July 24, 2019

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The big story today (or as I predict, the big wet firecracker) will be Robert Mueller being dragged into Congress so that Democrats can once again whack on him like a worn-out piñata in hopes that some stale, overlooked pieces of Russian Collusion candy fall out. 

I’ll have more about this later, but as you watch it, just bear these two eternal truths in mind:

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

When you ask someone the same questions over and over and get different answers, you’re talking to a liar.

And now, to entertain you until the hearing starts, Nina Bookout of Victory Girls sifts through the Mueller Report footnotes to show that they were so desperate to find anything on Trump, they tried to create a scandal she dubs “Chessgate.”

Even when “Chessgate” turned out to be a transparently ridiculous story that any idiot would have spotted as fake in five seconds, Mueller’s Report noted only that “the investigation did not establish that Trump or any Campaign or Transition Team official attended the event.”  Leaving a little cloud of suspicion hanging that if they failed to disprove it, maybe Chessgate was real, maybe... 

Remember that sentence formulation when you hear the Democrats quote it to try to prove Trump was maybe guilty of obstructing justice, maybe…

And here’s something that the Democrats who are trying to reinflate their punctured “Russian Collusion” parade balloon might want to bear in mind.  A CNN poll in mid-March asked voters to name the issues of most importance to them in the 2020 election.  Investigating “Russian collusion” came in dead last when it was named by exactly…zero percent of voters.

"Beto" O'Rourke is doing better than that! 

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Running Against Trump isn't easy

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, finding it difficult to run against Trump’s economic record, is trying on economic fear-mongering for size.  This week, she predicted that an “economic crash” is coming, and gave her prescriptions for preventing it (some of which would actually harm the economy, like a national $15 minimum wage.)
Of course, Fox Business news called her on her nonsense…
But you know a Democrat is grasping at straws when even CNN warns that her prescriptions for saving the economy would crash it, via high taxes and more debt.



New poll

By Mike Huckabee

There’s a new poll out that’s bad news for Democratic Presidential hopefuls – and even more bad news: they can’t claim it’s biased against them because it’s an NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll.  Majorities of Americans in just about every demographic group reject virtually every proposal the top Dems back.  For instance, 67% oppose decriminalizing illegal border crossing, and that includes 63% of minority voters.  Even 37% of self-described “progressives” think that’s a lousy idea. 

Other proposals, such as free health care for illegals and slavery reparations, are also about as popular with voters as a party punch bowl full of liquefied kale. Even policies that poll well, like the “Green New Deal” or “Medicare for All,” plummet when people learn what’s actually in them (that’s what GOP campaign ads will be for.)  By 48-43%, voters think the Democrats would take the country in the wrong direction.

But Republicans shouldn’t get complacent: the same poll also shows Trump’s approval at 44%, and 53% say they’ll “definitely” vote against him.  But that’s down from 57% in January.  Proving that “definitely” starts turning wobbly, the more voters see of the alternatives.

(The original poll number site seems to be down, so here’s Matt Vespa’s write-up with many of the findings quoted.)




“Fake News Wednesday!”  

By Mike Huckabee

Do you know how Facebook is supposedly fighting “fake news,” apparently by blocking any conservative opinions or news stories that make Silicon Valley socialists uncomfortable?  Well, the site still seems to have no problem with letting a piece of completely fake and misleading news go viral, as long as it puts President Trump in a negative light.

For instance, there’s a story that started with Reuters and, claiming that Trump 2020 campaign merchandise is being made in China.  Very embarrassing for Trump if true…which it isn’t.  Even Politifact debunked it.  Trump’s campaign manager said all his swag is made in the USA and the photos from the story were of Chinese workers making illegal bootleg Trump merchandise.

That was nearly a year ago, yet the story continues to be posted, shared, liked and commented on thousands of times on Facebook, with one major repost as recent as July 12th

At the link, Shaun Hair makes the argument that we shouldn't demand Facebook delete it.  He thinks it should stay up in the name of free speech and let users point out that it’s garbage.  He says that would at least make Facebook a free marketplace of ideas.  But letting fake anti-Trump news circulate forever while shutting down honest conservative news and opinion just makes Facebook “the biggest and most biased media outlet in the world.”  They should either fix that or own up to their bias.  Agreed.

PS – I really hate to disillusion anyone, but police in Florida also admitted that an AP story warning that flushing drugs down toilets was causing the breeding of a creature known as “Meth-gators” was also “fake news.”  It was just a joke.  Remember jokes?  You still might want to look twice before you sit down on a toilet in Florida, though.



##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments


For those who thought the national brawl over pronouns was stupid, please be advised that we’ve just broken through to a new level of dumbness: Republicans have now been accused of following some “secret memo” for “besmirching” special counsel Robert Mueller if they pronounce his name “Mew-ler” instead of “Mull-er.”  Go mewl that one over for a while.

Reminder: this is the same Congress member who worried that sending too many US troops to the island of Guam might make it capsize. 

Pssst!  Speaking of that, "Guam" is now pronounced "Goo-am."  Pass it on!



The Facebook-bred plan for over a million people to gather on September 20th and storm Area 51, the top secret government base in Nevada, might be nothing but a dumb joke (it’s sparked some hilarious memes for sure.)  But our military has to take any threat at least a little seriously.  Here’s more on this loopy story.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these people were very wrapped up in the Russian Collusion conspiracy tale and watched Rachel Maddow every night with notebooks in hand and tinfoil hats clamped tightly down until recently. I also wouldn’t be surprised if, when that went south, their very next idea was to storm Area 51 and demand to see the space aliens.


No wonder leftists want to purge history!  A clip just emerged of Nancy Pelosi from 2008 being “massively racist.”

Actually, she wasn’t.  She just said, “Securing the border is the first principle we all have when we talk about the immigration issue…We certainly don’t want any more [illegals] coming in.”  Now, that was just common sense in 2008, but it doesn’t matter what the standards were then, because everything must always be judged by the ever-changing standards that apply now.  And by current standards, that’s…well, it’s actually still just common sense, but by the standards of the left, it’s “massively racist!” 

AOC will expect a confession and an abject apology on her desk by noon.


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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

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– John 16:33

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  • Jerry Korba

    07/24/2019 12:45 PM

    This hearing goes to show that Nadler is a vindictive revenge ridden piece of garbage as a Human Being. To bring Robert Mueller in front of the nation and expose him a person in mental decline is inexcusable Nadler soul is blacken, burnt as he must have been in Hell for a while no person that has honor or dignity would allow to put Mueller in front of a camera. I am not going to blast Mueller for I do not believe he can defend himself. It was a disgraceful show put forth by Nadler as some of the Dam Dems talked to Robert as he was a child they brought questions as simple as they could and then answered them for him. Nadler new the shape Bob is in he still went on with this embarrassment. Its is clear why they brought in a guy to help him. There is no shame in the Dems souls the devil got most of them. All of the Dems. please return to Hell.You are without a soul.

  • william fuhrer

    07/24/2019 11:45 AM

    WITCHGATE. We lost it big time when all of the media wrote like there was not one Commie in Movie industry and United States Government now we know Warlocks are in Movie Industry U.S. Government and FBI. Just like the lady who Mccain jumped all over when she said President Obama isn't a Christian deserves an apology I can see why there is a MONUMENT to Mccarth

  • Stephen Russell

    07/24/2019 09:57 AM

    7 top Dems who posted fake stories about Russia probe to grill Mueller.
    See the Dble Std & we wonder why We The People are Ticked.
    Its cover up, CYA for Dems & Mueller
    Rigged questions, softie questions.