August 7, 2020


August 7, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Imagine if President Trump had written an op-ed or gone on TV with a message to those who might be subpoenaed by, say, Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler: REFUSE TO COOPERATE.

Can you even imagine the fevered cries of “Obstruction!!”? Of course, in the chess game that was the phony “Trump/Russia” investigation, they managed to set it up so that virtually anything Trump said or did, even if it was well within his authority as President, could be viewed as obstruction of justice.

But Andrew Weissmann, former special counsel Robert Mueller’s infamous “pit bull” whose specialty is withholding exculpatory evidence, has quite arguably obstructed justice himself. Here’s the story from Daniel Chaitin in THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

In an op-ed in THE NEW YORK TIMES (where else?), he and co-author Ryan Goodman, a former Defense Department special counsel, urged Justice Department officials to consider not cooperating with two investigations being overseen by Attorney General Bill Barr. There’s the wide-ranging John Durham investigation, and also the John Bash investigation into all that unmasking of American citizens. (Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was one of those unmasked, but there were many more.)

The reason Weissmann and Goodman are making a stink is that they don’t want either of the reports to come out before the election. So they maintain that putting it out before the election would be political --- an attempt to interfere with the election. But I say that keeping a completed report under wraps until AFTER the election would be political --- a calculated attempt to interfere with the election by keeping voters in the dark. Likewise, interfering with the investigation so that the report can’t be completed in time would be political. Sounds like obstruction to me.

"What can be done if Mr. Barr seeks to take actions in service of the President’s political ambitions?” they wrote. “...Employees who witness or are asked to participate in such political actions –- who all swore an oath to the Constitution and must obey Department policies –- can refuse, report and, if necessary, resign. Other models include speaking with Congress under subpoena or resigning and then communicating directly to the public. Reputable organizations are at the ready to advise whistle-blowers about the risks and benefits of pursuing these paths."

They’re probably talking about that same law firm that protected the “anonymous” whistleblower that kicked off Trump’s impeachment. How conveeeeenient. Of course, if Barr does anything at all that happens to benefit Trump, it must have been done “in service to the President’s political ambitions.”

One big take-away from Weissmann’s behavior is that he must think these investigations found some really, really bad stuff.

By the way, if you’re interested in a book not to buy, Weissmann has a book coming out in September, purported to explain why the Mueller team could have “done more” in their Russia investigation. Well, let’s see...according to Sidney Powell, they sure could have “done more” to get exculpatory documents to defense attorneys! A lot more.


From Carol:

If you won the lottery, would you mail in your ticket or take it in person? Some things are important enough to do in person. For me voting is one of them.

From the Gov:

I couldn't have made the case for in-person voting better than you just have. Everyone pushing for mail-in ballots should have to answer your question.

Then, there was this, from Kathi:

Governor, I agree with your entire column up to the point that you started mask pandering by telling people to mask up and go vote. A virus with a 99+% recovery rate no longer requires and actually never did require a mask. Free Americans need to be free to vote as free Americans, and that includes having the CHOICE to mask up or not. I ask you to please #StopMaskPandering! #StayFree

From the Gov:

Kathi, if (when!) you go to the polls, and they insist that you put on a mask before you can come inside --- and they will --- what are you going to do? Elbow your way inside and demand a ballot? I guarantee that will not get you anywhere. You will be made to leave, by force if necessary, and your voice in the 2020 election will not be heard.

No, if the mask issue is all-important, you will just have to vote absentee or, in the states that institute it, with a mail-in ballot. I suggest you think about Carol's letter, above, before deciding.

Is winning that one "mask" argument on that all-important day so vital to you that you will risk your vote not counting, or walk away rather than vote at all?

If you don't like the intrusion of "mask" rules, remember that if the Democrats take the White House, we will face intrusion into our lives such as we have never seen. If you don't want to put on the mask for any other occasion, we can have that discussion, but in this one case, I will say again, put on the doggone mask, and vote.


From James (with slight editing):

The only bad thing about President Trump's [agenda] is that the Democrats keep finding ways to...lie about it to the nation...They don't ‘mislead’ the people of this country –- they create intentional falsehoods and present them as fact. Then, if someone is foolish enough to repudiate their lies, that individual is destroyed in public, shamed, and labeled as a vile character.

