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January 26, 2021

While it’s a great idea for conservatives to let companies that cave to the leftist mobs know they’re sacrificing millions of customers over the bleating of a handful of radicals on Twitter and that you will take your dollars elsewhere if they don’t grow a spine and stop it, it’s also important that conservatives flex their economic power by patronizing companies that don’t target, insult and demonize them.

For instance (and I hope they forgive me for putting them on the spot by praising them), Costco announced that it has no intention of violating its contracts with MyPillow over CEO Mike Lindell’s skepticism of the 2020 election results, unlike Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair.

A Costco rep said, “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.” Why, it’s almost as if they were running a business, not a Stalinist purge!

(Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I would link to what the left calls a “rightwing conspiracy site” – Gateway Pundit – rather than the source of their story,, it’s because the GP story is far more accurate and objective. The MSN site is filled with disproven claims and overheated propaganda, even tarring Lindell because MyPillow advertises on Fox News.)

Along those same lines, here are 17 companies you can support that don’t discriminate against conservatives.

And a link to our recent entertainment gift guide, if you’d like to support entertainers who don’t go around calling conservatives Nazis and demanding they be put in concentration camps (I never said Hollywood stars were history students.)


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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Fran Basis

    02/03/2021 10:55 PM

    I'm a fan and praise your words of wisdom. Politically you always hit the mark.

  • David Jones

    01/29/2021 10:47 PM

    The link for the 17 companies doesn't work! I want to know! I want to buy from them!

  • Cathleen Fernandes

    01/27/2021 11:13 PM


  • Jean Bergquist

    01/26/2021 02:26 PM

    I think Donald Trump won I feel it was stolen that they will impeach biden before it's over. I do know one thing God is in control and he's fixing to step out and show off Amen.

  • Ernest DeConti

    01/26/2021 01:25 PM

    Where can a list of companies who support canceling people and other companies, squashing Free Speech, be found?

  • Cindy Boone

    01/26/2021 01:16 PM

    Can you send me a list of companies who are against conservatives and who support BLM? I will not patronize those places. Thank you!

  • Cathy Drazek

    01/26/2021 12:47 PM

    Thank you for providing this list. The list of companies I support is growing due to the crazy Staninesque purge and infringement of our first amendment right.

    It's good to have a list of companies who aren't playing the game and caving to the radical left and break contractual agreements.

    Thank you for always being a light in the dark.

  • Mike Wheatley

    01/26/2021 12:46 PM


  • Cathy St John

    01/26/2021 10:28 AM

    Thank you Mike for being a strong voice for conservatives. We are in a battle of good verses evil. God bless you, your family and President Trump.