February 12, 2020

Joe Biden might think his biggest enemy is Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, but as always, it’s actually his own mouth. Here he is undercutting his own #1 argument for the nomination, his unique “electability,” by claiming that anyone with a “(D)” after their name, even Mickey Mouse, could beat Donald Trump.

He must think all of America is like AOC’s Bronx House district. I confess that when I first heard him suggest that Mickey Mouse might be the nominee, I thought he mean Pete Buttigieg would win.


Unfortunately, diarrhea of the mouth has long been a problem for Joe. At the link below, Timothy P. Carney of the Washington Examiner theorizes that “Maybe nobody likes Biden because he’s a jerk.” This accusation dates back long before Joe’s recent bout of insulting primary voters, as Carney reminds us. He even offers some personal examples from his days as a young reporter covering Biden, whom he says would blow off his questions with sarcasm and personal insults. For instance, Carney once asked him a question about illegal immigration, and Biden responded by implying Carney’s parents were illegal immigrants and accusing him of wanting to hang all illegal immigrants.

Personally, I think Joe would make a terrible President, but at least the press conferences would be entertaining, in a “rubbernecking at the traffic accident” kind of way.


Several commenters have asked me to help spread the word about the latest radical bill from House Democrats called the “New Way Forward Act.” This is part of a long Democratic tradition of giving terrible bills innocuous-sounding names, like calling a bill to impose socialism the “Save The Puppies Act.” What the “New Way Forward Act” would actually do is make it virtually impossible to deport anybody, even people who commit the most heinous felony crimes against Americans. Worse (and incredibly), it would allow for previously deported criminals to return to the US at taxpayer expense. Yes, US taxpayers would actually be expected to pay to import dangerous criminals to prey on them.

Forty-four Democrats, including AOC and Ilhan Omar, naturally, think this would represent a step “forward” in our immigration policy. As Illinois Rep. Jesus Garcia put it, it would “break the prison-to-deportation pipeline.” Sorry, but I don’t want that pipeline broken. I want it greased so that dangerous criminals will slide back to where they came from even faster.

Mark Twain once said that Congress is America’s only native criminal class, so maybe these Congress members are just looking out for their brethren. Fortunately, there’s little chance of it passing the House, and if it did, zero chance of it passing the Senate and being signed by President Trump. But that’s all the more reason to make sure the Senate and White House never fall into Democratic hands (see “Virginia.”)

Tucker Carlson has been one of the few in the media ringing an alarm over this latest leftist lunacy. At the link is an op-ed by him explaining more about it.

Remember, when Nancy Pelosi responds to accurate criticism that her House has done nothing but obsess over impeachment by claiming they’ve passed hundreds of bills that are gathering dust on Mitch McConnell’s Senate desk, these are the kind of partisan, anti-American, out-of-touch-with-reality nuttery that she’s talking about. It’s enough to make you fall on your knees and thank the Lord for Mitch McConnell’s dusty desk.


Fun Video: An MSNBC correspondent accosts a voter in New Hampshire to find out which Democrat he was voting for. She didn’t get the answer she expected.


Virginia voters: “Hey, let’s let the Democrats have complete power over the state government for a while. What could possibly go wrong?” Answer: tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners are set to become felons overnight.

And Virginians could lose their say over who gets to be their President.

Reminder to Virginians: the next election is in nine months.


The Instapundit blog is doing a public service by creating regular round-ups of the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak. The death toll in China has topped 1100, and one expert warns that the outbreak outside China is “just beginning.” Please pray for the victims and for it to be contained and stopped. Here are the latest headlines about it:

One unexpected side benefit of President Trump’s trade war with China is that many American companies, fearing new tariffs or disruptions, either stocked up on products and supplies from China or found new sources. So while companies in other nations that are dependent on Chinese parts, like Hyundai in South Korea, are forced to shut factories down, the American companies are unaffected.

In a somewhat related story, this recent column by Victor Davis Hanson is a must-read.

He observes that Donald Trump has been roundly scorned, mocked and attacked by the elites for upsetting the conventional “wisdom” on a number of foreign policy issues: confronting China instead of accepting that they are the next inevitable dominant world power; cracking down on Iran instead of trying to appease and bribe our way into the Mullahs’ good graces; demanding that other NATO nations pay their fair share of their own defense instead of sticking US taxpayers with their bills; etc.

