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October 15, 2020 |


I know that many of my readers aren’t that hep to Internet slang, so let me explain a term you might be hearing a lot this week: “The Streisand Effect.” It refers to a time early in the Internet era when someone took an aerial photo of Barbra Streisand’s mansion and posted it online. She made a fuss over it being an invasion of her privacy (which it probably was), but she created so much publicity that many people searched for and saw the photo who otherwise never would’ve heard about it.

“The Streisand Effect” is what happens when the attempt to suppress a story only serves to draw even more attention to it. And that’s what’s happened with Twitter and Facebook’s attempts to block anyone from sharing, linking to or discussing the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden’s laptop containing emails that appear to disprove his father Joe’s adamant denials that he ever discussed Hunter’s foreign business deals with him. The emails include a letter from a top adviser to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, thanking Hunter for setting up the meeting with his dad. The Biden campaign denies that the meeting was on his official calendar. That, I believe.

That story of alleged lies and influence peddling by a top Presidential candidate would be 24/7 news if it were Trump, but Twitter and Facebook are trying to censor any discussion of it, despite it being of importance to voters and from a reputable news source. They even locked out the White House press secretary for sharing the story. Now do you understand why I use so many George Orwell “1984” references?

This has backfired bigly, although possibly in a positive way, by turning a spotlight not only on the story itself, but on the blatantly politicized efforts to censor and control speech by social media giants. They enjoy protection from lawsuits only because they are supposed to act as neutral platforms, not editors who control the content of their sites. But take a look at the two men responsible for overseeing Twitter and Facebook’s posting standards. Their resumes and tweets are about as nonpartisan as Hillary Clinton’s.

Even liberal reporter Michael Tracey called Twitter and Facebook’s behavior “creepy and authoritarian.”


I think it’s long past time either to enforce that Section 230 protection of the Communications Act or revoke it. The law won’t be rewritten as long as Democrats hold the House (the guy who’s winning the poker game won’t complain about the deck being stacked.) But there are other remedies, including action by the Justice Department, declaring them public utilities, civil lawsuits and of course, a Senate investigation. Sen. Ted Cruz has already fired off a letter to the heads of Facebook and Twitter, demanding that they answer a series of tough questions about the gaping difference between the ways they handle negative stories about the two candidates.

For instance, the feeble excuse for all this censorship is that the evidence in the Post story was “hacked.” First of all, that may not even be the case. It’s data recovered from a computer that the source may have had a legal right to possess…

…and second, have Facebook or Twitter ever blocked an anti-Trump story from trending, just because it was based on leaked (the New York Times Trump tax forms story), hacked, anonymous or just made-up-out-of-thin-air sources?

As the election draws closer, the Silicon Valley limousine leftists are getting more and more blatant in their attempts to control speech online. They’ve gotten away with far too long as they banned conservative individuals, small media outlets and content creators like Prager University. But now they’ve gone too far. By trying to stifle a story this important and censor the New York Post and the White House, they’ve shown the whole world that they’re way too big for their britches and it’s time to cut them down to size.


Speaking of liberal attempts to control what you say and think, please adjust your Newspeak guides to note that the term “sexual preference” became offensive overnight, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, after Judge Amy Coney Barrett said it and Senate embarrassment Mazie Hirono made a big fuss over it being offensive. Also please make a note that only usages of it after October 14, 2020, are offensive, since it apparently wasn’t offensive when Joe Biden said it in May, or when the gay magazine The Advocate used it on September 25, or the last time the M-W dictionary updated its definitions, which was on September 28th.


Tonight, NBC will host a townhall with President Trump at the same time that ABC is airing a townhall with Joe Biden. Liberals in the media and, of course, on social media, are OUTRAGED!!! at NBC for scheduling the Trump townhall opposite Biden. Since this was supposed to be the night of the second debate, they’re railing that Trump should have agreed to debate Biden directly, but he ducked out and now he’s trying to steal his thunder.

Okay, a couple of corrections: Trump did want to debate Biden directly. In fact, he insisted on it and only pulled out because the biased debate commission and the Biden campaign tried to change the agreed-upon rules of the debate and make it a Zoom conference, where they could silence Trump’s microphone. The excuse for this was that he had the coronavirus, but he’s already tested negative so that point is moot.

Second, I understand that they have these gizmos nowadays that actually let you record TV shows and watch them at your convenience. Imagine that! So if you really want to see both townhalls, you can watch Trump live, then fire your DVR or VCR or whatever and watch Biden when you’re ready to fall asleep.


