March 20, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • CNN Ratings Drop
  • Higher taxes
  • States Are Fighting Back Against Biden Power Grab
  • "Killer"
  • President Harris
  • Special Podcast Episode
  • Pray For Canada
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



CNN Ratings Drop

By Mike Huckabee

The latest theory on the right about why liberal media outlets have suddenly become obsessed with attacking Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is that with Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump gone, they have to attack some conservative bogeyman because it’s the only way they can attract viewers. Here’s some proof of that in the latest CNN ratings.

The best thing you can say for them is that they’re not down quite as much as the ratings for the Grammy Awards.

Higher Taxes

By Mike Huckabee

Remember when candidate Biden promised that “if you make less than $400,000, you won’t pay a penny more (in taxes) under my Administration”?

Yeah, about that…turns out that by “you,” he meant your family. Your combined incomes, like if there are two earners making over $200,000 each.

I’ll let you know when it gets down to extended families with 10 members making over $40,000 each.

States Are Fighting Back Against Biden Power Grab

By Mike Huckabee

I mentioned yesterday that the Ohio Attorney General is suing the Biden Administration over the “COVID-19 relief bill’s” ban on states lowering taxes if they take relief money. Ohio might soon have some company in that lawsuit if the bill isn’t altered fast. A letter protesting the policy was sent to Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. It’s signed by the Attorneys General of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. That's quite a chunk of real estate.

They make the point that while the stated purpose might be to prevent states from specifically using relief funds to cut taxes, the vague language of the bill allows a state’s acceptance of relief funds to serve as a pretext for the feds to seize the power of the states to determine their own tax rates. Considering that Sen. Ron Johnson forced the Senate to read the bill out loud (and most Democrats refused to stay around and listen), they have no excuse not to know that, so I assume it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Many more details and the full text of the letter are at the link.


By Mike Huckabee

President Biden’s agreement that Russia President Vladimir Putin is a “killer” who has “no soul” continues to spark international conflict. Russia already recalled its ambassador and threatened other actions, and now, Putin has challenged Biden to a debate on live TV with no tape delays, in front of the entire world, as early as this weekend. Putin said, “We are ready at any time convenient for the American side.”

Unfortunately, it appears that President Biden’s schedule is just too busy this weekend:

I’m not surprised. I’d already put this down under “Christmas Day” and “The Apocalypse” on my list of things that were highly unlikely to happen this weekend. Unless, of course, President Harris wanted to take him on.

President Harris

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve often explained that in Washington, a “gaffe” is when a politician slips up and accidentally tells the truth. By that standard, was it a “gaffe” when President Biden referred to his Vice President yesterday as “President Harris”?

Fortunately for him, the official White House record of the transcript had its automatic gaffe eraser turned on.

The best line on this came from Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media: “It’s a bit disturbing when the President of the United States can’t remember who the President of the United States is.”

Special Podcast Episode

By Mike Huckabee

Special guests Callie and Cameron Kimball (and their attorney) join this bonus addition of "The People's Podcast with Mike Huckabee" to discuss their "outrageous" experience of getting kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight because their four-year-old son, who has autism, was not wearing a mask (despite having a medical note explaining why he's unable to wear one). To listen, start your one week free trial with Quake Media today!

To listen and subscribe go here>>>

Pray For Canada

By Mike Huckabee

If you think that countries where people are thrown in jail just for committing thought crimes only exist in other parts of the world, then cast a wary eye northward toward our neighbor, Canada. That’s where a father has just been jailed for contempt of court for referring to his 14-year-old daughter, who identifies as male, as “she” and “her” and his “daughter.”

Not only that, Canadian courts ordered that the…er, offspring (who, again, is 14) receive testosterone injections without obtaining parental consent, and declared that “if either of her parents referred to her using female pronouns or addressed her by her birth name, they would be considered guilty of family violence.”

The father (if I’m still allowed to use gendered terms) responded, “The government has taken over my parental rights. They’re using (the girl) like she’s a guinea pig in an experiment…Is (British Columbia) Children’s Hospital going to be there in five years when she rejects [her male identity]? No they’re not. They don’t care. They want numbers.”

Let’s hope that doesn’t land him in solitary confinement. Again, let me repeat, this is not Iran, China or the Middle East. This is Canada in 2021. I will pray for Canada to once again start identifying as a free nation.

A Reader Writes Back...

Thank you so much! How refreshing real news is!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Denali National Park and Preserve, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-25 of 25

  • Carl T Smith

    03/23/2021 10:40 PM

    I must reply to Janet Pingston's humorous "HOOVER" car.
    It's called the "TESLA"! and it's a leap forward in Engineering Excellence. The Problem is the Infrastructure to supply the needed KW to make these marvelous machines function outside big cities. I can see a farmer hauling his 60,000# loads to the nearest Grain Elevators using Extension Cords. Think TEXAS being the leader in Wind & Solar as a backup when the FREEZE of the century occurs DAILY. I'm Free market and when the market asks and accepts Electric vehicles it will occur -ECONOMICALLY- without Govt., aka TAXPAYER MONEY!

