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July 2, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • New Podcast
  • California And New York
  • Miami Update
  • Democrats Act Like Children, After Supreme Court Rulings
  • Judge To Minneapolis: Hire More Police
  • ICYMI: A Good Day For Conservatives In The Supreme Court


Mike Huckabee


And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Genesis 1:3


New Podcast

By Mike Huckabee

This week on The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee talks with Congressman Dusty Johnson about the employment crisis facing America, and what he's proposing in Congress that will get Americans back to work.


California And New York 

By Mike Huckabee

I often mention the lack of long-range planning ability on the left, and the summer heat wave is giving us some great examples.

Thanks to the anticipated heavy demand for power that the states can’t meet, the Democrat Governors of both California and New York are warning residents to brace for periodic brownouts. Of course, this is also happening in Republican-run Texas, but that's only partly attributable to their officials’ bad decision to rely too much on solar and wind power. They've also been flooded with millions of new residents fleeing blue states like California and New York, and that's on the heads of those states' leaders.

In California and New York, the power shortages were completely predictable (Californians suffer through them every year.) But this year, each has a side story that shines even more light on the failure of liberal policies.

California has been pushing for years to force or bribe residents into buying electric vehicles and the state plans to ban the sale of gas-powered cars in just 13 years. Many communities are already banning the building of new gas stations. It’s another California “idea” that the Biden Administration is adopting: replace all gas-powered cars with EVs, creating massive new demand for power to charge them, while simultaneously declaring war on the fossil fuel industry before there’s any “green” technology that can possibly replace oil and gas.

Among the things Californians are being warned about is not to charge their EVs during peak demand hours (during rolling blackouts, they won’t be able to charge them at all.) I don’t know about you, but one of the main reasons I have a car is so I can have transportation WHENEVER I NEED IT. If I need to get to a store or an emergency clinic or a vet, I don’t want to discover my battery had gone dead and there’s a brownout, and I’m not even allowed to plug it in and wait hours for it to charge because those are peak demand hours.

Meanwhile, in New York, residents are also being warned to brace for brownouts during the blistering heat wave, and once again, they can thank CNN’s favorite Governor, Andrew Cuomo, for shutting everything down.

Cuomo and the Democrat sycophant media are blaming it on “climate change” (because New York has never been unbearably hot in the summer). But the more likely reason is that Cuomo decided to shut down the Indian Point Energy Center, a three-unit nuclear power plant that could generate over 2000 megawatts. During the 2013 heat wave’s record peak energy consumption, it alone provided 15% of the power needed.

Indian Point was safe, reliable and the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) was ready to give it a 20-year extension, but despite warnings that it would cause power shortages, Cuomo caved to environmental activists and shut it down permanently as of April 30th. Sen. Bernie Sanders also pushed to close Indian Point, prompting environmental scientist James Hansen to say, "Sanders has offered no evidence that (the) NRC has failed to do its job, and he has no expertise in overriding NRC's judgement.” To be fair, Bernie Sanders has no expertise in anything, but that’s never stopped him from telling everyone how to run everything.

Incidentally, this didn’t even help the environment. A study by Environmental Progress found that closing the carbon-neutral nuclear plant would increase CO2 emissions in New York by 29%, the equivalent of adding 1.4 million gas-powered cars to the roads. But Cuomo closed it anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Party of Science!”

While Californians and New Yorkers are sweltering through the hottest days of summer with no air conditioning, and not even a way to charge their EVs so they can move to a sane state, I hope they will think very seriously about why they’re suffering. And I hope all other Americans will use this as a lesson to be very careful about WHOM you put into power.

Miami Update

By Mike Huckabee

I hope you’ll continue to pray for the victims of the condo apartment building collapse in Miami, and for the rescuers, who are back to searching through the rubble, hoping for miracles with 18 people confirmed dead and over 140 still missing.

They’ll certainly need all our prayers, with the first hurricane of the season, Elsa, on a path to strike Florida.

