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May 21, 2020 |


You might have heard about an upcoming FX “documentary” called “AKA Jane Roe,” about Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. McCorvey later became pro-life and denounced the decision, claiming she’d been manipulated by the pro-abortion lobby. This movie, however, claims to present “death bed confession” video of her saying that she was paid a large amount of money by Operation Rescue to claim to be pro-life.

I was holding off on writing this because, frankly, I find this claim very hard to believe for a number of reasons. Video is very easy to edit misleadingly, they waited until after she died and couldn’t refute it, and pro-life groups generally don’t have that much money and use their funds for much more noble purposes. Also, I have known a lot of people who went from pro-abortion to pro-life, but I’ve never met anyone who went in the other direction.

So I’ve been waiting to comment on this until I found a story with a little more balance and not just a credulous acceptance of the movie’s shocking assertions. Thanks to Tyler O’Neill at PJ Media for tracking down some authoritative sources who say the movie’s claims are false, and some who knew McCorvey well to the very end and also don’t buy it for a minute.


There’s an old saying: You can’t arrest everybody. Some blue state Governors, mayors and other officials are belatedly learning that, despite their best efforts to empty the prisons of actual criminals so they can be filled with people who tried to open their businesses or committed the crime of surfing without a surgical mask. As a number of commenters are pointing out, the lockdown was always voluntarily, some politicians just didn't realize it. People complied as long as they thought it was necessary for the common good. Once they sensed they were being victimized by unfair and unconstitutional power grabs disguised as anti-virus measures, they started to rebel. Attempted clampdowns are doomed to fail because there are simply too many people saying, “Enough is enough!” and courts, sheriffs and police chiefs are siding with them.

Now, as more proof that the Berlin Wall put up between Americans and their workplaces is already being demolished, more than 600 doctors have signed a letter to the White House, demanding an end to the national lockdowns. The doctors call the lockdowns a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing health consequences,” including poverty and financial instability, despair and depression, drug addiction, child abuse, suicide, alcoholism, missed vaccinations and other medical procedures and more. In short, like most leftist solutions, the so-called cure is proving to be worse than the disease.

And for the media elites who’ve never missed a paycheck throughout this, and who mock and scorn people who want to go back to work as selfish, MAGA hat-wearing dummies from “backwater” places, here is the front page of today’s New York Post, accompanying an angry manifesto by David Marcus titled, “End New York City’s Lockdown Now!”

You know the writing is on the wall when even New Yorkers have had enough of New York-style high-handed liberal leadership. And that wall is about to come crashing down, whether the media and the politicians approve or not.


I’ve written before about the glaring media bias in covering how different states dealt with the coronavirus. For instance, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been lavished with praise, despite his decisions resulting in rampant nursing home deaths, the spreading of the disease to other states, a panicked fear of shortages of ventilators and hospital beds that never occurred (thanks, President Trump!) and an endless lockdown that's destroying more lives than the virus ever would have.

Meanwhile, Republican Governors of states such as Georgia and Florida were savaged by the media for their refusal to do full, endless shutdowns of their states. They were accused of being death merchants, mass murderers who within two weeks would have vast amounts of blood on their hands (Oh, if only the New York Times had described communist dictators like Stalin and Castro that way!) Well, that hasn’t happened. Eight weeks in, cases in Florida are trending downward without the devastating economic carnage and trampling of Constitutional rights. And Florida has more people than New York, certainly more older people, and many came from the virus hotspot of New York.

I’m sure the media would love just to move on and sweep their hyperbolic failed predictions under the run, but hold on a minute. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (whose poll numbers dropped while Cuomo’s rose, both due entirely to false media narratives) has a few words for them. He didn’t drop the mic in their faces at the end, but I think that was implied.


The CDC has made another revision to guidelines for avoiding the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus. Apparently, it is most likely to be spread by person-to-person contact and not as much by contact with surfaces that it’s touched. That makes it more contagious than influenza, but less contagious than measles.

Of course, this change could be altered again, so keep being careful about touching surfaces, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, etc., just in case. These changing advisories are inevitable with any new disease as we navigate the learning curve. It doesn’t mean that if someone gave you different advice two months ago, they were a “LYING LIAR!” We just know more now. Seems like a simple concept, but apparently, very hard for some people to grasp.


A new Gallup survey found that as many states begin to reopen after the coronavirus lockdowns, Democrats are far more worried and less likely to be happy than Republicans. Democrats are also more likely to say they are lonely.

I’m not surprised, but I have to question how much of that really has to do with the coronavirus or the lockdowns. I think if you went much further back, you’d find that feelings of being worried, unhappy and alone come first and lead to embracing Democratic politics. If you feel a need for the government to take care of you, you’re going to become a Democrat. If you’re happy, confident and have family, friends and a personal relationship with God, you don’t need Washington to be your mommy.


I always caution people not to read too many national implications into local elections. But this is a local city council election that might actually carry a hint of things to come in November. At least, I certainly hope so.

In Staunton, Virginia – a city that went for Obama twice, in a state where Democrats won the whole state government in 2018 and immediately started governing like socialist Marie Antoinettes -- four city council members were up for reelection. The sole Republican was reelected and the three Democrats were replaced with Republicans in a solid GOP sweep. But there’s more: the Democrats cranked up their turnout apparatus and got nearly twice as many votes as last time -- but they were still crushed by the massive turnout for the Republicans. GOP turnout was nearly on the level of when a President is on the ballot – as there actually will be in November.

