Evening Edition - February 12

February 12, 2020

Joe Biden might think his biggest enemy is Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, but as always, it’s actually his own mouth. Here he is undercutting his own #1 argument for the nomination, his unique “electability,” by claiming that anyone with a “(D)” after their name, even Mickey Mouse, could beat Donald Trump.


He must think all of America is like AOC’s Bronx House district. I confess that when I first heard him suggest that Mickey Mouse might be the nominee, I thought he mean Pete Buttigieg would win.


Unfortunately, diarrhea of the mouth has long been a problem for Joe. At the link below, Timothy P. Carney of the Washington Examiner theorizes that “Maybe nobody likes Biden because he’s a jerk.” This accusation dates back long before Joe’s recent bout of insulting primary voters, as Carney reminds us. He even offers some personal examples from his days as a young reporter covering Biden, whom he says would blow off his questions with sarcasm and personal insults. For instance, Carney once asked him a question about illegal immigration, and Biden responded by implying Carney’s parents were illegal immigrants and accusing him of wanting to hang all illegal immigrants.


Personally, I think Joe would make a terrible President, but at least the press conferences would be entertaining, in a “rubbernecking at the traffic accident” kind of way.


Several commenters have asked me to help spread the word about the latest radical bill from House Democrats called the “New Way Forward Act.” This is part of a long Democratic tradition of giving terrible bills innocuous-sounding names, like calling a bill to impose socialism the “Save The Puppies Act.” What the “New Way Forward Act” would actually do is make it virtually impossible to deport anybody, even people who commit the most heinous felony crimes against Americans. Worse (and incredibly), it would allow for previously deported criminals to return to the US at taxpayer expense. Yes, US taxpayers would actually be expected to pay to import dangerous criminals to prey on them.

Forty-four Democrats, including AOC and Ilhan Omar, naturally, think this would represent a step “forward” in our immigration policy. As Illinois Rep. Jesus Garcia put it, it would “break the prison-to-deportation pipeline.” Sorry, but I don’t want that pipeline broken. I want it greased so that dangerous criminals will slide back to where they came from even faster.

Mark Twain once said that Congress is America’s only native criminal class, so maybe these Congress members are just looking out for their brethren. Fortunately, there’s little chance of it passing the House, and if it did, zero chance of it passing the Senate and being signed by President Trump. But that’s all the more reason to make sure the Senate and White House never fall into Democratic hands (see “Virginia.”)

Tucker Carlson has been one of the few in the media ringing an alarm over this latest leftist lunacy. At the link is an op-ed by him explaining more about it.


Remember, when Nancy Pelosi responds to accurate criticism that her House has done nothing but obsess over impeachment by claiming they’ve passed hundreds of bills that are gathering dust on Mitch McConnell’s Senate desk, these are the kind of partisan, anti-American, out-of-touch-with-reality nuttery that she’s talking about. It’s enough to make you fall on your knees and thank the Lord for Mitch McConnell’s dusty desk.


Fun Video: An MSNBC correspondent accosts a voter in New Hampshire to find out which Democrat he was voting for. She didn’t get the answer she expected.



Virginia voters: “Hey, let’s let the Democrats have complete power over the state government for a while. What could possibly go wrong?” Answer: tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners are set to become felons overnight.


And Virginians could lose their say over who gets to be their President.


Reminder to Virginians: the next election is in nine months.


The Instapundit blog is doing a public service by creating regular round-ups of the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak. The death toll in China has topped 1100, and one expert warns that the outbreak outside China is “just beginning.” Please pray for the victims and for it to be contained and stopped. Here are the latest headlines about it:


One unexpected side benefit of President Trump’s trade war with China is that many American companies, fearing new tariffs or disruptions, either stocked up on products and supplies from China or found new sources. So while companies in other nations that are dependent on Chinese parts, like Hyundai in South Korea, are forced to shut factories down, the American companies are unaffected.


In a somewhat related story, this recent column by Victor Davis Hanson is a must-read.


He observes that Donald Trump has been roundly scorned, mocked and attacked by the elites for upsetting the conventional “wisdom” on a number of foreign policy issues: confronting China instead of accepting that they are the next inevitable dominant world power; cracking down on Iran instead of trying to appease and bribe our way into the Mullahs’ good graces; demanding that other NATO nations pay their fair share of their own defense instead of sticking US taxpayers with their bills; etc.

