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October 5, 2021

Remember when no one decorated or even talked about Christmas until after Thanksgiving? And then, focus on Christmas started before Thanksgiving, and then Halloween. Now, thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats we have Christmas in October! That’s right, the House Democrats have all relocated to the North Pole and are wearing elf costumes and busy getting ready to deliver to you the American suckers, er, uh, people a sack full of….surprises! Yep, this year expect to be promised free college, free child care, free health care, free food, free housing, and free entertainment. You will get guaranteed income, free housing from which you can’t be evicted even if you never pay your rent, and free transportation. And according to President Biden, it won’t cost you a penny! It’s all going to be delivered at no cost because he’s going to raise taxes to pay for it. It’s some strange math to pay for over 6 trillion dollars of stuff at no cost. But then if you believe that it can be and will be, you probably believe that we have our southern border under control, that Covid will kill you in a football stadium, but not if you are rioting and burning federal courthouses or police stations, and believe we had a flawless exit from Afghanistan, left no one behind, and have lowered the cost of gasoline and groceries despite what your checkbook tells you!

Please remember that government doesn’t have its own money. It only has what it takes from you or those around you. And the questions you should always ask are these:

1. Is what the government is promising a job they are supposed to be doing in the first place? And

2. Are you willing to have the government take the money you worked for and spend it FOR you because they will be better managers of your money than you will?

Joe Biden thinks if he takes money out of your pocket to pay for what he claims are his gifts to you, it won’t cost anything because he will pay for it—even if he pays for it with YOUR money! Is that the way your house payment works? You pay the mortgage for 30 years and Praise the Lord! It didn’t cost you a dime, because it was all paid for? Huh?

If you hear politicians talk about how they are going to make “investments” for your future, run like your shoes are on fire! When they say invest, they mean spend. But I like the technique. Never again will I tell my wife I’m going to spend money on a guitar or a gun—I’m simply making an investment and it won’t cost one red cent because it will be paid for. I think this plan can work for a lot of things---your dog didn’t pee on your carpet—he just made an investment!

The only thing I worry about more than the government lying to me and telling me they are giving me free stuff is that apparently a lot of Americans actually believe it.

Write this down if you need to. Government can’t and won’t give you a thing that didn’t cost you and your neighbors the full price. And if you believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, then you’re going to love Joe Biden because he’s telling you that he’s ready to give you a bunch of free stuff. And it won’t cost you a thing! Merry Christmas everyone!

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