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November 17, 2022



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One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: "Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent."

Acts 18:9

It is historic

Thanks to Teri Christof at for acknowledging the historic achievements of my daughter, Arkansas Governor-elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Lieutenant-Governor-Elect Leslie Rutledge.

As she points out, not only did the liberal media outlets who are always bloviating about “celebrating the achievements of women” ignore this news (to them, only liberal women and delusional men are “women”), but surprisingly, so have some major Republican organizations. At least, there was never any danger of me not telling you about it!


Kennedy considering a run for Governor

Here’s why the Republicans need large majorities in both Houses of Congress. The votes in some races are still being counted (and why is that?), and already, there’s talk of a GOP Senator quitting.

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, the sharpest and funniest conservative this side of…well, me…is considering stepping down to run for Governor.

This opens up several crates of worms. Louisiana seems like a reliably red state with two Republican Senators (the other is Bill Cassidy), but it does have its own basket-case big blue city (New Orleans), and a Democrat Governor who will be in office for another year. Kennedy won his last election with 61.6% of the vote, but who knows if another Republican would fare as well? As great a Governor as Kennedy would be, I hate to think of him not being in the Senate, or the potential problems if the GOP happened to lose that seat. There are a lot more details at the link.

Whatever he decides, this should be yet another reminder for Republicans in Georgia of the urgency of turning out for the runoff and electing Herschel Walker to the Senate.

UPDATE on the “Russian missiles hit Ukraine” story

I warned yesterday that this story was murky and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions but wait until we knew what actually happened. That’s because this newsletter has higher journalistic standards than the Associated Press, which has issued a “correction.” After nearly setting off World War III, the AP now says that the missiles that landed in Poland, killing two people, were NOT fired by Russia. They were Russian-made missiles likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack.

Okay, you can come out of your bomb shelters now. And pray that the A.P. hires some actual fact-checkers.


Pray for the victims

I hope you will join me in praying for the victims of a 22-year-old male driver who plowed into a group of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department recruits who were on a morning run Wednesday in Whittier, California. Twenty-five recruits were injured, some critically, including at least one “loss of limb” injury. The cause or motivation for the accident, attack or whatever it was is unknown at the writing, but the driver wasn’t intoxicated.

GOP House committees poised to crack FBI

Wednesday’s newsletter reviewed what newly revealed court documents show about the FBI’s undercover work in advance of the January 6 rally, stressing that the first order of business for our new GOP Congress must be to determine what role the Bureau played in that protest-gone-bad.

Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity interviewed Kentucky Rep. James Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, about their plans for investigations, as both are expected to be the chairs of their respective committees in the 2023 Congress. Jordan’s committee will be in charge of the investigation into how the FBI and ‘Justice’ Department have been weaponized against political adversaries.

As many as 20 to 30 FBI agents have now come forward as whistleblowers on the politicization of the FBI. When asked what the American people are going to learn from these individuals, Jordan said the committee is already well aware of what has happened within the Bureau, with one whistleblower telling Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office that the FBI is “rotted to the core at the top levels.” In other words, the rot has consumed the leadership, such as that at the Washington field office, but not most of the rank-and-file.

Jordan invoked the name Timothy Thibault, whom you’ll recall had headed the Washington field office and was outed by a whistleblower as the official who deep-sixed the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election. Another whistleblower identified Thibault as the official who pressured agents to label cases as “domestic extremism,” even if it was a stretch, to further the narrative that Trump supporters were responsible for such crimes.

This shows how much damage just one guy in a strategic position can do.

“America is the greatest nation ever,” Jordan said, “but it’s not America if you have a Justice Department that’s political, that is not treating people equally under the law. That is exactly what we have. So we’re committed to getting the truth out there, because only [then] do you have a chance to actually hold people accountable and change the behavior that is now happening at the highest levels of our Justice Department.”

Rep. Comer’s committee will be investigating the Hunter Biden story. Comer said they already have proof not only that President Biden had knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings –- lying repeatedly about that –- but also was “a large part” of those deals, as an equity partner.

