July 15, 2019

Over the weekend, a cataclysmic storm continued to build, threatening massive destruction.  I don’t mean the hurricane in the Gulf, but the escalating battle in Congress between the old line House Democrats (the “hide what we really believe until after the election” faction) and the regressive “progressive” Democrats who’ll come right out and tell you they want open borders, sky-high taxes, no prosecution of criminals, no deportations of illegal aliens, and socialism replacing capitalism.  They think that’s a winning platform, while the old line Democrats think it’s the kind of platform that drops out from under you when you get hanged.

That link recaps some of what led up to this, plus the latest development in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, suddenly catapulted from the shadows to center stage by accusing other Democrats – including black and Native-American Democrats – of being racists and white supremacist sympathizers.  This is what happens when you develop a bad habit: you just can’t stop doing it even when it makes no sense whatsoever. 

(To refresh your memory, Chakrabarti is the guy who’s usually photographed wearing a T-shirt with the face of a radical, Nazi-sympathizing Indian leader on it.  He's a ringleader of the Justice Democrats, the far-left group that got AOC elected and hopes to repeat that nationwide using the same strategy: target low-turnout Democratic primaries in one-party districts and run stealth campaigns for radical leftists who defeat incumbents whose supporters assumed they’d win so they don’t bother to show up at the polls.  This is how America got AOC in Congress, thanks to just 16,898 primary voters in a Bronx district with nearly 700,000 residents.  I plan to keep warning people about that until the word gets out, so we can stop the rising tide of America-hating Congress members and D.A.’s who refuse to prosecute 90% of crimes.) 

This is great spectator sport for Republicans, but it’s not healthy for one of the parties in a two-party system to be tearing itself apart, particularly when its young up-and-comers are ignorant of history and want to impose policies that have been proven tragic failures everywhere they’ve been tried. 

And while Speaker Pelosi and her supporters try to tamp them down and point out that they are only four votes in the House, this news must send chills down her spine:

A poll taken in May (even before all the publicity over the Dems’ civil war ramped up) of swing voters that the Dems will need to win back from Trump found that the Democrat whose name they most recognized was AOC.  Among swing voters, 74% knew AOC, and 22% approved of her.  Likewise, 53% knew Ilhan Omar, and 9% approved of her.  Also, 18% viewed socialism favorably, and 69% disapproved of it.

Remember how I told you that the far-left platform was like the platform you get hanged from?  Well, if the Dems who mount that platform do swing for it, then it may be swing voters dropping the trap.



I’ll link to this excellent article by Derek Hunter at, on how the House Democrats’ so-called “Squad” (AOC, Tlaib, Pressley and Omar) and many of their radical supporters perfectly represent what has long been identified as perhaps the most dangerous and annoying combination of personality traits ever: ignorance and arrogance.

Ignorance is not stupidity; it simply means lack of knowledge.  Ignorance is forgivable because we’re all ignorant of some things, but wise people try to learn more about important subjects to cure their ignorance.  Arrogance is also an understandable flaw; it’s easy to get a big head when you really are the best at something or a recognized expert in your field. 

But possibly because of the leftist takeover of the education establishment, which preaches socialism to ignorant youth while teaching them nothing of value about history, civics or economics (but a lot about self-esteem), the combination of ignorance and arrogance is epidemic in some quarters.  It leads people to believe they are experts at things they really know nothing about, and to insult and smear the motives of anyone who holds a differing view or tries to bring up inconvenient facts of which they are not aware. 

Sound like anyone you know?  Or maybe four people you know?

This is a tactic that Democrats have used on Republicans for years, accusing us of “xenophobia” for wanting to enforce our long-standing immigration laws; of Islamophobia for thinking it’s a bad idea to let people from nations that are hotbeds of anti-American terrorist activity flood into the USA without proper vetting; and of racism for…well, disagreeing with them about anything.  Now, some like Pelosi are finding out what it’s like to have to deal with the ignorant, arrogant creatures they created and set loose on American society.   

As Hunter so perfectly puts it at the link above, “Frankenstein’s monster always returns to the castle and destroys it.”




Speaking of the currently widespread combination of ignorance, arrogance and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we got a prime example during a House hearing when AOC tried to condescendingly lecture Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan that “asylum seekers” are not committing a crime, even if they didn’t follow the proper procedures for requesting asylum and entered the US illegally.  It did not go well for her.

In fact, Homan laid down the law to all the Democrats in the room about what the law says and how their own actions caused the border crisis they’re blaming ICE and Trump for.  It’s ironic that someone would have to explain the law to America’s lawmakers, but judging from what I’ve seen on C-Span lately, I suspect they aren’t really lawmakers.  They just play lawmakers on TV. 

To follow up, here’s Homan on “Fox & Friends,” explaining how he’d just “had enough.”

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  • James Hasskarl

    07/18/2019 03:40 AM

    Who is running the country while these idiots are playing soap opera? It is time to run all of them out of there. What are the old Republicans doing?

