October 8, 2017

Here’s wishing you a fun Columbus Day weekend! If you have a statue of Columbus in your town, keep an eye on it: Antifa thugs reportedly are planning to attack such statues in their deranged campaign to rewrite history by vandalizing monuments. President Trump issued an official proclamation declaring Monday as Columbus Day and recognizing Columbus for setting in motion European movement to America, which was a “transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation." It was noticeably free of the PC criticism of Columbus for subsequent historical events in Obama’s Columbus Day proclamations.

In recent days, we’ve seen a number of local liberal politicians vote to replace Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” in their cities and make fiery speeches about how terrible and unjust it was that this land was taken from the Native Americans. I will believe they are sincere when they sign over the deeds to their own homes and businesses to the local tribe and return to wherever their ancestors came from. I don’t advise holding your breath waiting for that to happen.

You’d think they would at least be grateful to Columbus to rushing arrive in the New World by October 9th instead of October 12th, just so we could enjoy a three-day weekend.



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  • William Booher

    10/09/2017 04:33 PM

    The other gov't that is trying to take over - dishonest and hateful - will do anything to crush this nation. The UN is most pleased I'm sure. It's another war that is used to keep people at odds with each other, or so they think. Kudos to our President. I don't think that we are going to forget our past that easily. But I am sure that if the other gov't did succeed, our lives would be the very first to go. Not far away?

  • Edgardo Herrera

    10/09/2017 05:07 AM

    Natives attacked each other and enslaved each other. Even in the Caribbean, the Caribe tribes attacked the Taino in Boriquén (Puerto Rico) killed the men and took the women and children. The Aztecs and Incas performed human sacrifices. There were other Cannival tribes deeper in South America. Christopher Columbus introduced Christianity in America. Slavery of Africans came in, also, but again, Christianity eliminated it both in Europe and America. For some reason baby sacrifices began again in America. Like slavery, Christianity must fight to eliminate that, too.

  • Robert Balsley

    10/08/2017 07:11 PM

    Guess I'm the first, sir. I wonder why the President doesn't declare Antifa a terrost organization. They certainly intend harm... maybe not like ISIS... but enough to justify the label and be outlawed. I see them as a clear and present danger...
    Thanks... Bob

  • Karyl Entner

    10/08/2017 06:35 PM

    Antifa really doesn't understand what they are saying for themselves, in my opinion.
    On another subject: TBN needs to do something about the studio lighting. The picture on my TV was so dark I thought it was my TV but when I switched channels it was fine. Good dhow if one just listened.

  • Leona Galal

    10/08/2017 06:14 PM

    The complainers forget the indian tribes were fighting and overtaking land from each other on the entire continent.

  • Cassandra Nunley

    10/08/2017 06:11 PM

    Didn't all people migrate from the Cradle of Civilization? Swatters Rights? Can we move into the here and now?

  • Cheryl Newland

    10/08/2017 06:10 PM

    Is this the "guilt" you speak of? If you are feeling any pangs of guilt, its because the truth hurts. The discovery and takeover of America came at a cost for many cultures and people. It wasn't a "pretty" takeover nor peaceful. If you prefer a president that likes to "gloss" over the truth, well, you got it.

    Obama’s proclamation in 2016 struck a different tone, saying, “We must also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers.” “The past we share is marked by too many broken promises, as well as violence, deprivation, and disease,” he wrote.

  • William Conlee

    10/08/2017 05:29 PM

    Rewriting got to be kidding. Have you actually watched your History of America DVD's? And it is really you sharing all those clickbait stories on young cons,comical conservatives, etc. Websites. Seems to me a man of your stature would be above this.