Today, in fact, Republican members of his committee will hold a press conference in which they plan to “connect the dots” on Hunter and his family, including –- especially--- President Biden. (Don’t look for it to get much mainstream coverage, though.) They’ll show the PowerPoint presentation Hunter used to outline the plan to his Chinese backers for them to obtain ownership of liquified natural gas from American producers and, beyond that, the drilling infrastructure as well. Readers of this newsletter will already be familiar with this story; Comer must have been referring to the presentation that Hunter’s Chinese assistant JiaQi Bao helped him with.

“When Joe Biden says he’s gonna get tough on China, Joe Biden was a partner with his son in trying to help China get an interest in our natural gas industry,” Comer said.

But it’s Jordan’s Judiciary Committee that will be looking into the role played by he DOJ/FBI in covering up the laptop, particularly their enlistment of Big Tech to do their censorship for them ahead of the 2020 election. Talk about election-meddling –- this was some big-time meddling that polls suggest really did change the outcome. Who needs Russia to interfere in elections when we have our own government bureaucracy to do that?

Speaking of censorship, on Wednesday, the FBI and White House got slapped down in a landmark federal case on that issue. This is great.

The FBI was trying to shield special agent Elvis Chan from being deposed in a lawsuit brought by officials in Missouri and Louisiana seeking information relating to collusion between government agencies and Big Tech. Agent Chan had been identified as one of two agents who’d worked with Meta (formerly Facebook) to censor certain stories –- presumably laptop stories –- from Facebook. White House lawyers were trying to stop his deposition, citing “national security,” an argument that seems more transparently phony these days every times it’s used. Their request was denied by U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Louisiana Terry Doughty, and good for him. The depositions of Chan and other agents will go forward.

This lawsuit doesn’t stop with the FBI, either, as individuals working with the NIH and other agencies are also targeted for their work in censoring inconvenient stories. The COVID lab-leak story is just one example, suppressed in the media for as long as possible as “misinformation.”

Wes Walker at CLASH DAILY has an excellent piece that reiterates what we said yesterday about the FBI’s use of informants for January 6. He asks the same questions we did –- questions the House January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee did NOT ask –- most notably about the lack of security the day of the rally, given that informants had presumably told the FBI that certain right-wing groups were planning to disrupt the event. “A National Guard presence would certainly have completely shut down what happened on that day,” he says. Indeed. And the way it happened, we would suggest, is just how they wanted it to happen.

Walker also notes that it’s impossible to square Trump’s offer of thousands of National Guard troops with claims that he wanted an “insurrection.” Highly recommended reading.

By the way, in putting our own commentary together for today, we came across some “fact”-checks from 2021 dismissing as “conspiracy theory” the idea that the FBI was involved in January 6. Those are pretty amusing now.

Jeff Carlson has a great piece about the report on alleged partisan actions by FBI compiled by Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. We’ve reported on many of those findings, based on interviews with FBI whistleblowers, but you’ll appreciate Carlson’s level of detail. He makes the case (and I strongly agree) that “the DOJ now represents an actual threat to the rule of law and the separation of powers.” Carlson’s piece is subscription-only at THE EPOCH TIMES, but you can read it at the link here.

Even though the midterm elections didn’t turn out as well as we’d hoped, we did get THE MOST important thing, and that’s control of the House. Congress has its work cut out for it, to be sure, to start the ball rolling on ‘Justice’ reform, but it's already started. We know the DOJ was weaponized under Obama and that the same people are currently in control under Biden, with Obama attorney Lisa Monaco in place as deputy AG. If you’d like your memory refreshed or don’t want to just take my word, here’s a pointed commentary about the Obama-era DOJ by Charles Lipson, dated January 24, 2018.!

Yes, it would’ve helped to have the Senate, too, but with a majority in the House, we’ll expose, on the record, this bureaucratic tool of the left for what it is. That’s the first step.


Well, it took them a week and a day, but liberal media outlets finally forced themselves to admit on Wednesday that the Republicans have, indeed, won control of the House. It only takes 218 seats, and the GOP had 219 before the media finally managed to choke the words out, but they finally did.

Some tried to gloat about the slim GOP majority, others tried to soft pedal it by saying this will “complicate” the rest of Biden’s term (no, it will slam the brakes on the radical left legislative agenda and signal the beginning of legitimate investigations of real crimes and scandals, not a kangaroo court performing endless one-sided political theater over January 6th.) Suck your thumbs and cuddle your security blankies all you want, guys, but as bubble-dwelling Twitter employees are finally learning, there’s a new boss in town.



