October 8, 2017

Thursday was a red letter day for hypocrisy. First, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tim Murphy abruptly resigned from Congress after the Pittsburgh Gazette claimed that he had been having an extramarital affair and urged his mistress to get an abortion. In text messages obtained by the paper, she called Murphy a hypocrite for wanting her to get an abortion while he was posting messages about the March for Life. He allegedly replied that his staffers were posting them and he would tell them to stop.

Murphy had already announced plans not to run for reelection. In an era when Republicans are ever more willing to launch primary challenges against incumbents they see as “RINOs,” Murphy had only a C+ grade from the National Taxpayers Union and was rated by the Club For Growth as the fifth-most liberal Republican in Congress. They had no idea just how liberal.


On the other side of the political fence, Hollywood producer, uber-liberal and major Democratic fundraiser/Clinton and Obama supporter Harvey Weinstein was the target of a New York Times story alleging decades of crude sexual harassment of women, ranging from female staffers to stars like Ashley Judd (who was famously outspoken about Trump’s sexist comments, but oddly quiet about Weinstein’s offensive come-ons). The Times claims many of the women accepted settlements to keep quiet. Although Weinstein’s crude behavior was reportedly well-known among Hollywood insiders (who also railed publicly about Trump’s crude words), nobody said anything until the expose hit. The backpedaling is already starting: Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich’s reelection campaign announced that it will give Weinstein’s recent $5400 donation to a charity that helps domestic violence survivors.

Whereas Murphy just immediately resigned, Weinstein’s response to the exposure of his hypocrisy was, predictably, more theatrical. He ran through an array of colorful responses and excuses: he came of age in the ‘60s and ’70s and didn’t realize what a pig he was…he’s made a commitment to reform and “my journey now will be to learn about myself and conquer my demons” with the help of a female tutor who’s put together a team, including therapists…he’s taking a leave of absence from work to try to conquer his demons…But he’s also suing the Times for $50 million for alleged “reckless reporting”…and in the ultimate attempt to distract stunned fellow Hollywood liberals from his own actions, he vowed to focus his rage during his time away from work on destroying the NRA and Donald Trump.

I could comment on just how self-serving, disgusting and absurd all this is, but blogger Ann Althouse already did an excellent job of that (“How many d***ed people have to join forces to turn you into a decent human being?”), so I’ll just suggest you read her recap at the link.

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Will all this hypocrisy on display from right and left change anyone’s minds on their political beliefs? Not likely. As “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams noted, pointing out your opponent’s hypocrisy is a bad persuasion technique because most people know that nobody lives up to their own highest standards. He says it’s hard to get people worked up over a trait they see in themselves. Still, if you are claiming to be pro-life while trying to get your girlfriend to have an abortion, or posing as a liberal feminist icon while acting like a rutting pig to your female employees, you aren’t exactly falling short of your own highest standards. You’re not even reaching the lowest standards of human decency with your fingernails.



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  • Vicky Maurseth

    10/10/2017 02:08 AM

    The "Read More" link is broken... Thanks for keep us all from losing our minds over the hypocrisy and balderdash in the media. You have the gift of making me laugh out loud and remind me that I am not crazy when you point out what we conservatives see as ... obvious!
    God Bless you and the USA!

  • Rudy Treml

    10/09/2017 04:58 PM

    We need to open the discussion about replacing the Federal Income Tax with a National Consumption tax. There are many elected members in Congress that are co-sponsoring to a bill called the FAIRtax, HR-25 BUT they never talk about the aspects of the bill in the public. It appears they are scared that the IRS will come down on their tax returns, they only support the bill for votes and when given the opportunities to eject the virtues of the FAIRtax on the Congressional floor, they never mention the bill they support. Rudy

  • Dolores Parsons

    10/09/2017 10:04 AM

    Congratulations to the American People who had the moral courage to vote a man into office who truly has our interests at heart. In so doing, we lifted a rock and I personally am appalled and disgusted at what we found underneath it. The viciousness of the Left is incredible but even more unbelievable is their firm conviction that they are the guardians of our freedoms. When we laugh, dear Anarchists, we are laughing AT you, not WITH you. Come out from the mud you live in and join the human race. We're a little honest, which I understand frightens and offends you, but we're really nice people and we'll forgive your ignorance if you abandon your misguided hatred of us.

