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January 21, 2024

If you’ve read our commentary from yesterday about the video of the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb on January 6 and agree with us that something was very wrong, you’ll be gratified to know that former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino thinks so, too.  And because he smells a rat, he made this strange video the entire subject of his Friday podcast.  What we see on video makes no sense to him, either.

As thoroughly well-versed in law enforcement and Secret Service protocol as he is, he’s in a position to know when something’s “off.”  And he simply can’t explain the abnormal reaction of these agents to the tip-off that there’s a bomb nearby.  Even the tipster’s behavior, he observes, is oddly relaxed.

To cite just a few of the questions this video raises, why would the agents just be meandering around instead of taking fast, professional action, especially since, as we would come to know almost a year later, the soon-to-be Vice President of the United States was in that building?  Why was she there in the first place?  Why would the administration lie for almost a year and claim she was in the Capitol building, a more logical place for her to be that day, and had to be evacuated from there?  Why would agents not immediately cordon off the area near the bomb instead of letting a group of children (!) walk right by.  Why, these officials acted as if they knew the bomb wouldn’t really go off.  How on earth would they have known that?  And if they did know that, why did they send in the little robot bomb defuser?  Was that possibly just for show?

All this is a head-scratcher for Bongino, who not only asks the same questions we did but seems to be about 97.9 percent sure of the answer.  We’ll tell you one thing:  it’s not “conspiracy theory” to be asking questions about this mystery and for real journalists to try to find the answers themselves.

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