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November 10, 2022

As of this writing, early on Wednesday morning, control of the House and Senate remain undetermined, although the GOP is still favored to take the House by a much smaller margin than I hoped. We may not know about the Senate until December, if there’s a run-off in Georgia between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker (and Georgia Republicans had better show up and vote in that run-off; do NOT curse all of America with a Senate tie breakable by Kamala Harris again!)

Some other big races are also still nail biters. At this writing, Katie Hobbs, a wet dishrag of a candidate, is inexplicably ahead of Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona by about 30,000 votes. But that’s with only 63% of the vote counted, so let’s hope and pray that turns around. Hobbs couldn’t even competently perform her current job of running elections that she should’ve recused herself from. Lake fumed that it was an election “run by a bunch of clowns.”

This midterm will make history as one in which one of the most unpopular Presidents of all time, who has inflicted policies that are almost universally disastrous, didn’t suffer a well-deserved rebuke from voters. In fact, the electoral results suggest we might be entering a new era of political polarity in which, regardless of how bad the President is, red states get redder and blue states get bluer until we really are living in two Americas.

In blue areas, voters have become so partisan and so unwilling to listen to anything other than propaganda from Party-approved outlets that they will keep voting Democrat no matter how much it hurts them personally. Look at Pennsylvania, where Democrats elected a Senator who clearly belongs home in therapy and not in the Senate; or Memphis, where they literally elected a dead woman with a (D) after her name – by 73%!

Voters in New York, Michigan, California and Illinois reelected Democrat Governors by comfortable margins who treated them like abusive spouses and who are virtually guaranteed to continue making their lives exponentially worse. Republicans might wonder what it would take for New Yorkers to elect a Republican Governor; does someone have to club them over the head? Then you realize, they are getting clubbed over the head, and they’re still voting for Democrats.

Meanwhile, in red states, Republicans are winning by eye-popping margins. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won his last election by 0.4%; yesterday, he crushed Charlie Crist by nearly 20%. By the way, if you didn’t see DeSantis’ victory speech, it was great, and a wonderful blueprint for other Republicans to lead us out of this dark period of leftist insanity.

In other red states, Democrat dreams of winning the Governor’s race in Oklahoma evaporated, J.D. Vance easily beat Tim Ryan for Ohio’s Senate seat, and two of the Dems’ media darlings, “Beto” O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams, got their heads handed to them by Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas and Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia, respectively.

(On a side note, I want to thank those two for wasting so much Democrat donor money on their quixotic ego trips. It’s estimated that their two 2022 campaigns cost a combined $200 million. And “Beto’s” hat-trick of loserdom, for Senator, President and Governor, burned a combined quarter of a billion dollars that might’ve gone to electable Democrats. Most of it, of course, poured in from outside of their states. Having lost two presidential races myself, I honestly feel for them. It’s tough to work so hard and get rejected by the voters. But I had to pay off my own campaign debts, I didn’t turn losing into a lucrative career. And I can assure you, it’s possible to lose a race for less than a hundred million dollars.)

Is this phenomenon of blue and red states becoming ever more polarized because so many reasonable, hard-working, law-abiding residents of blue states are giving up and moving out, leaving behind blue states with majorities of criminals and what Steven Kruiser of PJ Media calls “socialist sheep?” He also makes the great point of what a mistake it was for Republicans to let leftists take over our education system and turn schools into leftist indoctrination centers.

In retrospect, despite the false hopes of the polls, maybe it was never possible for any Republican to win as Governor of New York because too many New Yorkers who’d be smart enough to vote for him already moved to Florida and voted for DeSantis.

If so, it doesn’t bode well for the future for a “United” States of America if we become two separate groups of states, one where freedom and prosperity are paramount, and the other where crime and failed big government tyranny reign supreme. Maybe Republicans should follow the Democrats’ playbook and try recruiting brave pioneers to move into blue states to vote Republican and save them from themselves. But good luck finding any volunteers!

