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January 30, 2023



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33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

Project Veritas Update

UPDATE on the Project Veritas hidden camera video of alleged Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker and the reaction to it (or complete lack of reaction from the liberal media.)

I told you that Pfizer finally responded with a denial that left more questions than it answered. Jazz Shaw at voices some of those questions:

And for those wondering if Walker is really a Pfizer executive or just an elaborate hoax, private investigator Brian O’Shea at Substack did a deep dive into Walker’s background. Here’s what he came up with…

Here’s the kind of feminist empowerment story liberals claim to love

A young, African-American single mom who needed income to support her four daughters but also a flexible schedule launched her own business as an independent truck driver. She felt she’d achieved the American Dream: she was her own boss, making money doing what she loved and enjoying the freedom of being on the road.

But there was one problem that threatened to destroy it all: She lived in California, where the leftist leaders passed the pro-union AB-5 bill that made it virtually impossible to be an independent contractor anymore.

That link is her own must-read story in her own words. Fortunately, she was able to move to Missouri, where she is still living the American Dream. But President Biden and the Democrats have made it very clear that they want to pass an AB-5 style law to cover the entire nation. Where will people go if the entire country has to follow insane laws like the ones that are ruining California?

Remember her story in 2024, and anytime there’s an election where Democrats urge you to put them back in complete control because “they’re from the government and they’re here to help you.”

By the way, it’s not just the elected officials who are out to destroy the free market economy. There are also all the unelected bureaucrats who are politicizing government agencies. They’re already doing it, and your bank account is already the poorer for it. For instance, did you know that some FTC commissioners want to ban bulk discounts on goods, so you’ll have to pay more even if you shop at Sam’s Club or Costco? Why? As this piece explains, some “progressives” think prices are too low, and they’re certainly doing a bang-up job of fixing that.

Must-See Video

We may have found one women’s sport that won’t be taken over by “trans” athletes, and that’s figure skating, at least not if this trans figure skater in Finland is any indication. These are some of the funniest pratfalls since Buster Keaton. This is one of those “I probably shouldn’t laugh, but I just can’t stop” videos.

I wonder if they gave this person the top trophy anyway, just for being so stunning and brave? Or maybe that should be “stunned and bruised.”

Too Many Showbiz Obituaries

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I have sad news for fellow fans of ‘60s and ‘70s music and TV. This weekend, several people responsible for some of the most enduring entertainment of that era passed away.

Actress Lisa Loring died Saturday at 64 of a stroke caused by high blood pressure. The family said she went peacefully with both of her daughters holding her hands. Loring made guest appearances on a number of TV shows and had a recurring role as Cricket Montgomery on “As the World Turns” in the ‘80s. But her TV Land immortality came when she was only five and became the first Wednesday Addams on the classic sitcom, “The Addams Family.”

While the show lasted only two years, that character has only gotten more popular with each generation, next making a star of Christina Ricci, and currently she's the focus of Netflix’s #1 mini-series, “Wednesday.” Loring’s dance with the Addams’ butler Lurch is now an insanely popular Internet meme, which you can see at this link, along with more on the life of Lisa Loring and her memories of the “Addams” set and cast.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Tom Verlaine of the band Television died Saturday in New York after a short illness at 73. Verlaine never achieved breakthrough stardom but he was highly influential in the punk and new wave scenes of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Television’s first album, “Marquee Moon,” didn’t even crack the charts in 1977, but is now often cited as one of the best of the decade.

We also say goodbye to one of Motown’s greatest songwriters, Barrett Strong, who died Sunday in Detroit at 81. He sang Motown’s first chart hit, “Money (That’s What I Want),” but he didn’t like the unstable entertainer's life, so he became one of Motown’s in-house songwriters. Often working with the late Norman Whitfield, Strong co-wrote such Motown classics as “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” “War” (“What is it good for?”), “Smiling Faces Sometimes,” and many hits for the Temptations, including “Just My Imagination,” “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” and “Cloud Nine.” Strong later returned to singing and released his first album in 30 years, “Stronghold II,” in 2010.

As for why the Motown songs still make people feel good, maybe that was just the atmosphere in which they were created. Strong once said, “It was a great time. We were just kids, and we did it for the fun, not the money. We enjoyed being at the studio all day, working. Nowadays people want the money first, which I can understand. But we used to put the product first and figured if we worked hard we would get paid. It was just an era.”

Sadly, an era that no longer exists in the music industry. But we’ll always have the records. Thank you, Mr. Strong!

Great News

A federal court jury figuratively told Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden DOJ where they could put their politicized persecution of pro-life activists by finding Mark Houck NOT GUILTY of violating the FACE Act that criminalizes blocking someone from entering an abortion clinic.

The feds were trying to send Houck to federal prison for 11 years for shoving a pro-abortion activist who was harassing his young son. State authorities decided there was no case, but Garland will never miss an opportunity to abuse his powers to try to silence critics of Biden's agenda. Let's hope he doesn't hold that power much longer.