I know it can be disheartening to keep hearing how Joe Biden is ahead in the polls by double digits (which is the point of those polls, by the way: to dishearten you.) How can that be, when his aides call a lid on the day before “Good Morning America” is over; when he does emerge from his basement, he babbles more baffling word salad than Prof. Irvin Corey (Google him, kids); and when his campaign events draw fewer people than a kale salad food truck in Memphis?

I’ve long warned people not to believe the polls-for-public-consumption (the campaigns have far more accurate insider polls), which tend to be structured not so much to reflect the results of the race as to influence them. So to keep your spirits up, read this article by Keven McCullough with the misleading title, “Signs That Trump Isn’t Going to Win on Nov. 3rd.” They’re actually signs that he’s going to do more than win, he’s going to score a crushing landslide. In fact, the notoriously unreliable polls are the only indication that Biden is leading.

This is great to read, but don’t let it make you complacent. Trump needs every vote to overcome all the Democrats’ dark money, in-kind contributions from the media and social media, and seething Trump hatred ginned up by years of daily lies and slander. He’ll need a win lopsided enough to convince the other side that its long-planned fraud, protests and lawsuits will be futile. So tell every Trump backer you know that their vote is vital, and drive them to the polls if they need a ride.


It’s been revealed that rapper/actor Ice Cube has been working with the Trump Administration to develop “the Platinum Plan,” a plan to bring economic opportunities to African-American communities. The goal is to create 3 million jobs, 500,000 black-owned businesses and institute criminal justice reform and universal school choice. Once again, Trump: Worst...racist...ever!

Interestingly, as recently as March, Ice Cube was talking about wanting to see Trump in handcuffs, and now, he’s open to the possibility of voting for him. What changed? Like many Walkaway Democrats, he got a look at the reality of what the Democrats are offering (or failing to.) Cube had created a plan called the Contract With Black America and both parties contacted him. But the Democrats said they’d address it after the election, while Trump’s people made adjustments to their own plan after talking to him.

That sums up one of the biggest differences between Trump and the Democrats, and I hope one of the reasons why he will attract record black support. He takes action to fix problems while his opponents keep promising to fix the same problems election after election, decade after decade, and never do anything, because that’s how they keep getting reelected. I’m not up on rap slang, but I think that’s called “getting played.”


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  • Stephen Russell

    10/16/2020 09:30 AM

    Townhalls & debates:
    Rigged against President
    Biden gets off
    Not fair
    cause more anger to media
    Pres never has his say
    Deny free speech
    I say end debates unless reregulated & enforced

  • Leopoldo R Gutierrez

    10/16/2020 09:26 AM

    Dear Mike, here is another comment to share:
    Not all black people descend from slaves and the ones that do, may as well be thankful that their ancestors were brought here so they can enjoy the benefits of being American and pursue the American dream instead of suffering real starvation, discrimination and slavery in some of the African Continent.

  • marilyn stone

    10/16/2020 09:03 AM

    I have no platform...so I am asking. Can you put out a poll asking how many people would vote to have Nancy Pelosi impeached as Speaker of the House? Maybe you already have and I missed it. The more I hear her speak the more I doubt her ability to be a person of integrity. She seems to have no regard for the needs of the people. She also deviously avoids answering questions. How can people trust her? Her 25th amendment deal should apply to her! Is she mentally capable of making serious decisions?

  • Chris Reile

    10/16/2020 08:35 AM

    Great commentary! Thanks Mike!

  • Frank Remski

    10/16/2020 07:25 AM

    Don't the silicon valley nuts realize that under COMUNISM they have to send 95% of their pay checks to the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT for redistribution? And that the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT sweeps off a significant percentage to give them the privilege to make that contribution to be welfare of the STATE?
    After all is said and done, that is the fact of life under COMUNISM.

  • Jack macdonald

    10/16/2020 06:23 AM

    Mike, it time to share a primer on economics which is missing. When you tax or fine a corporation it is a pass thru tax. Corporations merely price this into their products so in essence the coonsumers are paying. Why is it that no one points this out? When Biden says he will only tax those earning over $400k, those are the people who have tax accountants to avoid those taxes. Look at Warren Buffet who pays less than his secretary or Trump paying $750. It is the average American who picks up the tab for everything! Has Biden or any one of members of congress ever taken a course in Economics?