  • Gladys J Edakattil

    07/17/2019 08:22 PM

    POTUS removed the mask of Dems! He wasn't being racist. He exposed the true intentions of Dems! §Agree with July 10th comments by M Galloway, B Nolan on Federal Judges. §Few of the recent re leases of decisions & opinions by the SCOTUS are disappointing, alarming, useless in interpretat- ion & upholding of our Constitution! To me the effect is lame just as that of the Republicans in the Congress especially when it comes to President Trump & the issues that he’s trying to solve!! Justice Roberts (perhaps another plant of a Trojan horse!) seems to be a lame duck & more left leaning than Conservative & no better than Sessions or Rosenstein! He should be fired! (a great pity we can’t!). §It’s just commonsense to include citizenship question on a Census. Almost every country in the world ask that question outright on their Census. Democrats don’t want it include- d for political purpose – more illegal votes, more representatives & gerrym- ndering! What businss does Judges have to do with it out of their jurisdiction? §Judges of 9th, 3rd – circuits, of Co, OR, NY & other Blue States, even though are not elected officials but Obama appointed, are excercising more power than they’re entitled to – that’s rebellion, criminal & encouraging anarchy! Those Judges should be removed! Impeach them! They’re here to encour- age law, order & justice & not anarchy! I think all these individuals are planted in strategic positi- ons for exactly such purposes, as to slowly encroach & subvert the rightful authority §Being many years ago, I can’t remember who & which – I read in a reliable Newsletter or listened to an audio –– about Bill Clinton’s indiscretions not only with women but also with underaged youngs- ters including his journeys on Lolita & secret visits of “Pedophile Island”. It was all hush-hush. Not only Clinton, but also so many other high-high officials in the Government! It’s all very likely & won’t be a surprise knowing the world we live in are without God or Bible Guidelines; don’t know if there are or were any solid proofs except that it’s so grievous. Now they’re trying to smear President Trump’s name with this as well. §President & Republicans must be vigilant about what all they’d come up with among other things before & during the 2020 elections!

  • Diane Rowlands

    07/17/2019 04:49 PM

    Those 4 congresswomen policies are terrible. I hope moderate Dems don’t vote their way. I hope they do not get re-elected. I saw them on TV responding to Trumps address. They are school brats. I was a teacher. They are like some of the students I had. AOC has no respect for pres. Trump. She is awful.

  • Lucille Yuen

    07/17/2019 03:38 AM

    They made a turn somewhere in their thinking and are lost and don't know it. Their platform and propositions make no sense. Democrats are getting fed up, and are saying they will vote for Trump in 2020. I am concerned that these converts to the Republican party will dilute the Conservate base, however.

  • Judy Whitfield

    07/16/2019 10:18 PM

    The democrats are wasting so much time and taxpayer money by fighting with Mr Trump. He is correct. If the Squad doesn't like our country, go find another. Quit messing around and take care of business.

  • Sarah Faith Buntin

    07/16/2019 08:04 PM

    We, Friends and Family are hoping there is something that can be done legally to get the Squad removed from Congress. This is such a smear on the Face Of Our History, in Our Great Country, AMERICA. Not one of the 4 deserves to represent Our Great Country! This Has Nothing to do with The Color of THEIR Skin, This is because of the EVIL they speak about America, Israel, President Donald Trump and Trump Supporters. Even in Our Military, the service personal are taught, if you don't like the man, You still Respect the Rank. That Goes for Our President Also, as he holds the highest Rank and Office in Our Great Military and Land. It's just down right sickening, to watch these Spoiled, Uncouth, American Hating Brats, holding ANY office in Our Great Country, AMERICA!

  • ron

    07/16/2019 07:52 PM

    I am a retired industrial class Contractor BC. I built Millions of dollars in projects in Tennessee.
    Illegals or those that employ them have devastated the construction industry. I have seen my carpenters after I retired leaving the trades. They would not work or compete against unqualified and workers working for half price or lower. Veterans and all put out of work. WHERE IS TGE SYMPATHY FOR THEM OR THEIR KIDS. There wasn't any. I was told by a Texas Contractor, "Ron get with the program." I did not. FINE THOSE EMPLOYING ILLEAGALS. STOP TAKING FOOD & EDUCATION FROM MY FAMILY AND GIVING IT TO THOSE WORKING UNDER THE TABLE. BUILD THE WALL.
    I play music now. I have since the 60's. But, AMERICA IS THE GREATEST NATION EVER TO EXIST. When we play American Trilogy at Graceland I think about those Veteran Carpenters and Workers with their hats in hand and tears on their faces. Illegal immigration is not Good for America. Legal immigration if done wrong is just as bad. Patrick Henry said this.
    "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past." In America Ignorance of history will be our Trojan Horse. It isn't done without purpose. Just like not jailing or Putting Fines on Employers for working Illeagals. No nation can survive this without Revolution. America will never be a Socialist Country. IT IS ALMOST THERE ANYWAY. GOD Has Put His Hands On Our Land. Should we reject him. NO, America is the last hope. IT ISNT THE POLITICIAN THAT GIVE YOU LIBERTY IT IS THE SOLDIER.
    Ron trample

  • Janet E McRae

    07/16/2019 06:22 PM

    Why doesn't the president do something about the traitors to our country in the house. I mean AOC and that hateful muslim woman. They want to see back taxes then it should be show me yours and I'll show u mine.

