January 21, 2020

Instead of starting at 1 PM Eastern on Tuesday as earlier stated, opening arguments in the impeachment trial will begin at that same time on Wednesday and adjourn for the day at (yes) 1 AM. Tuesday has been set aside for rules and pre-trial motions, for which the deadline is 9 AM Wednesday. Reportedly this tweak in the schedule was to accommodate Chief Justice John Roberts. Now everybody has yet another day before the trial actually begins, so what to do? I know, let's all speculate some more about how it's going to go!

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a resolution that lays out the proposed ground rules. The same 12-hour, 12-hour, 12-hour, 12-hour format remains, so we’ve still got four marathon days to look forward to. Come to think of it, maybe Chief Justice Roberts wanted this to start Wednesday just to get more sleep in advance! (My staff is asking for both overtime and hazard pay.) Neither side will be allowed to go over its total 24-hour time limit.

Then, 16 hours will be devoted to questions by Senators, which are to be written down and read aloud by the Chief Justice. For four hours after that, House Democrats and Trump’s legal team will fight --- I mean, pursue legal arguments --- about whether or not to call witnesses. After deliberation, there will be a vote on that.

If the Senate votes to subpoena witnesses, then those witnesses will be deposed behind closed doors and the Senate will decide whether or not to allow them at the open session.

At this writing (Monday night), that’s how it is. Here’s a link to the story, but I warn you, it’s been “updated” with a statement from Sen. Chuck Schumer, who slams McConnell’s resolution as a “national disgrace” and “deeply unfair.” (Really? As unfair as the House “inquiry,” in which the President didn’t receive even basic due process rights?) Schumer whines, “The McConnell rules don’t even allow the simple basic step of admitting the House record...” Get ready for a lot more of this. I’m just guessing, but if that is the case, maybe McConnell’s rationale is that about 99.999 percent of the “evidence” provided by the House witnesses was nothing more than hearsay, opinion, and presumption and should not be admitted.

During the House “inquiry,” Democrats never presented any evidence that showed President Trump was trying to coerce Ukraine into investigating the Bidens. Not only did current President Zelensky say he hadn’t been pressured by Trump, but, as reported by the LA TIMES, even former President Poroshenko says he felt no pressure, either.

Schumer’s carping because McConnell’s not lying down in front of his steamroller and allowing his side to call all the witnesses they want. As I said yesterday, the Democrats should thank their lucky stars if witnesses aren’t called, because for them it will be like dodging a bullet. Do they REALLY want to see “the whistleblower,” a.k.a. Eric Ciaramella, sitting in the witness chair? How about Adam Schiff and his staff? Hunter Biden?

Gosh, I do! On the other hand, subpoenaing witnesses would create an interminable legal nightmare. And Lindsay Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has made it clear he’ll be calling “the whistleblower” and all the other witnesses needed for his investigation into the phony impeachment. So if it's a better plan not to call witnesses (either side) at this trial, we’ll just have to wait for the Senate to do that later. I understand why Republicans would not want to lend legitimacy to this sham proceeding or embolden the House to continue trying to rig the process and create the illusion that the President has done something impeachable.

Jordan Sekulow appeared Monday on Sean Hannity’s TV show to give an update. The Trump team filed a new memorandum on Monday that, he said, “takes apart, piece by piece, every single argument made by the House Democrat managers in their filings, which were, again, so weak to begin with, so difficult to defend.” He said that even though none of them wanted to be there, because they SHOULDN’T be, the team is, “in a sense, chomping at the bit, ready to go.” It’s their first chance to defend the President “with actual due process.”

Reince Priebus also came on, to point out something especially weird in the Articles of Impeachment: the accusation against President Trump of “corrupt motive.” They're saying that to deserve impeachment, you don’t have to commit an actual crime, but simply do something that they decide was for the wrong reason. Of course, President Trump never got the chance to tell what his reason was for wanting to investigate the Bidens’ profiteering from Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

The Bidens are in deep. We’ve known this for a long time thanks to the reporting of Peter Schweizer, author of CLINTON CASH, but his latest book, PROFILES IN CORRUPTION, shows specifically how five members of the Biden family, as part of the “progressive elite,” got rich through Joe’s political connections. If you’re a relative of Joe Biden –- say, his younger brother James –- you can get a job as executive vice president of an Iraqi company while having little or no experience in what they do (in this case, housing construction), because the company will then be on the "shortlist" for government contracts. Or if you’re Joe’s youngest brother, Frank, you can get get a deal to develop a resort in Costa Rica, with essentially no experience, soon after Joe takes a trip there as Obama’s “point man” in the Caribbean. Schweizer also has a lot more about the dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter, and that’s what we need to think about as Trump is impeached for wanting Ukraine to take a look at scams like this before getting $1.5 billion in military aid.

