April 1, 2020
- April 2, 2020

Tokyo has already postponed the summer Olympics to next year, but there’s still some question whether America’s big summer spectator sport events – the major party political conventions – will still go on. Both parties use those conventions to boost enthusiasm and turnout, something Joe Biden particularly will need. Although some might argue that having him walk a tightrope over Niagara Falls would be less risky than putting him onstage in front of the nation for a high-pressure convention speech on live TV. (Just look at how many gaffes he got into a brief interview on MSNBC, from calling Wuhan, China, “Luhan” to confusing the CDC with CVS pharmacy.

Some top Democrats are pushing to cancel the convention in Milwaukee, while others are suggesting at least postponing it. President Trump wants to go on with the GOP Convention in Charlotte. Both might not be feasible, but the Republicans have a better shot, since their convention isn’t until August 24th, while the Democrats were set for July 13.

If the conventions have to be canceled, it would be a shame, since they are great spectacles and a traditional part of the American electoral process. But in light of what we’re dealing with now, having to forego hearing Maxine Waters screech about Trump to an arena full of people in donkey-shaped hats and Greta Thunberg T-shirts seems like a small sacrifice to make.

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  • Steve Athans

    04/03/2020 12:52 PM

    Thank you Mike for your daily dose of sanity... I must admit that I am pretty well "Topped Out" of all the reporting and bantering these days. it defies any creditable logic to understand any of the Lefts talking points these days. Are they really that daft? "Lunacy squared"? Being a San Diego native I have experienced first hand the lunacy of our current House Speaker. A "crazed fool" doesn't even begin to cover her prowess. We are thankful for living in Mid Missouri these days, although we are not immuned to the current scourge of Leftist policies and milk-toast Moderates that help the cause. We are thankful for our new US Senator, Josh Hawley though, standing strong for our freedoms everyday. Again, Thank you Mike for your daily dose of wonderful sanity! Blessings, Steve and Gaitha Athans

  • Regena Brown

    04/02/2020 03:11 PM

    My hope is that we still hold the conventions; it is becoming clearer day by day that Biden is a sinking ship however, from past antics from Democrats they will throw a hail Mary with Cuomo last minute, which as we know is not how this works. But Democrats don't play by rules, they play street ball constantly.
    Trump 2020 all the way. And Republicans!!!!

  • Krystyna Orlean

    04/02/2020 11:49 AM

    Republican Convention SHOULD NOT be cancelled. We don't care about Dems.
    There must be setup safe and secure rules. People could sit down on every other chair, but life must go on. Trump could organize that in state like Texas for example who will welcome Republican Party to organize Convention here !
    We are proud of our President leadership, but we are waiting for the strong decision at the end of April the latest - to open all businesses in states where is not medical crisis.

    We had flu before and other medical problems, people died and nobody destroyed economy because of that. We must have our normal country back no matter what.
    The President could listen medical advisors - but He should make strong valuable decision for our country and start Economy. All Business must go back to work ASAP !
    China and other our enemies would like to see our country to be destroy economically !
    Doctors could show us many models, but we cannot wait for their dreams ! They are not making final decisions here ! Whole Business must hear Green News from President !! Because whatever President will decide he will get criticism anyway - he should do what is right for the country were people who survive this crisis or maybe many more must have opportunity to grow and run their business . So we trust President Trump that he will continue to be strong responsible leader who save our country NOW !
    When in Obama era was flu and over 20,000 people died, economy was not paralyzed and everybody said how super he handled that !
    We all must keep certain hygiene like we do know, plus give all sick people malaria old drug which helps 100% people. Why we are limiting that ?
    All Dems 'sick' Governors who banned that medication should be removed from the offices and prosecuted. Because by doing so, they let die own people because they hate Trump so much !