Meanwhile, there was another multi-story building collapse in Washington, DC. Fortunately, this building was under construction, so there were no residents, but five construction workers were injured. It might give us hope for miracles in Miami to note that one of the workers was trapped under three stories of rubble. He was lying by a beam with about eight inches of space around him. It took a rescue team about 90 minutes to dig him out, but his injuries, though serious, are not life-threatening.

Judge To Minneapolis: Hire More Police

By Mike Huckabee

Another reason why Democrats are desperate to take over the courts: In Minneapolis, violent crime and homicides have skyrocketed since the unbalanced far-left city council slashed the police budget and started coddling rioters and driving away cops. So a group of citizens connected to the conservative Upper Midwest Law Center sued the city for its dangerous dereliction of duty.

Thursday, a judge ruled in their favor and ordered the city to hire more cops. The city was expected to have 669 police officers by June, 2022, but the judge ordered them to hire at least 739 by that date.

It’s a much-needed victory for Minneapolis residents, although hiring more cops is only treating the symptom of their problems. If they really want to solve the "root cause," they’ll have to start by firing their elected officials. Maybe then, some qualified applicants would actually want to take a job as a cop in Minneapolis.

In a related story, let’s hope that this new lawsuit is just as successful at forcing the Biden Administration to do its job.

Democrats Act Like Children, After Supreme Court Rulings

By Mike Huckabee

If my grandkids played a game, and every time they lost, they demanded that the rules be changed so they’d win every time, I would have to sit them down and have a talk with them about the importance of fairness and being a good loser. I’d have to explain that when some people refuse to abide by the agreed-upon rules, civil society breaks down and anarchy reigns.

Fortunately, I don’t have to do that because my grandchildren are too intelligent and mature to ever behave so childishly and selfishly. So I’m going to have to save that lecture for the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down a couple of decisions that the Democrats didn’t like. In simple terms, the Court ruled that it’s not okay to change election laws, like allowing ballot harvesting or letting people vote in the wrong precinct, when they violate the rules established by the states’ elected representatives. Justice Alito explained, in simple terms you’d think even a child could understand, that...

“Fraud can affect the outcome of a close election, and fraudulent votes dilute the right of citizens to cast ballots that carry appropriate weight.” (Note: that means every fraudulent vote disenfranchises a legitimate voter)…“Fraud can also undermine public confidence in the fairness of elections and the perceived legitimacy of the announced outcome.”

Seems reasonable enough. But how did Democrats react? Well, President Biden declared that he was “deeply disappointed” in the Court for upholding racist laws and “weakening voting rights laws,” and once again touted the “For The People Act,” the Democrats’ attempt to seize federal control of elections and legalize practices like banning voter ID laws. That would not only undermine election integrity, but it's opposed by majorities of Americans of virtually all demographic groups. So we "protect democracy" by ignoring the will of the majority?

Other Democrats also attacked the Court and renewed their call for packing the SCOTUS by expanding it with liberal activists – i.e., changing the rules so they win every time.

At this point, they may be beyond the “stern talking-to” phase. The voters may have no choice but to give them a spanking at the polls in 2022 and send them to their rooms until they learn how to behave like mature adults. Considering some of them are in their 70s and that hasn’t happened yet, I doubt it will succeed, but I certainly hope the voters give it a try.

ICYMI: A Good Day For Conservatives In The Supreme Court

By Mike Huckabee

It was a good day for conservatives in the Supreme Court, with two 6-3 rulings in our favor. I already wrote about the SCOTUS upholding Arizona’s voter integrity law against DNC opposition. The wider meaning of the ruling is that you can’t get a law overturned just by claiming it has a disparate impact on minorities; you have to show that it was enacted with the intent of discrimination. Today’s Democrats like to claim that racism is the intent of every action, but actually proving it may be a lot harder.

Later, the SCOTUS issued its final ruling of this term, striking down California’s requirement that charities have to disclose their major donors to the state Attorney General’s office. The Court found that it burdened donors’ First Amendment rights and wasn’t narrowly tailored to an important government interest. Proponents claimed it promoted “transparency,” but conservative, religious and pro-life charities suspected that the information would quickly be leaked, and then leftist thugs like Antifa would use it to dox and threaten their donors, intimidating them into cutting off those groups’ funding.