According to Schweizer, all the shady deals involving the Biden family took place during the eight years he was Vice President. Biden was a senator before that, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but it was when he became Vice President that, as Schweizer puts it, “his ship really came in.” Perhaps you’ve heard the story of how James Biden got the job with HillStone International: the CEO of HillStone comes to the White House for his one and only visit on November 4, 2010; he goes to Joe Biden’s office; and, three weeks later, he appoints Biden’s son James as VP of the company. A few months later, HillStone gets a government contract to build 100,000 homes in Iraq.

This kind of QUID PRO QUO is all about getting government contracts, and also staying in good with key officials in the American government if there are any problems. In the case of Joe Biden, five offspring benefited financially: James, Frank, Hunter, sister Valerie and daughter Ashley. Gee, if President Trump had the “corrupt motive” of trying to take out Joe Biden as a potential political rival, why wasn’t he investigating this whole cesspool?

But Trump was looking into corruption in Ukraine because he was supposed to, before giving them $1.5 billion of taxpayers’ money. And now everything is turned around; we have a case of the Bidens doing something wrong and the President suffering the consequences for daring to look into it.

Something to think about as we head into the trial of President Trump.

Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Linked to Projects Receiving $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration—Despite No Experience

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  • Carroll Scott

    01/22/2020 05:32 PM

    WHat to do???? Lets plead the blood of Jesus over Donald Trump, our President. That the bondage of Satan be broken over this precious man and that he will stand tall and true to himself and to his people. That his people will have the guts to tell the Left to 'take a walk'. To quit wasting our time and our money. $30 million so far I have heard. How disgraceful they are with their deceitfulness to the people who put them in office to serve in the greatest country in the world. They let everyone down including themselves. I am ashamed we are putting on this 'show' to the whole world.


    deceite to our great nation.

  • Karen Odom

    01/22/2020 12:38 PM

    My comment has nothing to do with your news. Everyone in the Republican Party feels free to text me and ask for money. Even people I have never heard of. Some people text me 2, 3, and 4 times a day with different needs. It is so bad that I don't look at the texts anymore. I just hit "delete" and get rid of them all. My cell rings constantly with the same requests. I don't answer. My cell is filled with texts: Please contribute! You haven't bought your Trump mug yet! Etc. I am badgered to death. What to do?

  • judy satterthwaite

    01/22/2020 08:27 AM

    I am expecting (and praying) President Trump to win the election in 20-20. But does this mean
    the late night comedian (?) Jimmy Kimble will continue to constantly insult and make fun of our
    President for another term?

  • Gerd Luders

    01/22/2020 07:23 AM

    Thanks Mike for your weekly commentaries pro free enterprise, happy humanity.
    Just why does the US need to finance and build 100.000 homes in Irak?
    Can’t they build themselves?
    Why doesn’t Irak and Ukraine get enough money from their oil and gas production to finance it themselves?
    Thanks and regards,

  • Jane Donisvitch

    01/21/2020 09:43 PM

    Please either switch out Mitch McConnell for a stronger person,or get him to stand more firm with these Democrats,they are expecting weak senior and too sensitive Republicans to give in and let them take over the Senate.Do not let them,no case and dismiss.Put Jordan in there,someone strong PLEASE.
    This is a disgrace for Republican Party,come on,stand behind the President.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/21/2020 08:17 PM

    If having the likes of Pelosi Nadler Schiff Schumer is bad news now, these low life miserable hoodlums will get elected again this fall. The Country really needs to rid the The US of these toxic low lifes. The need is not only to reelect our President the focus needs to be getting a responsible House and a few more responsible Senators to off set Romney Collins and a couple more RINOS that plague the Country the world would actually be in a better position if this happens. As you know The Democratic House and our RINOS keep decency from getting a strong hold for our country. These people are self serving and only care about the free ride they get by getting elected. They are so worthless to America and yes the world suffers because of them. I will stay away from the districts they represent I doubt if they are safe. Most of them are having outbreaks of disease that have been eradicated, are now coming back they just don't care. Useless of no Value thats what their sign on their door should read.

  • Michael

    01/21/2020 07:58 PM

    Governor: You provided information on some of their family who has benefited from extortion. Hopefully soon you will be able to tell us that someone with the proper authority will be investigating. & pursuing all appropriate charges. The Democrats are not above the law, though right now you would think they are in our current two-tier justice system. The Biden's should have been investigated along time ago, right along with Obama & the Clinton's and so many others. But the million dollar question is: will these corrupt crooks ever be investigated & charges be filed? I like many Americans have given up that justice & accountability will ever happen. Hope we are proven wrong!

