June 26, 2020


June 26, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Must-Read Article: I recently linked to an article about how very different life is in rural and small-town America than it is in the deep blue cities filled with riots and “occupied zones” and cancel culture and attacks on police. The writer seemed unconcerned about all those things because they were in those horribly-run cities and wouldn’t touch the rest of the country. I argued that while he was certainly right about life being better and people getting along a lot better outside of leftist-run cities, he was wrong to think that “it can’t happen here.”

In fact, it already is happening. The woke mobs are starting to target smaller towns with the same smear tactics and organizational techniques they’ve perfected in cities to get sympathetic leftists elected to office where they release criminals and make cops stand down and kneel before rioters and monument smashers. Here are some examples of small towns where conservative mayors, school board members, and other officials have been intimidated into resigning amid nonsense accusations of being “white supremacists.”

How does this happen? It happens when you’re not paying attention (that’s how AOC got into Congress via a low-turnout primary, the same method radical leftists are using to get local DA’s elected who “reform criminal justice” by refusing to prosecute or jail criminals.) It happens when officials knuckle under, apologize and resign instead of standing up for themselves. And it happens when citizens are too scared to fight back and say “No” to the mob’s demands. Yes, there is a silent majority, but we are quickly reaching the time when the majority can’t stay silent any longer, or it will find itself being oppressed by a very vocal, very leftist, and very, very stupid minority.


The mayor of Seattle allowed a bunch of far-left radicals to create their own six-block Utopia. She called it a festival and a second “summer of love.” But after just a couple of weeks, what have we learned about what kind of America they would really create?

Well, we immediately learned that they would build walls and barricades around the border to keep out people they didn’t want inside. Those seeking entry would be greeted by armed guards demanding to see their papers. Instead of trained police accountable to the public, arbitrary “laws” would be enforced by a self-proclaimed “warlord” carrying around a semi-automatic rifle in a densely populated area, and passing out similar weapons to other people without any background checks whatsoever (All this is not what I've been told liberals wanted.) Nobody would have any protection from killings, assaults or robbery, including sexual assault; so much for women’s right to say “no” to unwanted sexual aggression. There will also be no food, except for what the capitalists they hate give to them.

And it’s not like they’re being coy about what their real end game is.

Now, the latest piece of sub-mental regression: to protect black people from the racism of white people, white people create special segregated areas where only black people can go.

But as Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media points out, this is not, as many people claim, a failure of the US education system to teach these young people about history, economics or anything remotely useful. It’s actually a triumph of the leftist project to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate a generation of young Americans with hatred of their own nation and its history and culture so they could be used as an easily-controlled mob.

Unfortunately for their would-be masters, their big mistake was in thinking that a group of angry, miseducated and overly-entitled brats could be “easily-controlled.” Note the growing calls for renaming liberal schools like Harvard and Yale that were started by people aligned with slavery, redistributing their precious vast endowments, and “canceling” any professors who argue against it.

Instead of concentrating so heavily on the writings of Karl Marx, maybe some of these leftist professors should have read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”


By Laura Ainsworth, Staff Writer

When last we left the Michael Flynn case, presiding Judge Emmet Sullivan had been advised by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to follow Attorney General Bill Barr’s orders and let it go. Give it up. Shake it off. And then maybe take a loooooong vacation. (Personally, I’d suggest a permanent one.)

But the stalemate continues, though it’s almost overshadowed by another revelation, made possible through the DOJ’s partial declassification of a note in Peter Strzok’s chicken-scratch handwriting, that Obama and Biden participated actively in a January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting about the incoming national security adviser. The notes even suggest Biden specifically brought up the Logan Act.

On Thursday, numerous pundits weighed in on the significance of this, and I was particularly intrigued by one comment from a source we’ve quoted with confidence, Undercover Huber, who tweeted: “Don’t laugh, but at this point, my working theory about Gen. Flynn and the Logan Act is that the people in the Obama administration got the idea from the freaking WEST WING cable TV show. An episode at the end of the series (“Transition”) shows the outgoing lame-duck admin in a foreign policy dispute between China and Russia. They carry out electronic surveillance of all calls with Russia and wiretap the incoming team and confront them about...the Logan Act!”