Maybe this will send a message to Garland that the American people are fed up with him ignoring blatant crimes by violent leftist radicals while he spends his time trying to railroad elderly pro-life activists into federal prisons for praying outside abortion clinics to try to save the lives of babies. If he wants to prosecute someone for violating federal law by protesting, how about charging the leftist protesters who are rallying outside the private homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices in clear violation of federal law?

Since the Dobbs case is long over, I assume the only reason for those illegal protests is to try to use intimidation tactics to influence High Court judges' rulings. Isn't that also illegal?




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  • Jerry

    01/31/2023 12:09 PM

    The media is working the race card in the beating an American by 5 savages. Americans dressed in police uniforms and paid by Americans police department to protect and serve is a far away description of what I call protection Memphis Tennessee have American voters are the rates of community crime out of control or when is a 29 year old considered a kid what was a 29 full grown man running from police did the police have an underlying reason to pursue this American man would I run if I knew 5 savages were going to due harm to me we don’t know all the details Americans we are Americans we are corrupt we r kind we have money some have more and some have less some give some take some steal some earn we are Americans act like one I earn I am kind and helpful I give and I love where I am it is 10 below 0 I deal with it that’s America

  • Jery

    01/31/2023 11:40 AM

    The Congress asked at supreme court what is a woman and could not explain what a woman is and she is a supreme court judge today. Did the country get the best Judge? If a woman doesn't know what a woman is after 40 years she should not be crossing the street by herself. Yet she is in position be make decisions on existing law Pitiful to say the least. Men I doubt men like Garland or Myorkas biden can define what is a man. Masculinity is missing for sure Courage of course to be a real American is absent oh these people have strong people protecting them at all times however to be themselves they are what the noun coward describes. People do not need to be body builders to be a man a man is an ordinary person doing exceptional activities making a desirable home protecting its family without the protection of a government agency our politicians make laws they do not live by how many of Minnesota government official live in downtown Minneapolis not many they are afraid of property loss and personal well being the same goes for most democratic run cities. Government or government sponsored security guard the residence the politicians live in why is that? Because the laws are not enforceable and the politician are not capable of being a real American. Most are not servants of their community they take from the community and when they finish their terms they leave they destroy communities does Obama live in Chicago no everyone with 2 dimes to rub together have left does the mayor of Chicago now if she is a woman can she define what a woman is suppose to be? she dances that is all she knows she is 2 clicks above the IQ test than the people that elected her and she is loving every second. Dancing the day away why most are running from her that is all great that leaves her less intelligence to deal with.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    01/31/2023 09:59 AM

    Redstate, Fox News and most other news organizations will NOT allow me to look at their content when you place a reference in your commentary. When I first click on one of your references, a box, which covers enough of the screen so you can't see the content, comes up. You are asked to allow ads in order for the screen to go away. Since I don't want to allow ads, I am unable to read most of your references.

  • Larry Rippere

    01/31/2023 01:02 AM

    That transgender "figure skater": YIKES!!! This person made me believe my long-dead grandma had come back to life in Finland and at her lofty age, was attempting ice-skating. The person's figure even matched. Don't we think of figure skaters (either/any gender) as being trim and slender?

  • Jerry

    01/30/2023 07:47 PM

    Lowering standards for police, military, International Transportation is never a good idea. I was involved in the mid 80's the Federal Government made my Transportation corporation make hiring changes to have equity, the company stuggled to hire a group that could meet the criteria the Federal Government wanted to have around International Travel. The Feds checked the rosters around the country to see if the company had meet its quota of hiring that group and it failed, the company showed the applicants failure to meet the criteria the Government had set to be hired; the company had to lower the standard of hiring and years later was a victim of a Hostile takeover the company took a economic downward spiral and ended up in another takeover of what was a horrible ending there is no sign of the former company today. Lower the standards of hiring and lose your asset. Good people make good companies. You get what you pay for. Ask the Memphis police department how it is doing today Dismantle a whole squad with no sign of where it is today. Gone couldn't meet the good standard.

  • Ruth Riggs

    01/30/2023 07:05 PM

    I enjoy reading your newsletters. Thank you so much.

  • Larry Ray Ashby

    01/30/2023 07:04 PM

    WA Leftists cracking down

    OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON (1-13-23)---Leftist state lawmakers want to set up a legal means to whack local school boards and administrators who don't comply with what bureaucrats consider the "needs" of local students.

    The law would have teeth. It's being proposed by Dirtycrat dopes Claire Wilson, Sam Hunt, and Lisa Wellman, all state senators.

    Under 5237, if approved, WA bureaucrats could cut state dollars to "misbehaving" schools by 20%.

    State School Supt. Chris Reykdahl could set up locally-elected school boards for "recall", and smack school superintendents for "unprofessional conduct".

    The state loves critical race theory and sexual education by whatever fluid euphemism du jour it uses to describe them. The state recently had a love affair with vaccinations and face masks.

    Some local school officials rebelled. Olympia autocrats didn't like it. SB 5237 is the Leftist way of showing uppity locals who's boss.

    Senate Bill 5237 would create a legal mechanism to enforce Leftist bureaucrat demands on local schools:

    Parents who dislike the State's increasing encroachment on local school matters may complain at