March 11, 2019

Our prayers today for the victims of the Kenya-bound Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed shortly after takeoff in Addis Ababa Sunday morning.  It was a new Boeing 737-8 MAX plane.  The cause is still under investigation at this writing. All 157 people aboard were killed, and they represented 35 nationalities, including eight Americans.  To show how international airline travel has made the world seem smaller, “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth has a good friend who is a prominent musician in India and was scheduled to be on that flight, but he missed it only due to a last-minute schedule change.  

This is a tragic reminder not only of how fragile life can be, but how a tragedy like this should make us all stop and reflect and say a prayer for the victims, even if it happens on the far side of the world.  There but for the grace of God go any one of us.



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Today, President Trump will release his 2020 federal budget proposal to Congress, and it will reportedly include a request for $8.2 billion for border wall construction.  Democrats are already vowing to block it because, of course, there is no security “crisis” or "emergency" on the border.

On a completely unrelated subject, US Customs and Border Protection report that in just one night last week, in just one sector of the border (El Paso), agents caught more than 700 people trying to enter the US illegally, including two sex offenders who had previously been deported.

Since Congressional Democrats don’t consider that anything to be concerned about, maybe they’d like to draw straws and see which of them will welcome the sex offenders into their guest bedrooms?


I honestly try not to feed the media hype machine around Vogue’s Most Stylish Socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by not reacting to every ridiculous thing she says.  As I’ve pointed out before, I’d be doing it all day, because she’s practically a non-stop fountain of nonsense.  When she’s on her notes, she sounds like Fidel Castro’s PR agent, and when she’s away from her notes, she sounds like a painfully uninformed bartender who’s been sampling the goods. 

But when AOC tells a crowd of young people at the SXSW (South by Southwest) music and media festival in Austin (where the alt-rock bands aren’t the only ones filling the air with incomprehensible gibberish) that capitalism (which has lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty) is “irredeemable,” that Ronald Reagan’s economy was racist, and that America must be completely transformed because we can’t settle for just a 10% improvement on “garbage”…well, that sort of demands a response.  

There are quite a few good refutations already on the Internet.  Here’s one that covers the basic points, which are so obvious, only the holder of a liberal arts degree from a Boston college wouldn’t already know them:

But let me add just a few that haven’t been talked about as much:

1.  Ronald Reagan left office in 1988.  AOC was born in 1989.  That means she has zero personal knowledge of what the Reagan years were like, nor of the economic failures and foreign policy fecklessness of the late ‘70s that led to his election.  Everything she knows about Reagan, she learned from leftist college professors, which is like saying that everything you know about Judaism, you learned from Louis Farrakhan.  Or everything you know about economics, you learned from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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2.  When Reagan talked about people abusing the welfare system and losing their work ethic, he never assigned any racial aspect to it.  In fact, it was widely acknowledged back then that more white people than black people were on welfare.  When Reagan criticized welfare dependency, his liberal political enemies accused him of racism, even though they were the ones making racist assumptions about welfare recipients, not him.

3.  As to Reagan’s economy, which AOC claims “screw(ed) over working class Americans": The inflation rate when Reagan took office was 12.5%.  Three years later, it was down to 3.2%.  GDP growth in 1980 was negative-0.3%. By 1984, it was 7.2%.   Reagan’s first year in office, the unemployment rate was 8.5%.  By his final year, it was 5.3% (it takes unemployment longer to catch up to positive trends, but it certainly did.)

America’s working class was so furious with Reagan for “screwing them over” that they reelected him in 1984 in a 58.8% landslide.  His opponent, uber-liberal Walter Mondale, carried only one state (his home state of Minnesota), and Reagan’s win in the Electoral College was a record 525-13. 

4.  The American economy, which is notching up record low unemployment rates in every demographic, is not “garbage,” nor is anything else about this country, which still stands as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to oppressed people around the world, despite the worst efforts of miseducated leftists to “fundamentally transform” it into Venezuela. 

