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March 25, 2023



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Pray for the victims

Please say a prayer for everyone in the path of last night’s deadly storms that gave rise to a rare category 3 wedge tornado. It cut a path of destruction 100 miles long in Mississippi. At this writing, 23 people are confirmed dead, dozens more are injured, and there’s widespread devastation of property and power outages. It’s feared the death toll will rise as emergency crews start searching the damaged buildings.

The storm system has yet to play out at this time, so if you are in its path, please take precautions and stay safe. And if you can help the victims of the tornado, I’m sure Samaritans’ Purse will be on the scene as quickly as possible, and you can donate to help here:


A Parents' Bill of Rights

Friday, the House passed the Republicans' Parents Bill of Rights, with the support of all but five Republicans, and the unanimous opposition of all the Democrats.

Republican Matt Gaetz said he voted against it because he wants the Education Department abolished and he doesn’t want to vote for anything that creates more federal involvement in local schools. To me, protecting parents’ rights doesn’t seem to be meddling in school policy, but at least it’s a coherent response. That’s more than we got from the Democrats, whose only argument for opposing the bill was to tell hysterical lies about it.

As I’ve previously explained, the bill reinforces five basic parental rights that in a sane world would never even be questioned. They include the right to know what’s being taught in schools and to see their kids’ reading material; the right to be heard at school board meetings; the right to see the school budget and spending; the right to protect their child’s privacy; and the right to be updated on any violent activity at school. How can anyone argue against any of that?

Obviously, you can’t, because instead, Democrats got up and claimed the bill would attack teachers; ban books that teach about slavery; promote hatred and bigotry; lead to students’ deaths; and, according to AOC, replace freedom with “fascism.” Did they even read the bill? And considering the schools they must’ve attended to turn out this way, CAN they even read?

I liked “Gutfeld” panelist Tyrus’ take on this: the teachers’ unions must be furious that they paid so much money to buy these politicians, and this is the best argument they could come up with to stop this bill?

For the record: no, letting parents know what their kids are being taught and protecting their right to speak out about it is not “fascism.” On this issue, the Democrats can’t even claim that they’re representing their own constituents. For instance, a new CRC Research poll found that large majorities of registered voters believe schools should not be helping kids change their gender identities without parental knowledge or withholding such information from parents. That includes about three-quarters of black voters and voters making less than $40,000 a year. And a new Grinnell College poll found that 57% of Americans think it’s inappropriate for teachers to discuss politics in the classroom.

But set aside for a moment the House Dems’ embarrassing clown show, and the fact that this bill certainly won’t pass the Senate, and even if it did squeak through, would most likely be vetoed by President Biden. The most important thing about this bill is WHY the Democrats so violently and dishonestly oppose it.

This vote revealed that these Democrat Representatives aren’t even representing Democrats. We now know exactly where the Democrats stand: with teachers’ unions and radical activist groomers who want to turn schools into leftist indoctrination camps, and certainly NOT with parents.

Think that’s too harsh? Then where were all the alleged “moderate” Democrats who crossed party lines to stand up for parents? There are over 200 Democrats in the House, some from moderate purple districts, but NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT sided with parents. Let’s hope that the suburban soccer moms who elected Biden will think about that before casting their next vote for the Democrats.

Related: This is one of the saddest polls I can imagine, and it speaks volumes about the crying need for change in Washington.

Must-read details from “most consequential” Proud Boys trial

With so much focus this week on President Trump and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s to-indict-or-not-to-indict drama, something else quietly happened in a courtroom --- a revelation that chipped away at the secrecy surrounding the FBI and their tactics regarding the January 6 protest.

As Julie Kelly reports, the FBI to this day has refused to answer questions about the Bureau’s “foreknowledge and engagement.”  Kelly, who has done magnificent reporting on January 6 and literally wrote the book about it --- titled, appropriately, JANUARY 6 --- has been following the nine weeks of testimony from multiple government witnesses in the trial of five Proud Boys, including the group’s leader, Enrique Tarrio.  These defendants face the very serious charge of seditious conspiracy, which in this case means they allegedly conspired to “oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force” on January 6, 2021.

This is seen as Attorney General Merrick Garland’s most consequential case, as these convictions will help him build an “insurrection” case against President Trump, otherwise known to all of us as The Big Fish.  That’s what this is really all about, you know.  They want to implicate Trump with a remark he made during an October 2020 debate to the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” as if by “stand by” he meant...THAT.  Trump’s adversaries love to conveniently edit, misinterpret or even make up things he said.  (Admittedly, his undisciplined popping-off on Truth Social makes that easy to do; he should restrain himself and just let the truth come out.  I digress.)

