September 27, 2021

Here’s more commentary on President Biden’s speech this week to the UN, pointing out how removed from reality it was, and how antithetical to the interests of the United States.

I’m linking to this because it makes the point that Biden’s speech was built around his belief in solving all problems through “international diplomacy.” Indeed, he took it even further, declaring, “We’re opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.” Can you imagine anything that would irritate other nations more than a relentless diplomat?

Even since I started this political commentary racket, I’ve looked for inspiration to a great American, Will Rogers. His commentaries were read by both the powerful and regular working people, because he had a way of using humor, common sense and plain talk to cut through all the baloney and tell the truth. Recently, TCM aired “The Story of Will Rogers,” and I was again amazed at how many things he said in the early 20th century seem to apply just as well in the 21st. For instance: “Diplomats have this thing called ‘diplomatic language.’ It means they have a hundred ways to say nothing, but no way to say something.”

One reason the leftists hated Trump so much was that they accused him of being undiplomatic. But after seeing the results of a century of diplomacy, I think I prefer blunt truth. Judging from this Administration, I can only assume “relentless diplomacy” means having a thousand ways to say nothing instead of a hundred ways.

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