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October 26, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


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1.  OBAMA CAMPAIGNS ON BEHALF OF MCAULIFFE IN VIRGINIA AND SHOWS HIS DISDAIN FOR VOTERS: Former President Barack Obama has an irritating tendency to appear aloof and disdainful of anyone who holds different views from his, as if they are, of course, wrong, and it’s painful for him to have to tolerate their wrongness. But seldom has his timing in expressing that disdain been worse than during his recent campaign appearance for Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s flailing campaign for Governor in Virginia.

Saturday, Obama backed McAuliffe’s criticism of parents upset at leftist school boards by suggesting their anger is unjustified and not “serious problems that affect serious people.” He sniffed, “We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings.”

That “fake outrage” to which he referred wasn’t just parents' outrage over Critical Race Theory, porn, trans propaganda and socialism being forced onto their kids. It was also about news that the Loudoun County School Board knew about and covered up two brutal rapes of young teenage girls in girls’ bathrooms by a “biological male” in a skirt (or as that used to be known, “a male.”) School officials reportedly moved him to another school after the first rape, where he raped another girl. Other sexual assaults in school also went unreported. Yet the school officials allowed the father of the first victim to be smeared as a “domestic terrorist” for getting justifiably furious at a school board meeting.

Barely had Obama’s haughty and dismissive comments hit the news than word came on Monday that the “biological male” had been found guilty on two rape counts against the first victim. The judge delayed sentencing until after the second case is adjudicated.

As you might imagine, the blowback against Obama’s highhanded comments was swift and fierce. One Loudoun County father called it “the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard.” The director of education reform at BEST (Building Education for Students Together) said Obama was either being clueless or misleading the crowd, and that forcing politics down kids’ throats isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a parents’ issue.

I’ll toss in my two cents by doing what leftists hate the most: applying their own standards and tactics to themselves. How DARE Obama deny those parents’ truth by seeking to invalidate the genuineness of their outrage? He needs to check his privilege as a rich and famous person whose daughters never set foot in a public school and who have armed Secret Service protection (but if other women carry guns for personal protection from “biological males” invading their private spaces, he wants to take their guns away.) He must apologize immediately and then be canceled anyway!

What’s especially galling about this is that as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party (technically, it’s Joe Biden, but come on, man), Obama heads up an organization built entirely on a mountain of fake outrage. Think about it: what successful policies do the Democrats have to run on? Their brilliant handling of the border, Afghanistan, the economy, COVID, crime, China, energy, etc. etc. etc.? No, putting them in charge for only nine months has already proven that everything they touch becomes a dumpster fire. The only thing they have left to run on is, “You can’t vote for those other guys! Sure, they actually know how to run things, but they’re racist/sexist/trans-homo-whateverphobic!”

It’s a big load of organic manure, but it works with some people. There’s a certain segment of the populace that will overlook all the existential threats brought about by Democratic rule if you scare them enough with stories about how the bad orange man and his followers want to call them by their unpreferred pronouns or make them use the bathroom that actually matches their own plumbing. But as the ugly reality of Democratic “governance” becomes more and more intolerable, more people are seeing through that phony scare tactic and the audience for it is shrinking.

For instance, Biden just hit a new low of 43% approval in Five Thirty Eight’s average of all polls.

And a poll of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, the first primary voting state, found that only 37% say they’d vote for Biden if the 2024 primary were held today.

For once, the outrage is real, it’s justified, and it’s aimed at the Democrats, where it belongs.


2. “BLIND PIG FINDS ACORN!”: On MSNBC, Brian Williams actually admitted that most members of the national press live in deep blue bubbles and are completely out of touch with a nation that’s mostly red, which is why they’re shocked by things like the rise of the Tea Party, Trump’s election or parents rebelling against leftist school boards.

And then the show went straight back to condemning Republicans as racists and fascists. Too bad, I thought for a minute that Brian had read my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” and learned something about America. Maybe he just skimmed the flyleaf.

Photo credit: Associated Press

3. PROFILES IN HUBRIS: Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the leaders of the “Defund the Police” movement, blamed the police for Minneapolis’ rise in carjackings and gun violence, accusing them of not fulfilling their oath of office to keep citizens safe.

And then, a bolt of lightning struck her. No, not really. But I’ll bet everyone listening to her was bracing for it.


4. NEXT TIME YOUR LIBERAL FRIEND MENTIONS HOW GREAT BIDEN IS: Triple A reports that as of Monday, gas prices are 57% higher than one year ago, and there is no longer any place in America where gas is below $3 a gallon. Interestingly, the most liberal state, California, has the highest gas price at $4.55 on average, and 15 of 20 states with the highest gas prices voted for Biden last year. Well, that’s one way in which they can say they got what they voted for.


I don’t bother correcting all of AOC’s tweets because, let’s face it, life’s too short. But yesterday, she got plenty of blowback for this hyperbolic post:

“Any member of Congress who helped plot a terrorist attack on our nation’s capitol (SIC) must be expelled. This was a terror attack. 138 injured. Nearly 10 dead. Those responsible remain a danger to our democracy, our country, and human life in the vicinity of our Capitol and beyond.”