Dan Bongino brought this up in his Thursday podcast. Could it be?? We’ve seen real life intersect with fiction before in this scandal; Christopher Steele apparently borrowed from the creative mind of wannabe screenwriter Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. What if Biden got the idea to go after an incoming national security adviser for violating the Logan Act after seeing something similar on THE WEST WING?



Seven statues the left really should want to tear down if they don’t want to be hypocrites. The only flaw is the assumption that the left care about being hypocrites. As for my reaction to the suggestion of tearing down the statue of Che Guevara in Central Park, that would be, “What is a statue of that racist, homophobic, communist mass murderer doing in Central Park?!” Did someone in the parks department make a typo when ordering a statue of Cher? Well, technically, it’s not a statue of Che but of a street performer who idolized him and looked just like him, so big diff. As the article notes, if Che’d had his way, his own statue would have been toppled by firing atomic weapons at New York City. But let's not give these people any ideas.


President Trump finally scored a win in the Supreme Court this week, with a 7-2 ruling upholding his power to quickly deport asylum seekers who fail their initial asylum screening instead of having to wait while they make their case to a federal judge. Under the present system, anyone who managed to get across the border could request asylum and even if ruled ineligible, could demand a hearing, stay in the US, and when the hearing finally rolled around, maybe or maybe not show up. That was so crazy, even Chief Justice Roberts couldn’t come up with a way to justify it.



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  • Donna Yates

    06/26/2020 09:40 PM

    Dear Mike, I appreciate your insight and honesty on what is going on in the real world of politics rather than relying on the fully biased media to do nothing but promote the lies and make up wild stories to fit their narratives.
    The Democratic party has tried to get our duly elected president out of office since the day he won the election. In some cases even before he won. They tried the Russian Collusion, They tried the 25th amendment, impeaching for firing Comey, campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, treason, revoking security clearances of people no longer in the government, violation for the Emoluments Clause, Succeeded in impeachment over a phone call to Ukraine's newly elected President. They demonized Justice nominees, wanted to give voting rights to 16 y/o and imprisoned convicts. Used pictures of illegal alien children caged by Obama and blamed Trump.
    They have tried to tie Epstein to Trump, exclude Trump from CA's primary ballot, convinced voters we were headed for a recession, changed the whistle blower rules, changed the House rules on impeachment, tried to impeach Trump for pulling out of Syria after the stated mission of eradicating ISIS was successfully concluded, taking out the ISIS leader and his successor.
    They refuse to do their jobs as elected officials for their constituents, have gone against Trump on virtually everything he has and wants to do including but not limited to the Covid-19 situation and now assisting the "peacefull protestors" to destroy, deface monuments, statues, burn, loot and take over a six/seven block area of a downtown metropolis.
    They have taken away our jobs, taken away our choice of healthcare, taken away our ability to go to work, go to church, go outside our homes, forced us to wear masks and gloves, and if we are white are now being told we are racists just because we are white. They started the PC mobs online and in public. We get arrested for going back to work because we want to feed our families. They want you to believe they are all for saving lives (BLM) but all for killing babies in or outside the womb.
    What I want to know is where are the Republican politicians and why aren't they taking a stand against all of this? Very few Republican Senators, Representatives, Congress men and women are saying, doing anything to help true American citizens who elected these people. In cities big and small we get harassed no matter what we say or do by the protestors, the media, and do nothing politicians.
    My Dad was a hardworking, honest and God believing man who taught us to respect people no matter their color, their culture, their education, their handicap no matter what. I grew up respecting my country, my flag, my military family, my neighbor and taught my own children the same. What are we supposed to do, sit back and watch the country I so love get destroyed by people who are Hell Bent on destroying it? People who hate our country yet are elected politicians? Who do we turn to when our own Republican party is filled with do nothing people or rhinos? Are we supposed to take up arms and form posses to protect our monuments, statues, businesses, homes, friends and family?
    Why aren't the Republicans going after Pelosi and her gangs, or the Democrats that have allowed so much destruction in their towns and cities and states to continue. They don't care about any of us. They only care about themselves. Our government officials should be filing charges against these treasonous unAmerican traitors. Any of us conservatives are being thrown to the wolves and left to fend for ourselves. Who is standing up for us?
    Thank you,