Ironically, however, in Venezuela, where the people sadly fell for the phony promises of "economic justice" and free stuff overseen by a benevolent socialist government, people are now sifting through garbage looking for anything to eat.  And that’s hard to do, when you can’t see the garbage due to the power outages, or wash it down, since the power knocked out the water pumps.

You can tell Venezuela is nearly at North Korea-levels of socialism, since it’s so dark, you can’t even see all the starving people.  Maybe that’s part of the plan.  When you look at nighttime satellite photos of North Korea, it is, appropriately enough, a black hole surrounded by light.  Socialism is turning Venezuela into a black hole, too.  AOC’s “Green New Deal” promises to do the same for us.  And like Nicolas Maduro, when it all ends up in disaster, she can just blame Republicans and say socialism works, the “right” people just haven’t been in charge yet.

I wonder if all those young hipsters cheering her at SXSW realize that in Venezuela, the power outages mean all their gadgets are dead and they can’t access any social media sites to hear about how great socialism is? 

That reminds me of this rueful Cold War era joke that, like a lot of awful ideas from that time, is unfortunately making a comeback online: 

What did socialists use before candles?  Electricity.  

5.  Finally, to all those young hipsters cheering for AOC and her incoherent babbling about Reagan and socialism, I would ask you this: If she and her ilk ever do take over, and inevitably destroy the economy, do you think there will be any more SXSW festivals, and if so, that you’ll be able to attend?  Considering that badges for entrance cost between $1325 and $1650 each, you’d better hope someone redistributes a lot of other people’s money to you.

Personally, I can’t think of a better illustration of the current intellectual emptiness of the left in America than the sight of a designer-clad socialist media star ranting incoherently against capitalism to a crowd of people who paid $1650 apiece to listen to it. 



Speaking of AOC, there might be an explanation for why she babbles transparent hooey whenever she goes off Prompter (for instance, claiming that 40% of the US population makes less than $20,000 a year, and that’s “200 million” people).  Disclaimer: I don’t endorse the claims in this video by the conservative commentator nicknamed (coincidentally) “Mr. Reagan” (Chris Kohls), nor do I dispute them.  But they are certainly thought-provoking.  A lot of people must agree, since it went on YouTube Friday and has already racked up nearly 600,000 views.




A shocking new poll by Axios found that not only do majorities of Americans now believe in socialist-style policies such as the government providing universal health care and free college, but even greater numbers of young people believe that (they’ve yet to learn the hard way that “you get what you pay for.”) Even worse, 49.6% of Millennials and Gen X’ers say they’d prefer to live in a socialist country.

Well, good news: you don’t have to go to all the trouble of destroying America.  There are socialist countries you can move to right now.  And you probably won’t have trouble finding housing, since so many people who live there now are fleeing from them. 

This is what comes of allowing leftists to take over the education system.  But I also blame it on the demise of record clubs.  Thanks to record clubs, we baby boomers learned by the time we were in high school that no matter what we were promised, nobody gives you six record albums for a penny with “no future obligation.” 

Maybe story this will help bring them to their senses.  It’s not fact and figures and (Heaven forbid) actual history.  It’s the very personal stories of two men whose lives were ruined by socialism.  It’s long but you’ll want to read every word:




These days, it makes more news when a Democrat decides not to run for President than to run, so… 

Hear ye! Hear ye!  Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown announced that he is NOT running for President in 2020!  He didn’t mention whether this has anything to do with the fact that the Party has charged so far to the left that strategists have just about written off even trying to win Ohio.  He claims he needs to stay in the Senate and fight President Trump’s “phony populism” and pursue his “Dignity of Work” campaign, which sounds a lot like a presidential campaign theme that never made it out of the gate. 

It’s nice that anyone in today’s Democratic Party wants to promote the idea of working at all when the “in” thing is to offer a free government paycheck to people who aren’t even willing to work. But I can’t help wondering how reinstating Obama-era policies is going to lead to the “dignity of work.” Those policies mostly led to the indignity of unemployment checks, disability applications and record food stamp enrollment.  I suppose if you had to hold three part-time jobs because nobody was offering full-time jobs to avoid the crushing Obamacare mandates, then you could claim you had three times the dignity of someone who had only one job, but it sounds like small comfort to me.

