October 23, 2019

In breaking news Tuesday night, Sen. Lindsay Graham is introducing a resolution in the Senate condemning the House of Representatives for its illegitimate, closed-door “impeachment inquiry.” The rationale is that they cannot allow future Presidents to be subject to such an unconstitutional process. “All I’m asking is give Donald Trump the same rights as Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton had when it comes to impeachment,” he says. He’s telling us that Trump "should be given the rights that every American is given when he gets a parking ticket. And if he is not, then when the case gets to the Senate, it should be dismissed in the Senate without a trial.”

As White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in his letter to the committee heads, “[Y]ou have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process. For example, you have denied the President the right to cross-examine witnesses, to call witnesses, to receive transcripts of testimony, to have access to evidence, to have counsel present, and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans...All of this violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent.”

In news that broke on Tuesday, congressional Republicans seeking to view transcripts of the House Intelligence Committee's hearings haven’t even been permitted to have a copy in their possession. They go into a special viewing room accompanied by a “minder” (!), a Democratic staffer present to make sure they don’t make notes or take papers out.  You know that if these transcripts furthered their impeachment narrative, Democrats would be doing everything they could to make them public, not hide them. What does this tell you?  This is why you should pay no attention to mainstream media leaks about any of the testimony, no matter how much CNN and MSNBC salivate over it. It is cherry-picked and essentially worthless.

As Devin Nunes said to Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening, “I’ve described it as watching a slow-motion crazy train that’s going into impeachment fantasyland looking for the Loch Ness monster.” He also pointed out that if this were on the other side, the Democrats would be screaming for the transcripts.

The inquiry is being led by California Rep. Adam Schiff, whom we already know has lied multiple times and is likely to be a fact witness in the case, having had contact with the “whistleblower” on the fake story concerning Trump and Ukraine. (We may never know who this person was, or even if there was such a person at all.) With the conditions he’s setting up for the “inquiry,” he’s even outdoing Hillary on the Nixon/Watergate case.

In fact, we thought it might be enlightening to look back at how the Nixon case was handled, and a great historical source for this is the 1999 book HELL TO PAY, by Barbara Olson --- a fine attorney and conservative commentator (wife of attorney Ted Olson) who was killed on American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 --- about Hillary Clinton, who at age 26 was one of the attorneys on the Watergate committee staff. It was a plum assignment; she was one of only two female lawyers in the group of forty. Pages 120-126, under the chapter subhead “Watergate: lessons learned,” summarize her work on that committee, and what was seen as stunning overreach back then is now business as usual for the Democrat impeach-Trump crowd in 2019.

Hillary started with the committee in January 1974; her main assignment was “to make sure that the inquiry conformed to legal and parliamentary procedure.” But according to an article by journalist Renata Adler in THE ATLANTIC two years later, John Doar, who was special counsel for the House Judiciary investigation of Nixon, had meant to use this legal team as “legal window dressing.” Hillary was on a mission to take Nixon down, though, and her zealousness got her into the “inner circle” of lawyers. Then, as would surprise no one reading this today, her OVER-zealousness kicked in.

“She proposed a gag order on Judiciary Committee members,” Olson wrote, “a measure that would have prevented them from cross-examining witnesses or drafting their own articles of impeachment; all power, in other words, would rest with Doar’s staff. The elected committee members would be mere marionettes in a Doar-Rodham show trial. The Judiciary Committee members were stunned.

“William Dixon, a member of the committee staff, later [said] that Hillary ‘paid no attention to the way the Constitution works in this country, the way politics works, the way Congress works, the way legal safeguards are set up.’ Hillary’s protocols were so poorly conceived and drafted that Rep. Jack Brooks, the populist Democrat from Texas, had no choice but to line up a committee vote to strike them down.”

Does this sound familiar? I’m sure the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who in 2019 aren’t even being allowed to attend hearings and can’t even look at the transcripts without a “minder” present would say it does. The difference between then and now is that then, the Democrats in Congress STRUCK DOWN such over-the-top rules. As much as they wanted to impeach Nixon, they realized this went too far. Today, they are doing this and more to the Republicans. They are so partisan, they have gone off the rails.

Doar and his circle of attorneys are described in HELL TO PAY as “driven by a secretiveness that rivaled that of the Nixon White House itself, with similar antipathies toward democratic processes. They seemed to believe that an open inquiry could not be trusted to come to the proper conclusion. It would have to be orchestrated by smart young people like Hillary Rodham and her general, John Doar.”

Again, sound familiar? Olson could have been talking about Strzok and Page, or perhaps Andrew Weissmann, whom we now must acknowledge was the real force behind the “Mueller” probe.

