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August 3, 2021

One thing that really stands out about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s attempted smackdown of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is how much Garland cares about PROTECTING people, as long as they're here illegally.

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s commentary about the legal fight between President Biden’s “Justice” Department and the Lone Star State, it’s here at the link. The case boils down to whether or not the federal government always has supremacy over a state, even when it causes harm to that state.

Garland argues that Gov. Abbott’s order to stop contractors hired by the federal government to transport “noncitizens” (their word for illegals) causes injury to those the government is charged to protect,”jeopardizing the health and safety of noncitizens in federal custody...”

Sarcasm alert: Ah, I see that I’ve been looking at this all wrong! For some reason, I had it in my head that the government’s priority was to look after the health and safety of its own citizens. But obviously, my view is outdated. The most important consideration in 2021 is not to cause injury to our country's honored guests. That means citizens and legal residents will just have to deal with any injury THEY receive as a result, because we are a compassionate nation.

While many citizens face renewed requirements to mask up to go to work or school, as the pandemic reportedly rages on, the ”noncitizens” get to hop a bus or plane –- chartered for them by Uncle Sam at taxpayer expense –- and head from border towns to big cities within Texas and far beyond, many spreading COVID-19 across the land.

Gov. Abbott made the mistake of being concerned about Texans who might get exposed to the virus. The AG is just trying to show him the truth: that government is there not to protect Texans but to make sure everything possible is being done for hundreds of thousands of new Democrat voters---I mean, our new guests.

To that end, Biden’s newly proposed immigration plan says Congress should make available $15 million to cover the cost of private lawyers for “families and vulnerable individuals” who have entered our country illegally (though he doesn’t use the word “illegally”). It also calls for $23 million more to cover “legal orientation programs” administered by the Justice Department.

This is the first time an administration has proposed covering such an expense.

These lawyers would be making an estimated $150 to $300 per hour. We learn from this that the Biden administration is looking out for not only the “noncitizens” crossing the Rio Grande but also the immigration lawyers who will guide them through the legal territory that still must be crossed. That initial $15 million really won’t go very far, though, as it’s only enough to cover several thousand people. But since taking good care of “non-citizens” and the immigration lawyers representing them is so very important, that amount is sure to be just the starting point.

The WASHINGTON EXAMINER did some math and says that in the past four months alone, 190,000 people illegally crossed our southern border with a family member and 64,000 unaccompanied children also arrived. Just how the Biden administration plans to apply the money is vague, but the EXAMINER estimates the cost of providing lawyers for all of these people at $500 million. Again, that’s for four months.

I’d like to ask Merrick Garland about Section 292 of the Immigration Nationality Act, which specifies that the government is not supposed to pay for legal representation in immigration proceedings. Immigrants have the option of paying for their own representation, or they can receive help from one of the many pro bono and advocacy organizations that are there to assist in such cases. In other words, the American taxpayer is not supposed to be on the hook for this. These are civil cases, and since American citizens and legal permanent residents don’t get taxpayer-funded representation when they’re involved in civil litigation, then “noncitizens” certainly should not.

Obviously, the Biden administration doesn’t view it that way. “Noncitizens” get special privileges that we citizens don’t have. And the attorney general, as we have seen, takes it as his responsibility to keep them safe from harm as they pour into the Lone Star State.

But if the AG really feels that way, he might want to rethink his support of Biden’s border policy. We found a must-read article in the NEW YORK POST from April that would surely change his mind, as it details the nightmare that waits for many children, particularly young girls, who are brought across the border by the drug cartels.

Many have already been raped and beaten by the time they get here, if they do manage to get here alive. The cartels exploit them in child pornography and as drug mules. Because they’re indebted to the cartels for the cost of bringing them here, they become indentured servants working as prostitutes. One homeland security agent describes the “direct human pipeline” from Tenancingo, Mexico, to New York City, saying his office has prosecuted cases involving girls as young as 14.

The girls are held against their will in apartments in Queens and driven around to be made to have sex with men, typically 15-20 men in one evening. All the money is handed over to the trafficker, to pay the girls’ “debt.”

As for the situation in Texas, here’s more of the reality: So many are crossing the border that they have overflowed the facilities and are being massed under bridges to await being processed. The attorney general’s solution is to keep those buses rolling, throughout the State of Texas and to points north, east and west! And the governor had better not “interfere.” The VICTORY GIRLS BLOG has an outstanding report from South Texas, complete with unbelievable photos of this catastrophe.

Finally, a legal immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen who also happens to work as a health care policy analyst tells us just what is wrong with the current border policy and why. She sees the policy of allowing illegal immigrants to pour into America as “a slap in the face” to legal immigrants. She notes that while the administration is using the threat of COVID-19 to restrict Americans’ freedom, Biden has allowed over a million illegal immigrants, many infected with COVID and other serious diseases, to come here.