Personally, I like the dignity that comes with having a good-paying, full-time job; and knowing that thanks to record low unemployment and strong growth, if you don’t like your job, you can find a better one.  Unless you’re a Democrat who wants to move up to being President.  That job is taken until at least 2024.

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Here’s a good idea that proves politicians can still work in a bipartisan way.  Republican Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan introduced a bill to create a “Green Alert System.”  That’s not an environment measure; it’s an “Amber Alert” style system to help find missing veterans.  Vets who suffer severe PTSD and suicidal thoughts are prone to going missing and can come to harm before the regular police system for finding missing persons even gets into gear.

There’s already a Green Alert system in Wisconsin and an informal one on social media.  This is something that needs to be nationwide.  If the federal government can create a more efficient way to help find missing veterans (and I’d like to see them prove they can), then it deserves bipartisan support.



I think we’ve found why otherwise unelectable leftist radicals admire socialist states so much.






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  • Darla Knight

    03/15/2019 11:48 PM

    It’s been days since Nebraska was hit with storms. Half the state is flooded and the other half is under 10 feet of snow. The National Guard is rescuing and evacuating please who have lost everything. The MSM is silent. We need prayers if nothing else. If Nebraska hadn’t voted for Trump, would the media have compassion?

  • John Wrightson

    03/12/2019 10:13 PM


  • Teresa Carstensen

    03/12/2019 09:58 PM

    The North Korean "elections" remind me of CALIFORNIA! in the good ol' USA ---when only the top vote-getters after a primary are put on the ballot regardless of PARTY affiliation --resulting in election day ballots where the only "choices" are Democrats! (no Republicans even on the ballot!) :(

  • Maralyn Killorn

    03/12/2019 04:15 PM

    Mike - Have you read and seen this? I've been forwarding it. It explains the "Brains?" behind AOC. Maralyn

    Maralyn Killorn <[email protected]>
    To:Maralyn Killorn,Ray Killorn
    Mar 12 at 6:56 AM
    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    jordan peterson, conservative, republican, fox news, debate, donald trump, trump, politics, mr reagan DONATE Pat...

  • Carol Pappas

    03/12/2019 03:17 PM

    Have you seen this on AOC? It sounds pretty frightening!

  • Carol Pappas

    03/12/2019 03:10 PM

    Re: Keeping Daylight Savings Time all year. Many decades ago they tried that, and school kids in the winter months were waiting at bus stops and going to school in the dark. How about just keeping our regular hours every month of the year and do away with Daylight Savings Time completely. If you want more daylight, just get up earlier in the morning!

  • Anne

    03/12/2019 10:11 AM

    Be afraid. Be very afraid! If the young people get energized and go out to vote we are in big trouble. Too many have crushing college debt and see it going away, not realizing that much of the college cost increase is due to government interference. What happened to the political SCIENCE profs, such as the one I had, who took great pride in not letting the students know their personal views?
    What happened to real world teachers, such as the one I had who worked for the Federal Reserve, who taught how an economy really works and how wealth is created?
    These young people never experienced the Cold War, never saw what Hitler was really like, didn’t know that Stalin killed millions, and have never experienced any deprivation. When we changed the voting age to eighteen, we created a monster, a group of uneducated people with great idealism. Young people should be idealistic, but the should also be encouraged to use their brains.
    Yes, my young friends, I do think everyone should get medical care and that all should have shelter and food. We can do a better job of sorting out those who are truly in need and taking care of them. It is also your obligation to help by volunteering. All religions teach charity as a requirement.
    It is okay to accumulate wealth as long as it comes from honest work. It is good to invest in the market to provide funding for companies to actually function and provide jobs. Most wealthy people give generously to charity. Look at Bill and Melinda Gates, liberals who actually put their money where their mouth is. But you can be sure that they live very well. Nothing wrong with that. AOC thinks more leisure time would be beneficial. What would one do with that time, and no income, or a subsistence allowance from the government? Any one look at the cost of tickets to Disney? How about the fees for a ski lift? Doubtful museums could stay open, no one to give generously to them. Download books? Where would one get the money to maintain the Kindle connection? Thousands would be living in poeverty, especially retirees who would have no means of accumulating funds for their retirement. Social Security you say? How would you like to live on $1000 a month? People would not even be able to afford the comfort of pets. Churches would have little in donation, as well as other charitable organizations who do a lot better providing help than the government. There would be no foster homes for abused children as, even with a subsidy, no one could afford to do it. etc., ?Etc.