Yet Hanson notes that these policies have all been working. Now, the same international elites who scorned and mocked Trump are quietly adopting the same policies. But I imagine it will be a very frigid day in Hades when they give Trump any credit for it.

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  • Mark Stoner

    02/14/2020 03:41 AM

    The initialism AOC is well recognized as an abbreviation for the name of a certain US Representative. Considering her plentiful gaffes and preposterous policies, it could also be descriptive of her political direction, Always Off Course.

  • Michael

    02/13/2020 07:26 PM

    I personally can't stand Mike Bloomberg's phoniness, his politics and major anti-gun agenda. But I would not make fun of his height. Supposedly Mike Bloomberg is 5'4", so when the President tweets things like "mini Mike" & "little mini Mike" it is insulting and undignified for a President. Sometimes the President is his own worse enemy when it comes to the nature of his tweets. Is there not some close counsel or family manner that can address that with him. There is a very important election in November. Time to start acting professional and dignified and not lower himself to personal insults of a person's stature. ( In our society it seems like overweight and short people are the target of unkind comments that go beyond joking)

  • Joyce Birch

    02/13/2020 04:49 PM

    I find Joe Biden is very sarcastic. What's with this 70+ year old man always using the "man" word, & he was our VP at one time, sad. I thought he was very inconsiderate leaving NH, like, let me get out of Dodge. What an insult to all of his supporters & campaign personnel. Oh, what's with Ihmar Omar, wanting to change veteran's benefit & give it to those who didn't serve? She's one sick puppy!! She's keeps stirring up pot. She is a disgrace & hope she doesn't get re-elected. Shame, shame!

  • Marion L. Boomhower

    02/13/2020 04:32 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:

    I pray daily for wisdom for the President but as I do the Scripture "Pride goes before a fall." keeps coming to mind. Can't someone close to him warn him to stop insulting people personally with his twitters - just stick to policies. Start acting more like a President and a Christian. He is his own worst enemy. God put him in power but He can take him out just as well.

  • rodney burke

    02/13/2020 03:38 PM

    I guess Joe's biggest problem is he does't know when to shut UP! I think he has eliminated himself bu himself. Yep tucker is speaking loud and often abuot "The new way forward" which is unconstitutional in it's origin. that is legalizing criminal activity which is pure insanity. dems have lost so all they have left in insane bills they KNOW won't fly. Time for some prison time. Tucker need to speak on. louder and more often. VA is in crisis. and there needs to be an election. Dems are nuts in that state. They are about to find out what the state constitution says and it may be the hard way if they keep it up.

  • jack macdonald

    02/13/2020 02:06 PM

    Two comments: Contributor Barb Burgess wondered why Libs only see things in a negative light. Simply put, they are victims of their schooling, the media they view, and the social circles they inhabit. They are literally brainwashed and have been drinking the coolaid.

    Next, I am totally tired of people being apoplectic about Trump tweeting and how coarse he is. Good lord, it's time to grow up. Who are all these thin skinned prudes and how did they get that way? Have they visited the real world recently? They need to find a real problem to get exercised over!

  • jerry clemens

    02/13/2020 01:03 PM

    AS usual - Great Newsletter. Keep coming & I'll keep reading & sharing them.

  • Modree M. Smith

    02/13/2020 12:05 PM

    If only President Trump could stop his childish comments (today on the news): "little 5'4" Blumberg"; & "& I hate Bernie Sanders"; etc. ! So many people would come on board to support him if he took a more adult, dignified stand against his opponents! Also, the Press would have fewer things to criticize him about!

  • William Hunter

    02/13/2020 12:05 PM

    Mike! Love your newsletter and admire both you and your family and all you do for the "Conservative Cause" and protecting both our current President and our freedoms as Americans!

