December 31, 2021


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This verse was recommended by Terry A.

The Lord foils the plans of the nations;

he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,

the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Psalm 33:10-11 NIV


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2. Important news bulletin:

It actually is possible for the Biden Administration to learn!

When Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee subpoenaed all of President Trump’s White House records and private communications to rifle through them looking for something scandalous, Trump cited executive privilege. The Kommittee would have none of it, even going so far as to charge Trump aides who refused to testify with contempt of Congress. This despite the fact that executive privilege is a well-established legal concept protecting the balance of powers and ensuring that Presidents can protect national security and classified information and receive honest confidential advice and counsel on important issues.

Trump called on the Biden White House to defend executive privilege and refuse to hand over that material, and it responded in the same knee jerk way that’s caused most of the disasters it’s created: “If Trump wants it, it must be bad, so we’ll do the opposite!” So they refused to support his claim of executive privilege. Trump’s lawsuit and many commentators (including me) pointed out that they were cutting their own throats in undermining that right for all future Presidents, including Biden himself.

Well, it’s taken months, but that obvious point has finally penetrated the cement heads now in charge of the executive branch. It’s been reported that Biden’s people are now working to shield some of the Trump documents from the committee in the interest of “national security.” But as Jazz Shaw points out, that’s less likely to be the real cause than that they looked at polls and had a long-overdue epiphany that they might soon need to cite executive privilege to keep GOP investigators from excavating the pit of ethical slime created by Hunter Biden.

So, see? They are capable of learning from and correcting their mistakes. Unfortunately, so far it appears they’re only capable of doing that when their mistakes are hurting them.

3. New Yorkers are overjoyed about this:

While many of us will be overjoyed to kiss 2021 goodbye, New Yorkers have a special reason to celebrate New Year’s Day: it means that Mayor Bill DeBlasio is finally ending his reign of error. C.J. Ciaramella at offers a look back on how one terrible, incompetent socialist managed to ruin one of the greatest cities in the world and reverse the miracle turnaround brought about by Rudy Giuliani.

One of my favorite tidbits: a reminder that when DeBlasio ludicrously ran for President, he polled zero support in New York City. Well, they do say that it’s the people in our home town who know us best.

4. The precise moment:

Possibly the last genuine liberal journalist on Earth, Glenn Greenwald, takes a look back and pinpoints the precise moment when public “health” officials destroyed Americans’ trust in them by thoroughly politicizing their response to COVID.

5.  Worse Politics?!?:

As the 16th Century English playwright John Heywood observed, “There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.”

I think of that quote every time the residents of some filthy, overtaxed, crime-ridden blue city full of gangs, drugs and lousy schools vote to reelect the same Democrats who created the disaster they’re suffering through. But it’s also applying more and more often to blue city residents who move to red states and cities, only to vote for the same policies that fouled the nest they just fled.

A perfect example went viral in a Twitter thread by longtime San Francisco resident Hari Raghaven. After doing a pretty good job of summing up how and why the city has devolved into a dangerous, corrupt leftist bureaucracy that punishes merit and achievement, he concluded that he’s moving his family to Miami, adding, “I know there’s plenty to be apprehensive about. Worse politics (from our perspective), its own superficiality, weather issues, critters, guns… but lots to love about food, warmth, service industry, vibrancy.”

Naturally, a number of people noticed that “worse politics” comment and leapt on it, pointing out that the allegedly superior politics of San Francisco are what turned that once gleaming jewel of a city into the hellhole he’s fleeing from. To his credit, Raghaven admitted he’d misspoken and claimed he’s a moderate who didn’t support the far left or right, but votes for the person.

All well and good, but please remember that if you vote for a person who is anything like the persons who destroyed San Francisco, you’ll soon be loading up the U-Haul and fleeing Miami, too. If you have trouble identifying such persons, ask one of Miami’s Cuban residents. They should be able to help you.

6. The Year in Fake News:

As 2021 draws to a close, here's a look back on a year’s worth of major stories from once-reputable news organizations that all turned out to be biased garbage. From “Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer” to “Inflation is transitory” to the Lincoln Project’s community theater that smeared Glenn Youngkin as a racist, here are the top 10 phony stories that were trumpeted far and wide by a credulous media with a political ax to grind:

The hardest part must’ve been keeping it down to only 10, but if they’d listed all the fake news that the media reported as fact in 2021, it might take until February to finish reading it.


Images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

8. A 90-Day Stay:

President Biden has put another 90-day stay on people having to restart making their student loan payments. They’re lucky the Democrats are in office; they believe you can borrow infinite amounts of money and never pay any of it back.

9. Biden can take credit for this accomplishment:

The White House is obviously desperate to find anything that they can tout as a Biden accomplishment. So I’ll help them by pointing out that this business is booming and expanding, entirely thanks to the job that Biden is doing:

10. The Death of Sarah Weddington:

Some recent obituaries have sorely tested our policy of not speaking ill of the deceased. Now comes another tough test: the adulatory media reports of the death at 76 of Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who successfully argued Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court.

According to her acolytes, she’s a great heroine of women’s health and reproductive freedom. To the rest of us, she opened the gates to the end of the sanctity of life, the slaughter of 60 million (and counting) innocent babies in the womb, and a disgusting abortion industry that claims to champion women’s health while tragically misleading and endangering them for profit.

I still don’t like speaking ill of the dead, and I do send my sincere condolences to her loved ones because I still believe in the sanctity of all human life. But I will also refer you to this article by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell about the propriety of speaking ill of the dead when they did things that were greatly harmful.