  • Dot Whitley

    07/16/2019 11:55 AM

    I would like for you to have your own program on TV. Not everybody uses a computer, but most do have a television set, and you are so needed . To hear the truth presented concerning so many subjects would educate people of all ages. I pray to God to allow you to do this, and in doing it to open blind eyes once more before it's too late to save America . I really do fear for America. Thank you.

  • Jerry Korba

    07/16/2019 07:55 AM

    The Educational system has been pushing socialism for at least 50 years my buddy and I went to the U of MN thru the GI bill we enrolled in a class in the mid 70's the Prof. was ranting higher taxes for employees and owners of companies to subsidize welfare programs that led to some unwanted discussions by the Professor. We understood that some people need financial and health help he put the % of people needing help at about 30 %. that was over 50 years ago. We failed the class. Today the descendants of that nut job wants everyone in a welfare state; people that's no way to go. I have Government housing a form of socialism a couple miles from me about every decade or so they have to remodel those projects because the inhabitants ruin the place they live in. I thought of moving years ago we have a beautiful acre lot I just planted trees on the property to keep us insulated and colorful by nature. Socialism is about the same as communist control if you love our freedom reject the nut jobs pushing government control the lifestyle is a low life way to go most of us start with little as a socialist you will stay with little as a smart worker you will finish with a lot and something you can pass on if you want to, thats my opinion my children and grandchildren want my home when I am gone and they will get it, that will be our legacy a place where many wonderful times occurred. We can scratch on the wall Deb and Jerry were here. REJECT SOCIALISM MAKE IT YOUR LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • albert behrens

    07/15/2019 11:50 PM

    As a person of German-Jewish heritage and a former democratic voter, until I learned of the bad karma of the party and its history, congresswoman Omar intensified my fear of being thrown to the holocaust approving ilk.

    Am also fearful of certain RINOS who might turn on us.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    07/15/2019 08:55 PM

    Someone posted a picture on Facebook of a new coin with Ocasio's picture on it and called the coin "No Cents"!!!!! Does she even have a high school diploma????'

  • Carl Smith

    07/15/2019 08:41 PM

    These four attended the NEW Core curriculum sex education class on How to put a condom on a Cucumber and had no idea how to apply it except as a political method to screw America. Forrest Gump on Steroids- 'You just can't Fix Stupid'. Since morons are not ignorant your analogy doesn't fit.' Stupid is, AS Stupid Does'.


    07/15/2019 07:25 PM


  • Carol Navarra

    07/15/2019 06:36 PM

    Every single time I see AOC (Alexandria Occasional Cortex) speak, she looks like a Deer in the Headlights. This has nothing to do with her nationality, but just with her overall empty head way of talking. She's pumped up before she comes on air. Obviously told what to say and get pumped about. Then when you ask her something she hasn't been prepared or prepped to answer, it's like...well, I've never used a Garbage Disposal that's relevant? Gosh! I still conjecture that she never finished College.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    07/15/2019 06:29 PM

    The fact that we have so many anti-Americans in politics currently is astounding. Whatever happens next, the one thing that I believe needs to happen is those in public office who have been elected by the people, need to swear their allegiance to this nation and be held to their oath.

  • william fuhrer

    07/15/2019 06:20 PM

    Morningside Church seems to promote HEMP HEALTH REVOLUTION. Is there only one segment of the Christian community that believes in HEMP. One of my friends believes in it HOOK, LINE and SINKER

  • Paul and Beverly Duzenack

    07/15/2019 05:39 PM

    Today ALL Fox Channels have the "fearsome 4" of the Communist congress left being given FULL use of Fox to espouse their garbage! We berate all the liberal channels for spewing out false news but Fox turns around and gives them full sway and they go on and go on! We will start turning off Fox if they continue allowing such anti-American liberals to take over the airways and TV. Is this what conservatives want to watch?? My TV goes black (pardon my discriminatory comment) when these AH come on, no matter what channel!!

  • michael peloquin

    07/15/2019 05:33 PM

    Always enjoy your commentary. Please keep it up!

  • Stephen Russell

    07/15/2019 05:24 PM

    Squad lectures Never learns & lives, same BS.
    Sorry get angry each time I have to hear Dems.
    Squad WONT Help America.
    Good call Mr President ID these fools,
    Theyre the distraction.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/15/2019 05:16 PM

    Use same tactics Dems use on US use on them 100X squared.
    Or nothing changes.