Not all of the Court's recent decisions went the way I’d like, but at least enough did to keep hope alive that the courts do offer a viable path to block the left’s massive power grabs. Or at least hold them at bay until the 2022 election, when I hope and pray the voters will remove the people who are drunk on power from behind the wheel.


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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • Stephen Russell

    07/03/2021 09:45 AM

    CA NY: We live near a active Fire Station & Sheriffs Dept so those who live nearby WONT get hit by blackout etc vs those further north, west, east of our area.

  • Kerry Alan Kraemer

    07/03/2021 08:20 AM

    I'm totally with you on your crusade to put the constitution to use. I was painfully aware of being in the minority yesterday at a public building, I was so struck by how a little authority sometime grants people the venue for living out their control issues in a so-called " legal " way. This is what's happening in the Goverment today, the projection of falabilities under the guise of doing the proper thing. I'm all for dumping the tea in the harbor but sometimes discretion is the better form of Valor. So thankfully to the founders for the resilience of the laws we have.

  • Marie Krause

    07/02/2021 10:18 PM

    Praying with you. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • Thomas Saneford

    07/02/2021 10:02 PM

    It’s me again Governor, So much Hunter news, when will something be done with this corrupt, crooked, lying family. Sleepy Joe is clueless, climate change caused the condo collapse in Florida, c’mon man!

  • Thomas Markosky

    07/02/2021 08:43 PM

    Here is something that I think that you should research and report on that will never make the light of day. I worked very diligently to submit two applications for these funds, but was not part of those who received the funds. The average award was $270K. To provide for those who were not part of the funding would require an additional $72Billion. It just demonstrates the carnage to the restaurant industry from COVID and the insidious policies.

    "The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is announcing the closure of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. Through the American Rescue Plan Act, the SBA launched the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to provide funding to help restaurants and other eligible businesses keep their doors open. SBA received over 370,000 applications from restaurant owners across the United States.

    The program provided critical funding to over 105,000 restaurants representing $28.6 billion dollars. The program supported 3,777 small restaurants with gross receipts of less than $50,000 in 2019.

    Due to overwhelming demand, the SBA was unable to fund all qualified applications with the original appropriation provided in the American Rescue Plan Act. Those applicants who have not received funding as of this email will have their applications held within the application platform to allow for processing in the order received if additional funds are provided by Congress.

    The Restaurant Revitalization Fund application platform will remain open for the next two weeks to allow applicants to check their status, address payment corrections, or ask questions. The SBA will disable access to the platform on July 14, 2021."

    There should be pressure put on the Congress to supply this funding from all the excess funds they have that have not been used. This would certainly be a better use of funds than some "social" infrastructure project. But, that would be to common sense for these morons in charge.

  • Joyce F Birch

    07/02/2021 07:39 PM

    I look forward to your emails. You do so much for God & country. Shame on NY, CA, & TX. I guess I'll have to get a bicycle because I can't afford an electric car! I want gasoline!! I don't believe in "climate change" either. Is it possible if the far left keeps going to the extreme left would they eventually fall off the cliff permanently?? Refund the police interesting. Get rid of the progressive governments in the democratic states first. I'm always praying for big upsets & clean sweeps of the garbage because it really stinks!
    God Bless America & God Bless Our Military, Happy Birthday America, & a Safe 4th of July to ALL!!
    Continued prayers for the first responders, victims & families of Miami, FL.

  • Pat J Green

    07/02/2021 07:13 PM

    Your story of telling what it would be like if you got in your elect car to get to the hospital and your battery is dead reminds of weed eating with my stupid battery weed eater and the battery dies about half way done. Can you just dream your about half way to the hospital when your wife is giving birth and boom at a stop lite your battery dies

  • Donna Cornell

    07/02/2021 06:57 PM


  • Shauna dickerson

    07/02/2021 06:34 PM

    Yes, I liked your comments on the left's inability to accept the rules. I wish someone really could give all of them a good spanking. Could we all be there especially for Nancy and Chuckie.?

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/02/2021 06:26 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!