September 23, 2019

The “whistleblower” story, assumed to implicate Trump in an attempt to induce the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings in that country, has taken on a life of its own, and the hysteria will continue to grow and morph unabated, at least until Thursday, when acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testifies before the House Intelligence Committee. At this point, we don’t know the specifics of the phone call at issue or the identity of the whistleblower (and I use that term loosely because it typically refers to “blowing the whistle” on an internal matter; a more accurate word here would be “leaker”).  That hasn’t stopped the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many in the media from saying Trump should be impeached over it. In fact, with no evidence, they have already decided that President Trump used foreign officials to go after his political opponent.

(Hey, we KNOW Hillary Clinton did that, in 2016, by way of Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, among others.)

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Democrats are demanding a transcript of the phone call, but in their minds, it’s only a formality. They might actually be just fine with not getting it because they could throw a fit and go with the narrative that Trump is abusing his executive privilege – heck, they’re already accusing him of that – even though Presidents aren’t supposed to have to turn over transcripts of their conversations with foreign leaders. And, gosh, if this transcript isn’t privileged, what about others? Devin Nunes, on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo, asked why we shouldn’t also get transcripts of Obama’s and Biden’s talks with Ukranian leaders, Putin, etc.

Nunes also noted that the stories about Hunter Biden’s business dealings originally surfaced when Hillary was running for President and didn’t want Joe Biden to enter the race. (I’ve always thought Biden’s grief over the death of his son Beau was only one reason he didn’t run in 2016. The prospect of running against the Clinton Machine was definitely another. I digress.)

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump were intending to release this transcript all along. It takes a while to decide what needs to remain classified, and in the meantime he might enjoy stringing the Democrats along to set them up for an even bigger letdown. Maybe there’s something in that transcript that incriminates – oh, I don’t know – Joe and/or Hunter Biden. The scenario might play out like the ending of the classic Uncle Remus story, a work of pure genius that is, sadly, no longer read by kids in school because it’s considered a relic of racist times. Br’er Fox finally snares Br’er Rabbit and considers how to proceed, and Br’er Rabbit says (in non-PC Southern black dialect), “Oh, please, please, Br’er Fox, do whatever you want to do to me, kill me, eat me, but DON’T, I’m begging you, DON’T throw me in the briar patch!” Proving that reverse psychology works, Br’er Fox throws him in the briar patch to make him suffer, when the briar patch is exactly what Br’er Rabbit wants, as he can easily wriggle through the briars and get away.

Maybe Trump is saying, “Oh, please, PLEASE, Democrats, don’t make me release that transcript!”

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It’s fun to laugh and speculate about something like that happening, and who knows? But however it plays out, keep in mind that there is much, much more to this whole Ukraine story than we are being led to believe. Sen. Lindsay Graham, also on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, stressed that just as the “Trump/Russia” ties were relentlessly (and fruitlessly) investigated, the “Biden/Ukraine” and “Hillary/Ukraine” connections also need to be examined through and through. It will be up to Attorney General Bill Barr, he said, to make this happen; the media will not do it.

Leave it to John Solomon at THE HILL to get past the obvious and look at all the angles, including ones that are being ignored by both sides. His most recent commentary examines Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s contacts with Zelensky’s people and the narrative being furthered by the media. They suggest that Giuliani’s reason for reaching out was to get dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine because Joe was a likely political opponent in 2020. But that scenario leaves out an intriguing piece of the puzzle.

Giuliani did not initiate this contact. It was set in motion and facilitated by members of our own State Department, specifically, a senior U.S. diplomat – one of Solomon’s sources for this story – who contacted Giuliani in July and asked permission to connect an attorney and adviser to the Ukrainian president, Andrei Yermak, with him. (Recall that mid-July was when Trump had “that” phone call with President Zelensky.)

In early August, Giuliani met the Ukrainian official in Spain, and on August 11 he was debriefed over the phone by two U.S. diplomats. In other words, he informed the State Department of the details of their meeting.