It ends with a quote from Abby Johnson, whose story of being misled by Planned Parenthood was told in the movie “Unplanned.” She knew Ms. Weddington, and her opinion of her shifted greatly over the years. But I think her final line is one that everyone can agree on.

11. Prayer Tree:

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit your own prayer request, go to my website here.


"I pastor in So Cal, 2021 started w/ losing our aunt, shortly after, we lost a dear friend & treasurer of church to cancer, in my home his last few days. December 14, I lost my mother to complications from knee surgery, a week later, a father in our church died from covid. Prior to losing mom, my family got the virus, keeping myself down for two weeks, & sent our Autistic daughter to hospital w/ pneumonia, coming home 6 days before grandma passed, & the day after, our daughter had a reaction to the steroids, that caused mental disturbance w/ her, it lasted 10 days. My wife hasn't had much rest since our daughter got sick. My brother, 45, has cancer & he's not expected to make it to March. The gov pandemic hit our church hard, keeping many home, & affecting finances & ministry w/ discouragement. Our great God knows, & has comfort & strength for us to get by one day at a time. He still wants to hear from His children daily. We ask you to remember Highland Baptist Temple & their pastor."

"My daughter, L. Health and depression issues. Wisdom in relationship issues as well."

"Special need. My husband and I are both on disability and we are going to be needing to move out of our apartment come late summer 2022. Pray for not only the financial need to do so, a place to go, but also we will need movers. God bless you all."

"Our friend Ralph has been in the hospital since 11/13/21 with Covid. He is dying. A prayer vigil was held at bedside tonite. Please pray for his life and health. God bless."

"My children who are at war with each other over taking care of what needs to be done since their father’s death…..they can’t seem to get on the same page."



Today's hymn is recommended by Stan C.



1 Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father,

there is no shadow of turning with thee.

Thou changest not, thy compassions, they fail not;

as thou hast been, thou forever wilt be.



Great is thy faithfulness!

Great is thy faithfulness!

Morning by morning new mercies I see;

all I have needed thy hand hath provided.

Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!


2 Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,

sun, moon, and stars in their courses above

join with all nature in manifold witness

to thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love. [Refrain]


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13. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading today's newsletter.


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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • Maralyn Grimoskas

    01/01/2022 01:16 PM

    Mike, your comment about voters continuing to vote for Democrat rule in their cities just turned a lightbulb on in my head. What if the corruption is deeper than we could every imagine? What if the machine has and continues to rig every election in those cities and states to keep Americans under the Democrats thumb? What a travesty for America.

  • Jerry

    01/01/2022 11:29 AM

    I would want my federal tax dollars rerouted to the Texas state fund for the building of the border wall also defund the wage for congress members by 15 percent each year till inflation is a negative effect back log a full year to the rate of inflation 2020 Jan 1 so reduce the entire congress including staff security and benefits by 15 percent

  • Jim hudson

    12/31/2021 06:19 PM

    Great job Mike, I am a twice daily reader. I would like to see the Baptist Preacher step forward and call out the Plandemic for what it is. A Scam,

  • Byron Dallas Love

    12/31/2021 04:57 PM

    Thank you for playing my favorite hymn "Great is thy Faithfulness." My father had a beautiful bass voice. In addition to that, unlike most people in the Protestant church where he sang, he sang at full voice. Even before he died, whenever this hymn was sung, I would sing this hymn trying to match the beautiful bass resonance of his voice in honor of him.

    Love your podcast, which I listen nearly every day. I also think you would have made a great president.

  • Floyd A Unger

    12/31/2021 04:26 PM

    Thank you.

  • JC Holland

    12/31/2021 02:01 PM

    Why is the CDC picking on Cruise lines and not places like Disney, Resorts, huge hotel resorts, all inclusive resorts etc. etc.????

  • Judith Norris

    12/31/2021 01:41 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Please keep up your excellent site. I read all daily editions. You are one of the few people I trust to bring the truth to light. Thank you !

  • JC Holland

    12/31/2021 12:46 PM

    The incoming Mayor of NY is no better then the idiot leaving. He's already announced he'll keep the mandates in place.
    The fools who live there are too ignorant to stop voting for anyone with a D next to their name. I have no more compassion for them.

    Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan.
    America is already forgetting and so are you.

  • Eugene

    12/31/2021 12:09 PM

    Governor, On Dec 11 I attended the O'Riely Trump History tour in Sunrise Florida. The next day I got on a Cruise ship for 7 days. One day at lunch I shared a table and got into trouble. A couple there was from Arkansas. I told them I was a huge Huckabee fan and that I supported you in 2016, reads your newsletter daily, went om your Baltic Cruise and had gone to you TV show when you were at Fox. They didn't talk to me after that. Thank God I did't tell them about the the History Tour. I thought everybody in Arkansas loved you. God Bless. Gene Kline, Baltimore, MD

  • Paul Kern

    12/31/2021 11:56 AM

    While these articles are helpfulI wonder why no followup ones on Afghanistan. I understand there are still thousands hiding from the Taliban and the State Department is hindering any attempts by vet groups to rescue them. Now many are cashing out their savings as the feds are no help. Unless one is a terrorist or an illegal.
    Next year's elections will be a challenge. Many Republicans now outed as RINOS!
    Like in Nehemiah's day the walls have fallen and the enemy controls much