  • Carl T Smith

    03/23/2021 10:27 PM

    Great commentary and analysis as usual. Please don't disappoint your underfunded daily readers by finally deciding to dedicate all your resources to your POD Cast and decide this forum is too time-consuming!

  • Nola Gunnesch

    03/22/2021 11:07 AM

    It's really sad to see that you would refuse to allow a transgender 14 year old female the right to medical (testosterone injections) treatment for his condition. This is not a choice for him. He may have been born a girl but he is definitely a boy and knows it by that age. It is cruel to deny him this treatment. I am saddened that in this day and age you deny this. Canada is correct to recognize this in the courts. Parents are wrong to deny their child this treatment.

  • Nancy Nolen

    03/20/2021 03:50 PM

    Thank you Governor for your logical, mature, SANE reporting on the weirdness of our world today. You give hope to me that there is "life" out there that's got some normal"sey". Does anyone have any idea why Kamala seems to have no office of her own?? She is always 'babysitting' O'Biden' when he is on the air. Or is she just waiting for him to fall off of his podium or off of his throne so she can jump in to fill the void (before anyone else ((Nancy)) can take that away from her?? God help us!

  • Sandra Blake

    03/20/2021 03:29 PM

    thank you for offering an alternative to all the liberal news sources out there. It is good to get our news from more than one source.
    Also, I may have missed it, but did you report on the Biden administration's meeting with Chinese officials?

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/20/2021 12:43 PM you think that we can turn this around???

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    03/20/2021 12:32 PM

    Hmmm, CNN is experiencing a “Fall” in its ratings? Perhaps it’s the wind. Soldier on Governor Huckabee as we are enjoying your daily newsletters. Our best to you and your family.

  • Christine Rominger

    03/20/2021 12:17 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for your refreshingly honest words. I wanted to ask a favor of you if you so decide to agree with me. It all started when I was watching AFV with my two little boys, when I start seeing videos of young children under the influence of dental surgery drugs. I was sick to my stomach. I wrote to AFV and ask them to stop showing these kinds of videos and they wrote back and said they would consider my concerns, but I've seen the show again and again with these videos and they clearly had no intention of caring what some small unimportant person like me thinks, BUT! If maybe someone super awesome and intelligent like you brought a light to it maybe they would stop. I'm just a mom who wanted to watch a funny show with my boys. I don't know who finds that funny. Just think of what it is promoting to young viewers. "Mommy why is that girl acting that way?" Oh, well son they just got doped up at the dentist and got teeth pulled out, isn't that funny? Ha Ha. I don't know, what do you think? Thanks again, yours truly, Christine

  • Donna Cornell

    03/20/2021 12:15 PM

    Hello and greeting Governor Huckabee! Yes, that IS a 'mistake' and let it be 'known' we do not have the ability to 'read minds nor know what is going on' AND even more so Biden knows very little regarding the 'soul' since we ALL (including Putin) have 'soul'(mind, will, emotions, intellect and imagination) and how on earth are we as a Nation (GREAT even though Biden is far from a good example of that) to 'open doors' of 'opportunity' with other Countries to come together 'respectfully' understanding the 'cultural differences' and with Christ, Jesus the 'ability' to 'Love' in spite of our differences? This is a HUGE issue for this 'illegitimate' administration and 'fraudulent/stolen' election of Biden/Harris and is NOT going to get any easier for them for they are NOT 'prepared/ready/mature/experienced' in dealing with Nations let alone their own Country that thus far, has been 'evident' with the actual 'position and chaos/strife/division' 'caused' by them.
    Yet, there IS the Grace of God, and we will 'move through this mountain' in Jesus' Name and with folks like y'all, the 'encouragement' and 'true Love of Christ' that is obvious will 'see' us through this disgraceful debacle of history.

  • Janet Pingston

    03/20/2021 11:33 AM

    If gas prices keep rising, the "Hoover" car will be making a comeback. During the start of the Great Depression, car gas prices where unaffordable - when you could even find it. President Herbert Hoover was in office.

    So the farmers pulled the engines out of their cars. Hooked up the horses to start pulling their cars like stagecoaches. The "Hoover" car was invented.