  • Jerry Korba

    06/26/2020 07:47 PM

    As far as the home grown terrorist goes 100s of terrists have been arrested bail for them should be the cost of damage they created plus the cost of police and all expenses associated with the arrest along with anyone aiding or providing cover should also be arrested with the same penalties as the terrorists. Make Soros dig deep into his pocket to bail and defend the terrorist. With 100s of arrests we will be able to fund and add police to rebuild. Otherwise put a few judges to hear the 100s of cases let the terroist sit in jail till their hearing. Soros will need to bail them out otherwise the savages will come after him. Keep funding them Soros and keep bailing them out we will keep arresting them at a very costly rate. Set the Bail money as high as you can.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/26/2020 05:57 PM

    Can Gen. Flynn sue Obama and the Doj and wacko Sullivan? I think people around the country should be able to sue the Governors Office that sent Wuhan virus victims back into the nursing homes. Then bring up charges of Manslaughter, common sense says quarantine the elderly Cuomo could easily skirt around that common sense his intellect is sitting on Mars. Dumbest guy that can't find anyone to live with. him that will acknowledge living with him couple of really stupid guys that run New York. New Yorkers what the Hell do you see in these idiots? O I forgot the smart voters have left and rest are on their way out. Stupid attracts stupid. I am glad I saw New York when it had beauty and brains.

  • Janet Underwood

    06/26/2020 04:24 PM

    "It happens when officials knuckle under, apologize and resign instead of standing up for themselves. And it happens when citizens are too scared to fight back and say “No” to the mob’s demands. Yes, there is a silent majority, but we are quickly reaching the time when the majority can’t stay silent any longer, or it will find itself being oppressed by a very vocal, very leftist, and very, very stupid minority."

    May I add one more? It happens when the people we elect to protect us abdicate their responsibilities to do so and focus solely on protecting themselves. We, the people, can't call up the military to put down insurrection, or make and pass (on our own) laws to keep our country safe.

    It's obvious that what is going on is well-organized and well-funded. We, the people, don't have the resources individually to get to the bottom of this, but our elected officials do. They should be putting all of their power to use to ferret out those responsibility for instigating this -- you know, the ones who "send out the memos" every day telling MSM and all Dems what the talking points will be that day. Either that or the Repubs, Conservatives, etc. should find their own power puppeteer to organize and direct the Right as well as the Left is organized and directed. At this point,

    I think, unfortunately, that all of this is going to end very badly, with or without our "esteemed" leadership who have let this go on for far too long. The deck has been stacked and the people in charge who should be putting down the corruption, insurrection, chaos, duplicity, hate, etc. are hiding in the bunker. I never would have dreamed just a couple of months ago that I would soon be living in a banana republic.

  • Vernon R Freeck

    06/26/2020 03:55 PM

    How much of these things that are going in the world beside satin be of George Soros off shoots?

  • Jerry Korba

    06/26/2020 03:11 PM

    The Media loves the idea of discord and civil unrest and it has a long list of buffoons to act and carry out mob behavior. The media needs to keep pushing the 2 buffoons Jessie Smollet and now this loser Bubba. In the case of Bubba the driver of Nascar do these drivers ever go into the garage where the car is being worked on? do the drivers want to talk to the mechanics that work on the car> In the case of of Bubba the answer must be no the door on the garage has been there for a least a year with the rope attached to it. Bubba is nothing more than a trouble maker like Smolett people with low character. The public will give these hideous people a pass and the people will continue to fall for these racial insults every time the people are ignorant like the little sunfish that gets caught 10 times in 20 minutes people you will be deceived time after time by the fake racial unrest until you you are under socialist rule. I feel badly for my grandchildren that when this happens life will truly be not worth breathing. Socialism is Hell.

  • Doug Morgan

    06/26/2020 02:42 PM

    Governor, I'm afraid we conservatives, who are law abiding patriots, Christians, and second amendment gun owners, are succumbing to the very well organized mobs called Antifa and BLM. Neither organization has racism or social justice as a primary goal, rather they want to destroy the America that has been our country for centuries now. If we do not get busy and resist, NO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE, against these well funded, well organized terrorists (socialist democrats), we will lose our beloved country and our freedom. I fear that the history of the USA and indeed the western world will reference two eras of time much the same as BC and AD (yes I know the modern secular names are BCE and and CE) but the new division of eras will be referred to by the revisionists as BT and AT (Before Trump/After Trump)

    Trump cannot save our country alone, millions of us must come to his side and fight for our country. I am nearly 80 years old and have limited abilities, but if I could I would love to organize another TEA Party to show the terrorists they cannot win.