So, while we’re waiting to find out more about Trump’s phone call with Zelensky, at least we can be assured that Giuliani’s contact with Ukrainian officials was on the up and up. He was asked to go, he went, and he told them all about it afterwards. He was NOT conducting “oppo research” on the Biden family. As Trump’s top lawyer talking with Zelensky’s top lawyer, he was part of a diplomatic effort by the State Department to build trust with the new president of Ukraine. At least, he thought he was.

But at this point, it’s hard not to speculate that this was part of yet another set-up.

Solomon has been looking into our ties with Ukraine and their possible involvement in our 2016 election for a long time. (Recall the stories about the leak of Paul Manafort’s “black book” that was said to contain records of under-the-table payments he received from Ukrainians.) From interviews with more than a dozen Ukrainian and American officials, Solomon has learned that the Ukrainian government has been trying since the summer of 2018 to hand over evidence concerning the conduct of certain Americans during the Obama years that may have been in violation of U.S. law. The Ukrainians say their efforts to get this evidence to U.S. authorities were thwarted, first by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, and then by the U.S. attorney’s office in New York.

Solomon learned that last part from the respected U.S. attorney who had received the hand-delivered evidence and passed it on to the New York office.

And what were the allegations? Ukrainian officials reportedly had evidence that the Democratic National Committee (Hillary Clinton, same thing) had pressured Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election. The officials also had information about Hunter Biden’s efforts to prosper in Ukraine while his father was Vice President and in charge of managing U.S.-Ukraine relations.

Solomon makes a great point: that while Hillary and other political enemies of Trump are saying he tried to solicit a foreign power to interfere with the next election, this really seems to be more about resolving what happened with the LAST election. And that’s the last thing Trump’s adversaries want.


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  • Shirley Angelini

    12/05/2020 03:30 PM

    Joe Biden was on TV. saying that he was not going to approve a loan to Ukraine if they did not fire someone who was going to investigate where Hunter Biden was working.
    Hunter was making thousands a month. Joe got 900 or one million. Biden took Hunter to China, on Air force 11, where he got a bank loan of 2.5 Billion dollars.
    Hunter also is involved with a Company where he will make Ten Million Dollars a
    year. Hunter also got 3.5 million from Russia. In 2019 a Laptop of Hunter was
    removed from shop in Delaware where left it. It has enough information on it to
    Prove corruption. Hunter’s Ex partner, was on TV and said Joe and Hunter are
    Involved. Other information re Hunter and China which would be treason.
    Where is the Justice In America.

  • Mike Horst

    09/26/2019 12:57 PM

    The Double Standard Democrats are at it still. There are obviously two sets of laws. One for Republicans and another for Democrats. Their strategy is obviously that if they whine, scream and lie enough they will get their way. Sounds like petulant spoiled children doesn't it? Americans better wake up to all the Democrat nonsense. If we don't stand up to these loud mouth bullies and allow them to get their way we will pay a much higher price when Trump is impeached and thrown out of office having committed no crime. I hope you folks out there are ready for socialism, your gun rights taken away, rule by the "elite" Democrats. No more religious freedom, return to the dark ages with no automobiles, state controlled health care such as it would be. Over my dead limp body will they do these things!

  • Ruby Howell

    09/25/2019 03:45 AM

    The Democrats are trying to keep the country focused on fake news about our President hoping that the country would not vote for President Trump again. They don't like it that they are not in control. Democrats are power hungry.They want to do as they please. The Congressman from Atlanta , Ga. said the president was destroying our country, but he is wrong. The Democrats are the ones that have destroyed& shredded our country so that there is such unrest in our nation. The far left, if allowed, will send our nation into Communism which is a bondage & takes everything away from those of us that are hard workers to give to those that all they want are hand outs. My vote is for my President!

