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February 11, 2021
- February 12, 2021

Since I know you have not been watching, Joe Concha at The Hill did the dirty work for you and watched some recent episodes of what passes for late night “comedy” shows nowadays.

Having turned themselves into nothing but Trump-bashing fests for four years, the hosts no longer have Trump to kick around anymore, and their desperation is obvious. They seem to have gone so long without actually being funny that they don’t even remember how anymore. All they had to do was insult Trump in sentence structures that vaguely resembled a joke and their studio audiences would cheer and applaud (a phenomenon dubbed “clapter,” because it’s not real laughter.) Now, they no longer have Trump, and they’ve driven away all their viewers except leftists who rush to Twitter to cancel anyone who tells a joke about anything other than Trump.

They seem to have practically given up even trying to be funny. With the virus having shut down movies and concerts, so celebrities have nothing to promote, they’ve been reduced to acting as tedious sycophants and mouthpieces for whatever leftist politicians they can book. Honestly, would you stay up after midnight to hear Seth Meyers’ impassioned defense of Ilhan Omar’s rationality? (I know, it is a hilarious premise, but trust me, he did nothing funny with it.)

Late night is dead for the foreseeable future, until some network hires a comedian who is brave enough to be funny and not care about the cancel culture crowd, and that network stands behind him or her. So, dead for the foreseeable future.

However, if you want to see a really entertaining variety show that’s not hard-left, with intelligent and funny commentary on the news, and you don’t have to stay up late for it, I know of one that’s on TBN every weekend…


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