In a report she wrote to Doar, Hillary said that “to limit impeachable conduct to criminal offenses would be incomopatible with the evidence concerning the constitutional meaning of the phrase...” (Never mind the irony that her husband’s later impeachment would bring to this statement.) This is precisely the argument today’s Democrats will make if they can’t find any actual crime committed by Trump after years of trying.

Even among Doar’s impeachment-hungry staff, not everyone was appreciative of Hillary’s overkill. There was William Dixon, and chief counsel for the Judiciary Committee Jerry Zeifman was not on board, either.  He “had every reason to feel he was being shut out by his special counsel, Doar. Zeifman later concluded, ‘It seems to me that Haldeman and Ehrlichman are crude amateurs at arrogance in comparison to the more polished and sophisticated arrogance and deceit of some of Doar’s assistants.’”

The difference today is that this haughty, win-at-all-costs attitude has gone on to infect the elected representatives conducting their “inquiry.” They don’t care if they rip up the Constitution they have sworn to uphold or if they destroy the balance of power as long as they get Trump. Those who DO CARE are going to have to do something to stop this.

By the way, here’s one example of why Adam Schiff’s “inquiry” is so secret:

Republican lawmaker 'destroyed' latest impeachment inquiry witness argument: McCarthy

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  • McRae F Williams

    10/24/2019 01:57 PM

    I hope Fox and all Americans realize that these people that the dems are bringing in to impugn President Trump in semi privacy are all bitter losers and incredibly bias !! They have either been retired or separated from their jobs or their dreams of rising up the government ladder have been dashed . They are lifetime dems / diplomats/ intelligence officers. who were facing going down the drain when the Swamp Gets Drained . They are the perfect Schiff witnesses. They are not getting questioned by the Republicans in public. They are being honored as great experts and invited to conclude their wonderful service by being called to the Capitol to cry their little hearts out about a conversation they were not included in. YES THIS IS A SHAM AND A DISGRACE.
    Schiff does not have any lead in his pencil, but he still keep trying to disrespect the President . What finally happened to tail gunner joe McCarthy when the truth came out ?????

    Disgusted and Ashamed

    McRae Williams

  • Joe Broadway

    10/24/2019 11:06 AM

    It is a non-violent coup so-far and will continue until they either win or face consequences. After the empeachment attempt there will be something else. If trump makes it to the election they will try to steal it. Ultimately..........ask mr kennedy. Who will stop it?? FBI or any gov law enforcement? Hahahahaa that's funny. Democrats? Republicans? We the people need our deep state.

  • Ed Thompson

    10/24/2019 08:04 AM

    You have to be living under a rock up in the Himalayas on top of Mount Everest for the past ten years,to NOT see what’s going on with the Democraps now. It’s just the latest ploy to keep everyone off balance and designed to keep the turmoil that’s been going on for over three years,fresh and new! Smoke screens can be used by either side of a fight and as clear as the Republicans have been in their pursuit for the truth and justice over fake accusations towards our President, the Democraps have repeatedly resorted to throwing up massive amounts of smoke to blind people from said truths. Only people who are gullible enough to ignore facts and fall into the trap of hearing lies repeated over and over again and again, and believing them, are being blinded by their smoke screens. Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and some folks will start to believe it. The Democraps are using that tactic to try to win over the gullible! I ain’t buying what they are selling! 2020– TRUMP!! Keep AMERICA GREAT!!

  • SusanHavlicek

    10/24/2019 12:17 AM

    Why can nobody stopped this kangaroo court. This lawlessness is unacceptable to all people of the United States. Stop it now and get rid of the evil Democrats.

  • Linda Wolfe

    10/23/2019 11:34 PM

    If it is right, it is done in the light.

  • Gary Stilwell

    10/23/2019 08:18 PM

    WHY is this person not in an orange suit for her involvement in the murder of 4 American citizens in Bengazi????????

  • Robert Berger

    10/23/2019 07:47 PM

    I'm sorry, Governor Huckabee. Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself for the absolutely essential impeachment proceedings against him . The Democrats are not "trying to "destroy him ". They're struggling to keep HIM from destroying this country . And how dare this despicable liar and hypocrite whine about allegedly being "lynched " ?
    He has been given enough rope to hang himself . This abomination masquerading as a president and a human being is a vile criminal and traitor who has betrayed this country in a manner so heinous as to make Benedict Arnold look like a choirboy ! I won't even bother you with a laundry list of all the terrible things he has said and done as our alleged "president ", not to mention in his unbelievably sordid career as the most crooked and inept businessman in US history and his disgraceful conduct in private life .
    Like so many other Americans, I am sick and tired of the mindlessly uncritical worship of a man who has done nothing but harm to America in his life and to countless people .