Sir, I understand that you and some on FOX News present the truth in his defense, but how are we to combat this constant barrage of lies? Sometimes I lose hope. And people I have known for years have begun to spew this unsubstantiated drivel as gospel. When I ask them for corroboration, they look at me like I'm a fool and shake their heads and refer me to the nightly news. I might quote you or Fox News in response, and they laugh, because "everybody" knows those are not reliable sources.

...How can an individual battle a horde of sanctimonious [media] mouthpieces for a radical, insidious faction bent on usurping our rights?

Maybe I am asking too much of you, but I know you have many contacts who could help us in this quest. Will you reach out to them, bring their voices to the rescue, and lift our spirits before this most integral election of the age?

We hear too many voices from the Left. It is time for us to start hearing a barrage of voices from the Right, to reinforce our belief in a just cause. Without a chorus, the voice of "Truth" will be lost under the clatter and mumbling from the balcony.

From the Gov:

You voice the frustration and worry of millions of Americans. It often feels as though WE’RE the ones stuck in the balcony, high up in the nosebleed seats, while the leftist narrative takes center stage and the prime orchestra seating as well. Our message gets crushed. What to do?

First, some historical perspective. The left has always done this. I’m old enough to barely remember the infamous LBJ anti-Goldwater campaign ad with the little girl playing with a daisy as the atomic bomb goes off, painting Goldwater as a warmonger. That ad was largely credited for Goldwater’s spectacular loss, and Lyndon Johnson, ironically, went on to dramatically escalate the Vietnam War.

The lies intensified when Reagan got into office. And the left has never stopped with the outrageous whoppers, whether it’s a paid ad showing “Paul Ryan” literally throwing a wheelchair-bound granny over a cliff --- in case you didn’t see this, I am not exaggerating --- or the media right now trying to make us fear Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses. They never, never stop lying. And now they use so-called “fact-checkers,” who are themselves typically anti-Trump, to try to make it look as if WE are lying.

I’m sure the worst part of this is seeing people you know buying into the lies and becoming “pod people." They mindlessly tar FOX News as “faux news” when FNC, aside from clearly-designated opinion shows, has been shown statistically to be far more balanced than the major left-leaning outlets. If you’ve suffered through segments with certain DNC-connected FOX News contributors, you know FOX isn't all that conservative. But people have been trained --- yes, trained --- to automatically discount anything from FOX News.

It’s gotten so bad, we can’t let the left get away with it any longer. This is no time to be “shamed” or intimidated into silence. Some tips: Be sure you have the facts on your side when you make a point, and then if someone says you’re wrong, calmly tell them why you’re not.

Be polite, but don’t back down even if someone calls you names, even “racist.” Just tell them: they have no more right to their judgment calls than you do to yours. Name-calling is a pathetic way of saying they have nothing else. Also, you don’t have to stay on the defensive; put it on them to back up what they say.

As for me, believe me, I do what I can. And tell your “pod” friends that they may disagree with the opinions expressed on, but I doubt anyone has a better record than we do on getting facts right. They should try reading it. They might not like our conclusions, but they can’t say our information is incorrect. Come to think of it, this recent piece in which we answered the accusations of a leftist reader might help you talk to the “pods.”

Finally, you say you want your spirit lifted? Well, let me tell you that I believe conservatism is quietly making headway right now, largely because the far-left, after gaining control of the Democrat Party, has finally shown itself to be what it is, which is to say full-out, batwing crazy communist. Also, millions won’t talk about this, but they are dismayed by the new fanatical religion of anti-“racism” and will not stand for being labeled as racist by people who are themselves obsessed with race. If that weren’t enough, they’ve seen how leftists run cities --- into the ground. They SEE the shocking destruction and anarchy and want it stopped.

They will turn out in force on Election Day. Of course, we can take nothing for granted and must make it an INCONTESTABLE LANDSLIDE to make up for whatever voter fraud there is, and there may be a lot this time. So tell everyone you know who’s not a leftist “pod” person how important it is to vote to keep the crazies from running (ruining) America. And vote in person!