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  • M Deering

    11/15/2022 04:49 PM

    1st, I always enjoy seeing you Mr. Huckabee on your own show and Center Point TBN. An associate sent me the following that I'm sure you will find of great interest and also Center Point will.
    Nov 4, 2022
    "Today we bring you an update on the story about the U.S. government's direct portal to censor Facebook and Twitter. The doctor who exposed this portal through litigation is named Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Today he comes to Redacted to tell us what was left out of this story and how he thinks government sources might have published only part of it in order to get ahead of it. This means that the media is helping the government to hide its involvement with social media and this is the proof. Are you surprised?
    Dr. Shiva's lawsuit right here: httpTruth://
    'But for knowledge My People Would Be Free'

  • Mark Hannah

    11/14/2022 07:08 AM

    As I stated in my response to you other article, the problem has to do with the people who live within large cities. They behave exactly like slaves. They obey their elitist masters at all costs, enduring pain, suffering, prohibition of their liberties. The Industrial Revolution lured people to migrate into these modern plantations and the only fix is to reverse this course.

  • Judy Allen

    11/13/2022 10:09 PM

    President Trump is making a big mistake running again. I really believe he was cheated out of a second term but his time has passed. Too many people don’t like him, making him toxic to the GOP. I’m going to remember him as the best president we have ever had.

  • Gary Hickman

    11/13/2022 09:38 PM

    I don't know why the GOP leadership doesn't understand that they could have put trump in four four more years and then Ron DeSantis in for eight years and we would have had 12 years of conservative leadership. It wasn't only the Democrats but also the republican swamp that did not support president trump when he first got into office. Then House Speaker Ryan was a prime example other GOP swamp. Conservatives desperately need a change in the GOP leadership from top to bottom. Jim Jordan from Ohio would make an excellent speaker at the house and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin would make an excellent leader for the Senate. There are some indications that the current speaker and senate leader are wanting to hold the leadership elections before and of the newly elected members take office. If so, the GOP swamp is already trying to cheat. No wonder the GOP did not have a red wave.

  • Renee Hill

    11/13/2022 08:26 PM

    I live in Michigan. There is no way we voted for that dictator. People here can not stand her for killing their loved ones, shutting down businesses and churches and schools for longer than any other state, possibly other than California. Much cow and horse crap happened. Wayne county had multiple ballot dumps in the middle of the night and again, not allowing Republicans to be involved. The dominion voting machines are programmed prior to the election to skew the numbers by what the polls are predicting. I have spoke to many folks who have received multiple ballots at their house. As Conservatives we will not send in a fraudulent ballot, as the democrat does. Ballot harvesting is now in play and we have to play as dirty as the other team. Many folks are leaving this state for freedom and kissing this dictator good bye. We fought, we campaigned, we educated, we did everything we could with grassroots and did not get any help with the GOP or the so called leadership at the legislative levels as they are all rinos. Only God Almighty can rescue us now. I want to move all of the family out of here, as our grandchildren are now wards of the dictator.

  • Charles Bonnell

    11/13/2022 05:09 PM

    I've heard this statement many times, "I don't believe that anyone can be a Christian
    and a Democrat. I used to laugh at that line but I don't anymore. I am 81 years old, live in
    MO, and I have never seen times in the mess that they are now. Pres. Trump's biggest problem
    is that he breaks his arm patting his back. I have voted for him twice but I believe that Ron
    DeSantis will be selected by the American people for 2024 to run for President. The Dems, including Biden, lie every time their mouth is open. If we don't have a turnaround soon, then there is good reason to be praying for the Lord to return quickly. Many of the Dems need to be prepared to hear what Jesus said in Matt. 7:21-23 because unless they repent, that is exactly what they will hear when "every tongue shall confess and every knee will bow before the Lord." I appreciate what you write. Thank you

  • John Mychaluk

    11/13/2022 04:39 PM

    Mike, your title is what I believe this country is headed for. There will be blue country and a red country. The red country will prosper and the red country will bankrupt.
    There can be no compromise between the two. Just on the subject of abortion, which is the murder of unborn human beings, there can be NO COMPROMISE, it is truly a sin.

  • Dale Baker

    11/13/2022 04:18 PM

    Suffolk County, NY overwhelmingly voted to Lee Zeldin. Kathy Hochul won because of NYC. She is a detriment to the State of New York.