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February 27, 2023

When a story is this explosive, we on the Huckabee team usually apply “the 48-Hour Rule,” or sometimes even “the 72-Hour Rule,” just to see if it’s revealed as a hoax. (Hoaxes have been known to happen, you know.) And that’s what we did in this case.

On February 24, a huge story broke in THE GATEWAY PUNDIT about shocking testimony before the Arizona Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Joint Committee by witness Jacqueline Breger, who identified herself as a longtime Arizona resident and a highly credentialed forensic investigator with the Harris/Thaler Law Corporation. To quote the story, “Breger claims that attorney John Thaler investigated money laundering and racketeering in Maricopa County and reviewed over 120,000 documents which include ‘fake notarizations, fake deeds of trust, fraudulent buyers and/or sellers of the real property transactions, as well as other companies used in real estate transactions, such as real estate brokers, mortgage companies, title and escrow companies, real estate inspection companies, service companies.”

Berger’s conclusion: there was massive corruption and collusion among American politicians, appointed government officials and the Sinaloa Cartels --- a huge money laundering and racketeering scheme that allegedly uses fraudulent mortgages, real estate transactions and insurance claims in Maricopa County to hide money made through human trafficking, drug smuggling, and bribery, and to rig elections and intimidate or even murder those who get in the way.

We’re talking “narcotic sales, money laundering, tax evasion, payroll, theft, bankruptcy fraud, life insurance fraud, automobile insurance fraud, bribing of elected and appointed officials, creating and modifying public record, falsifying professional licenses and related credentials,” and more, including, “last but not least, election fraud.”

She testified that their primary findings had been reported to then-Gov. Ducey in 2022.

In their original report, the GATEWAY PUNDIT stated they weren’t able to verify this testimony and were awaiting receipt of the documentation that allegedly had been presented to the state legislature. But they did have the video of the testimony itself, if you’d like to see it.

In an update two days later, they said they still “cannot confirm or deny these charges at this time.” So we’re thinking the “72-Hour Rule” might have to be upgraded to the “96-Hour Rule,” at least for now. And has anyone asked former Gov. Ducey, Katie Hobbs’ predecessor, about this?

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