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January 30, 2023

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share this…

A federal court jury figuratively told Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden DOJ where they could put their politicized persecution of pro-life activists by finding Mark Houck NOT GUILTY of violating the FACE Act that criminalizes blocking someone from entering an abortion clinic.

The feds were trying to send Houck to federal prison for 11 years for shoving a pro-abortion activist who was harassing his young son. State authorities decided there was no case, but Garland will never miss an opportunity to abuse his powers to try to silence critics of Biden's agenda. Let's hope he doesn't hold that power much longer.

Maybe this will send a message to Garland that the American people are fed up with him ignoring blatant crimes by violent leftist radicals while he spends his time trying to railroad elderly pro-life activists into federal prisons for praying outside abortion clinics to try to save the lives of babies. If he wants to prosecute someone for violating federal law by protesting, how about charging the leftist protesters who are rallying outside the private homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices in clear violation of federal law?

Since the Dobbs case is long over, I assume the only reason for those illegal protests is to try to use intimidation tactics to influence High Court judges' rulings. Isn't that also illegal?

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