  • Anne Turner

    03/20/2021 11:31 AM

    Dear Governor,
    What are we doing to our children, our scared institutions, and our military? We are making our children feel worthless if they are white, particularly the boys, endangering the long term health of our children filling them full of powerful hormones when their brains are far from fully developed to make life altering decisions. We are working to substitute government for God, and making our military into a lab experiment instead of a protector. The liberals in this country are in need of institutional care. They know not what they are doing. Talking about “woke”, when will THEY wake up to the realities of consequences. I think much of the normal liberal country may be starting to see the effects of their vote, but the hold of the far left and their minions, the media have developed incredible power already. I see the lawyers doing very well. Hopefully, .the Trump judicial appointments will pay off. Was our .constitution recently cancelled and I didn’t hear about it?

  • Marcia Costello

    03/20/2021 11:15 AM

    Am I the only one who saw President Biden stumble twice getting on Air Force One yesterday and finally fall before the cameras were cut off??? I never saw it again, heard a reference about it, or even know if he was helped up or got up on his own.

  • Gary Calvert

    03/20/2021 11:11 AM

    I posted this below on GAB this am. Long way from a complete thought, but I believe it might have a chance if the States stand together. I would very much value your input on this.

    "I propose that our thinking States (start with the 21 suing Biden) all declare themselves US Constitutional Sanctuary States. Tell DC that in none of the Sanctuary States will any Federal Law, Executive Order or other means of control by the US Corporation be permitted. As well, the States will be the sole arbiter of what is Constitutional. No federal law enforcement activities will be permitted in these States and these States will give each other "Favored State" status in all economic and trade issues. No need to secede, just use the "sanctuary" claim the Dems themselves perfected for us. This idea still needs much work but seems to have some value.....TBD."

  • Marie Krause

    03/20/2021 11:11 AM

    Praising that we still have a source of the real news, through your newsletters. At least I know there are still people who agree with me. Always looking forward to the next issues from you.

  • Michelle Ferrer

    03/20/2021 11:09 AM

    If we think there's chaos in the White House due to Geriatric Joe's incoherence, just wait until president Harris gets the job. Joe has a penchant for telling the truth when he's put under pressure. That penchant for truth telling is exacerbated when he can't remember the party line he's supposed to say. he told us during the campaign that if he and Harris had a fundamental disagreement, he would fake an illness and resign. THERE is your truth. All we have to wonder about now is when he'll fake his illness and retire . . . hopefully with not too much damage in his wake.

  • Rebecca Scarlett

    03/20/2021 11:09 AM

    I enjoy your newsletter, so informative.

  • Eric Lindell

    03/20/2021 11:03 AM

    We should stop referring to the far left in the US as the radical left, and more accurately call them the American Communists.

  • Dee Hay

    03/20/2021 11:01 AM

    America has sunk to a level below anything since the Civil War in politics. Out of a large field of Democrat candidates for the 2020 presidential race, the only candidate that they could come up with was an elderly man in failing mental capacity and they literally threw him in the coliseum of world politics. What a shame for the American people that a major political party has stooped so low. I am not a fan of Joe Biden, but I really feel sorry for him and I really question his family's moral judgment for letting this happen.

  • Sue Angelyn Everhart

    03/20/2021 10:58 AM

    Dear Mr Huckabee,
    The thought of President Harris IS SICKENING!!!! I know the blurb biden made not knowing whos' who is just as bad. My husband and I are praying for our country. I know God has the plan, but I donot see if she moves him over the foreign leaders working with her. What canthe American citazen do?

  • Jerry

    03/20/2021 10:53 AM

    One didn’t need help from Nostradamus to see the county spiral downward when the socialists took control of the 3 branches I begged the the Biden voters not to look at the personality of president trump but his America first policy. Today we have our enemies taken aim at us the us government is attacking half the population and the other half is next divide and then conquer policies guess what Biden voters you will be treated like shitff just like the real Americans

  • James Evart

    03/20/2021 10:51 AM

    This self-identity thing must be catching, with the Vice-president identifying as the President and visa-versa.

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    03/20/2021 10:36 AM

    Hmmm, CNN has experienced a “fall” in its ratings? Perhaps, it’s the wind. Soldier on, Governor Huckabee, as we are enjoying your daily newsletters and show.

  • Debi L. Zeiger

    03/20/2021 10:36 AM

    I truly enjoy your daily news letter. It is refreshing to know the truth and to be able to count on what you say. A couple of my friends and my husband met with you at the Capitol when you were governor and we were impressed that you took time to listen to our concerns. The Christian community in my area are backing your daughter, Sarah for our next governor along with Jason Rapert for lieutenant governor. Let me know if we can help! God bless you and God bless America!

  • Bettye

    03/20/2021 10:33 AM

    Enjoyed the new letter. Biden needs to keep his mouth shut, Putin may be a killer but who is Biden to judge. As for his soul he sure can't judge that.
    Thanks and have blessed day.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/20/2021 09:55 AM

    Pastor jailed:
    Saw on Fox where Canada jailed a pastor for sermons during Virus lockdowns
    Worse than gender story for father.