  • David Marney

    06/26/2020 01:08 PM

    how do they get to claim 'woke' If they were awake they would see what a nasty mess they've become...suggestion: tranquilize riot 'animals' = arm police with air pistols loaded w/tranquilizer darts - could be used behind the masses where the bad ones throw bricks etc. - maybe front line police could have darts mounted at point of nightstick for the bad guys that get 'up in their face' - might not work for sniper on nearby rooftop (that would be great) It would sure make watching a fun thing...:)

  • Craig Waller

    06/26/2020 12:53 PM

    Speaking of monuments worthy of removal, the “faithful slave” monument in Harpers Ferry WV erected by the daughters of the Confederacy for a black man who died defending the confederate cause might be a good one to get rid of?!?! It’s right next door to the fire house where John Brown was overtaken by Robert E Lee...

  • Ray Morris

    06/26/2020 12:27 PM

    I have responded with comments to several of you excellent articles over the past years, and have yet to see a response from you. I can understand that, since there are only so many hours in the day.
    In your article on the "woke" mobs attacking the small towns, you say that the good people must speak out and stand up for the country. I agree, but in my opinion, the reason they do not or have not yet is very simple. At this point, anyone who chooses to fight back will be viewed as evil, racist, (ad nauseum) or any other worse by the leftists and their media. As a result, the resistors will be held accountable while the mobs stand back and gloat and go free, for the most part.
    In the Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot" there is a horribly brutal scene where the British soldiers burn a church filled with cowering parishioners after the few strong and brave members of the group have left to fight the invading British army. Most people are cowering today, just as they did then while a few strong and brave stand up for what is right. But again, IMHO, there are only two likely outcomes to all of this. One is where the federal government steps in and uses enough force to crush the mobs and hit them so hard that they don't want any more and the other is when the whole debacle has sunk to the level of pure civil war and after the fighting is over, the winners clean up the mess and take charge, except if the LEFT were to win, they wouldn't bother to clean up the mess, they would just take charge.
    Truth is, most people are now and have always been afraid to stand up and the job is left to the few who are brave and strong enough to do the dirty work. After 73 years on this planet, I have watched it play out and I wish there were a peaceful solution, but I have never seen it in the history of the world.

  • mary clary

    06/26/2020 12:01 PM

    Governor Huckabee what will it take to get these mobs under control? Why is our military in foreign countries fighting for their freedoms while we are loosing ours. If it takes the military to break up these mobs why not deploy them to do just that and at any means it takes. I realize these mobs they are paid to destroy this country but If they are allowed to intimidate voters especially older voters like me people we will stay home and not go to the polls and I am not for mail in voting. This is scary for the 2020 election. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed with the truth.

  • William Fuhrer

    06/26/2020 11:27 AM

    Did farmers once shoot salt out of shot guns at those who tried to steal their crops

  • Floyd Unger

    06/26/2020 11:24 AM

    Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    06/26/2020 11:23 AM

    So correct about small towns had better take their heads out of the sand the mob is going to attack. Mayors of communities are not going to overlook council meetings they better have been voted in with courage and integrity as part of their DNA. Look at the mayor of Minneapolis and Seattle DC and Chicago all they are capable is strutting around with hair styled hair and make up applied with a trowel, and nonsense uttered about anti American value. The red Star and sickle tribune is stirring up trouble in a small town in Southern Minnesota one person with a propaganda paper is trying to change the name of the town. Mike we are past the beginning of Anti America the people are going to have stand up I am hopeful the Rural area the Heartland of America will stand up the Suburbs do have people with a rural back ground in their DNA however the the life long Suburbanite has traits that i am worried about.

  • Jay H Mohler

    06/26/2020 11:11 AM

    How long will it take until 'We the people' get aroused enough to retake control of our cities and our lives?


    06/26/2020 10:59 AM


  • Stephen Russell

    06/26/2020 10:31 AM

    Protests prove the Indoc of Leftst college Ed to date.
    Small Town strikes: home to statues, lore history, very scary.
    I say remove names of colleges, etc named for slave holders, etc make=.
    Or how about this: Gene Roddenberry Univ, Jules Verne College, Rosa Parks Bus Center,
    & statues for: Gene Roddenberry, Adm Rickover, Nimiz, Doris Miller, Tuckeegee Airmen, Black innovators, Harlem Globetrotters, etc