July 21, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Negotiating healthcare  -- Postal workers fight for Hillary -- Errors -- The media are so out-of-touch -- Reining in Mueller  -- News Bits (NEW)

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President Trump had a meeting with Senate Republicans at the White House Wednesday, where he made it clear he’s not pleased with their humiliating failure to repeal and/or replace Obamacare. Trump initially said he would just let the program die, then he called in the Senators and told them they shouldn’t go on recess until they complete a bill.

Naturally, the media trumpeted the idea of all the Americans who’d be hurt by letting the program die, and they used the sudden shift from “let it die” to “stay at work and pass a bill” to paint Trump as an unstable incompetent.

Once again, they failed to spot a very familiar pattern: There’s a stalemate. The person brokering the deal throws out a radical suggestion or demand that nobody wants to see happen. That scares the parties into compromising and agreeing to what the mediator really wanted all along. It’s not that hard to figure out. I think someone even wrote a book about it once.


Mike Huckabee



Postal workers fight for Hillary

By Mike Huckabee

If you noticed that the lines at the post office last fall were even longer and slower than usual, it was revealed in Senate testimony this week that your post office might have been understaffed. The reason: postal worker union bosses overruled the objections of local post office managers and demanded that postal workers be given time off to go door-to-door campaigning for Hillary Clinton in key battleground states. If you’re thinking, “Wouldn’t that be a massive violation of federal law, like the Hatch Act that bars federal employees from using their government positions to help a political candidate,” well, yes. It was.

To which the Democrats and the media replied: “Look over there! Russians!”



By Mike Huckabee

Two dozen Catholic Facebook pages with millions of followers have been restored after they were shut down for no clear reason, raising a major backlash. A Facebook spokesperson blamed it on a “spam detection tool.” This is the latest in a series of incidents in which religious or conservative sites were taken down in what was later described as an “error.” Funny how they keep making errors that never seem to take down liberal sites. Now if my page gets taken down, you’ll know it was because of an error: mine, for pointing this out.


The media are so out-of-touch

By Mike Huckabee

Jon Gabriel at has been digging into some polls and creating some charts that prove the news media are so out-of-touch with Americans’ real concerns, they might as well be speaking Urdu to us.

What Americans think is most important: health care, unemployment, jobs, terrorism, immigration. Only 6 percent think the US-Russia relationship is the #1 issue. Now, between May 17 and June 20, how much time did the big three network newscasts devote to Russia? 353 minutes. To the health care debate? 17 minutes. To the economy and jobs? 5 minutes. All together, they devoted 75% of their airtime to Russia and 4% to health care, which was actually the issue Americans ranked #1.

If only Hillary Clinton had blamed her loss on her health instead of Russia, maybe the media would be talking about a subject that someone actually cares about.



Reining in Mueller

By Mike Huckabee

Trump’s attorneys are reportedly trying to rein in Mueller’s investigation. That’s from the Washington Post and anonymously sourced, so take it with a whole mine of salt. Still, it will undoubtedly be treated by the media as an outrage. There will be no thought given to the idea that it’s kind of outrageous that a man hired to investigate an allegation for which nobody’s found any evidence, and who should have already resigned to comply with federal law, seems intent on expanding the investigation in every direction until the taxpayers are picking up the tab for a battalion of $400-an-hour lawyers to investigate where the Trump Plaza restaurant got its recipe for Russian dressing.


News Bits

A positive story to start your day.  A glimmer of hope along Israel's border with Syria.



I was wondering what it would take to make the media shut up about Russia for even one day. The answer: OJ’s back!



Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ran afoul of a microphone he didn’t know was on and said some things about Barack Obama and the UN that normally are never spoken aloud in diplomatic circles. Like, the truth.



When it comes to getting enough votes to repeal Obamacare, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s job is similar to herding cats. But he might have actually found a way to get all those cats to climb into the bathtub, whether they like it or not.


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  • Sandra Lee Andriese

    07/22/2017 01:22 AM

    Mike...I'm a 72 yr old Gramma who really enjoys reading your common sense news letters or blogs...what you wrote today about the media being out of touch...I have to say, I'm so confused by all this talk about Russia....I don't understand it and don't know if there is anything to it...I just don't get it. I'm losing interest in political stuff because of just seems to be way over my head. Why is this such a big deal and should it be?


    07/21/2017 10:57 AM

    Mr. Huckabee - I so enjoy your newsletters. You are such a common sense individual!!! Hope the President knows his frustration is understandable. Progress has been made.