  • Robert Gauer

    10/16/2020 02:37 AM

    Your references to Orwell’s “1984“ are, first of all, spot on, And secondly remind me of his remarkable insights. Thanks again. This is why I read your editorials and trash a lot of other stuff.

  • Carl Yee

    10/16/2020 12:57 AM

    Enjoy reading you on Parler. FAkebook has lost my use,

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/16/2020 12:27 AM

    Should have known there was a "skunk" in Kamala's camp this week since she appeared virtually at ACB's hearing. One person, possibly two people, that works for her have tested positive for COVID19. Yes, another deception by the DIMS. Glad Kamala exercised precautions but she wanted to toss fault at the senators in the hearing room about spreading Covid19. From what I saw, the committee members had taken sufficient measures to be safe and socially distanced as to not bring harm to another. The DIMS downplay everything!

  • Judith Jordan

    10/16/2020 12:06 AM

    Good read. Thank you for your sharing. I voted Trump and pray Gods Will. Reading about nations
    In the Bible that God destroyed I see America. The two sides are wide and Christians are a minority.
    I pray God gives us four more years to witness to nonbelievers.
    Israel is blooming like a fog tree. Russia and Turkey and Syria are in place.
    If I look at it this way, I can still have hope that Trump will win.
    God finds His remnant. Amen

  • Berry Mcalister

    10/15/2020 11:47 PM

    WOW, a kale food truck in Memphis. My compliments to you, you are apparently more 'street smart' than I gave you credit. I was born in the '40's in mid town Memphis, so I know a lot about the place- from pretty good to really dangerous. I know full well what is 'at stake' 'on the table' or the fate of this nation as we know it in the out come of this election. I am a proud US Army vet '67-70 & I have voted against dummocrits . With seemingly everything stacked against him-even the virus, President Trump has pushed-no, bulldozed forward-3 supreme court justices & much more as you know. Thanks for what you do-it matters.

  • Don Smith

    10/15/2020 11:21 PM

    If "sexual preference" is offensive, then what is "sexual choice" which happens to be the true situation?

  • George Reynolds

    10/15/2020 11:18 PM

    I tried to watch the town hall meetings. I flipped back and forth between them, but couldn't stand either one. Biden kept spouting numbers and "statistics" and I wonder where they were coming from. He rambled on and on. Trump could not answer a straight question, without rehashing what HE had already done. He should have shown more compassion and humanness (humanity?) and gently answered the questions directly instead of going off on rants. He missed opportunities to say what had been done to protect against COVID, like setting up the task force. Instead, he went back AGAIN and AGAIN to the shutting off of flights from China and Europe -- OLD NEWS!! He came off as an egotistical blowhard.

  • Granny Jan

    10/15/2020 11:13 PM

    Today I tried to find info on Senator Ralph Abraham's resolution to remove Pelosi from office. It was blocked. Isn't there another browser that is not Liberal or demcrat?

  • Cheryl Breon

    10/15/2020 11:09 PM

    Did you hear Project Veritas today? They had a Democrat on saying that he will cheat, lie and steal for this election and feels perfectly justified in doing so. Veritas is doing projects and releasing truths every day, the speaker said. That takes a lot of guts because the Democrat knew he was being recorded. I guess since all cats and dogs are out of their respective bags these days, he didn't care who was recording what. No more hiding and not wanting people to "find out" what their real agenda is.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    10/15/2020 10:35 PM

    This election is like a three ring circus! I pray every day that the Lord intervenes and allows another 4 years with Donald Trump as our president.

  • Alan j Balcomb

    10/15/2020 10:24 PM

    Gov, your "Irwin Corey" has to be one of rhe best I've heard this election cycle about basement Biden...
    Love the Newsletters..keep em' coming..

  • TOMMIE Houser

    10/15/2020 10:19 PM

    As is proven on numerous occasions ; America in under attack and Our
    President stands in their way..The Second & Fifth Amendments, Religion,
    Speech,Burning Democrats Cities, Killings, Defunding Police, including destroying the best economy ever in America, Global Pandemic from China’s Biological Warfare. The Destruction of America and V.P.Biden getting Elected is Icing on the Cake for The BIDENS and China.
    Now ; We are a Third World Country as is explained by facts..
    Mr. Biden WOULD NOT QUAlIFY. He would not Qualify for
    Security Clearances to be employed anywhere; much less President of America. How can this be true ?? Why is he not in prison, and stopped before China owns America ??
    Certainly; NOT AS OUR COMMANDER AND CHEIF. It is over.