  • Guy Hicklin

    03/12/2019 09:04 AM

    Regarding the tragic plane crash, I trust that you meant to say "pray for the victim's families", as the victim's themselves are beyond the power of our prayers already. I know there are some belief systems that advocate prayer for the deceased but as born again Christian's we know it is contrary to Biblical truth as David demonstrated when he ceased "interceding with God" as soon as his infant son died.

  • Kathy Dixon

    03/12/2019 08:13 AM

    please remind everyone that wants "free stuff" how they will pay for it forever when they actually get a job or buy a home. Yes I went to public school from k-12 and my parents paid school taxes. Today I have been in my home for 30 years and do not have any kids - yet I have been paying about $1000.00 per year in school taxes. Seems like a lot of "paying" for the "free" education I received. Now think of what if will cost once you add "free" medical, guaranteed jobs, food, and place to live. We are screwed it this happens.

  • James Hoppe

    03/12/2019 07:44 AM

    I recently received an email listing the IMMIGRATION LAWS OF MEXICO! Would you please list those in your newsletter...and then
    somehow suggest that All OF CONGRESS read the same. IT WOULD TAKE LITTLE TIME to pass.....and end this immigration partisan
    bs we've listened to for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND...I'm soon going to STOP LISTENING TO ALL FOX NEWS AND PROGRAMS....if they don't start DroPPING ALL THE CORTEZ bs. I
    DON"T WANT TO LOOK AT OR LISTEN TO anything she has to STOP GIVING HER PRESS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's PRAY she's a one

  • Steve Allison

    03/12/2019 02:06 AM

    Mike, I love your commentary and read it daily, but have to take issue with praying for the victims of the Ethiopian plane crash. I do pray for their families and ask that God will bring good out of this tragedy.
    Keep up the good work. Steve

  • Rebecca Holstine

    03/12/2019 01:46 AM

    I have been watching AOC, and I have been thinking and thinking some more. Where did she come from? Out of the blue, as a bar tender to the House of Representive? Sounds a lot like being a community organizer to the State Senate to President. I am convinced she too has been groomed and someone is funneling money to her. Her clothes are not coming off a rack and her apartment is in a very expensive complex. Something a working blue collar worker in NY could not afford. I believe she is simply a mouth piece for someone that does not have the best interest of the United States at heart. In my opinion, this is the second chapter of the fundamentally changing of America.

  • Sid Levin

    03/12/2019 12:29 AM

    Mike, we have Amber alerts and hopefully soon Green Alerts.
    How about Gray Alerts for old people (Mike, we are BOTH in that category). We know that there are some old people who go out of their homes and sometimes get lost and are injured or die because no one knows where the are or what happened to them. I also want to encourage a medical system of ankle bracelets (like for criminals) for those with dementia. This would enable police and/or caregivers to be able to find them quickly, and hopefully save their lives.

  • Todd Matosic

    03/12/2019 12:08 AM

    Hi Mike, any sign of RBG anywhere? I’ve not been able to find anything about her whereabouts for over 90 days now...I heard she has a government job...D.C. area...

  • Rev. Carol J. Juliano

    03/11/2019 11:48 PM

    You rarely, or never, see that many illegal immigrants are bringing in terrible diseases to the USA. Please talk about it on your show and send your influence to others in the media so they will reveal the truth about diseases coming in to the USA.

  • Ralph A Smith, Sr.

