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January 4, 2024

As is so often the case, the facts keep refusing to comply with liberal media narratives. For instance, there was a shooting by a man at the Colorado Supreme Court. Obvious liberal narrative: Crazy MAGA Republican attacked the Justices for ordering Trump off the ballot!

Inconvenient truth: An armed man fleeing a car crash where he pulled a gun on the other driver shot his way into a building that happens to house the state SCOTUS and other agencies. It happened in the middle of the night when nobody was there. No apparent connection to the Trump ruling has been found.

Example #2: US Capitol Police detained a man who was caught carrying a brick, a butcher’s knife and a machete at the Capitol. Hopeful liberal narrative: Another MAGA insurrection! 

Inconvenient truth: He was an illegal alien from Venezuela who was already detained by the Border Patrol in 2022 and (of course) released. He was arrested at the Capitol before his court hearing date even rolled around. He was turned over to immigration authorities where he’s facing removal proceedings. But I would wager you’d need a machete just to hack through all the roadblocks the Biden White House has put up to keep from sending him back.

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  • Vincent

    01/04/2024 11:50 AM

    Media that outright lies needs to pay a heavy price.
    If you can get Trump back into the oval office, I suspect they will pay dearly.