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  • Paul Schaber

    11/18/2022 09:57 PM

    This Department of Justice could not fight a real wellarmed terrorist group due to the fact Senile Joe and inept Austin and Crybaby Milley left so much
    advanced military behind in Afghanistan and so much of the advanced military equipment we gave to Ukrainians is unaccounted for. Plus all the technology that China as stolen and new Advanced North Korean Missile Systems we do not have chance of survival unless we have our Survival shelters well stocked for when it commences.

  • George Reynolds

    11/18/2022 07:22 AM

    I just read this passage in my morning devotions, and it reminded me of Raphael Warnock:
    Mark 12:38 Jesus continued teaching. He said, "Be careful of the teachers of the law. They like to walk around wearing clothes that look important. And they love for people to show respect to them in the marketplaces.
    Mark 12:39 They love to have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets.
    Mark 12:40 But they cheat widows and take their homes. Then they try to make themselves look good by saying long prayers. God will punish them very much.

  • Anne Turner

    11/17/2022 11:35 PM

    The guy that rammed into the police students must be a Trump supporter wearing a MEGA hat. I mean who else would do such a thing?

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump or the Bushes Han even a small amount of business with China through one of their children?

    You SHOULD be proud of your daughter. She’ll be a fine Governor.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    11/17/2022 11:09 PM

    I sure hope they work on getting the political prisoners out of jail and filling it up with the jailers and warden and some democrats and blm and anitfa summer of lovers!

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    11/17/2022 06:26 PM

    "GOP House committees poised to crack FBI"

    With the Senate being mostly Democrat, the DOJ and FBI being pro-Democrat, as well as a Democrat President and Obama appointed Judges will committees and hearings really be worthwhile? It may bring more information to light, but if any charges are filed (think Michael Sussmann and the Durham Investigation) will it really go anywhere?

  • pat green

    11/17/2022 05:46 PM

    I have two comments.
    The first is about Senator Kennedy, some Congressman are better off for the good of the people were they are, that is how I felt about Senator Cruz. I felt then that he does a much better job were he is at
    And I just hope and pray that the republican in the house do go after the DOJ and the bidens. I am just to afraid they will fold at the last minute and not be ruthless like the Dems have been

  • Charles Sigars

    11/17/2022 04:59 PM

    FBI Leadership or Rank & File, I do not care. I do not trust anyone working in the FBI. The FBI has been rogue for years, operating outside their domestic purview (just as the CIA has exceeded its foreign charter by operating domestically). The FBI needs to be defunded and removed from our Government. The FBI has become a domestic enemy.

  • Chelsea Martin

    11/17/2022 04:30 PM

    "GOP House committees poised to crack FBI"

    In other news Mr. Lucifer Satan-Beelzebub has apologized to God for that little kerfuffle in the Garden of Eden, and is poised to change his ways.

    If you think the GOP is going to do anything to the FBI, then I've got waterfront property in Arizona to sell you.

  • James Evart

    11/17/2022 02:08 PM


    How is it that the Right, the conservative arm, thinks that it is going to inform the country that it is being gutted if the most pertinent information is required to be paid for behind a paywall. Who do you think you are fooling? With NEARLY half of the country being misinformed about who and what the Biden Administration is up to in destroying this nation, don't the wise misers think it is about time that they forsake their bank accounts to save this country by getting the real Indepth news out there to EVERYONE so that rational, informed voting decisions can and will be made?
    OK, it is obvious that the Media is bought and paid for by the Left who are SOOOOOO strong now. Do you see any "paywalls" with the media who lockstep mirror every day's talking points as if they have all read from the same script every morning? They know that their poison is being consumed happily by the non-paying masses and are ever so eager to stay in power destroying our country.
    Don't you think it is about time for the Right to sacrifice profit to get this country informed and turned around? Until I see the greed put aside by those people who actually do responsible journalism to patriotically and responsibly inform the people as a professional actually does, I will not hope to see a change for the better or assume that the Right is serious about saving our country.