    Feel very good about supporting you when you ran for President and would do so again! We are a Bible Believing, Gun Owning, Freedom Loving family who have your back. We (The wife and I both) both in our 70's help operate a rural Food Pantry 10 minutes west of Peoria Illinois and most of our donations are targeted to filling holes in the Food Pantry Core Items we distribute to approximately 100 families each month in the counties of Peoria, Knox, Fulton, Stark, and a few across the Illinois river. We support our small rural church, Franklin Graham Ministries, World Wide Discipleship Foundation and a few others. Been known to send resources to a few national candidates and their PAC's. President Trump is doing a fine job as president "all things considered" and is surrounded by the "Right" kind of people to continue as our President! God Bless!! Christ Alive Community Church-Edwards Illinois 61528. (Food Pantry Pac!) Ho-Ho!!

  • Nelda White

    02/13/2020 11:19 AM

    I don't know, but you could find out, I think our constitution is supposed to be followed unless an amendment changes it. So the electoral college should be in effect until an amendment is done. If wrong, my apologies.

  • Joan Chambers

    02/13/2020 09:55 AM

    Pay attention - we are losing this country because it is being run by democrats' who are underhanded - look at Virginia which was bought by Bloomberg's money to get democrats to run the state - Virginia is falling? The first of many? They are taking guns away from legal gun owners.
    All sanctuary cities are run by democrat's!
    Help - what do we do as republicans do?
    President Donald J Trump is trying.

  • Kay DeWitt

    02/13/2020 09:21 AM

    Immediately upon my reading your closing statement, "But I imagine it will be a very frigid day in Hades when they give Trump any credit for it," I heard a mental replay of a gang kid saying to a teacher, "why don't you say something nice about me once and awhile," and while I have often thought about this kid saying this , in relation TO the Democrats' posture toward President Trump, this closing statement of yours has inspired me to, finally, write ABOUT how I think about this kid's statement in relation TO the DEMOCRATS never saying anything nice about President Trump!

    The kid who made this statement to a teacher was a kid who was in a behavioral management program because OF his behavior....which is why I reached out to him and always found something nice to say about him TO him because one can ALWAYS find something nice to say about someone....especially if one is a Christian who sees others through Christ's eyes!

    AND Christ's love through me....that AUTHORED the "nice" things I said to this kid. ..changed his attitude toward himself....which changed his behavior!! !THEREFORE i know that I know that I know that, had the Democrats ever SAID something nice to President Trump, he would have been very receptive TO them and they could have worked together to try and resolve some of the problems we face rather than adding TO the problems we face!

    The Democrats' lack of one word of support, or appreciation, to their President is scandalous and someone should suggest to them that they go into schools to tell kids how....if they don't want their school to be the scene of a school would behoove them to always say something nice to EVERY kid his, or her, life touches! What then would be wonderful is if, after said Democrat gave his little speech to kids, a kid would raise his hand and ask, "how come YOU never say something nice about President Trump?"

  • Stephen Russell

    02/13/2020 08:19 AM

    Presidents budget:
    Cut, reduce these: Energy, Education, Commerce, Labor, Ag, BLS BLM, EPA, NEA PBS NPR, NIH
    Merge: NOAA NUMA NASA, rename NASA: Natl Aerospace & Sciences Admin, CDC & NIH
    privitize Indian reservations (give to tribes).
    Cut OPM GAO CBO.
    Cut foreign aid (save Israel).
    & reduce our Debt
    Cut Cong benefits & perks

  • Barbara Burgess

    02/13/2020 04:37 AM

    I’m losing friends who are staunch liberal Democrats, some of whom are Christians with PhDS EVEN! I DONT understand why Dems don’t see wherePelosi and the lunatic liberals are taking the country! It baffles me. Why are they blind to what Trump HAS accomplished and Why do they hate him so? I don’t get it..Thanks Mike for your updates....Keep up the great work! Trump 2020... voted for him in Dover. NH last Tuesday!

  • Rose Howell

    02/13/2020 03:23 AM

    Hi Mike! PLEASE READ
    Have you heard this plan/idea yet? Scares me. Do you think they may do this?

    Copy pasted this from tonight's blogs...

    Not to worry. Just like 2016, the DNC will cut a deal with either Bloomberg or Clinton, and the nomination will be theirs. Remember, at the DNC, how you performed in the primaries is totally irrelevant; the Central Committee will choose whomever they want to represent the Dems. Rest assured, it won't be Bernie.

    But the VP WILL be Michelle Obama, so that they can pull all of the Obama supporters to the ticket. And as much as this country just LOVED Barack, that would be a formidable ticket.