Tarrio wasn’t even at the Capitol on January 6.  Another Proud Boy, as security video shows, did go into the Capitol building, walking through an open door like buffalo-hatted Jason Chansley, with Capitol Police standing nearby and doing nothing to stop him.

Even though these Proud Boys didn’t actually DO anything to attempt a violent overthrow and haven’t been charged with assaulting anyone, they’re being prosecuted on the basis of inflammatory chatter amongst themselves and also of an alleged “road map” of an attack on the Capitol that it seems was not the product of any Proud Boy but sent to them by a FORMER FBI INTELLIGENCE ASSET who got it to Tarrio by way of a third party.


Here’s Kelly’s earlier report from February about that, a document called “1776 Returns.” This is a must-read...

We still don’t know how extensive a role was played by FBI intelligence in shaping the “insurrection” narrative of January 6.  Certainly Nancy Pelosi’s J6 Kangaroo Kommittee didn’t touch it.  As Kelly reports, “at least 10 and possibly up to 15” informants were embedded within the Proud Boys in the months leading up to as well as after the rally.  “Informants participated in numerous group chats, cozied up to leadership, and even accompanied the group to Washington,” she says.

The reports submitted to defense attorneys about FBI informants have been heavily redacted and apparently were given to them just before the trial.  Tarrio’s attorney complained in court that “everything has been a secret order where we can’t share any information” and “everything has been done under cover.”  Even major news corporations have complained that Judge Timothy Kelly (apparently no relation to Julie) “held sealed hearings and excluded the press and public from attending proceedings in this high-profile case.”  This installment from Julie also provides shocking details about the Justice Department’s trashing of the concept of attorney-client privilege for people being detained in federal prison.  Another must-read...

Unbelievably, Judge Kelly, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia whose office is handling ALL the January 6 cases, has been requiring defense attorneys to “pre-clear” questions with prosecutors before asking witnesses anything about informants.


And what didn’t get much attention this week because of all the drama out of Manhattan is this:  on Wednesday, the Proud Boys trial was suspended (again) after prosecutors admitted at the last minute that a key defense witness, scheduled to testify Thursday, had worked as an FBI informant during the entire investigation.  The defense filed a motion after finding out that the witness had “cozied up” to the defendants, their families and their attorneys --- yes, their ATTORNEYS --- from April 2023 until the trial began in January of this year.  This CHS (confidential human source) even spoke with one defendant’s family about replacing one of the defense attorneys.

Again, what??

Carmen Hernandez, the public defender representing one of the Proud Boys, has outlined the interactions with the CHS that she is now suddenly aware of and is demanding “all records or reports that [the government] may have regarding the defense team, all interview reports or FBI memos relating to the recording or reporting of the defense team, and all internal memos prepared by the United States Attorney’s Office and Department of Justice attorneys relating to any reporting on and recordings of the defense team.”

Prosecutors responded by saying that no such records exist.  They deny specifically tasking the CHS with gathering information on the defense counsel, though they were “generally aware that the CHS was active in assisting defendants.”  Isn’t that bad enough?

And in one of the most stunning remarks I’ve ever seen in connection with a court case (and that’s saying a lot), the office of Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney Michael Graves tried to shove the responsibility off on the defense counsel, saying, the fact that “defense attorneys chose to communicate with the CHS about matters relating to this prosecution is a decision made by them.”

Judge Kelly had already suspended the trial once, a few weeks ago, after the discovery of thousands of hidden messages exchanged among FBI agents that included discussion of doctoring a report about an informant, destroying evidence, and FBI surveillance of communications between one of the defendants and his former attorney.  Good heavens.  The judge accepted prosecutors’ explanations without evidence, Julie Kelly reports, dropped the matter and resumed trial.

This week, Judge Kelly quashed a defense subpoena to compel testimony from another Proud Boy, Kenneth Lizardo, who also turned out to be working with the FBI.  Lizardo had said that if he was subpoenaed, he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights.

Now he won’t have to.

A Rasmussen poll from early March showed that 61 percent of likely voters think it’s likely that federal assets provoked the protest at the Capitol.  This poll was taken before Tucker Carlson’s producers reviewed all the security camera video that the January 6 committee had kept under wraps, and 80 percent of voters said it was important that all of it come out.  To their credit, the American people who care enough to show up at the polls were even then smelling a rat.  And now that we’ve seen the video and have a clearer picture of what did and did not happen that day, and we’ve had Julie Kelly’s account of what happened this week, there’s much more we need to see --- all those redacted reports the FBI thinks it can get away with hiding.  Declassify it all NOW.



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