You would think that the idea of a city doing away with its police force would be idiotic enough just on the face of it that no sane person would actually suggest it. But if you think beyond the surface inanity, there are also further negative consequences that advocates haven’t even considered. Here’s one of them.

City dwellers don’t like to think about this, but they are heavily dependent on us rubes outside the city to create all the products they consume, like food, and to deliver them into their barren concrete jungles. Trucking companies aren’t too thrilled about the idea of sending expensive trucks loaded with valuable merchandise into cities where the police have allowed armed gangs to take over the streets. Just because the people were foolish enough to elect politicians who left them at the mercy of criminals, that doesn’t mean trucking companies outside the cities have to risk their drivers' lives, trucks and merchandise to keep them afloat.

As the trucking company owner at the link says, any states that defund the police, truckers will avoid for safety reasons. He estimates that the food chain will collapse, the people will run out of food, and there will be complete chaos within 72 hours. Then again, in places with no police, there may already be so much chaos that they won’t even notice more.



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  • Clara Herrin

    08/23/2020 08:21 AM

    Our President did what any top-drawer businessman would do, he allocated authority. It was a genius decision, the outcome of which was to highlight the ineptitude of most Democratic govenors/mayors/and lessor-lights. By doing that, he showed those who live in areas controlled by these people who should be removed from office as soon as possible. Now the onus is on those constituents, and if they don't remove those who have created such chaos, they really have no right to complain.

  • Loretta Fowler

    08/08/2020 01:03 AM

    What is your comment on the HR-7608 bill recently passed by the U.S. House to direct the National Park Service to remove all Civil War monuments, placards, memorials, and statues from all Federal battlefields and historic sites within six months? The provision to remove Civil War markers was buried in a 727-page bill to fund the State Department, Agriculture, and the EPA. Despite the House action, there is still an opportunity to save the monuments because people can contact the Senate to remove the provision of the bill dealing with monuments in the final funding legislation. This can be accomplished by contacting the Senator of their area.

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/07/2020 07:36 PM

    How I deal with the Socialist Democratic lies in three words; " Change the Channel ".


    08/07/2020 06:11 PM

    People who interfere in your life negatively with actions that Remove, Oppress, or Infringe your Health, Liberties, Choices, Religion, Freedom, Rights, Wealth, Family, Education, Ownership of Property, Way of Life, Means of Support, Privacy, or Quality of Life in any way that gives them Control over any of these Things and or Benefits them in any way! They are not your Friend But Corrupt Criminal Enemies! Why would you allow anyone other then you, to make the Choices you must make to Survive in your Life! Choices you must make to Survive, Meet your Needs, and Create the Quality of your Life, are not Safe to Place in the Hands of others who's Choices to Survive and Meet their Needs to Create the Quality of their Lives are not your Choices and do not Support your Needs! That's why We have Majority Rule, a Justice System, and Secured Elections! When your Choices are for others to make who's Choices you do not make, you are not Free or Equal to them, But a Slave Exploited by them with their Rules that only apply to you and not them! This is known as Communism and a Life under Tyranny where the Quality and Liberties of your Life are taken away by them to Improve the Quality of their Lives! This unfair Criminal Corruption of Oppression and Tyranny is why We have Lived under the Attack of Democrats sense they tried to go so far as Total and Direct Slavery of others!

  • Judith Aiello

    08/07/2020 05:22 PM

    I am SO frustrated that Durham’s results are not yet made public. I agree with you that it could be construed politically either way. The time has come for WHATEVER he has learned to be made public. Many people have NO CLUE what went on, or who the players were!
    Heaven forbid, if the Democrats win, NO ONE will know the outcome!

  • Angela L Lawson

    08/07/2020 05:13 PM

    Andrew Weissmann is obviously, obsessively, worried about getting Barr and Durham to agree to not report anything regarding their findings on "the coup against Our President", before the Election. This outrageous coup started before President Trump even took office and it continues to this very day! Andrew Weissmann has "big plans" to release his "bombshell book" regarding the issues that were "so-called", not submitted, involving Russian Involvement in the 2016 Election in the month of September 2020!

