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November 5, 2022

If Donald Trump ran for President, why would you vote for him? Or, why not? Please leave me a comment below.

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  • Judith Martin

    12/19/2022 04:36 PM

    My prayers are w/the Brunson Brothers. God bless them & I pray the Supreme Court does the right thing.

  • Patricia Mitchell

    12/18/2022 01:19 AM

    I agreed with most decisions he made as President.

    However, his “pride goeth before a fall.” And childish antics like calling other politicians names which caused him to have sooo many enemies even some conservatives. I don’t think he would get re-elected.

  • Debora Erb

    11/25/2022 09:26 AM

    First of all I love President Trump and I love his policies…however so many times I wish he would have held his tongue. I feel bad for what the media has put his family thru…there is too much hatred toward him from the left and we have to change the liberal agenda????with a Conservative in the White House…I am afraid it is not him.

  • Charles T Bass

    11/20/2022 07:28 AM

    Yes I would vote for Trump a 3rd time. He is for the American people. Think Candi Rice would be a good VP; nothing against Ron DeSantis, but am selfish and want him to stay in Florida as governor, then he can run for president in 2028 if he chooses.

  • Robert Gilson

    11/19/2022 01:24 PM

    I would vote for him because of the things he accomplished for our country despite all the opposition during his presidency. I also feel he is strong enough to stand up to continued attacks and not sure others would do so well. He is loyal to his word and his country

  • Catherine

    11/18/2022 09:50 AM

    His America First agenda and Freedom of Speech and religious rights.

  • Lyril Joy Haneman

    11/16/2022 04:40 PM

    It would depend on if the GOP endorsed him or not. I wish he wouldn't run as I truly believe if the Country has to pick between Biden and Trump, the majority will pick Biden. If someone such as DeSantis is endorsed, then I would vote for DeSantis. The Country has soured on Trump and the GOP needs someone that has the backing of ALL of the party.

  • David Boehlke

    11/16/2022 03:26 PM

    I will definitely vote for President Trump but only if he tones down his rhetoric and the rants about the stolen 20 election. We all know it was dishonest.

  • Shirley Epperson

    11/16/2022 11:21 AM

    I will if he’s the Republicans choice. However, I wish DeSantis would be the Republican party’s choice. I personally do not like Trumps personality. I think Trump needs to step aside for the good of America.

  • Rita Parent

    11/15/2022 11:20 AM

    Yes, I would vote for Trump again. I know things got crazy while he was in office but I truely believe it was ordered by Democrats to make Trump look bad. He had our country running like a well oiled machine. What we're dealing with now is unsustainable. We will lose this great country forever if it isn't stopped. Love Ron DeSantis but I think his time is coming later.