the difference. Sarah is my hero. Thank you

  • Rebecca Holstine

    10/12/2018 12:04 AM

    I truly appreciate your Evening Edition. After watching the evening news and/or fake news and getting depressed. I pull up your Evening Edition and after reading your sensible words, I can feel my blood pressure lowering quickly. Thank you so much for your time and effort keeping us informed, with a bit of humor thrown in just for fun. We need a bit more fun in our lives right now. People are so angry and mean. I don't know where all this is going to lead us, but if it doesn't change soon, it will be the end of America as we have known it. And that breaks my heart. Before I close, let me say I love your daughter Sarah. I could watch hours of her slap the news media around. She is so smart and quick on her feet...they never get the best of her. And she is a lady through it all.

  • Melanie Bruno

    10/11/2018 11:35 PM

    You are perfectly right about our beautiful and incredibly accomplished First Lady, but I would have been happier had she not mentioned "endangered species". I am so sick to death of animals being portrayed as if they were human beings worthy of dignity and respect, especially when the only really endangered species is humanity, when 61 million innocent preborn babies are slaughtered inside the sanctity of their mothers' wombs. I don't think God will put up with this monstrous behavior much longer.

  • Carl Smith

    10/11/2018 11:13 PM

    Great summary as usual, I don't know how you do it! I guess old age and seeing MY Republic being destroyed from within is wearing this Vet down. I have voted in ALL elections ( when in Country) since 1960 and my patience is just about at the end of the road. If the Progressives keep poking the Bear they may just get more than they are capable of handling. <2% of the nation fought for Independence and that has been the case ever since and I'm sick of people who have no idea how lucky they are to be able to enjoy the FREEDOMS they enjoy because of the FEW, and the Useful Idiots in the media will be the FIRST to cry when The Progressives WIN.

  • Amelia Little

    10/11/2018 11:07 PM

    Wasn't it the obamas who welcomed byonce and her rapper husband whomever for a performance at the White House? Do we think they didn't sit down and chat at any time during that evening (or however long they were guests at the White House.)

    Good for John David Rice-Cameron for pressing assault charges. All of those assaulting someone should face consequences. More protesters who are disruptive in restaurants, movie theaters, etc, should also be arrested. There is peaceful protesting, but under no circumstances can anyone (even though good ol' maxine tries) say that the protesting of the left is peaceful. Of course, the left financial bankers are probably not going to miss any money that they would put out for bail, defense lawyers, etc. It's mere peanuts to them. I'm sure the protesters are disappointed that none of those being harassed have taken a swing at them first--because you know he or she would be in the hoosegow in a new york minute.

  • Pauline Lange

    10/11/2018 10:45 PM

    Wouldn't it be nice if for just one day no one listened to the liberal news stations. Turned them off completely and shut down their poor excuse for news coverage. It would be like walking away from a two year old throwing a temper tantrum to get attention. It might work! America can certainly do better than these counterfeit journalists. Wake up America and stop listening to this garbage and propaganda.
    Tearing others down is not okay. It reminds me of something my mom use to say, if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Certainly there is a lot of nice things to be said about President Trump and his classy wife Melania. Thank you Mr. Huckabee for joining the ranks of the dignified and true leaders. Pauline Lange

  • George Curl

    10/11/2018 10:34 PM

    I've been "in the market since I was 14 and bought 5 shares of Tandy Leather Company. Corrections come and go, don't panic, don't listen to the experts in the media. Hang in there, stay the course and you'll be fine.
    Thanks Mike for continuing to be a calm voice among the hue and cry of know it alls.

  • Alice Feinstein

    10/11/2018 10:34 PM

    I greatly respect, admire and appreciate both you and your brilliant daughter. I am frightened and have little confidence that without a miracle of some sort, the heartbreaking division and mass hysteria created by the left (and orchestrated by Soros, Sansour and Sanders; Schumer and Pelosi) will continue indefinitely. Your words and your daughter’s presence are a blessing. Thank you.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    10/11/2018 10:02 PM

    Governor Mike,

    Drooling in your pablum, throwing things and messing your diapers is pretty normal behavior for small children. When this behavior, particularly throwing tantrums and generally acting childish continues into middle age (or beyond for Chuckie and Dianne Whinestein), they need to be givn a time-out and sent home. Voters, that is your cue to send these childish brats home.

  • Janice Brink

    10/11/2018 10:02 PM

    Mike , you are absolutely amazing. Love your sense of humor! Keep on giving us the news as it happens.....for real!

  • Jackie Cain

    10/11/2018 09:57 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee. I sure do hope everything is well with you concerning the hurricane. Hope you home was spared and you are not suffering much property damage. Best wishes to you and your family and for Sara's family also. you have such a fine family and I admire them all, especially you Mr. Huckabee. I would vote for you in an instant.. God bless.

  • June Willis

    10/11/2018 09:51 PM

    Love to read your comments. You put the stupidity exactly where it is. It gives me and my husband a good laugh.

  • Lynn Evans

    10/11/2018 09:21 PM

    I appreciate the wonderful comments about our FLotus. She has more grace & style than any of those rude Dems, libs, & media! Such nasty people!!
    As always I love your commentaries & agree wholeheartedly.
    Thank you,
    Lynn Evans