February 27, 2020

It seems as if you can’t even look at the glass screen on your washing machine without seeing a commercial for Mike Bloomberg. But as I’ve warned many times, no matter how rich you are, if you get into politics, you can’t dodge that media colonoscopy. And so, some people have been doing deep dives into Bloomberg’s past. Here, Jim Geraughty of National Review reveals “20 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Bloomberg,” and I’ll bet none of them ever makes it to one of his ads.

I have to warn you that some of the language and subject matter here is not for young eyes or delicate sensibilities, particularly the sexual harassment claims of women who worked in his companies. I’ll let you read those for yourselves. But here are a few other items that I expect will make news:

Bloomberg has claimed that the reason New York City has such stark income inequality is because it attracts billionaires from all over the world, adding, “All I know is from the city’s point of view, we want these people, and why criticize them? Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all the Russian billionaires to move here?”

Bloomberg was also criticized for using his status as Mayor to advance his businesses and for breaking his campaign promise not to raise taxes. Shortly after being elected, property taxes jumped by 18% and a year later, income taxes went up. More taxes followed.

This would be a good place to point out how crazy it is for Democrats who hate Donald Trump for being a billionaire and who falsely accuse him of breaking his campaign promises, using his office to enrich his businesses and cozying up to Russian oligarchs, to demand that replace him with Mike Bloomberg, an even richer billionaire who represents all those things on steroids.

There’s also a section quoting him about all the safety regulations his first business ignored when installing computers, “all without permission, without giving any thought to any fire law or building code. It’s amazing we didn’t burn down some office or electrocute ourselves.” And yet, he assumes that everybody, including criminals, will obey all all his new gun laws.

Finally, I thought that after insulting working women, pregnant women, blacks, Latinos, farmers, factory workers and even socialists, Bloomberg was running out of groups to tick off. But this story won’t win him too many suburban votes:

“At a breakfast in October 2001, he told executives that their companies should not hire people who live in the suburbs because suburbanites are not smart enough. (From the New York Times):

‘[Bloomberg] also suggested that companies should not be interested in hiring people who live in the suburbs because they are not “the best and the brightest.”

“There is a self-selection process,” he said. “People that want to go there aren’t the people that you want to have in your company.”’

I don’t know where he got his ideas about what farmers do, but it sounds as if everything he knows about suburban dwellers came from the song “Somewhere That’s Green” in the musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

As long as we’re on that subject, here’s a list of some questions that farmers actually have to deal with on a regular basis. What do you think the odds are that Mr. Bloomberg could ace this quiz?

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  • Barbara Dempsey

    02/28/2020 04:15 PM

    You know what I think about Bloomberg!
    1.He thinks the elderly shouldn't
    have insurance. He slapped me with that!!
    2. He allowed and protected illegals in New York!
    3. He wants to remove guns.
    However as being elderly I will fight for insurance and my permit to
    Carry my gun!
    Think about it, an elderly is attacked by illegals and can't protect their self without guns, and no insurance!! Food for thot, does ole Bloomberg have protection with guns??

  • john hopper

    02/28/2020 03:56 PM

    another liberal is the last thing this country need.

  • Dick Hinrichs

    02/28/2020 02:53 PM

    Five comercials in 15 minutes on our local news station today.

  • Walter A Kac

    02/28/2020 01:33 PM

    Funny, I could only afford and did move to the suburbs, only after 2 promotions and three salary raises, at which time I became a suburbanite.

  • Eleanor Early

    02/28/2020 12:41 PM

    Goes to show real reason he’s running is the fact he hates Trump, forget caring for the American people & our Country as President Trump does!

  • Lee B.

    02/28/2020 11:56 AM

    When receiving Bloomberg ads in the mail, I've been following Pelosi's example of how to handle important documents such as the President's State of the Union Address. I've been ripping them to shreds before placing them in the recycle bin. It's been very satisfying.

  • Paul Kern

    02/28/2020 11:06 AM

    After reading and watching the insanity from all sides, including liberal "Christians" since Trump was elected and one song from the "60's" comes to mind Here is the phrase"I sold my soul to the company store" It was a country song. Very fitting. Change company store to the "Devil" and it's perfect!

  • David Foster

    02/28/2020 09:22 AM

    I was wondering if I dug a hole stuck mini Mike in it covered with dirt and added water would he grow?

    We all know that answer. But if I had the chance to ask mini, what would his answer be? Kill it! If your from the Burbs your stupid! Your a sub standard human( not white and live in Manhattan) or a Russian oligarch. You need a colonoscopy!

    What could be worse? Bernard Sanders! He is a true communist socialist! I certainly don't need some demented liberal telling how to live my life or taking from me what I worked hard for just to give to some useless lazy person fully capable to get a job! I thank God for President Trump and his choices. It's good to be a conservative!

  • Marilynn Hoyt

    02/28/2020 09:03 AM

    I have been wondering, how much do you think Bloomberg paid all those women who supposidly worked for him to make that ad saying how wonderful he is and how much he values women.

  • Alice Irene Bye Claar

    02/28/2020 08:55 AM

    What a mess our world is in. This man and his family needs Jesus. Lord God please HELP.