  • rodney d burke

    01/21/2020 05:27 PM

    for this debacle of a proceeding, I guess your staff is wrranted at least overtime. As for hazardous duty pay? Well, from a mental POV maybe. ha, ha! might be a little hard on the sanity.
    As Bongino points out, if they need more witnesses do they not have the whole truth NOW? They KNOW they don't and they know calling "their witnesses will NOT give them what they want. No one else has, why should those three be any different? Now as far as withholding aid. Wasn't that decision made BEFORE the election of Zelensky? So any reasoning for not giving aid was determined because OF the corrupt administration and NOT the new one.

  • Glenn Lego

    01/21/2020 04:31 PM

    joe-bidens-brother-frank-linked-to-projects-receiving-54000000-in-taxpayer-loans-from-the-obama-administration-despite-no-experience/. Hmm. Where have we heard this before? One of Biden’s relationships getting a whole bunch of money despite no experience?

  • Ron Bangert

    01/21/2020 03:18 PM

    I recieved a post the stated Jie Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, and John Kerry each have children working for Ukrainian Gas Companies. If true where's Hunter is not the only witness the Senate s/b questioning.

  • Glenn De vries

    01/21/2020 03:16 PM

    The word, Extortion as define in the dictionary
    A noun,
    LaW, the “CRIME” of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority.
    Oppressive or illegal extraction as excessive price or interest.
    Why doesn’t this apply to -Political Parties
    Why doesn’t apply to Banks

  • Norman Leal

    01/21/2020 02:40 PM

    During the next election hope voters remember no Democrat voted for a tax cut. Most Democrats voted to impeach Trump. A waste of time and tax payers money. If they can't win at the election box they try to get him out another way.

    In November 2020 remember to vote for Trump....

  • Judy Whitfield

    01/21/2020 02:23 PM

    * If GOP were not allowed input into the DEM inquiry, why should they dictate to the Senate?
    * When will the House go back to running the country and taking care of real business?
    * Billions of taxpayer funds given to other countries! We must be paying too much to the government. Help Americans instead.

  • jack macdonald

    01/21/2020 02:22 PM

    I am watching Pencil Neck whine about the unfairness that his cabal is being subjected to. This follows watching Schumer do the same a little earlier. Nothing McConnel could do short of kissing their asses would satisfy these two creeps and even that probably would not be acceptable. Total a capitulation is the only acceptable outcome. Giving them the actual transcript of the call was not enough and it should have been. Here it is in the light of day, end of story. I would tell them to vote without additional thousands of pages of hearsay much like congress was told by Pelosi when voting on Obamacare. She said vote and then you can see what is in the bill. These people are so full of s**t they must all have brown eyes.

    Lastly and what I was wanted to say in the beginning is that I can only hope that these elected senators have as much sense as I and most Conservative voters have and it will come out right. I am not thoroughly convinced of this and that scares me.

  • William Taylor

    01/21/2020 02:16 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Two comments 1) President Trump’s successes e.g. on the economy, should not excuse and completely obliterate failings and abuses. 2) The perjury in the Clinton trial involved testimony around his personal sexual conduct and therefore did not involve political matters in my opinion.

  • Floyd Hale

    01/21/2020 02:13 PM

    Make all of Biden's past ,history , available !!!!!

  • Deborah Kay Dodge

    01/21/2020 01:46 PM

    I just don't get it. They keep spouting that no-one is above the Law, but obviously Democrats are. We, the right and the people, need to be able to do something about this. We have rights too. More rights then Democratic Politian's, we are "We the People". Why does this never work right?

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/21/2020 01:25 PM

    "Greater love hath no man" than to continue to be willing to read about this insanity in the hope that, as it continues to raise the temperature of the raging "fire in my bones", it will give me the necessary supernatural power to transcend my physical limitations to bring enough of a ray of light into the darkness OF this insanity to make a difference to our dying kids.....AND.....

    If people who, like myself, write comments on a regular basis, are tired of reading those three words, "our dying kids", IN the comments I write, I want to explain that, as a Christian, save for my embracing the truth that GOD'S purpose for the lives of Christians is that they be confirmed into the image of Jesus Christ, the purpose of my life is to make a difference TO our dying kids and I have no choice but TO have this AS my purpose because God has used my passionate love (which is really HIS passionate love) for our hurting kids to persuade gang risk kids and potential "shooters"..!! to put down their guns! And BECAUSE God HAS used me to make a life/death difference in the lives of MANY kids who TOLD me that, had I NOT loved them they would have died or killed another kid, it is a call on my life that will be mine, until I close my eyes for the last time!

    And THE only reason I subject myself to suffering the grief that is mine...when I read about this world's INSANITY in these newsletters.... is because I suffer an even greater grief every time I hear that a kid has been shot to death....and, in Charlotte, we hear that news every third day! And, even if we don't watch a news channel, the news of a kid being shot is given during a commercial break!

    My point is that I never get a break from having to suffer the grief of hearing that another kid has gone to an early grave!..And BECAUSE I experience such grief every time I hear of a kid who has been shot, I wake up WITH this grief I have expressed in so many of my the BACKDROP AGAINST which I read about this INSANITY!.....FOR INSTANCE...