    So Republicans better not think this election is in the bag. Far from it. If each and every Republican doesn't go out and vote for Trump in November, the Dems will do to them what the Repubs did to the Dems in 2016.
    Rose and Randy Howell

  • Nancy wilson

    02/13/2020 01:20 AM

    Dear governor, thank you so very much for commenting on the New way forward act. I was worried about it. Thank God that it cannot pass. It eases my mind.

    Something came to me the other day as I watched Nancy Pelosi say she prays for the president. Was she spelling that "preys". Makes perfect sense when I watch what she does. God bless you for your commitment to this newsletter. It is an enormous blessing to me and thousands of others!

  • Jerry Korba

    02/12/2020 11:48 PM

    The Congress has 40 co-sponsors on the New Way Forward garbage bill when i rant about anti American policies the Left has in store for this country I am just being truthful read this bill and you will know I am not just being anti Democratic. I have given my opinion on the Left as a hateful and anti american organization let the Left prove me wrong. The largest priority is to take the House back and add a few more Senators that are not Romney the Senate has more Romney's slithering in the Senate just waiting to strike President may get something done thru executive orders The House is a non starter for anything that benefits the public.

  • June Swezea

    02/12/2020 11:15 PM

    Love reading your comments each nite Mike. I have given up on watching the news. I remember when news was news in the days of Cronkite, Paul Harvey, etc and I miss that!

  • Judy Radley

    02/12/2020 11:04 PM

    Not to be an 'alarmist', but how would we know that getting products from China aren't covered with coronavirus germs on them? We know that surfaces carry germs that cause colds, flu, etc., how do we know the same thing could happen with products supplied to U.S. from China? Another reason NOT TO BUY Chinese items. Just a thought. I am so glad and THANKFUL that President Trump has our backs in America, even the backs of those who hate him, by banning flights to U.S. from China, or at least quarantining them. President Trump is SUCH A GREAT LEADER... Even a stronger leader than President Reagan, in today's world, President Reagan wouldn't seem to be as strong as he was in the 80's, as there are more threats and hatred against U.S. and Conservative voices and morals, and more enemies than Russia in today's world, thanks to Obama and Clintons... They made America less safe and caused more divisiveness than ANY Conservative President.
    I hate the fact that they use a person's skin color against them and for their own selfish agendas, Americans are Americans, black persons are Americans, not Africans.... My niece's husband is a black American, by his own statement. He hates the term African-American as he is NOT from Africa....even his ancestors aren't automatically assumed to be from Africa, they came from European Nations, not Africa. If only the Liberals would STOP their own racist and bigoted views, there would be far less hatred in the world, PERIOD! I told my grandkids that people look different because every person is different from another person. We all look different and that is okay because God made us all in the first place, and how boring it would be if we looked all the same, like robots or something.


    02/12/2020 11:00 PM

    If you have any sway at all with President Trump , please ask him to tone down or cease and desist with the bombastic , juvenile tweets and speeches . I pray every day that God will grant him the wisdom to act in a more presidential manner . He is turning off too many loyal supporters and potential democratic defectors . I would love for him to keep doing what he is doing in a way that isn't so caustic , antagonistic and divisive .

  • Ouida Holder

    02/12/2020 10:48 PM

    Love these newsletters!

  • Baney Flint

    02/12/2020 10:47 PM

    Gov, keep up the good work.
    Your daily columns make my days.

  • Christine M Kerner

    02/12/2020 10:43 PM

    When will Pete Buttigieg's lifestyle enter into the campaign if at all?

  • Candace Samuelson

    02/12/2020 10:29 PM

    I am glad the New Way Forward Act will not be signed by the President. We must close our borders to maintain sovereignty like all the other nations on this planet. And have the capability to deport criminal illegals when we need to. Glad President is working with China on tariffs situation. No other President in memory has done this. Also good no American companies dependent on China for parts. Also thanking M.McConnell for his dusty desk

  • Toni DeFronzo

    02/12/2020 10:25 PM

    Thank you so much for your newsletters. I do like to stay informed—I simply don’t trust many sources. It is comforting that I never have to wonder about the honesty of the information you provide.