  • William Taylor

    10/23/2019 07:33 PM

    Mike, since you are repeating yourself, I will repeat my comments on your ‘charges’ i.e. As White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in his letter to the committee heads, “[Y]ou have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness and constitutionally mandated due process. For example, you have denied the President the right to cross-examine witnesses, to call witnesses, to receive transcripts of testimony, to have access to evidence, to have counsel present, and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans...All of this violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent.”....THE HOUSE INVESTIGATION IS NOT A TRIAL. THEY ARE GATHERING EVIDENCE TO POSSIBLY SUPPORT CHARGES. THE TRIAL IS DONE IN THE SENATE. THIS US WHERE THE ISSUES YOU BRING UP ARE ADDRESSED.

  • joseph orsini PhD

    10/23/2019 07:19 PM

    LYNCHING - anyone who has watched the western movies of the 1960's and 1970's is very familiar with lynching, and it was always white cowboys who were being "strung up".

  • Jerry

    10/23/2019 06:48 PM

    My thoughts of the teachers strike the Union should demand salary give backs to the taxpayers from the Liberal base instructors they have ripped off the Education system and the moral fiber of the city. The kids coming out of these institutions learn very little with exception how to vote for low IQ mayors Senators and House of representatives look at your way of life in that city Corruptions high taxes Sanctuary City status Murders Drug Use and Sellers of Drugs even the Chicago Hot dog is losing its taste the cost to do business in the city is to high for the good ingredients to be be used, everything has it base on your scholastic's in the city are subpar in not criminal give these instructors a raise hell no send to Venezuela the content will be recognized there elementary socialism thats what you got watch your mayor ignorant sit on her big duff and reduce the library fines well worth the taxpayers money disagree if you will she is just Stupid Keep the murder rate up Chicago thank the instructors on the picket line they are doing you a favor by not being in the class room although watch yourself students where you walk you may wander into ones gang territory nice living people,

  • Nancy Crichton

    10/23/2019 06:38 PM

    I hope anyone who loves this country and our Republic, will stand up against Adam Schiff and his band of puppets in this truly witch hunt against our President who was duly elected, but they just can’t stomach that. This needs to be stopped and common sense needs to return. Impeachment inquiries, at least the three we have had in the past, have always been open, involved all sides and were NOT held behind closed doors and run by one member of the House, namely Adam Schiff!

  • Suzanne Ryan

    10/23/2019 06:35 PM

    "Pucker Mouth" Schiff needs to be impeached!

  • Robbie Mize

    10/23/2019 05:49 PM

    They don't care. They just want to drag this out until elections....I hope and pray American patriots will show up and show what they think about this BS.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/23/2019 05:45 PM

    Schiff Lindsay Graham Pelosi the Democratic Judicial Committee are a in a class of their own lets call it what it is an organization of loud mouth get nothing done money grubbing leeches that have sucked the taxpayer for decades.. What have this organization done DJC tried to ruin a Supreme Court Justice, the bunch of them didn't have the brain power collectively to take one man down. They stood on the high ground with weapons of mass destruction against one man with only rocks and sticks to defend himself and defeated the bunch of them all losers as far ashcans are concerned. Look at schiff and Pelosi locked behind doors and guarded while he tortures people he hopes to find dirt on our President and Graham sits by afraid of his own shadow and watches. These are the people that guide this country I wish their was a executive order that could just just ship them to China they probably send them what they want to know already China doesn't want their polluted bodies and souls in that polluted society. I don't want them here either.

  • Maxine Oswalt

    10/23/2019 05:42 PM

    Why is all of this being allowed when process is being done illegally? Isn't there someone legally allowed to stop this stupidity and insanity of these so called ignorant democrats?

  • Wanda Robbins

    10/23/2019 05:15 PM

    Wondering when the Repubs. would get some lead in their spine and stand up to this Secret Crap and lies to destroy our President. Enough is Enough.

  • Kendra Strecker

    10/23/2019 05:14 PM

    Letters are great if anybody in Washington can read! Graham has the POWER to suepeona the same folks that Schiff has. Why he chooses NOT to do it is a question he needs to be asked..

    On another note, YAY to the Republicans who "crashed" Shiff's party today I hope they keep that up, sit ins and signs and maybe a bull horn!!