I guess she added that last part to justify her claims of being in mortal danger even though she was in another building a block away. Also, we’re a Constitutional republic, not a democracy. But the main point that left people scratching their heads was the claim of “nearly 10 dead.” What?!

When most of us hear of deaths in a terrorist attack, we think of tragedies like the 13 service members and over 100 Afghans killed in a suicide bombing during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. That was an actual terrorist attack.

Of the deaths anyone’s tried to associate with this, four were Trump supporters. Two had pre-existing health problems and died of heart attacks. One died of a drug overdose. Of the two Capitol police deaths, one died the next day of two strokes, ruled natural causes, and the other four were suicides that occurred in the months following January 6th.

The only violent death that occurred during the Capitol riot was when a Capitol Police officer, who fancies himself a hero, shot unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt to death at point blank range as she was climbing through a window. If she’d been a BLM protester, that cop would likely be on trial for murder by now.

That’s enough about January 6th, 2021. Now, I’d like to see Congress look into some more current issues, like whether there will be any food on store shelves by January 6th, 2022.


Did you really think this Administration would let all that money that’s in your IRAs and 401Ks just sit there without them trying to grab a big piece of your retirement savings for the government?


Monday in liberal New York City, 5,000 protesters, many of them NYPD officers and firefighters, shut down traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge while protesting Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s rigid COVID vaccine mandate on city employees. Many said they’d already been exposed to COVID while dealing with the pandemic and have natural immunity, and after risking their lives to save the city from countless emergencies, they’re being threatened with losing their livelihoods for demanding the right to decide what goes into their own bodies.


A former Keystone XL Pipeline contractor appeared on Fox News, where he gave his assessment of current gas prices. He said, “I’m not surprised at all, because everything that Biden’s touched or done — it’s a failure. It ain’t nothing but a total failure. We went from America first to America last.”


President Biden can claim he’s made history. Gallup reports that his drop of over 11 points in approval since taking office, from 56% to 44.7%, is the steepest decline from first to third quarters of any President since World War II. So that’s something.


6. STUDY: GAPS GROW LARGER BETWEEN WHITE AND MINORITY STUDENTS WHEN A DIVERSITY OFFICER IS HIRED: A new study by the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy found that in school districts that hired a chief diversity officer to address alleged systemic racism, achievement gaps between white and black students, white and Hispanic students, and wealthy and poor students actually grew larger.

This isn’t a surprise. Common sense should tell you that the best way to boost achievement for all students is to stop focusing on race and telling minorities that they’re victims who can’t get ahead and instead focus on teaching real skills to all students and expecting them all to work hard and excel. Unfortunately, common sense was deemed politically incorrect and banished from many schools.

7. RELATED: Footage resurfaced of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe saying in 2019 that “diversity and inclusion” are as important in schools as math, English “and so forth.”

McAuliffe also angrily cut another interview short, the second in the past week. He does realize, doesn’t he, that if he gets elected, he can’t just take off and disappear like Pete Buttigieg?

Thanks for reading!

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  • Maureen Kaiser

    10/28/2021 05:03 PM

    Mike, many thanks for your common sense. Enjoy your humor. Re OAC, immediately noticed "Nearly 10 dead." My eyes are rolling.
    God bless you and yours and keep you all safe and healthy.

  • Bon Hartline

    10/27/2021 11:14 AM

    Just as an aside…. Traveling down the Mississippi just south of Red Wing MN and a Canadian Pacific train passed us heading south on a track on the west side of the river that is literally on the water’s edge. About a mile of tank cars. Must have been Canadian oil heading south. Where is the Keystone??? The whole dang train could have tumbled into the Upper MIssissipi!!

  • Vernon Thompson

    10/27/2021 09:20 AM

    Every time I turn around I find more evidence of George Soros meddling in our affairs. I saw a report yesterday that SOS Blinken is closely associated with Soros. How many more key Administration officials are bought and paid for by Soros?
    When do we strike back?

  • Tony Huber

    10/26/2021 11:03 PM

    Your article on gas prices contains an error. Gas prices in the Twin Cities metro area Sam's Clubs and Costco's are $2.89 and $2.92 per gal for unleaded regular.

  • Bill Sprinkle

    10/26/2021 09:58 PM

    Brother Mike, I was sitting in the Sam’s parking lot in Texarkana, Texas this afternoon reading your report from the AAA that there was no gasoline in America less than $3.00/gal. I looked up at the sign for anybody traveling on Interstate 30 to see that Sam’s Club was selling regular unleaded gas for $2.93/gal. Is AAA guilty of fake news?

  • Gladys Hizer

    10/26/2021 08:20 PM

    Your comment about McAuliffe cutting interviews short was interesting. He must think he can do what biden does because he is a liberal and thinking his next career move is president. Prayers that he loses.

  • James Drury Jr.

    10/26/2021 07:33 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Marshall Schubert

    10/26/2021 06:24 PM

    Mike ,really enjoy your newsletter but enjoy your TV show even more . Would you consider having Bill and Gloria Gaither on sometime ?