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March 15, 2021

The House just passed two new gun control measures. HR 1446 expands background checks, increasing the maximum wait time from three days to 10. HR 8 requires a background check for every firearms sale and requires (with some exceptions) nearly every transfer of possession of firearms to go through a federal firearms license holder. It would essentially criminalize friends trading guns back and forth unless they went through the FBI every time.

Chuck Schumer has vowed to bring HR 8 to a vote in the Senate. He will likely try to pass it as a filibuster-proof, simple majority budget reconciliation bill, even though it has zero to do with budgeting. So if you’re a West Virginia gun owner, you’d better let Sen. Joe Manchin know how you feel about this.

Two Republicans voted for HR 1446, and eight voted for HR 8. You can learn their names and more about these bills here:

As usual, proponents of these bills didn’t consider that all the background check laws already on the books have never deterred career criminals, who mostly get their guns on the black market. Mass shooters tend to have clean records before they pull an insane act, or they have red flags that fall through the cracks and go unnoticed because the system is already so overwhelmed with countless repetitive background checks for law-abiding citizens. The obvious solution: add more laws that overload the system and inconvenience law-abiding citizens even more. It’s gotta work this time!

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  • Lisa Ciccone

    04/02/2021 12:57 AM

    And how is that going to help??? With some of the strictest gun laws in the country, there was another mini mass shooting in California. I see a pattern. Every time a Democrat is president, mass shootings go up. Guns don't kill, people do. Criminals will always have access to guns thru robberies, local police or the feds.


    03/18/2021 07:53 AM

    Since the ownership of a gun is a Constitutional right. They must agree that poll taxes are now ok. People should be charged $5 or $10 to vote. People who go to worship should get the same charges. The press should be charged extra for every news article they publish or disseminate.

  • William F Gross

    03/17/2021 06:38 AM

    GD democrats

  • Jimmie Petty

    03/16/2021 01:56 PM

    This Democratic controlled House and Senate are going to force law abiding citizens to become criminals in order to keep their guns to defend themselves from the Democrats.

  • Richard Kincaid

    03/16/2021 01:41 PM

    More laws that will not stop violence only affect innocent him owners !

  • Carolyn Holland

    03/16/2021 12:07 PM

    This is so wrong on all levels, first its against the Constitution and second you will not get criminals to stop buying guns even if on black market...Please for our countries sake do not vote for this. It will come back to haunt you and I believe that before its over..Please consider what you all are doing up there. Most citizens have no intention of killing anyone unless for protection or hunting.

  • James A Stone

    03/16/2021 11:41 AM

    I have 2nd amendment rights, the democrats can shove it where the sun don't shine!!! I think about 100 million other gun owners feel the same. Keep punching the bull, you are getting damn close to getting gored!!!


    03/16/2021 08:58 AM

    Next it will be to eliminate the entire Constitution to fit their agenda! So sick of this.

  • JohnnyWaters

    03/16/2021 08:52 AM

    Just more attacks on honest hard working Americans coming from the communist democrats. Before they’re through only wealthy will have weapons and the rest will be slaves!!! Shall not be infringed!!! It’s every man or woman’s right to bear arms and our constitution was written to give us that right and to stop this tyrannical faux government takeover!!!

  • Bill Daviet

    03/15/2021 03:47 PM

    2nd ammendment prohibits any and all federal regulation of firearms, existing unconstitutional laws notwithstanding.

    I couldnt care less what additional illegal legislation is passed. Wont change anything I do or do not do.

  • Stanley K Thompson

    03/15/2021 03:06 PM

    It still will not stop the Criminals from buying on the Black Market or bringing them across border and adds more spending to federal Budget!

  • Pat Riggs

    03/15/2021 01:47 PM

    We have long known that Pelosi and Schumer are crazy radicals who did not care what us lowly citizens thought or wanted. They believe they have the right to rule the way they want no mater what. Now that the Democrats are in full control, we American Citizens are doomed. Please, please, please, sensible Democrat Senators and Representatives join the Republicicans in holding Pelosi and Schumer down on all these radical bills they are trying to force down our throats. We already have enough laws on the books, enforce them! If they need to be enhanced or corrected, do so within the bill by making amendments on which the Citizens are allowed to vote whether we want them or not. Chuck and Nancy must go at the next election!!!! They are ruining America!!!!!!!!!


    03/15/2021 11:46 AM

    HR 8 and HR 1446 will not stop "mass Shootings more than 4 people" that number is gang numbers in Milwaukee. Hr-8 is designed to make gun owners felons so they would not be able to vote in elections . They are intended to stop crime . The Democratic party would have nothing to run on in the cities.