    I don't know about you, Governor Huckabee, but all of my calendars say that September is more than a month and days before November! Why would anyone, think twice, about releasing "the truth" regarding the unfair coup against Our President, through the Durham report, especially when this man, Mr. Weissman, has I am sure a very "meaty" book coming out in September! When the report is ready, I say "let it rip"!!!!

  • Firewagon

    08/07/2020 03:35 PM

    'Mask up to vote?' Absootootly, if required! Our precinct workers were ALL masked up when I entered to 'early vote.' I had one of those infernal masks in my pocket, so I inquired of the person 'guarding' the door if I needed to don one to enter? She said NOT necessary. I then told her to be thankful, as either she or someone else would be needed to follow me around with a mop to mop up my dripping sweat to prevent someone from dying not of this virus but from slipping and falling! BTW, masks NOT mandated in this STILL FREE state!

    Hey Mike, what was it that ole Ben said about people willing to give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety?? I have long said that this is NOT America that I grew up in and thought it could hardly get worse, BUT....


    08/07/2020 02:50 PM

    Truckers are concerned about "personal safety" .................both "truckers" and "sellers" like manufacturers are concerned with the VALUE of the shipments on the trucks ......................Insurance companies provide CARGO INSURANCE .......and are not only concerned about "what" is being shipped and its value but also WHERE it is being shipped .........RED LINING will eliminate "high crime" areas

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/07/2020 02:33 PM

    This is a little off subject but, DON'T YOU THINK THE ASSETS OF GEORGE SOROS SHOULD BE FROZEN ? It's common knowledge he is paying the rioters.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/07/2020 01:44 PM

    Thank you

  • Doug Morgan

    08/07/2020 01:05 PM

    Governor, this is one of your best reports. Provides some practical advise and addresses some of the problems that we may have or take some control over.

    Your report regarding the trucking industry not going into cities where police have been handcuffed, is only one industry that may not function in a lawless area, but there are many. Consider delivery services such as Fed Ex, UPS, Prime. Not only will there not be supplies at stores, they won't be delivered either if the driver fears bodily harm or a hijack of their vehicle. Services will no longer be provided, everything from plumber/electrician, trash service, appliance repair etc.

    Makes you wonder if these leftist maniacs can see beyond the end or their nose. If cities are going to disband or disable their police force, do it now so the citizens of those cities can vote from the experience of being deprived of all of life's necessities and a perception of nation-wide anarchy if the leftists win in November.

  • James Johnson

    08/07/2020 01:02 PM

    Thanks for answering my long-winded question.


  • George A Reynolds

    08/07/2020 12:54 PM

    I agree with James, who voiced his frustration with the difficulty in getting the message of the truth out to the masses. With the MSM's monopoly on the national TV News and cable networks, and the rampant bias in the big newspaper and magazine franchises, how can we know that the truth is getting out? I feel like a small minority watches you on TBN, and reads your newsletters. We see the references to conservative media outlets, but they are small potatoes compared to the major networks and big-name "news" sources. With so much fake news being broadcast 24/7, how are real people (many of whom don't even know about "Huckabee", or the conservative sources) to make informed decisions, based on true facts, and not distortions of the truth and outright lies?

  • Paul Kern

    08/07/2020 12:14 PM

    Governor Mike I would like to make one point about this so-called CCP virus epidemic. I have observed a Biblical truth about the hearts of men being wicked I have seen that it has stripped off all people's masks and that includes many church going believers.

  • James Rising

    08/07/2020 11:28 AM

    The post office is running out of money and may close 2 days a week. If they can't deliver mail-in votes, and the election can't be decided by Jan. 20th - guess who's president - Crazy Nancy - the 3rd in line for the presidency! Donald Trump, in a contested presidency, would not be president, as most people think. He has to win the electoral college. Does that make you wonder why Pelosi is in favor of mail-in voting?

  • Judy Baker

    08/07/2020 11:11 AM

    If there is a case where vote by mail wins, then the completed ballot cannot be returned by mail and will only be accepted in person to a dropbox AFTER the voter's finger print is registered with the name on the ballot.