Op-Ed: I'm a Legal Immigrant - Here's Why Biden's Border Crisis Angers Me

So this is the reality of illegal immigration. Not only is it spreading COVID and crime, but we can’t “protect” the many thousands of young people who are brought over. Some on the left support this open-border policy because they are naive and think they’re being compassionate, but those at the highest levels of government such as Merrick Garland and Joe Biden, as well as those who promote open borders with their billions, know good and well the damage it causes but don’t care, because, you know, politics.

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  • Ed Thompson

    08/05/2021 07:39 PM

    Kathy Griffin!! The same person who after getting some award for doing something in Hollywood said “ God had nothing to do with my getting this in fact there is no God, no Jesus, no supreme anything but me and my own abilities “ etc etc etc and more as she went on telling anyone who was listening to her drivel how she laughed at people who believed in God/Jesus. I wonder how she actually feels now? Wonder if in her most private moments now that she’s been told she has a cancer growing inside her body, I as a cancer survivor wonder what she’s been saying to the Lord now? I wish her well. I hope she beats it. God help her please. Help her doctors and everyone who will be with her helping her fight this horrible disease. Kathy— it’s what we do for each other! Hope you get well.

  • Raymond Frazer Shaw Jr

    08/04/2021 03:22 PM

    Really wish this would make it to Governor Greg Abbott... There is more than enough "Probable Cause" to use the DPS dogs on and/or around those buses. If the dog makes a "hit"... Take that bus a part. Also, the Buses and the Drivers are subject to DOT inspection by DPS and can be placed "out of service" on any safety in fraction.

  • Pat Morris

    08/04/2021 02:19 PM

    Regarding waiting for a comment on Kathy Lee from Pres. Trump.
    WHY. His opinions are his business. Why put him on the spot, so they can sit in judgement on him yet again? Its cheap. Pray for her instead of this nonsense.

  • Sally Jones

    08/04/2021 12:06 PM

    This is nothing other then evil happening. It’s breaking my heart what is going on. Will we EVER recover from this insane behavior? Quickly come Lord Jesus!

  • Gail Denham

    08/04/2021 11:54 AM

    Even the cuomo debacle, crimes - shouldn't cover up the horrible fate that has come upon many illegals, such as young girls being forced to become prostitutes. The dems seem to choose their diversion talking points so that America cannot (or will not) see its horrible policies killing our nation - and even degrading and punishing illegals.
    What on earth will these illegals do when they are deposited into a town? Jobs? or just exist with our tax dollars covering them forever - while in our poorest neighborhoods, our people, Americans, are suffering to the max. It hurts the heart to think about.

  • Roy Turner

    08/04/2021 11:45 AM

    I was born and raised in Texas. I now live in Washington State, having moved here in 1965 to seek employment. I still have relatives and friends in Texas. I have witnessed a lot of changes in Washington and not for the better. I live in S.E. Washington state which is mostly conservative but we are ruled by the west side of the state which is very liberal. We here in S.E. Washington state can tell the rest of the country what it is like to live under liberal rule without very little say in the what laws are legislated or our general welfare. I can give you lots of examples but the list would be too long. Please rest assured conservatives better make sure the country is not completely controlled by liberals. They might not survive it. Thanks gov. , Roy Turner

  • Jeffrey Buttke

    08/04/2021 11:39 AM

    So....the Federal Government is preventing the State (State) Government from protecting the lives, safety and livelihoods of their own citizens!! If ever there were a valid reason for secession, this would be it!! The State and local (as well as Federal) authorities/governments have sworn to serve and protect their citizens. This injunction from Biden's DOJ blocks those measures. I'd call that "Criminal Intent" on the part of the Federal Government to endanger all American citizen's with endangerment via Covid-19 (plus other diseases), violence, destruction, drug distribution, etc -- and these Illegals are being provided many benefits that We the People have paid for through our taxes! Yet our people are in need, are out of work, can't afford healthcare, can't afford housing -- and WE are the ones being locked down the mask requirements, being coerced into receiving an Emergency Approved "vaccine" (gene therapy), and if we don't we'll not be allowed to enter stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, etc?! This is a clear and present danger to our nation!

  • Crissie Foltz

    08/04/2021 11:08 AM

    Mike, thank you and your staff so very much for your inside information that you have shared with us via your email platform. Please don't stop. This is one of the very limited ways the vast majority of us keep informed. Some of us cannot leave our jobs in order to get involved in these matters, but we are alerted to the truth so we can pray about them. Thanks again for your informative emails.

  • Norm Grodi

    08/04/2021 11:08 AM

    If this fiasco had happened under Trump it would have been an impeachable offense,but not so for biden,,,WHY??? Of course we all know why. WE also cannot wish biden gone because we may regret it ,with kamala as prez and I am sure we would

  • Brenda Fitzpatrick

    08/04/2021 10:47 AM

    This is the reason for the current surge in the 'red' areas of Trump supporters who are being blamed as the unvaccinated.
    Example: A few weeks ago in Shreveport, LA busloads of Haitians were dropped off without any prior notice to any officials. Now Caddo and Bossier Parishes has a surge of Covid19 cases.