One local media outlet chalked it up to gun control and the COVID-19 lockdown. But in a larger sense, you could say it was the result of voters getting a long, hard dose of what the Democrats’ all-powerful government philosophy is really like when there’s nobody to put the brakes on them.

Since the coronavirus lockdowns and the arbitrary, unconstitutional enforcement have been felt nationwide, even in blue cities inside red states, this could bode well for a “throw the power-mad bums out” wave in November. Let’s hope so. Woody Allen once said that “80% of success is showing up.” If just 80% of conservatives and Christians would show up at the polls and vote accordingly, we might get government “of, by and for the people” and our Constitutional rights back.


Naturally, I believe that no White House Press Secretary will ever measure up to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but I must admit that Kayleigh McEnany is doing a great job. Those biased reporters must’ve thought she was going to be eaten alive in their lion’s den. They never expected that she was going to come in with a chair and a whip and reduce them to whining kittens.

Just for fun, here are four of her greatest WWE-worthy smackdowns, and these are just from her first month on the job.


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Comments 26-38 of 38

  • Suez Smith

    05/21/2020 07:23 PM

    I find your email REFRESHING! Thank You... and Keep up the good work!!!

  • Pauline Snyder

    05/21/2020 07:16 PM

    PLEASE READ: One more comment on Hydroxychloroquine/Pres Trump controversy-
    FOLLOW THE MONEY! If Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades in India and Africa as a preventative or to treat mild cases of malaria, (as has been reported for 2 months now) it has to be a cheap drug. If hydroxychloroquine (plus azithromycin and zinc) were to be an effective early stage treatment or preventative for Covid 19 illness WHO WOULD MAKE MONEY? Where as if a new "rushed to the market" drug or vaccine is touted as the only successful intervention, individuals and corporations that invest in pharmaceuticals will make tons of money. It is not about finding an effective treatment for the masses but about making a financial "killing" off of Covid 19 suffers for investors. Meanwhile, President Trump is taking the same treatment that the ordinary, common man (person) takes. ONCE AGAIN HE WALKS WITH AND FIGHTS FOR THE OVERLOOKED COMMON PERSON. I am a nurse who has worked in long term care for 30 years and have seen the pharmaceutical industry value politics and profits over people with many drugs, many times over the years.

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/21/2020 07:14 PM

    I firmly believe that the democrats desire to get the Federal Grand Juries records and transcripts and etc. for the impeachment of the President is just a smoke screen to get to the records to protect the democrats themselves. Find out who the snitches and whistle blowers against the democrats are. Who protected the President, any democratic staffers? Congressmen, Senators? bureaucrats? What were the sources of information. Who were the witnesses? Who were the investigators?

  • Stephen Russell

    05/21/2020 06:40 PM

    Wuhan Virus frustrations:

    o Mixed messages from Govt on lockdowns etc.
    o under/over count on deaths any way vs Virus.
    o confusing data.
    o No Uniform plan, goals seen by Task Force.
    o No unison of voices on lockdown ending etc.
    o No plans seen for 2nd wave??
    o Every damn "expert" unsure.
    o No 2nd opinions seen to Dr Fauci & Birx.
    o Dems & leftists NOT phased by virus arrival, (knew it was coming)?
    o Use virus cover for other antics.
    & No accountability seen.
    Forgive my anger

  • James Halloran

    05/21/2020 06:17 PM

    Love Kayliegh!!

  • Carmen roman

    05/21/2020 06:02 PM

    I absolutely love your comments governor. You are right on the money every time.

  • Marie Krause

    05/21/2020 05:51 PM

    A hint of things to come..................hopeful.

  • Terry VanHouten

    05/21/2020 05:47 PM

    I enjoy reading your page every day and am so glad that the President was able to find someone capable of coming close to or equaling the abilities of Sarah to take the liberal media head on without flinching.

  • Pattie Prince

    05/21/2020 05:45 PM

    Thank You for the sanity you bring to reporting... Sarah was/is dynamite. Always looked forward to her being on. Told my Bff she may be running for Gov. She was considering a move to AK states now she is definately moving there. So we are rutting for Sarah!!!!

  • Donald Buchholz

    05/21/2020 05:44 PM

    Mike, I don't know if you have been introduced to the movie that Randall Terry made about Norma McCorvey. But you can see it here, http://www.randallterry.com/ the movie is called "A Cold Day in Hell". This is a great movie and I recommend.

    Keep on keeping on.

  • Barbara Ann Paolucci

    05/21/2020 05:25 PM

    Ms. Roe of Roe v. Wade made public statements after she reversed her opinions on legalized abortion. You ought to be able to find them.

  • Penny Blair

    05/21/2020 05:20 PM

    Mr. Huckabee thank you for giving me some hope in our country and not feeling alone in what I see. Living in a blue state with too many friends who are terrified of the virus and think our Governor is a saint, I have been struggling with the knowledge that there is a lot of propaganda that people are buying into. I will continue to share hope in Jesus and our nation and pray for peace and liberty, open hearts and minds.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/21/2020 05:20 PM

    Mike the " poll numbers " for Cumo and Desantis were fake. Period.