  • Paul Livingston

    10/09/2017 09:49 AM

    The new tax bill proposed by the Ways & Means Committee will feed the Swamp instead of draining it. The Swamp contains tax lobbyists, crony capitalists, special interests and the deep staters who have created the present tax code of over 74,000 pages that is too large to understand and administer. Per Steve Hayes, president of Americans for FAIR taxation, “Every deduction and loop hole removed by the new plan offers the Swamp the opportunity to buy and sell them again, thus serving up a banquet of influence pedaling for the Swamp creatures to feast upon. The new tax plan, like past tax changes will soon revert back to old ways. Politicians agree on this too.” The new plan still divides us into classes and ignores the $9 trillion tax evasion problem (1). It leaves in place the deceitful practice of taxing businesses as these taxes drive up prices with the taxes being paid by final consumer money as a hidden embedded regressive sales tax.

    To stop feeding and start draining the Swamp, real true tax reform is needed that in-cludes two things according to Mr. Hayes, “Move the tax base from production (income, savings and investment) to consumption and end “direct taxation” with the repeal of the 16th Amendment thus renewing our lost Civil Rights, Freedom and Liberty. These are the root causes of bad taxation and a rotten Swamp.” It makes no sense to tax production as production comes before consumption. Without production there is nothing to buy and no one has anything to buy with. Taxing production is like punishing good behavior. It is production that raises the standard of living for a country and creates a bigger tax base. In 1776 we fought for and won a revolutionary war over freedom from certain taxation. Our Constitution originally protected the citizens from government using the power of “direct taxation”. On Feb. 13, 1913 we lost our freedom from taxation with the passage of the 16th Amendment that enables “direct taxation”. Due to “direct taxation” we lost financial freedom, were made subservient to our government and lost Civil Rights, Free-dom and Liberty. With the 16th Amendment came the first legal income tax, the IRS, payroll taxes and tax withholding. Look at your pay stub to see the money withheld from you. It is the difference between gross pay and net pay.

    The solution to the Swamp problem is real/true tax reform. The solution is called the FAIRtax, a 133 page bill now in Congress as HR 25 / S 18. It is a progressive national sales/consumption tax system with only one tax break, a monthly tax refund, called Pre-bate, that helps most the impoverished and untaxes all legal residents up to subsistence level spending. The FAIRtax has one tax rate, but due to the Prebate, with your spending you control your effective tax rate as you spend more you pay more tax and at a higher tax rate. This system is fair, no hidden taxes and easy to understand. The change in tax code will stimulate jobs and economic growth. The bill does not change Social Security and Medicare while moving their funding to a larger and more stable tax base. The 16th Amendment that enables “direct taxation” is repealed with companion legislation. Learn more at

  • Michael Egbert

    10/09/2017 09:42 AM a number of "holier than thou" Democrats got caught dipping their hands into the Weinstein cookie jar and now that its come to light they all plan to donate those funds to charity? Yeah, right. They're just angry they got "caught" and now they're scrambling trying to make it seem like it was only an honest mistake, something like Hillary would do with her "at this point what does it matter?" attitude. Speaking of the witch, this constant over and over bashing of President Trump and how could he have won the election and what SHE would be doing in world affairs and all the media crap coverage they give her has evolved well beyond absurdity to the point I could literally scream at just the mention of her name. I wish I had the power to snap my fingers and she would become MUTE and the media would get amnesia (Hillary? Hillary who?) and she would fade away into oblivion where she belongs. Trump bashing has become some sort of "fad" that needs to be stopped!!

  • Lynn Nielsen

    10/08/2017 04:04 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee - Many congrats on your first show last night and we'll tune in tonight to see if anything added - thank you soooo much for returning to tv! You've now given us something good to look forward to on Saturday nights, with the knowledge it will be well done - style AND substance. And also it's a delight to see you on that bass guitar again - do/will you also sing? I don't recall you did on your previous show, but - hey - everybody join in the fun! As to your column on hypocrisy on both sides, *sigh*, I'm afraid it's true and am glad you pointed that out - fair is fair. "Judge not lest ye be judged..." But I must say, your closing comment, "... Still, if you are claiming to be pro-life while trying to get your girlfriend to have an abortion, or posing as a liberal feminist icon while acting like a rutting pig to your female employees, you aren’t exactly falling short of your own highest standards. You’re not even reaching the lowest standards of human decency with your fingernails." is a real gem! Sure gave me a chuckle, though rather sadly at that. Good writing & spot-on perceptions. Thanks again and God bless!