Yet Hanson notes that these policies have all been working. Now, the same international elites who scorned and mocked Trump are quietly adopting the same policies. But I imagine it will be a very frigid day in Hades when they give Trump any credit for it.

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  • Giovanni Catanese

    02/12/2020 10:21 PM

    Great articles as usual. If you can, please pass the following to President Trump. Read articles and watched on TV about President Trump’s proposed cuts as part of his 2021 budget. The MSM immediately highlighted big cuts—to “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other parts of the social safety net”. Trump’s budget calls for $4.4 trillion in overall spending cuts over the next decade: Medicare would be cut by some $850 billion over 10 years, Medicaid $270 billion and Social Security $30 billion. The proposed cuts would include $130 billion from changes to Medicare prescription-drug pricing, $292 billion from safety-net cuts—such as work requirements for Medicaid and food stamps—and $70 billion from tightening eligibility for federal disability benefits. In 2016 and since then, the president has continually promised not to cut Social Security and Medicare. These are not entitlements: working people have paid into these programs! If the plan is to cut benefits to illegals and others who did not participate, then he and his campaign must articulate these facts. Many voters, including myself, voted for Trump, and continue to support him because he’s kept his promises. Failure to do so will impact the November elections. I’m for cutting the waste, the “pork” and finally having a balanced budget. It cannot continue to increase it as well as the national debt.

  • Frances Sackatook

    02/12/2020 10:07 PM

    May our Father in heaven continue to bless and protect you and your family Mr. Huckabee.

  • Ann Bennett

    02/12/2020 09:59 PM

    I am trying to find out if you will speak for the international Christian Embassy Jerusalem’s 40th Anniversary US spring meeting in Opelika AL April 18 at First Baptist Church. Please contact me by email and I will share my phone number. Opelika is on I-85 45 minutes from Montgomery.
    P. S. I was a 2008 TN delegate for you and registered to be a 2016 AL delegate for you. We need you to speak in defense of Israel at this event. Aaron Shust is leading the Friday night worship and a local church is leading Saturday worship.
    Thank you for your consideration. Ann Bennett
    Friends2 Israel
    Opelika, AL

  • Lawrence Foster

    02/12/2020 09:56 PM

    Ref your comment on "never letting the dems control congress, I've long suspected one of the reasons dems push for legal pot is they know what pot use does to memory, and the last thing they want is for people to remember what happened the last time they controlled both houses of congress. for those who do not remember 2006, either because they were too young, or because they live in a cloud of cannabis smoke, a little primer on democrats control of both houses. It started with an elderly, bleach-blonde dem politician (nope - not Liz, but Shrillary) screeching about how bad the economy was. It was not bad - 4% unemployment, 2% GDP growth, but the main-stream media would not correct her, and people began to believe her. They did not realize Shrillary was not talking about the economy as it was, but the economy she and the other dems would deliver if elected. Even before they were seated, they managed to drive the dollar down nearly 25%, then after they go into their jobs, they sent Barney Franks and Christ Dodds to sodomize the housing market, which collapsed, taking insurance, construction, banking and the automotive industries with it. If your house was worth $250,000 in October 2006, it probably dropped 35-40%, and likely is still not back to where it was 14 years ago. Then, we followed that by electing Barrack Obama, a man whose political beliefs made it impossible for him to allow the economy to recover, and we ended up with ten years of economic misery. And every one of the democrats running for the presidency has promised policies that will return us to the Obama years, and most of the George Tsoros hand-picked and funded congressional candidates are in lock step with the presidential candidates. If we do not reject them, and allow nanny Pelosi to continue as speaker of the house, we'll have four more years of impeachment nonsense, and nothing accomplished. So, Vote for Trump, but also vote for republicans in the house and Senate, so we can get something done.

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/12/2020 09:55 PM

    Thanks for keeping this up so that folks can remember that the facts reported by the left media are in truth not facts.

  • Jamie Collins

    02/12/2020 09:49 PM

    Please if you could get hold of the crazy bills that Congress sent to McConnell’s and let the American taxpaying law abiding people know what kind of crazy stuff is in them. That would definitely open up some eyes. Thank you for what you do. TRUMP 2020