  • Laura Hoffman

    10/23/2019 05:02 PM

    I can't even watch the news anymore. This hatred for President Trump just makes me sick. It's even on the local news. I'm voting for Trump in 2020 and I just pray that he wins because the MSM are trying their best to paint him as the total opposite of who he really is. If ANY of the Dems running actually win, we are doomed.

  • Laurena Maxa

    10/23/2019 04:38 PM

    The Democrats have been on a “witch hunt”. Ever since Trump won the election. They have made it very difficult for Trump to fulfill a lot of problems . If Trump is impeached there will be a Civil war in the USA. It is about time that the Democrats act like intelligent adults not like 2 year old b AAC bird that are not get th omg their way. As far as medical insurance for Congress and the senators , if they had the insurance that are given to seniors we would see a better and more cost effective plan if itead planned with working health care workers. People handling that project know nothing about health issues. They only know money. Bet this goes nowhere. !

  • Joan Spicer

    10/23/2019 03:39 PM

    So what’s keeping the rest from stopping this lunacy? It’s obviously unlawful and unconstitutional. They’re zealots with irrational behavior trying every tactic to unseat our President! Thanks to Senator Graham. Thanks to Gov. Huckabee. But let’s get our power back. Why submit to having our hands tied with this charade? Stop the Maddness! And I do mean MADD! Crazy.

  • Robert Brickner

    10/23/2019 03:34 PM

    It's about time someone is challenging to "process" the dems are using. But please consider this and I do not use these terms loosely or wildly. It appears to me that the dems holding bthese "secret" meetings are engaging in...treason. Yes, I said it. Treason is defined as the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government. P1104, Compact Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd edition. Now how do I get here? Each representative had to take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. By totally snubbing their noses at the Constitution and by disregarding their oath they are on the brink of treason but the moment they set up secret meetings to find ways to overthrow the duly elected government ( the President ) they are in essence promoting treason. They want to negate the election for their own ends. This is not just about President Trump, this is about our entire constitutional system. If a small group of representatives can conspire, cheat, lie, etc. in secret as it regards the President, then what chance would any of us regular folks have against this sort of thing? This takes us to a very dark place and most of understand that nothing good ever comes out of the darkness. The 4th and 5th Amendments are supposed to give us all including the President protections against moves like this. So, where and when are those protections going to show up? When is this whole illegal and treasonous situation going to be shut down? I, for one am getting rather annoyed with this and with the lack of action to counter it. Thank you.

  • Robert Benda

    10/23/2019 02:57 PM

    Senator Graham said he was going to bring out the people that started this whole nonsense and the Mueller report. Well – what’s the hold up?People are tired of hearing More Hannity and Laura starting off their programs with breaking news. And all it is it more soap opera. It’s been more than three years of this stuff. We want indictments - indictments - indictments. I know Barr and Durham were supposed to be waiting for their analogy. There was no problems with arresting people that were affiliated with President Trump. Governor Huckabee I’m afraid we’ve been taken over. We keep waiting for arrest and there is none. When the documents are asked for they keep putting them off and putting them off. President Trump should order US marshals to surround the FBI building also the state department also adjuster department and the documents that have been asked for will be given to them immediately no buddy leaves the building.

  • Peggy Black

    10/23/2019 02:40 PM

    This doesn’t even sound like America anymore. If they can come for the President of the United States, when do they come for us?

  • Doug Morgan

    10/23/2019 02:39 PM

    I keep hearing republicans talk talk talk. They don't do anything to counteract the charade and circus the democrats are conducting. Poor Kevin McCarthy, a duly elected representative and House Minority Leader saying "Adam Schiff won't let us talk about what happened," referring to Ukraine Bill Taylor's closed-door hearing on Capitol Hill. Why can't McCarthy tell Schiffty Schiff where to go and do what he thinks needs to be done? And why aren't republicans allowed in meetings nor take notes of what they observe? They are just as much a representative in congress as Schiff! Stop talking and kick some tail and get their way the same way dims would be doing if the game were reversed. Our Constitution, rule of law, and the entire nation is at stake! Thank God we have at least ONE person in the entire District of Corruption that will not only say what needs to be said but is attempting to do it to ensure the future of our country. How President Trump is able to withstand all this adversity and hatred can only be explained by realizing that he was elected by God's will and is sustained by His grace and power.

  • Ruby Howell

    10/23/2019 02:37 PM

    This committee that is doing the questioning should not be allowed to do so without the President & his lawyers to question the "witnesses" as well. The American people need to be able to see & hear what is going on as well. Why didn't someone call Hillary out then with the licensing board to have her law license revolved for over reaching. Things might have been different .