  • JC Holland

    08/07/2020 11:04 AM

    Based on the primary results in St. Louis, citizens there really are that dumb by voting once again for a nut job AG.
    All these blue states and cities have voters who complain about the leadership, say they really do want police: Then vote for the same socialist liberal democrats who made their lives miserable.
    I cringe every time you, Hannity, or some other pundit says the American voter gets it, and they are feed up with the socialist liberal democrats leading them. Then they go out and vote for them again.
    It appears they really are that dumb. My level of empathy for them is down to about zero.
    I also continue to ask why AG Barr has charged nobody. We all know he already has the facts yet nothing happens. If Soros hasn't bought him off, or Hilary hasn't threatened him, then what is he waiting for?
    Maybe he needs to join Sessions in the unemployment line.

  • Laurie Keiski

    08/07/2020 11:01 AM

    Once again we are reminded why lawyers are the second oldest profession which of course was started to assist the oldest profession. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

  • Sam Sayger

    08/07/2020 11:00 AM

    Sir: Again, I commend you for the truth and incredible quantity of your writings and urge you to continue. W/o your voice, the "Right" would be far less "voiceless" and you are a great help to a nation, far too much of which seem not to realize the urgency of.
    I submit that you are exactly right about the anarchy which will eventually arise over the trucking companies refusal to go to lawless cities. The anarchy which will arise will be exactly like , as we've seen in some videos of the way the VAST MAJORITY of the citizens react when for instance, they see others rush in to help themselves to stolen goods from stores, delivery trucks and other places and they themselves become energized to do the same. Honest, hard-working citizens will be subjected to horrors such as this nation has never known.
    Please keep up (and even increase) your efforts to inform the public of that which you envision.
    Thank you sir and my God bless your efforts. We pray for you daily.
    Sam Sayger

  • Barry C Mahoney

    08/07/2020 10:51 AM

    Hey Governor
    LOVE reading you articles, you are so articulate and down to earth, I see where Sara get's it from
    anyhow there is another news program you should recommend to your readers besides Fox
    OAN One American News they remind me of the OLD DAYS where they just TELL the news without the bias and BS. I really think OAN needs to be introduced to a much wider audience !!

  • J Harold Mohler

    08/07/2020 10:35 AM

    It is very evident that these idiot rioters are only looking at the present tense and have no regard for the future. Of course when they have done their dastardly deeds they'll just leave the destruction for others to clean up. The mayors and governors are already begging for federal money to repair the damages!! The only way these cities will learn is for them to bear all the repair costs not us sane people

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/07/2020 10:30 AM

    "Imagine if President Trump had written an op-ed or gone on TV with a message to those who might be subpoenaed by, say, Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler: REFUSE TO COOPERATE."

    As long as the rinos keep allowing it to happen, the jackasses will continue to get away with pushing their lies and agenda. THAT is the sad part!! The rinos hate Trump so much they are willing to allow the jackasses to destroy America. And THAT is because the rinos are as corrupt as the jackasses and only care about feeding their huge obscene arrogant obnoxious narcissistic egos and stuffing corrupt cash into their pockets. I used to vote "for the lesser of 2 evils" but today the rinos are just as evil as the jackasses so I won't waste the time or ink to vote for either or them. I WILL vote for Trump but I am worried that there are WAY too many "people' in this country that are eating the BS that the jackasses and sleezy joe and the media are pushing that we may end up screwed forever!!!

  • Nancy McNeely

    08/07/2020 10:13 AM

    Again... Gov.... thank you for all your guidance with your answers to your viewers... these directive steps helps me to continue moving forward ... in the Light. Blessings to you...,
    Nancy McNeely

  • Stephen Russell

    08/07/2020 10:03 AM

    Pres Trump negative:
    Not outing Fauci earlier & keeping him on TF despite I was reading other posts about his past etc A-Z on him
    Or have him PT on TF or make TF on virus issues until Econ Recovery TF gears up.
    What did President see in Fauci vs other MDs & then other MDs denounce his policies IE
    lockdowns & masks.
    Thats the major voter frustration source on President
    Ammo for Dems to use to show he wants virus spread
    Am I wrong here.