  • Ruth Bowman

    09/24/2019 10:47 PM

    So tired of ALL THE TIME AND MONEY being wasted to take down the President. Could you spend time helping seniors, disabled, sick and everyone else in the USA.
    We are the greatest country in the world and I have a feeling everyone around the world is laughing at US....I am not laughing - I am crying and PRAYING!

  • Sandra Roberts

    09/24/2019 09:50 PM

    May God Take all the evil the left throws at us and turn it back on them seven fold May the wall of evil fall Never to get up????

  • karen morehouse

    09/24/2019 06:16 PM

    I laways as an american wondered why allegations came up and were submerged by the media or news Gods. After the slanted fasle unverified Steele dossier I think a better use of my money would be to find out why nepotism is ok if it involves the dems

  • rodney burke

    09/24/2019 04:37 PM

    Yep the boomerang is working. And the accusations of libs are about to bite them...HARD. The Projection is become so obvious it's almost laughable. Time for some indictments and a trip by that barge to GITMO. I wanna see someone go into congress and scan the house and senate for all the empty chairs that are about to be there. This is getting comical. They are so desperate and transparent, we ALL can see it...that is if we are awake. Hannity was right, this is the year of the boomerang. And it keeps coming back to slap libs up the side of the head. But they will never learn. DTS defined, what is it now? About level 4? ha, ha! Yeah Mike, it's about time to buy some popcorn. The show is abut to start.

  • David Colonna

    09/24/2019 10:46 AM

    This is absolutely ludicrous what has been going on within the Democratic party all this corruption. When is someone going to stand up to Nadler and tell him to get his head out of the sand and start investigating his own past colleagues for election fraud, spying and pure espionage against an incoming and sitting President. We the American people should be shouting out at the House Judicial hearings about the real truth about Obama's whole cabinet full of corruption! I think a Huckabee bus brigade to the hearings should occur now. I will bring the mega phone so we can definitely be heard during the meeting.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    09/24/2019 09:47 AM

    and yet, nothing is being done about them...I want some bodies in jail!

  • Julia banks

    09/24/2019 08:05 AM

    Trump is NOT a Racist at all. Those who call him that are either ignorant or a racist themselves. He is cleaning house, ridding it of the most corrupt people who have abused our government, laws and finances and returning our republic to it’s intended purpose and work.

  • Edward Brewer Jr

    09/24/2019 08:03 AM

    I have admired and chuckled all along with our President "playing" the Democratic party. Therein lies a major issue. When will the "truth bomb" be dropped and these same Democrats screaming for impeachment, be investigated themselves. The American people are wondering what is Mr. Barr waiting on ?

  • RL

    09/24/2019 06:14 AM

    BARR-DURHAM Investigation report won’t happen FAST enough ! We need the thugs prosecuted from the coup attempt that tried to steal the 2016 Presidential Election !

  • Robin

    09/24/2019 01:06 AM

    And yet more dirt and EVIDENCE of the Obama administration in dirty dealings and not a damn thing is done to the democrats shocked I am! NOT!
    I read an article just recently which a former federal judge said he doesn’t think that anyone is going to see prison time with all this evidence of government corruption. That’s why the democrats keep doing it.
    Muslims and democrats two protected leches in America!

  • Charles Smith

    09/23/2019 11:44 PM

    This is hard for me to wrap my head around; from what I understand exposing the crimes of the protected class is treason. These crooks should be hung from a tall tree enough of the insanity.

  • Charles Smith

    09/23/2019 11:37 PM

    Enough is enough!!! When is it a crime to expose crimes done by democrats? Do they really think we are that stupid?

  • Vernon Thompson

    09/23/2019 10:54 PM

    I am sick of all of the nonsense! When do we ever get to the truth - the real truth!
    I am a Fox Fan and sometimes I watch Shepard Smith. Shep seems to be a real journalist until the name Trump comes up. He begins to hyperventilate, his eyes get wide, and he begins to foam at the mouth.
    Today you would have thought he was part of the Biden Defense Team. He cited all of the BS as if were true. He went on to claim all of the Biden charges had been investigated and no wrongdoing was found. Somehow I suspect that was a LIE! What a disgrace for Fox - one of the few places one has of getting honest reporting!