    03/11/2019 10:38 PM

    Mike, I typically read and really enjoy your daily posts and especially like to read your evening posts before I retire to bed. This one is no exception and it is one of your best. Here’s why: you and your staff have a fantastic ability to “unwind” the negative news and views and respond in a logical, sensible manner with sources and common sense. Nobody else can come close. Perhaps it is because you never approach commentary with a hateful attitude or an axe to grind. Your presentations and even pleasant sarcasms are always iced with at least a “tongue in cheek” chaser of smiling wit and wisdom. Thank you so very much for continuing to help leave me with a good attitude about what most others pound on the negatives about. May God continue to bless you richly. Ralph

  • james peace

    03/11/2019 09:31 PM

    Ocasio Cortez is a stooge. Her election was set up by conspirators seeking destruction of the Republic. They, themselves, could not run because of their known traitorous intents. She is a puppet at their disposal. The sooner this is recognized and brought to an end, the sooner ordinary insanity can begin to return to the Democrat Party. Dealing with an extreme overt attack coming from the outside has shattered the Pelosi style attack on the Republic. It is no longer sneak and convert, but blatant and destroy as she is cornered and overwhelmed. Nancy is no longer the “Strong” but has become Nancy the “Wimp”. Communist style Socialism is beating on the door. Is this what Nancy desires? The “Stooge” is carrying forth the attack as orchestrated by The Justice Democrats. IT IS RADICAL, and they are playing for keeps!

  • Diane Massad

    03/11/2019 09:24 PM

    Thank God, you and President Trump have been able to maintain your energy levels, a work ethic and your health!
    Citizens, good men and women, who love this country, and would die for it, treasure our freedoms and yearn for civility to reemerge.
    With your well-chosen words and shaped comments, U.S. of A citizens can fill our lungs and minds with both inspiration and hope!
    Thank-you, your supporting staff and President Trump.

  • Vernon R Freeck

    03/11/2019 09:23 PM

    Than you Mike for keeping me on the right track, with all the anit American slander in our political are arena we need people like you to help us stay up right.

  • Carmine Fea

    03/11/2019 08:59 PM

    It appears President Trump caved to the establishment republicans, the Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan republicans Trump said he would not touch Medicare and Social Security. This pledge helped Trump, a republican, to win the election. Trump's 2020 budget announced today cuts 845 billion dollars from Medicare over 10 years and cuts 25 billion dollars from Social Security over 10 years. Tell President Trump no republican intending to cut, or change, Medicare and Social Security will be elected.

  • Eileen Scharett

    03/11/2019 08:40 PM

    So worried about the lure of socialism. It has caused a divide in our family that probably can't be repaired. A father who fought for his country in Vietnam and a daughter you thinks socialism is the answer. Free health and education and whatever else. We can help less fortunate though the church and other agencies. Americans have great giving hearts. God help America.

  • Eileen Scharett

    03/11/2019 08:39 PM

    So worried about the lure of socialism. It has caused a divide in our family that probably can't be repaired. A father who fought for his country in Vietnam and a daughter you thinks socialism is the answer. Free health and education and whatever else. We can help less fortunate though the church and other agencies. Americans have great giving hearts. God help America.

  • Tom

    03/11/2019 08:37 PM

    Your comments today were exceedingly appropriate. Thank you very much.

  • Michaela Hadlow

    03/11/2019 07:42 PM

    I just watched the video you posted about AOC - and her being a "puppet candidate." PLEASE tell me you will inform your daughter, Sarah, with this information to release to the President and to members of Congress. IF this is true - and it certainly is looking as though it is, THEY NEED TO KNOW! Thank you! I appreciate you! I'm praying for this country - we are in a MESS!!! THANKFUL that God is SOVEREIGN - and that NOTHING escapes His attention!!

  • Gerry Davis

    03/11/2019 07:28 PM

    I've always been told that "you should listen more and keep your mouth shut so that you don't show your ignorance." So goes for AOC; she needs to go live in a socialist country if she thinks it is so good. God forbid, should she get her way.