    The statement in this newsletter about Senator Chuck Schumer "slamming McConnell's resolution as a 'NATIONAL DISGRACE' "....IS insanity!. WHY, you ask?
    I will tell you....

    On the Saturday after Christmas, three sisters aged 14, 13, and 11 decided to use the money they'd received for Christmas to treat themselves to new shoes...So their mom agreed to drive them to a mall in Concord (which is about a half hour's drive from Charlotte) so they could shop FOR new shoes..After these three girls had bought their shoes, they called their mom to tell her that they were ready for her to come and get them and that they would be waiting for her in the parking lot of the Concord Mills mall.

    However, while they were waiting FOR their mom, kids in the parking lot started shooting at one another and the 13year-old, Aveanna Propst, was caught in the cross fire and was instantly killed! And, while her mother was turning into the parking lot, she received an hysterical call from her 14 year old that Aveanna had just been shot!!!

    During Aveanna's funeral, one of the speakers said, "OUR KIDS ARE SCREAMING FOR HELP!" ....and, friends, THAT is the statement that I heard a mental replay of upon reading that Schumer defined McConnell's resolution as a NATIONAL DISGRACE.....because.....what, in reality, IS the national disgrace is that Schumer should define McConnell's resolution AS a national disgrace BECAUSE...

    The REAL national disgrace is that our kids ARE screaming for help and their cry is falling on the deaf ears of the Democrats who care more about destroying their President than they care about trying to stop our kids from BEING destroyed! And I know I've said that before, but I'll KEEP saying it!!!

    The other statement that also gave witness to INSANITY is the statement that Reince Priebus pointed out that the Articles of Impeachment accused Trump of CORRUPT MOTIVE.....when, in reality, it was the Democrats' CORRUPT MOTIVE that AUTHORED these articles!!!!!

  • Glenn Lego

    01/21/2020 01:20 PM

    Does that mean that Trump just has to breathe at the wrong time and that’s an impeachable offense?

  • Vernon Thompson

    01/21/2020 12:45 PM

    Speaking of Corruption. When does the corrupt, dishonest, ethically challenged Adam (Captain Kangaroo) Schiff get held to account for his transgressions? The DOJ should be investigating:
    • Leaking of classified information to the media.
    • Subpoena of and subsequent release of telecommunications records in his impeachment report.
    • Involvement with Shiff and/or his staff with contacts in the Ukraine.
    • Collusion between Schiff and/or his staff with the so-called whistleblower and his attorney in an effort to frame the President.
    It would be wonderful if his repeated lies could be pursued except members of Congress are immune from prosecution for lies, slander, etc. Schiff has done more than his share and the only remedy is at the ballot box!

  • Pat J Green

    01/21/2020 12:42 PM

    I did a total of 24 years in the military, my did was in the South Pacific during WW2, my son served honorable in the US Army I have two grandsons in the Army right now with one of them somewhere in the Middle East, another who is in the process of entering the US Navy. We all have served Honorable. Then here comes Biden's son gets a waver and gets a commission then gets caught with dope gets other than honorable discharge and then goes on as if nothing happens. In my day in the Navy there would have been some brige time.

  • Helen Tritt

    01/21/2020 12:10 PM

    The Biden Family & obummer's are so thick in the CORRUPTION MODE in which that MODE can be cut with really a dull knife. I PRAY THAT AG BARR WILL BRING DOWN THE "HAMMER" VERY SWIFTLY WITH THOSE HARD-LINE "CRIMINALS".
    Thank GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, AG BARR & MR. DURHAM FOR ALL THEY ARE DOING TO FILTER OUT ALL OF THE CRIMINALS, WHEREVER POSSIBLE. Now, if only President Trump would terminate Wray, he obviously is in the TRENCHES WITH THE OTHER CRIMINALS. Those people and I call them people loosely as they are a HORRIBLE FIT IN THE CATEGORY. SUCH A DISGRACE!!!
    Thank You Lord for sending this remarkable man to us in order to SAVE OUR GREAT NATION.

  • Glenda Miller

    01/21/2020 12:09 PM

    Totally agree!
    The Democratic House is so hypocritical! Two points. One, the House did NOT impeach the President, the Democrats did. NO Republicans voted in favor. Two, someone please tell the whining Democrats that there is such a thing as a DVR and most people have one. There is no reason to keep whining about "middle of the night" sessions.

  • Laurie Keiski

    01/21/2020 11:55 AM

    In looking up Schumer’s bio, I noted that all he has ever done was either pimp for an elected official or was elected himself. Seems his career was serving his interests, not the country’s. Now he’s back to old habits, pimping for Pelosi. What a joke.

  • Melinda Long

    01/21/2020 11:36 AM

    very informative...did not know all this