  • Carl Smith

    09/23/2019 08:59 PM

    Waiting, waiting, waiting! EVEN if the TRUTH proves what is apparent the Media is committed to suicide and will NEVER allow the truth to be told. When 95% of ALL media is in the hands of 6 people and they are all Anti -Trump what other outcome could possibly happen?

  • Sammi Lehmann

    09/23/2019 08:58 PM

    It was just announced, Monday, 9/23, in the 5 p.m. hour that the "whistleblower" was NOT part of the telephone call and he received the "information" second hand. Then WHY is anyone listening to him? Apparently he didn't hear anything and he's repeating something someone told him...and the dems are going nuts, again, over NOTHING!

  • Sammi Lehmann

    09/23/2019 08:53 PM

    Why is no one commenting on the fact that Biden's son, not a government employee, rode on Air Force 2 with Biden to China - the son said that he had business in China. I've heard nothing saying that was government business. In fact, Biden-the-younger made millions from those business decisions. Why was he on Air Force 2 on the tax payers' dime/s?

  • Jim Ortiz

    09/23/2019 06:59 PM

    The Democrats MUST IMPEACH President Trump. He is coming after them for their lawlessness.

  • Diane Rowlands

    09/23/2019 06:17 PM

    I hope Trump wins this one. The Dems have been trying everything to take Trump down. I hope Nadler and the others get knocked down. AOC is a piece of work. I hope she doesn't get reelected.

  • Ev Batey

    09/23/2019 06:00 PM

    Maybe at 75 I'm getting a little senile. I THOUGHT THIS WHOLE UKRAINE story began with Little Joe Biden acting in an Executive Branch rep capacity asked Ukraine to cease and desist their investigator tracking Little Joe's kid major income with some Ukraine company and withholding US funds. Don't suppose that one counts as 'clean up US corruption?' Hmmmmm. Let's expose BOTH ends of the discussion if that one also really exists. Thank you.

  • Doug Morgan

    09/23/2019 05:40 PM

    Republicans, Barr and the Washington based Corruption, Inc.,will do nothing but waste time and money. They will kill time to "investigate" what they've already agreed to "predestinate" that no deep state operators will be prosecuted so long as they "defecate" on Trump's efforts to address critical issues like immigration, Iran, North Korea, and keeping America on the right track to even more greatness.

  • Andrew E McManus Sr

    09/23/2019 05:26 PM

    Bill Weld is an idiot. Pretty nervy and irresponsible to call Trump treasonous without actual EVIDENCE. These morons started talking about impeaching him as soon as he won the election....he wasn't even inaugurated yet. They all need a wakeup call, especially Adam "Shifty". If Trump is charged with anything in this, Hitlery Clinton ought to be charged with the same crime plus so much more. Nobody can tell me she didn't send all classified emails on that server. to say that she didn't would be to say she never sent a classified emails at all during her tenure

  • Ed Thompson

    09/23/2019 04:46 PM

    The old but true story of sinking ships having rats come out trying to save themselves could be applied here with the swamp being drained and the rats looking for new places to hide, in plain sight! Either way them rats are more and more exposed to everyone who now can see plainly how many there are. Amazing that so many so called educated people are still defending the rats over the very people who are trying to get rid of them for the good of everyone! I didn’t think it was possible to get any more disgusted with people who were elected to serve the country and represent the people, not self serving for their own agendas that go against all sense and logic and the very basic concept of American values and the laws of the land. These are power hungry people who don’t care for the people who voted them in. These folks are the worst of the “me” and “I” and “no one else”,club and need to be replaced with people who actually love America and respect it as such. God Bless America—please! Vote for President Trump in 2020 and get rid of these rats once and for all. Vote them out please. Do yourself and America a huge favor. The country you save just might be here! Please.