  • Donald Tygart

    10/15/2020 10:18 PM

    If you had the money to buy a country, would you?

  • Arthur H Windsor

    10/15/2020 09:58 PM

    Regarding Crazy Mazie`s disgusting "sex question":
    Has Horrible Horono laid the ground work for "Borking" Barrett? Have the democrats come up with a "disgruntled" student who got a bad grade or democrats recruited and payed some one to accuse Barrett? It`s the second most corrupt action of the democrat party, right behind voter fraud!! They used false accusations against Bork, Thomas, Moore, Trump, Herman Cain, Kavanaugh and others - the democrat party today is evil, vile, corrupt to the core and a VERY present danger to our country!!

    I can see the democrats trotting out an "accuser" at the last second and screaming everything has to be put on hold pending an investigation!!

  • Judy Radley

    10/15/2020 09:38 PM

    Here is what I sent to our local county newspaper and they put it in their opinion section. I don't think it will offend any of my neighbors, as I mainly spoke of the govt. Democrats, and not my neighbors. But, if they do get mad, that's okay because it is my opinion.

    This is copy of letter to the editor I submitted on 10-14-20, to the Daily News.

    Type Your Letter
    Let's hope the Democrats at the federal and state levels will be held to the same laws that Chris Collins has been. But I doubt it, it seems like the Democrats' narrative is ' the laws apply to everyone else, but not us'. Otherwise a previous admin. would be arrested and charged already for the misdeeds and treasonous acts against the U.S.A., like the evidence shows how those in the upper most part of the admin.knew about illegal behavior and actions, but they play dumb and 'erase info.' off their phones, to CYA, because they know they broke the law, but it's okay because 'it's only illegal if you get caught', well, they have gotten caught! Let's hope those misusing their powers in office for treasonous reasons and by how much they got paid to break the law, and by using false propaganda for defamation, will be held accountable for their illegal actions. We'll see. I hope the American people are getting fed up with those who are constantly breaking the law and abusing their power in their govt. position to take away the American citizens' Constitutional Rights, will be held accountable and will be voted out of office, except some abuse of power isn't in elected office positions, but in those org. that don't have elected leaders. Like the evidence already of fraudulent early mail-in ballots. How would anyone know except the voter, who they voted for? But the news says Dems.are in the lead? How would that happen?

    It is good to know that there are still opinion sections in local newspapers that let people voice their opinions. That is the way it should be in a Republic, by the people, for the people, and of the people. I don't really read any national news media, just local news and your newsletters as they are informative and decipher all the other media outlets' lies and misinformation. Thank you for that and keep up the great work you do, Gov. Mike! God Bless you and your family, and God Bless America.

  • Ron Besse

    10/15/2020 09:04 PM

    Day after day I read your articles and really enjoy reading about the truth of what is really happening in this country vs. what the MSM reports. (I quit watching MSM almost 4 years ago). However there is one thing driving many of us crazy. For God's sake, arrest somebody. If Trump should lose none of the many former Obama officials will never be prosecuted for the many things they did or tried to do to take down Trump both before and after his election. Please Mr. Barr do something bigly, and soon.

  • Gary Stilwell

    10/15/2020 08:35 PM

    Trump will win, but the real issue is the myriad races for the Senate Seats and future Rep seats--Conservative voters need to be energized to re-elect the conservative base, and throw out the bums who would destroy our Country. We fail to do that, and we will still be lost.--This is the real challenge--not the Presidency.
    I think you are doing a disservice by not promoting these State races as being as important as they are.

  • bill knibbe

    10/15/2020 08:35 PM

    Warren's opening phrase at the ACB hearing: first I want to speak to the American public
    So what ""I"" am going to say is more important than this hearing, you need to listen to ""ME""
    What a blatant statement!!!!
    your admirer Bill Knibbe

  • Joyce Lee

    10/15/2020 08:25 PM

    I’m disappointed that our NBC station isn’t showing the Trump town hall. I’ve been able to go to YouTube and am watching. The lady moderator is doing a very disrespectful job. Continually interrupting with an very argumentative voice and attitude. I just needed to spout. The first question just came and this seems to be a set up town hall to rile and be negative. I’m for Trump. Thank you for your news notes.